miscarriage in early pregnancy symptoms

You may only know in theory that morning sickness is absolutely fits into all of its jeans and skirts, do not know what age spots and stretch marks. However, you already have a test with two cherished stripes which confirm that from now on you - happy pregnant woman.

That miracle which now lives in you, yet still quite tiny, and secure its presence only by the most sensitive medical equipment. However, this fact in no way prevents you from communicating with him, you've come up with the name of the future crumbs, look after fantastically beautiful clothes, prams and cots, introducing your baby to them. However, unfortunately, often the joyful expectation, a real euphoria, mercilessly cut off such a terrible and tragic phenomenon of miscarriage.

Statistics show obstetricians - gynecologists, about 20%, ie one in five pregnancies ends onset of spontaneous abortion. In fairness it should be noted that in most cases, miscarriages occur in the very short term, when the woman does not even know about her pregnancy. Signs of miscarriage in early pregnancy up to 2 weeks of pregnancy are virtually absent.

But, unfortunately, sometimes the trouble lies in wait, and those women who have loved her with all my heart unborn crumbs. In such a situation, any words of comfort will be powerless, and to help women cope with their pain will only time. Time and the realization that soon you can repeat once again try and get pregnant again.

However, to the tragedy will not happen again, a woman must know that it is a process of spontaneous abortion, which factors provoke it start and how to avoid it. This is what will be discussed in this article about spontaneous abortions that occur in early pregnancy - during its first 12 weeks. Miscarriage in late pregnancy is much rarer. The most common risk of miscarriage in the early stages when there is the presence of the following problems:

  • The presence of genetic abnormalities in the fetus.

According to doctors - geneticists about 75% of all spontaneous abortions happen because of the availability of different options in the embryo genetic disorder .  But do not be frightened - in most cases genetic defects are random .  The cause of such mutations may be a variety of environmental factors - the impact of different viruses, radiation, etc. .  And pregnancy is interrupted for this reason - it is a kind of "natural selection", which is necessary for nature to get rid of, and the patient is not viable offspring .  Most often avoid such miscarriages practically impossible .  And is it worth? After all, if nature itself is trying to avoid the appearance of such a child into the world, then he is really suffering serious pathologies may not be compatible with life .  After all, if the very nature provokes a miscarriage causes serious enough .

The only thing you can do in this situation - is to try to avoid its attack long before the alleged pregnancy, visit the doctor - genetics, who will give you advice how to do it or at least reduce the risk to a minimum. But, unfortunately, given the large number of negative effects of the various factors of the modern world, the risk of developing these gene mutations always remains.

  • Violation of hormonal pregnant woman.

In that case, if women in the early stages of pregnancy for some - any reason disrupted the normal hormonal balance of the body, possibly spontaneous abortion. The most common miscarriages are due to lack of in the body of a pregnant woman the most important hormone - progesterone. However, if the problem is detected in a timely manner, in majority of cases pregnancy can be saved. To do this, gynecologist - endocrinologist given to pregnant women treated with hormonal pharmacological agents.

There is also another fairly widespread problem of hormonal nature - a high content of male sex hormones in the body of a pregnant woman. These hormones greatly reduce normal production of progesterone and estrogen, which are responsible for the normal development and pregnancy. In addition, a successful pregnancy are also responsible for those hormones that are produced by the adrenal cortex and thyroid gland. Always make sure before pregnancy the state of these bodies. Quite often spontaneous miscarriage in early pregnancy is caused by precisely this reason.

  • Reasons immunological nature

Sometimes a pregnant woman is found such complication as Rh - conflict. This occurs when the fetus has inherited from his father a negative Rh - blood factor, and my mother Rh - positive factor. As a result, the body of the pregnant woman receives the embryo as something alien to him, and begins to reject them. In this case, for the prevention of spontaneous abortion physicians also use the treatment of a pregnant woman preparations containing the hormone progesterone, which in this case is a powerful immunomodulator.

  • The presence of various infections in the mother.

