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Weight loss - the theme of which will be relevant always. The problem of getting rid of excess fat and cellulite and care about young girls and older women, and is now more likely than ever was. The reason is poor nutrition, ecology, poor sleep - extra weight can occur for different reasons. Today we talk about a technique that is preferred by many - with the help of slimming teas. Let's define some tea for weight loss is most effective and how to use the drink to lose weight properly and without damage to health.
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Features tea for weight loss

Modern manufacturers offer various teas for weight loss, which differ in their composition. Indeed, women who lost weight using this method, be aware that the state of health after this tea is an excellent course. It seems that being overweight is cleared, and the figure became slimmer. However, it is only at first glance.

All the components that are contained in these teas have a strong laxative and diuretic effect. In this way the intestine is cleaned, and the excess moisture exits the tissue. This fat is safely in its usual place. But your goal is paramount - it just to get rid of fat. According to nutritionists united: teas with which you try to lose weight, will help achieve the desired effect only when you exercise regularly, normalize the power and change for the better image of your life. Then, the tea will complement: to cleanse the body and thus help him lose weight.

Despite these positive aspects, it is important to note some of the shortcomings of such teas. Even the quality of them, including domestic, have to drink small short courses for up to ten days. During this time, it is recommended to make a break for five days. If you ignore this requirement, and the kidneys, and the intestines will not be able to cope with the primary objectives in the normal mode, as accustomed to this kind of stimulation. The result will not be happy - swelling and constipation will be your constant "companions."

In addition, there may be side effects such as severe dehydration, problems with electrolyte balance, and the lack of essential nutrients that can not be assimilated with the next meal: they simply do not have time to be absorbed, as is accelerating the passage eaten the intestines. Another obvious side effect - a lack of potassium, which is manifested in the weakening of muscle mass.

Accordingly, there are some contraindications to receiving tea for weight loss. These are the problems with the stomach and intestines, kidney stones, pregnancy and nursing period. If you feel a general weakening of the body and fatigue, and at the time of refuse tea reception.

Before turning to a discussion of what is best tea for weight loss, it is necessary to point out some important point. Today many manufacturers are added to the tea beverage composition unsafe harmful additives, trying to save a raw material. Because give preference to tea, homemade, once again not to worry about its quality. The necessary ingredients for it can be bought in stores and drugstores, its price is significantly lower, and the effect - much higher.

If such experiments the time you do not, then buy in pharmacies teas from known, proven manufacturers in the market and do not forget to study carefully before purchasing the package. There must be indicated information on the composition and properties, as well as tips for use, contraindications, and a list of all the data about the manufacturer.

 slimming teas

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Cooking slimming tea houses

So, we begin to study the recipe for which you can prepare wonderful and very effective teas for weight loss.

  • Green tea

The first tea for quick weight loss, which should pay attention - this is an ordinary green tea. He is one of the most accessible and, in addition to its good taste, is known for good cleansing and toning effect. It is important to purchase a really high-quality product, not the cheapest packaged option. Stop the choice on large leaf tea, which is known for its healing properties. This tea has a weight of trace elements and vitamins for the body that are of great value. It speeds up the metabolism, removes fats and toxins.

To forget about the extra weight, drink a day at least five cups of this tea. Above all, he will reduce the appetite, normalize blood glucose. To enhance the effect, you can add a little cinnamon in your tea: it is also a good fat burner. Whenever you want something tasty, just drink a cup of green tea. Eat it without honey, and even more so without sugar, otherwise the whole effect will come down to zero. But you can add lemon - it will cause the body in good tone.

  • Ginger tea

Another good slimming tea - ginger, prepared on the basis of the root of this plant. It is known that ginger has a number of useful properties and pronounced effect firewater. It stimulates the metabolism and blood circulation and warms. The structure includes ginger essential oils can break down fat and improve metabolism. Ginger is popular by the fact that it quickly cures colds - it is simply irreplaceable storehouse of vitamins!

Ginger tea can be used together with a black or green - choose what your taste. Drink it every day, not just in those periods when losing weight. No need to put in tea too much lemon, honey is better and did have a bit of sugar straight from the spoon. Ginger perfectly invigorates, so this tea is well suited in the morning. For example, before going to work.

Before use, do not forget to drink it to filter, otherwise it will be too bitter tea. Ginger tea for weight loss can help you forget about the hungry, and if you combine it with a competent power, the weight and all will decline rapidly. But do not expect an instant effect - must pass at least a month.

  • Teas with herbs

Slimming teas with herbs is very easy to cook. Just pour boiling water you need grass and container close the lid. Maintain drink five to eight minutes. Please note that the tea infuse longer prescribed in the instruction time is not necessary, otherwise it will lose the healing and beneficial properties.

