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At its core is the most minimalist way of perception of the world and way of life than the one of many destinations. Architecture buildings in the style of minimalism different maximum functionality and laconic expression. Clarity right lines, color purity, and a minimum of decor - these are the distinctive features of this style.

The interior is currently Minimalism - is primarily a large uncluttered space, in which a lot of light and air. This style does not tolerate the slightest confusion, it should be strictly in their places. That is why the minimalist interior - option is not for everyone, it can come very meticulous people who are in this space will be especially comfortable and convenient.

Nevertheless, in recent years the interiors of apartments in the style of minimalism are particularly popular. This trend is related to the desire of many people, our compatriots in particular, free from small spaces sandwiched modern apartments, all of which were so tired.

The basic principles of style

The interior in the style of minimalism - is the construction of the space of ideal forms and proportions, a special expressiveness is achieved by color contrasts, skillful use of light and smooth texture few materials.

This style is characterized by a monochrome interior, using the minimum number of colors, the main ones are white, gray and black - graphically shades are ideal to emphasize the constructive smooth surfaces. Allowed to use a small amount of bright and contrasting colors, which should be used rather dispensed, for example, only a few elements of the interior of individual items, cushions or curtains.

The main role in creating the interior in a minimalist style playing lighter shades, just as dark shade and produce individual elements of the overall composite solutions, that is, act as additional accents.

The interior of an apartment in a minimalist style based on sound space-planning decisions, the fundamental role in its formation is given a well-designed and functional layout. Very often, zoning is carried out by a skilled operating light and the proper selection of lighting fixtures. The use of different groups of light helps to bring some dynamics in the strict and austere interior and visually expand the space. Due to the fact that in different lighting scenarios (general, local or decorative lighting of individual zones), the interior looks a little bit each time a new, multi-variant created in his perception.

The furniture is also minimalist, austere and devoid of any decoration. Clarity of geometric shapes, smooth surfaces and maximum functional load - that is its main distinguishing features. Are encouraged to combine several functions, such as tables - transformers, and various built-in furniture, visually frees up space. Items that have no practical use at all, originally absent from the minimalist interior.

Minimalism and high-tech - the distinctive features

Despite the fact that these styles have much in common, they also have significant differences, which an inexperienced person to find quite difficult. First of all, it is the materials used. For minimalism characteristic predominance of natural materials in the decoration - wood, brick, cork, hi-tech as exclusively industrial style characteristic dominance of synthetic materials - glass, plastic, different variations of metal alloys. The second distinguishing feature of the minimalist hi-tech, with its many imitations pipe ventkorobami left on the mind and lamps of unusual shapes - a waiver of any unnecessary items and parts that do not have a functional load.

 interiors of apartments in the style of minimalism

Japanese minimalism

The Japanese say: "All the extra ugly." Japanese Aesthetics sophisticated minimalist has its origins in their living conditions - that a high density of population and dwelling on the limited space of islands and frequent earthquakes. This implies their desire for compactness and mobility of the home.

The tendency for nature and admiration for her is the main feature of the mentality of the people in Japan. But their interpretation of beauty derives from two basic concepts: wabi ("easy") and sabi ("sadness", "shadow"). The space legally wabi sabi is a combination of light and shadow. Muted colors and soft light, creating the impression of fragility in the room and time of all the earth, is the best match to the Buddhist concept of the infinite flow elusive and changing lives.

Japanese minimalism is based on the principles of austere simplicity and harmony of space, achieved by using the minimum means of expression. The color scheme is also not rich enough in this area most frequently used white, black, gray, cream, which can "dilute" the small patches of contrasting objects, such as red cushions.

By creating an interior in the style of Japanese minimalism, you must take into account the principles of applying decorative materials in it. The exclusive use of natural materials is its important feature. As a floor covering choose floorboard, or material that simulates the mat. The ceiling is better to make false, split wood strips into squares. Walls is better to do only light and uniform, and as additional finishing materials is allowed the use of bamboo, straw, jute, sisal, etc.

Zoning in the whole space is mainly due to drop the floor level, different variations of sliding partitions and screens through which you can permanently alter the interior by a simple permutation.