Currently, there are a huge number of various infections, sexually transmitted diseases and provoking spontaneous abortion in the early stages. It infections such as toxoplasmosis, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, syphilis, gonorrhea and many others. It is also impossible not to mention the infections such as herpes and cytomegalovirus, which are the originators of miscarriage in early pregnancy about 20% of all cases of spontaneous abortion.

A woman who plans to become a mother, should keep in mind that a large number of different infections can often occur even without any - any signs of the disease that is asymptomatic. That is why it is so important before you decide to get pregnant, be sure to pass the full examination of the body, including the presence of infections, sexually transmitted diseases.

Miscarriage occurs due to the fact that the pathogenic viruses and bacteria lead to infection of the fetus and the membranes shock. To avoid this, you need to be treated before pregnancy. If this could not be avoided, the treatment should start as soon as possible to reduce the risk and the degree of negative impact on the fetus.

  • The general weakening of the health of pregnant women and the presence of her chronic diseases of internal organs.

In the event that woman at the beginning of pregnancy, how ill - a disease that is accompanied by the intoxication of the body and a significant increase in body temperature, very high likelihood that the pregnancy will abort spontaneously. The most dangerous are diseases such as influenza, hepatitis and rubella.

However, even the most banal sore throat or runny endured in the early weeks of pregnancy may trigger miscarriage. Not even worth talking about serious diseases such as pyelonephritis, pneumonia or appendicitis. These diseases are very serious complication that endangers safe during pregnancy and the birth of a healthy baby.
It is important before pregnancy planning to undergo a full medical examination. This measure is necessary in order to identify any woman's body foci of chronic inflammation, and early treatment aimed at their elimination. But even if you get rid of chronic diseases before pregnancy was not possible, you must see a doctor as soon as possible.

  • A history of women to abortion.

Too many women for some - any reason abortion. Abortion is not just a surgical intervention in a woman's body, and a very serious stress for him. As a result of abortion in women having complications such as significant dysfunction of the adrenal cortex, ovaries, and the emergence of various inflammatory processes of genitals.

All these complications of abortion, often leads to disruption of the normal process of gestation subsequent pregnancies. And habitual miscarriage, infertility and secondary - all of this is a consequence of induced abortions. That is why it is so important to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies. And if abortion is still not possible to avoid, upon the occurrence of the following pregnancy inform the board of the doctor - a gynecologist that you previously interrupted pregnancy.

  • Receiving a pregnant woman drugs and certain rights.

As everyone knows, the drugs have the ability to penetrate the placenta and the fetus have a negative impact. Especially dangerous medication is in the first trimester (the first twelve weeks) of pregnancy. The reason is very simple - in this period there is a bookmark, and the formation of all the vital organs of the fetus. If during this period effects of drugs on fetus might defect formation and fetal development, as a result of premature termination of pregnancy.

The most dangerous are painkillers containing codeine in their composition, some antibiotics, hormonal contraceptives, especially Postinor. If used during pregnancy, as long as you still do not know about it, did you take these medications, be sure to inform the board about your doctor - a gynecologist. These pregnancies require closer monitoring by physicians. And if the need arises, under the threat of abortion drugs must also appoint a doctor.

It is absolutely widespread false belief that a woman should be treated by means of traditional medicine, that is, grasses. In fact, a pregnant woman should have to be very careful with the use of herbs. So many herbs have a very strong negative impact on the body of the pregnant woman and the formation of the fetus. The most dangerous in the early stage of herbs such as tansy, St. John's wort, stinging nettle. Also, a pregnant woman should keep in mind that this innocuous seasoning as all the usual parsley, often causes an increase in uterine tone and, as a consequence, spontaneous abortion.

  • Stressful situations.

Causes of miscarriage in early pregnancy is often banal. Very often in the normal course of pregnancy have a very negative impact various stressful situations. This stressful situation may be the death of a loved one, divorce or strained relationship with relatives. However, people close to remember that under the influence of certain hormones emotional background of the pregnant woman is becoming very, very unstable. And the reason for the high stress can be even the most insignificant occasion - casually dropped word or broke the cup.