Well-prepared herbal tea in a thermos. Fill with water the grass, which is just beginning to boil. Close the flask tightly for a couple of hours. After this time you can eat drink. In addition, a thermos is convenient to take with you if you, for example, somewhere to go.

  • Molokochay

Surely every girl knows what molokochay - a tea for weight loss based on milk and tea (black, green and fruit). An important condition: the tea drunk in combination with milk, and not individually. Try different variations of preparation and decide which option you the most pleasant to the taste.

What are the advantages molokochaya? It is easily tolerated by the body, without exhausting it, and brings enormous health benefits. It is important to know that this tea should not drink for a long time. It is advisable to "unload" in such a way about once a week. In this case, in one month you can safely lose about two kilograms. Milk tea drink warm but not hot.

Discharge day tea with milk is conducted as follows: instead of food drink tea, once every two hours. Molokochay easy to digest milk due to its composition, mitigating the effects of caffeine. Do not forget to drink mineral or drinking water (an average of two liters per day). This point is required, as different as the molokochay choleretic and diuretic. You have to control the fluid balance in the body!

 some tea for weight loss is better

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Recipes home teas for weight loss

Green, ginger tea and molokochay - it is the easiest option for weight loss teas. You can experiment and cook other more complex options. However, before you start to cook, note that each of the ingredients can cause allergies because Treat this process very carefully.

  • Tea with lemon balm and oregano

You will come in handy five grams of lemon peel and ten grams of oregano and lemon balm. Collection brew three hundred milliliters of boiling water. Bring to a boil, simmer for a drink on low heat for about three minutes. After removing the tea from the stove, give him fifteen minutes to infuse, then strain. It is best to take a slimming tea in the morning.

  • Tea with cherry and cranberries

Take ten to twelve grams of dried berries of wild cherry and cranberries. Pour all the boiling water (enough to four milliliters), and bring to a boil, simmer for about five minutes. The broth must be insisted upon cooking for fifteen minutes. Now strain the drink and drink it on an empty stomach.

  • Herbal

It is known that herbal teas for weight loss have a double effect, burn fat and at the same time cleanse the body. Take fifty grams of oak bark and the same number of buckthorn. Add wormwood and yarrow and tansy. A teaspoon of this collection pour boiling water, let it brew time. Drink tea in the morning, on an empty stomach. You can snack a little honey, as the beverage has a pronounced bitter taste.

  • Mint tea with thyme

Another useful home slimming tea - mint with thyme. Take ten grams of mint and thyme, cover with a mixture of boiling water. Boil tea for five minutes on low heat. After a while wrap it with a towel. Strain the tea and drink in the morning or in the evening on an empty stomach.

  • Tea with plantain

Ten grams of plantain leaves mixed with eight grams of tarragon. Pour the boiling water and cook collect five to seven minutes. Now wrap tea and give him twenty minutes to infuse. Strained infusion to drink on an empty stomach, preferably in the morning, but can be and in the evening. Importantly, do not exceed the specified proportion of ingredients.

  • Orange tea with catnip

Orange slimming teas have already proven effective. Today, nutritionists recommend eating orange tea with catnip, which you need to take ten grams of catnip leaves and seven grams of orange peel. Wrap up the dishes with tea and let it brew for about fifteen minutes. Eat drink in the morning.

  • Jasmine tea with thyme

Another effective and useful embodiment of tea. You will need to shoot seven grams of thyme and about fifteen grams of jasmine flowers. This mixture brew, using hot water (half cup). Bring to a boil, cook for five minutes on low heat. After removing the bowl from the heat of tea, give him time brew. Enough of ten to fifteen minutes. Drink this tea is also on an empty stomach.

The above slimming teas - excellent and quite the inexpensive way to bring the figure in order, however, as mentioned above, this tool will only act in the event of a comprehensive approach to weight loss. Morning and evening perform a small charge, and several times a week to find time to a hard training, visit the fitness room or practicing at home. And, of course, balance your diet. Only in this case, slimming teas will show its effect.

Along with the timely bowel cleansing, healthy eating and exercise do not forget to use special cosmetics, which will strengthen the skin, making it soft and supple. Purchase anti-cellulite care, body care, such as scrub and warming gel - they pulled up your forms.

Before you decide what to choose tea for weight loss, will not be superfluous, and visit a doctor. Along with the above contraindications, you can have individual characteristics of the organism or disease that can be an obstacle to the use of this kind of drinks. Take care of yourself and treat with attention to your body and health - then no problem, you are not afraid.

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