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  • Missed abortion - what is it
  • Symptoms of fetal death
  • How not to miss missed abortion
  • The reasons that cause fetal death
  • How to treat missed abortion
  • How to behave after aborting a pregnancy
  • Treatment after surgery
  • Prevention of miscarriage
  • Who is at risk for missed abortion

Expectant mother can not be nervous - everybody knows. So, of course, it is better not to think about the various diseases during pregnancy. But there is such information that every woman should know, expecting a child.

This information on missed abortion. Many women even have no idea about this phenomenon, and if suddenly happens to them something like this, very scared. There are tears, tantrums, even nervous breakdowns. But all of this could have been avoided if the doctors time to prevent pregnancy, that there is pathology, how it manifests itself, what we should be ready.

Moreover, the best option - it is still in the planning stage of pregnancy consult your gynecologist. Explain that you are concerned about this problem and ask what to do to prevent fading of pregnancy. After all, there are special tests that even before conception may signal a dangerous malfunction in the body.

For example, if you hand over analyzes on hormones not after, but before conception, the increased amount of male sex hormones in the blood cause the female gynecologist guard. Then it will be necessary to carry out treatment, normalize hormones, in order to prevent abnormal development of the unborn child.

Missed abortion - what is it?

Missed abortion - is a pathology in which the fetus is no longer develop and grow and die right in my mother's belly. It is believed that such a disaster could happen as early, and at a later stage of pregnancy. But most of the fruit are killed in the first trimester.

After that, the body unsuspecting women may develop inflammation and other unpleasant symptoms.

Symptoms of fetal death

Unfortunately, not always missed abortion manifests itself immediately. One of the signs - abrupt cessation of nausea and other signs of toxicity. But to rely on it is not necessary, especially if morning sickness was a minor or did not have it at all.

The death of the fetus is even a variety of symptoms:

  • decrease in basal body temperature in the early stages (normally it is kept within 37, 1-37, 3 degrees up to 20 weeks of gestation and then decreases);
  • after the "fading" of the fetus no longer hurt the breast;
  • at a later date appear spotting;
  • Pain in the lower abdomen;
  • baby stops moving.

In no case do not put yourself diagnosis! The fact that even with missed abortion stomach may continue to grow. And a blood test can deceive, because the fruit does not develop, but only the membranes already empty inside.

 cleaning after missed abortion

How not to miss missed abortion

In order to diagnose missed abortion, do not need any special studies or complex analyzes. Experienced gynecologist can detect it even at the reception after the usual examination and questioning women.

There are certain rules of the appropriate size of the fetus (uterus) of the current pregnancy. If the gynecologist detects a deviation, there shall be additional studies - ultrasound plus a blood test for hCG (hormone that accurately indicates the presence of pregnancy).

Ultrasonography shows anembrioniyu (when ovum is not just an embryo, it is empty). These simple methods allow up to 100% to determine that after a certain point, the fetus stopped their livelihoods, and it is necessary to take measures to women's health is not affected.

The reasons that cause fetal death

Such reasons doctors have several dozen: it could be an infectious disease and genetic glitches in the fetus, and hormonal changes a woman (by the way, if it was before pregnancy, the tragedy could have been prevented).

Pregnancy can "freeze" and the result of bad habits - we all know that alcohol, drugs and nicotine adversely affects fetal development. Therefore, a reasonable woman who wants to have a healthy baby, eliminates these factors, at least during childbearing.

Let's look in more detail what the reasons may lead to undesirable consequences in the development of the fetus.

Genetic abnormalities

Up to 70% of the fruit fading falls on genetic glitches during the development of the embryo. This applies mainly to up to 8 weeks. It turns out that nature itself determines the breakage of genes in the fetus and does not allow such a child to be born.

This can happen even in the case where both parents are healthy. After the termination of pregnancy a couple can give birth to a normal baby. But sometimes some pregnancies end in a row so sad. This is evidence of genetic malfunctions parents. In such cases, parents should definitely undergo genetic testing.

Disrupt the normal balance of hormones

Hormones play a crucial role a woman's life. After a period of maturation, when the teenage hormonal storms calm down a little bit, set some hormones. It only changes due to fluctuations of the menstrual cycle.