Japanese minimalism in the interior is impossible to imagine without a concise and harmonious furniture of simple geometric shapes. This bed and low tables rectangular, almost cubic shape, built-in wardrobes and comfortable sofas with bright certainly upholstery.

The decor is absolutely excluded window curtains, the aesthetics of Japanese as a foreign element. In the design of the window, use the Japanese panels which are straight cloth fabric or tulle attached to the frame with a special multi-layer strip as a weighting agent.

The completion of the interior in the style of Japanese minimalism is possible to use all kinds of ikebana, bonsai, paintings with images of characters and floor vases with bouquets. The space should give the impression of peace, tranquility and freedom from the madding crowd.

 Minimalism in interior - asceticism or lifestyle?

 wardrobes how to choose

Is there anything in our house thing more versatile than a closet? Firstly, it can act as a normal wardrobe. Secondly, it is possible to hide whatever they want. Third, the closet can act as a room divider or a niche. In short, a very comfortable and, of course, a useful piece of furniture, and even on top of that - interior decoration. With painted facades or strict, stained glass or mirrored doors, narrow or wide, "deaf" or open cabinets coupe: how to choose exactly what is functional, comfortable and beautiful at the same time? Let's take a closer look at the most common models and try to identify the main parameters on which you need to make a choice in favor of one model or another closet.

Features wardrobes

What to look for: look at, feel, move, open-close? First we look at the door: how many of them, and as they open. There are models of cabinets with sliding doors, but there are also those in which the doors swing open, or whether they are the side console with semi-circular, rectangular or non-standard shelves. Doors can be a "wood" (or rather of the CPD), glass or mirror. Mirrored doors visually increase the space of the room and make it lighter, glass doors can be transparent, opaque or colored, "deaf" the doors are self-colored or patterned (which today is very fashionable). The most optimal width of doors - ninety centimeters, wider doors are not very easy to use (they are quite heavy).

The color of the cabinet that you choose, also has important value. For example, dark colors are known to absorb a lot of light and make the interior darker. Bright closet, on the contrary, will add light in the room and "freshen" the interior. Also pay attention to the fact that as a closet or ion colors will be combined (or contrasting) to the color and texture of doors and the interior floor.

The height of the cabinet. The standard solution in this case - a case "to the ceiling." However, not all high wardrobes are fitted with a mezzanine, and in this case the upper shelves to be inconvenient to use. So if you're not going to make out of the closet interior walls, it is possible to pay attention to the model are not very high.

Interior of the cabinet. As far as its arrangement you like? Is there enough here shelves, drawers and other elements? For example, in addition to the shelves for clothes it can be shelves and supports for footwear (metal structures), bryuchnitsy, trempelya (hangers), laundry basket, a pantograph (elevator raises and lowers the bar for hangers). Note the depth of the cabinet. If you need a spacious wardrobe, its depth should not be less than fifty centimeters.

Of course, all these features are important, especially if they fully meet its functional purpose. But the purpose of this may vary depending on where exactly you want to put a wardrobe: the hallway, bedroom, children's room, office or living room.

Wardrobe in the hall

How to choose a wardrobe mirror hallway? In this case, the cabinet is designed to store clothes and shoes seasonal. Therefore, it should have at least one section under the clothes that will hang. If you select a wardrobe with two sections, it will be convenient to distribute clothes to frequently used (at the moment), and that which awaits its season, or simply worn often.

In addition, in the closet and hallway desirable section with shelves (at least one). Agree that it is convenient to store different detail: bags, umbrellas, brushes, care for clothing and footwear, and even cleaner.

Now about the mirrors. At least one cabinet door in the hallway should be a mirror - it's convenient and beautiful. If a door mirror, it is desirable that it was located in the middle. Fully mirrored wardrobe hallway can be purchased, but it is fraught with the fact that the edges of the mirror can easily be broken. In general, the cabinet hall must have at least one glass door that will not only enhance its functionality, but also improve the interior of the hall (add light, visually expand the space).

 how to choose the wardrobe mirror

Wardrobe in the bedroom

In the bedroom closet with four doors can be a real dressing room. Such a large closet is the most logical place in this room. For it is too large entrance hall, living room and dressing room is not appropriate. Sleeping well - the room is very personal: it less often than in the other rooms there are visitors, it is more convenient to change, it is more convenient to store the bedding.