If for some - or life circumstances a pregnant woman is still forced to be exposed to various stressful situations, it is necessary to talk about this situation, your doctor, who will appoint her sedation, has beneficial effects on the nervous system. In no event it is impossible to independently make any - or anti-anxiety medication, as many of them can bring significant harm to the fetus and cause spontaneous abortion.

  • Heavy physical exertion on the body of a pregnant woman.

Although, quite contrary to popular belief, lifting weights, and other exercise provoke spontaneous abortion only 5% of all cases of miscarriages, ignore this danger is by no means impossible. Try to pregnancy to give up heavy physical work, and if this is not possible, try to evenly distribute the load, alternating it with the rest.

And it is absolutely unacceptable to lift heavy objects. The maximum allowable weight for pregnant women - is five kilograms. However, very often the real weight of bags of groceries at times exceeds it. And if the family already has an older child, pulling sleighs, carriages, bicycles are the holy mother's duty. But do not do it - better to ask someone - either from friends, neighbors or relatives. Especially if you have symptoms of threatened miscarriage is a woman.

  • The fall and other injury of a pregnant woman.

Unfortunately, sometimes life is rotated so that a pregnant woman can be in an emergency situation, for example - to get into a car accident or a slip and fall. Typically, in such situations the fetus suffers from an extremely rare, as is well protected - and the amniotic fluid and the walls of the membranes and the muscle mass of my mother and her body fat. However, if you happened to such a nuisance, yet perestrahuytes and seek medical advice.

  • Adoption of the hot tub.

Very rarely, yet sometimes cause spontaneous abortion can become the abuse of a pregnant woman baths with hot water and excessively long stay in it. Of course, no one calls for a pregnant woman to refuse to take a bath at all, but it must be remembered about simple precautions. In particular, water should not be too hot, and the duration of the bath - no more than 15 minutes. Otherwise there is a risk of spontaneous abortion.

  • Unhealthy way of life of the pregnant woman.

In the course of pregnancy is very negatively affects the presence of a pregnant woman such habits as smoking or alcohol abuse. But the lack of outdoor exercise, the regime of the day, the abuse of caffeine-containing beverages also have a negative impact not only on the health of pregnant women, but also on the development of the fetus. Otherwise, it is also possible spontaneous abortion.

Symptoms of miscarriage

 miscarriage at home

Often, abortion can be avoided by promptly seek medical attention. But in order to do this, a pregnant woman needs to know, in which case it should immediately go to the doctor. Below it will be discussed about the symptoms and signs of incipient miscarriage. Miscarriage in early pregnancy symptoms are as follows:

  1. The most reliable, but at the same time, the most formidable symptom of the beginning of spontaneous abortion - is the emergence of uterine bleeding of any intensity - even easy selection ichor. As a rule, in the early miscarriage blood is brownish color, and as increased bleeding becomes bright - scarlet color. The intensity of bleeding may also be very diverse and range from a few drops to a very, very intense. Bleeding without medical intervention may last quite a long time.
  2. Pain syndrome. It argued that miscarriage is always accompanied by severe pain. However, this is not always the case - in some cases, spontaneous abortion occurs painlessly. But most of the pain appears and disappears again. In no case do not disregard the pain in the back or lower abdomen - this may signal the threat of termination of pregnancy or early miscarriage. When the pain immediately consult a doctor - a doctor reliably knows how the miscarriage and it is still possible to try to save your pregnancy.

Stages of miscarriage

Spontaneous abortion doctors is divided at its various stages:

  • The first stage - the stage of threatening spontaneous abortion.

This stage is characterized by the appearance of aching pain in the lower back and / or lower abdomen. After that, it may appear not strong bleeding from the genital tract. If you notice such signs of the woman should immediately call an ambulance or ask for help herself to a medical facility. If at this stage to start immediate treatment, in most cases, pregnancy can be maintained. Some women in this state are almost the entire pregnancy.

  • The second stage - the stage of abortion began.


However, in reality this is not so.