But if there is a lack of progesterone (a hormone that plays an important role in the development of pregnancy), the embryo can not attach to the uterus is normal, so there is a risk of missed abortion.

Other hormonal shift - when a woman's blood increases the content of androgens (male sex hormones is). Normally, testosterone and other androgens are contained in the blood of women in minor amounts.

But 20% of pregnant androgen levels strongly "jumps", after which the female body gets some male traits - enhanced vegetation on the skin coarsens his voice, maybe even change body type.

Therefore, those women who had a history of miscarriages, missed abortion, hair growing on man's type, menstruation came to delays, that is a real risk of fetal death. Therefore, having a history of the disease, before pregnant, you need to donate blood to check the composition of its hormones.

Acute infections are dangerous for the baby!

It is known that during a woman carrying a child immunity is quite reduced. This is due to the fact that the body adapts to the growing embryo and "learns" not to take it as a foreign body. But the decline of immunity has a negative side. There is a risk of contracting various infections.

For example, the measles virus disease can cause a number of complications - fading from pregnancy to the child's developmental abnormalities. Malformations and provoke infection cytomegalovirus infection (CMV). Even an ordinary flu or SARS tolerate pregnancy difficult and can be dangerous for the fetus.

Once the virus began to develop in the female body begins fever, severe intoxication. These manifestations violate the blood supply to the growing fetus, from which he may die.

An interesting fact is that the aggravation of the chronic infection, which "smoldering" in women before pregnancy, often do not have such fatal consequences. And it is better to think in advance about your health when you're just starting to plan a pregnancy.

This means that it is necessary to remove tonsils if they often become inflamed (infection of the nose and throat sometimes gives complications in the kidney with a decrease in immunity). In addition, pockets of chronic infection in the gums may be, which is why you need to treat teeth and gum disease.

Chronic infections (chlamydia, gardnerelly) that can "live" in the vagina for years, does not prove itself after pregnancy often begin to cause inflammation. This can damage the fetus, if the infection starts to "rise up" and gynecologists are well aware of what threatens intrauterine infection of the unborn child.

What is dangerous in vitro fertilization

Despite the fact that IVF (in vitro fertilization, in other words, "test-tube baby") is considered to be almost commonplace, this method of conception often leads to various complications and fetal abnormalities.

After IVF fading high risk pregnancy and spontaneous abortion. But doctors always warn about women. In addition, before the artificial insemination carried out a large number of analyzes done a full examination of the body is to reduce the risk of complications.

Wrong way of life

This includes not only smoking and drinking - of course, these bad habits you need to forget after pregnancy. But constant stress in the workplace, too, are no good and it can cause fading of the fetus.

Even the absence of regular outdoor exercise, and frequent use of strong coffee adversely affect the development of the baby. This does not mean that we should completely abandon the drink, but drinking it is necessary in very small quantities, because caffeine can cause increased tone of the uterus or placental abruption.

As a result of impaired blood flow of the fetus, there comes oxygen starvation that threatens severe consequences.

Acceptance of various drugs during pregnancy

Sometimes pregnant women are afraid once again take a pill because heard about the detrimental effect on the embryo drugs. Yet not all follow this rule, many expectant mothers themselves prescribe drugs, not knowing that it would end in tears.

During gestation the baby without consulting a doctor can not take any medications. Even pharmaceutical herbs that seem harmless, sometimes increase the tone of the uterus after frequent dosing. It is not necessary to abuse diuretics, and, in case of problems with the kidneys and edema is better to use less water than to drink diuretic medications.

We should also be said about the harmful production. Women who work in hazardous environments, it is useful to know that the accumulation of toxic substances in the body is likely to cause complications during pregnancy. This anomaly may be the child's development, and fading of the fetus.

 missed abortion cleaning and treatment

How to treat missed abortion

Save missed abortion makes no sense, so after the diagnosis the doctor must decide which way to rid a woman from the dead fetus. The tactics chosen based on characteristics of the organism, are also taken into account the health status of women, the presence of inflammatory diseases, the nature of the pregnancy before the fetus stopped.