Wardrobe for sleeping must have deep shelves, niches and comfortable spacious drawers. Open sections are unlikely to be needed, but the mirror will not be superfluous. Do not forget also that the bedroom - a place of rest. Therefore, the appearance of the cabinet should not be too catchy and annoying, and all hardware should work quietly.

Wardrobe in the nursery

The children's room closet is to combine the wardrobe and shelving. Let this be a closed rack (section), which will house children's toys and books. So much the better: on these shelves is almost impossible to bring order (and if possible, not for long). Therefore, hidden behind closed cabinet doors they are always in sight, demonstrating the results of activity and cheerfulness of your children.

For a child's room student suit wardrobe with side open section. Here it is convenient to place the textbooks, exercise books and all sorts of little things that a schoolboy in excess. The main thing for a closet-compartment for a child's room - the stability and the absence of sharp corners.

Wardrobe in the living room

The task of the cabinet in this case - storage bed and table linen and light clothes, dishes, appliances, instruments and everything that you may need it in this room. In addition, the closet in the living room should emphasize its "face". So do not be superfluous in such a cabinet will open the side console, which will house the objects that adorn the interior: beautiful tableware, figurines, photos and everything that can be put "on the show."

In the living room, ideal for interior and wardrobe with one open section, where in addition to interior decoration and can accommodate even the TV or, for example, music. This section is usually located in the middle and on the edges - section closed doors.

Number of doors mirrors (if any) of the cabinet to the hallway can be both even and odd. If this number is even, mirrored doors must be the same as with panel doors and facade. If all of three or five doors, the door mirrors (mirror) should be one less than the Continuum.

Corner wardrobe shelves and glazed with large mirrors will be a great decoration of the living room. This cabinet looks really expensive and exclusive, even if bought for a relatively small price.

 how to choose the wardrobe

On the price

Price wardrobe (as, indeed, any other furniture) composed mainly of the cost of materials, fittings and fixtures. If you want to save on the purchase of the cabinet, the risk to save on quality or functionality of the furniture. Nevertheless, expensive - it does not mean quality. So, tempted by the low price or the cabinet, on the contrary, decided to buy an expensive thing is sure, note the following nuances.

  • Facade. The cheapest panel wardrobes are made of particle board (wood chipboard). A few more will cost you a wardrobe with a natural facade of bamboo or wood. And the most expensive would be the closet with mirrored panels or doors made of tempered glass. Printing or graphics on the panels of the cabinet further increase its value.
  • System razdvizheniya doors. Its profile can be made of steel or aluminum. Lifetime they have the same, but cheaper steel profiles of aluminum. Aluminium profile door makes a move more smoothly and improves the appearance of the cabinet due to hidden spots.
  • Inner space. The more "empty" closet, the cheaper it will cost. Because the number of accessories and its own cost increases and the cost of the enclosure. In any case, even the empty cabinet can be easily "equipped", separately purchasing only what you really need.

On Exclusives

Typical models of wardrobes that can be seen in any furniture store has one distinct advantage: you choose a ready-made thing fixed price. It should be noted that the current standard models do not suffer from a lack of design refinements. They are quite competitive wardrobe, made to order. So if you can choose a ready wardrobe that suits you in every way, it makes no sense to spend money on individual projects.

If, however, among the variety of standard models, you could not find anything suitable, you should consider the possibility of manufacturing custom cabinet. How to choose a closet, or rather its model for your home by contacting a furniture shop? Decide on a place where it will be, the amount of money that you have, and your active participation of the designers have developed a model that you want. In any case (when buying a ready wardrobe or customization) should not hurry. After all, "the venerable wardrobe" dwell in your house is not for one year, and a long-term neighborhood should be not only useful but also enjoyable.

 How to choose a wardrobe?

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