Midsummer celebration

Well, here come the blessed in July, intending to bestow upon us, and warm, and one of the most interesting events - the national holiday of Ivan Kupala. It emerged during the time of the Gentiles, and has a very ancient traditions and rituals that are observed today eastern and western Slavs fear in many European countries.

National holiday of Ivan Kupala - very original celebration, has a erotic flair. The researchers argue that the ancient pagan Slavs in the night before Midsummer recklessly engaged svalny sin, not really, at the same time, wondering who and with whom to have sex. Our ancestors were convinced that such intercourse helps cleanse the soul from all sins. Well, group sexual activities in full cultivated even in ancient times in ancient Rome and Greece, so that blame our ancestors immorality is not necessary. In the end, this ritual not they come up with, and Midsummer - a holiday, is now famous not orgies, and the whole fireworks very beautiful traditions and beliefs. For example, rumor has it that on the night of Midsummer blossoms possessing magical powers fern flower ... But - first things first.

The history of the holiday Midsummer

The history of the holiday of Ivan Kupala, or Midsummer, rather long. It arose even before the spread of Christianity in Europe and accounted for initially at the top of the summer, on the summer solstice - a twentieth of June 22. In those days, the ancient pagans worshiped many gods, among whom was the god of fertility bathe. The legend-tale about the Midsummer festival says that this god was razluchёn childhood with his sister. And then, turning into a beautiful young man who took her as his wife, unaware of consanguinity. Later, after learning about this, brother and sister could not bear the truth and drown.

After yazychnichestvo was expelled Orthodoxy in the history of the festival there was a change of Ivan Kupala. Its connected with the name of St. John the Baptist and John the Baptist, and was timed to the day of his birth. First, he celebrated the twenty-fourth of June, and after the transition to the new calendar style was celebrated on the seventh of July. And I lost, so his connection with the summer solstice.

With a connection solstice Midsummer lost, but the ancient traditions (except svalny sin) retained. And today is almost not the most vivid and colorful celebrations that celebrate in almost all of Europe. And it takes the night before Midsummer is very interesting and fun. About what is happening on this night, we'll talk in more detail.

Midsummer Night. Rites

 Midsummer Day

Midsummer rites associated with fire, water, and herbs. Pagans believed that fire and water - is the natural forces that affect fertility. Before preparing for the holiday began a few days before him. These days, was manufactured stuffed Kupala, which is then installed on a raised platform. On the eve of the festival were presented various stuffed food, drove around it dances and sang songs. After the holiday stuffed Kupala either burned or drowned in any body of water.

In general, the songs on the feast of Midsummer sung everywhere, and it looked very beautiful and lyrical. They sang their girls, dropping into the river water wreaths of herbs with lighted kindling. If such a wreath sank immediately, it meant that the girl does not like the chosen one. When he sailed long and far - a girl destined great happiness. If the splinter on it immediately died out, - the hostess wreath expected death, but if it is constantly burning, - a very long life.

We sang a lot of songs on a holiday of Ivan Kupala, and while jumping through the kindled fire of the sacrificial grass. This fire was considered cleared. Around it danced through the fire chased the livestock, in order to protect it from pestilence and disease, it burned taken from sick children smocks, together with them, and to destroy the child's disease. Youth and children, jumping over the fire, struggling to rise above it above others. This means that a person is waiting for a big happiness.

The main part of Ivan Kupala rites survived to our time and we have the night before the seventh of June. That night, as we mentioned, based on the story of a holiday of Ivan Kupala, fern blooms. According to legend, if this amazing fiery red flower find a man and woman, their marriage is bound to be very happy. I found it once somebody is not known, but you can look for something? And suddenly you're lucky, and the beautiful fern miracle will give young people the opportunity of a long and serene sharing happiness! Oddly, but in this tale lovers boys and girls believe today, going to scour the woods, hoping to find a fern flower.