When used expectant management

After the death of the fetus is gradually reduced levels of hCG, the uterus is reduced over time, and it all ends in miscarriage. This means that the fertilized egg comes out on their own.

Expectant management is applicable only in cases where the woman's health is not in danger, there is no inflammation, severe pain, or fever.

Interruption of missed abortion with medication

Medical abortion is performed when the dead fetus in the same way as in an ordinary pregnancy. The doctor gives her a certain pattern progesterone antagonists (Mifegin or Mifepristone), supplemented by other drugs. Several hours later, a woman begins the real fight, and the uterus pushes the dead fetus with fetal egg.

After 2 weeks after the uterus is free from the embryo, it is recommended to do ultrasound to make sure that the remnants of fetal eggs out completely. In addition, antibiotics are often prescribed because medical abortion can be complicated by infection.

Removal of non-viable pregnancy by curettage

We must know that pregnancy is frozen for 7 weeks or more, is removed surgically. Cleaning (curettage) is done in a hospital under local anesthesia. In some cases, general anesthesia is used (it is solved on-site surgeon and an anesthetist).

The material obtained by curettage, sent to a laboratory for studying the state of the cells and the DNA of the ovum. This must be done to prevent that subsequent pregnancy was normal.

When cleaning is finished, the doctor inserts a hormone to reduce the uterus (Oxytocin). Then the woman is prescribed a course of antibiotics (this is mandatory, because after curettage increases the risk of infectious complications).

Most women are interested in, what should be the nature of the discharge after curettage. Gynecologists warned that the allocation should be sukrovichnye and not last more than a week. One day or several days a woman spends in the hospital, then it was allowed to go home. If there is bleeding, the more abundant, it is necessary to urgently seek medical advice.

When restore normal monthly

After removing the non-viable pregnancy by curettage, menstruation is usually restored in a month and a half, and proceed as usual. After the first menstruation can be renewed sex life. Previously, it is better not to do, there may be undesirable effects (bleeding, infection).

 cleaning after missed abortion advice

How to behave after aborting a pregnancy

Pregnant again after removal of non-viable pregnancy only after six months. Therefore, doctors always prescribe reliable contraceptives period.Chasche this is just OK (oral contraceptives - pills). They lead normal menstrual cycle and protect the woman from contraindicated in those 6 months of pregnancy.

Apart from contraceptives appointed bracing means - vitamins, minerals, and most often it is a vitamin-mineral complexes, which are now a great many are sold in pharmacies. They are sold without a prescription, so you can choose exactly the right price for you and composition (composition specified at the attending physician).

After the results of the laboratory will be ready to study the remote ovum, the doctor will be able to more specifically what the reason for the fading of pregnancy - infections, genetic disorders or other factors. In some cases the cause is determined and can not be.

Treatment after surgery

If, after scraping a woman finds a disease that definitely led to the death of the fetus, the doctor prescribes a scheme of his treatment.

In the case where revealed severe hormonal disorders, hormone treatment is prescribed. No need to be afraid of, in many cases, only hormones imposed from the outside will help make a healthy baby.

We must remember that a woman who has lost a child, even the unborn, which was called "fetus" or "embryo" is in a state of depression. This does not necessarily clinical depression, in which a person with no one talking, little moves and thinks about suicide.

Depression can be expressed in a loss of strength, constant bad mood, fear of getting pregnant again and again to lose a child.

After the operation (cleaning), it is desirable that women occupy not only the gynecologist and a psychologist or psychiatrist. Only an experienced doctor can determine which drugs to calm the nervous system can be taken in each case.

For example, mild depression goes away after receiving infusions of sedatives charges of simple physical exercises, walking in the fresh air. But the more complex cases require the appointment of tranquilizers and antidepressants (these substances are not sold without a prescription, they are prescribed for severe stages of depression).

Prevention of miscarriage

Missed abortion refers to a large group of diseases with the common name "miscarriage". In order to avoid this traumatic disease, it is important to monitor the health. Visit the gynecologist at least 1 time in 6 months to be every woman of childbearing age reached. And after a pregnancy that ended in fading, it needs to be treated seriously, or at the gynecologist or gynecologist-endocrinologist. Sometimes it is necessary to connect medical geneticists.