And not only young men and women believe. The flower of fern, the drop at midnight for a few moments, there is another magical property. According to legend, in those moments, you can see everything, even the hidden very deep underground, treasure, to receive the gift of understanding the language of animals and birds, and even the ability to become invisible. That precipitated fern forest treasure hunters hoping to find in them a huge treasure and discover a supernatural ability. In other words, on the eve of Ivan Kupala night suffused with mysticism, love bliss and incredible mystery.

It is not surprising. Our ancestors were convinced that committed on the day of Ivan Kupala rites have miraculous powers, the ability to make every person happy and healthy. According to legend, on the eve of Ivan Kupala night, all the impure force is particularly active, and if, with the help of rituals to protect from it, then people will protect themselves and their families from all sorts of misfortunes and disasters in the future. People sang songs of prayer, mermaids, strewn rapids and sills nettles to protect against witches, collected and dried grass, scaring all evil and sickness.

Generally, the day of Ivan Kupala rites many of his by faith pagan Slavs in the fact that the night before the holiday of grass filled with miraculous powers, the trees are alive and moving from place to place, and witches, witches, mermaids and goblins tried his best to make people different dirty tricks . Going to bed in all this whirlwind can not - can be affected by evil spirits, and get a lot of troubles. Therefore, on the night of Midsummer celebrations continued until the morning. People sang, circle dances, bathing in the river, washed with dew, jumping over the fire until dawn. The massive swimming - one of the main rites of Midsummer. The Slavs believed that on the night before the holiday leave the water reservoirs and the mermaid, so you can swim without fear in them until the day Ilyina.

Midsummer Festival. Signs and divination

 Ivan Kupala Day rites

On the night of Midsummer lonely girl tried to bewitch her spouse, naked in a circle three times obbegite rye field. They believed that the beloved then see them in a dream and realizes that he needs is the girl. If the lover of the girl did not have it, the day before Midsummer night, completely undressed, collected twelve different herbs with twelve fields. And then I put them on your pillow to see the dream of who suzhdёn her fate. For this you can use divination torn on the night of Ivan Kupala flower Ivan da Marya, which is still frightened and thieves, if put in a corner of the house.

Girls and young women took a clean tablecloth and walked with her in the morning on a meadow where pulled the tablecloth on the wet grass, and then squeezed in some dishes. Dew collected from tablecloths to wash the face and hands to be beautiful, sprinkled the bed and walls of houses to ward off evil spirits and to get rid of household insects.

On Midsummer Day the people, making a wish, tried to climb over the fences twelve to this wish has come true. Women who did not have children for a long time, jumping over the fire to cure infertility. Nudes girl with her hair gathered crybaby-grass, water lilies, and Impatiens, bestowing the ability to overcome all obstacles, allowing to open all doors and locks and expelling evil spirits from everywhere. Herbs with Ivanova day before to dry, consecrated in the churches, and then fumigated them sick people, used as oberёgi throwing in rastoplёnnuyu oven during a thunderstorm, to the house is not struck by lightning, with their help, bewitches and otvorazhivali person.

Midsummer's Day in different countries

Many rituals and traditions, similar traditions and holidays of Midsummer, exist in other countries. In Poland it is called "Sobotka", in Lithuania - "Lado", in Ukraine - a holiday Kupaylo. Some nations in the day lead dances around dressed up willow, some climbing the mountain and arrange there coven, some harness svyaschёnnye bonfires, bake birthday cake and drinking champagne ...

In many countries, one of the main characters mystical predkupalnyh nights are mermaids. These insidious having unearthly beauty, girls, night on the eve of taking human form, go out of their reservoirs and fascinate men they encountered. However, not for long. Enchantment subside after Midsummer's Day will be held.

Midsummer's Day - a holiday of extraordinarily interesting, fun and colorful. No wonder that it even today noted with great pleasure. It seems that today we are not superstitious, but that tale-you still want to. And then, who knows, but suddenly on the eve of Ivan Kupala night really has mystical properties? Suddenly the forest fern blossoms and witch stagger among men, turning the beautiful girls? After all, anything can happen in this world! So go jump over the fire. Perhaps then very lucky!

 Midsummer Day. Tradition, omens, divination

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