microcurrent therapy

Method effects on the weak electrical impulses, called microcurrent therapy. The high efficiency of this method quickly made him popular among the clients of beauty salons. Initially Russian cosmeticians did not want to undertake this procedure, because light electrical impulses (40-1000 microamps) do not give visible muscle contraction and can not be felt. However, excellent results were not long in coming, and soon procedure has become popular in many beauty salons. Soft impact pulses perfectly prevents aging of the skin and is useful in young and in the elderly. The procedure itself - harmless and completely safe.

Many compare the effect of micro-current therapy with 10-12 hours of restful sleep .  The procedure eliminates the possibility of damage to the muscles or worsening wrinkles (which does not guarantee a modern procedure myostimulation) .  The effect of micro-current therapy is noticeable after the first procedure! Mikroliftinga effect significantly improves the skin condition .  Within a few days, you will notice a significant improvement in complexion, and the skin is soft and smooth, like a child .  The course of microcurrent therapy for the face includes 10-12 procedures, depending on the condition and problem skin .  Microcurrents apparatus positive impact on cellular metabolism, reduced activity of the damaged cells, blood and lymphatic drainage .  With their help, derived toxins from the intercellular spaces, synthesized collagen and elastin is stimulated by oxygen exchange .  Microcurrent therapy is also used by physicians to relieve muscle spasm .  It is used widely for medical purposes, such as the treatment of acne, hair loss, skin pigmentation .  Besides the fact that micro-pulses to deliver you from the basic problem (whether it's pigmentation or rash), they contribute to the deep moisturizing of the skin, give the face a matte finish, normalize the secretion of the sebaceous glands .

Effects on micro-lymphatic vessels and nodes is stable lymphatic drainage effect. This is especially please those women whose age-old problem has become a permanent bags under the eyes, or swelling of the face. If you are going to resort to plastic surgeons in the fight against this problem, microcurrent therapy in cosmetology would be an excellent basis and a preparatory step for the operation. Plastic surgeons are actively used microcurrent therapy during rehabilitation after surgery on his face - blepharoplasty, facelift, in order to reduce swelling.

With the help of micro-current therapy, you will improve the microcirculation in the muscle tissue, which helps to restore tone to the muscles weakened. That is why microcurrents used not only for individuals but also for the body.

The effect of micro-current therapy is still positive because tissue repair following exposure to micro-current continues for a few more weeks. Most long-term results achieved during the long course, if the procedure is repeated 2-3 times a week (for women after 30ti s) for at least five weeks. Thereafter, it is desirable to carry out the procedure once a month to maintain results. At a younger age, the procedure can be carried out less frequently: 3 sessions every month, and then preventive procedures once every two months.

Varieties of microcurrent therapy

There are several types of micro-current therapy in cosmetology. Among the most famous: reprogramirovanie mimic muscles, Microcurrent facelift and neck mikroionoforez, Desincrustation, lymphatic drainage. We talk separately about each of these procedures.

Desincrustation - a cosmetic procedure that allows you to close the narrow pores sensitive skin. This procedure is carried out with the help and solutions galvanoforeza-dezinkrustantov. With it dissolves and removes sebum. Thus there is a deep cleansing of pores from dirt ("black spots") and fat pockets. This technique is used both for cosmetic purposes or for medical. If you are tired of the constant shine on the face and on oily skin - Desincrustation for you!

The following procedure - Microcurrent is lymphatic drainage. It consists in removing excess liquid from the fabric. After 25 years of deteriorating blood circulation in the face and result is interstitial fluid stagnation. It accumulated waste products of the cells that damage skin tissue. To resolve this problem, use the procedure lymphatic drainage. As a separate procedure, it provides even distribution of liquid and partial removal of it from the body. As a result, you get rid of puffiness and "bruising" under the eyes.

Toning facial muscles and nutrition will help such a procedure as reprogramirovanie mimic muscles. This is a great alternative to injections VOTOH. With the help of micro-exposure to the skin, there is a deep muscle relaxation. As a result, you get rid of most of the existing wrinkles and preventing the emergence of new spend.

Lifting of face and neck using microcurrent improves tone the facial muscles and eliminate the wrinkles and sagging skin. The only drawback of the procedure - a high intensity stimulation. The use of classical devices can cause some cosmetic problems - may worsen neuritis, facial wrinkles deepen. Result: Fit and beautiful skin.

One of the most intensive procedures using microcurrent stimulation - this ion mesotherapy (without injection). The procedure allows to safely rejuvenate skin, reduce scarring and swelling, reduce pores. Fabrics are not damaged during the procedure and are not deformed, which can not promise other treatments with microcurrent.

Microcurrent therapy at home

Spend Microcurrent therapy at home possible, with the necessary equipment. To start, decide in choosing a device for carrying out the procedures. To do this, carefully read the specifications microcurrent device, consult your beautician - sure, she will not refuse you in the council. Be sure to read the operating instructions.

Note: Microcurrent machine must generate a stream of pulses with a force of 20 to 800 mA, the frequency must be 1-300 Hz, with frequency interference, and polarity inversion. Be careful in choosing a system, very often in the hands of inexperienced clients get the device of doubtful quality and unclear specifications. The use of such devices can not only give the desired effect, but also adversely affect the condition of your skin. It has a good reputation of Chinese-made machines «Skin Expert», device «Elfor-K" products company Bio-Therapeutic Computers.
It should be noted, apparatus for performing microcurrent therapy rather expensive. Its price can range from 6 500 to 15 000 UAH., So it's expensive.

Microcurrent therapy at home is impossible without the use of a cosmetic gel. Now many cosmetic companies manufacture special hydrating gels micro-current therapy, iontophoresis and other ultrasonic beauty treatments. Firm "Geltek Medica" is one of the most popular in the world market for the production of cosmetic gels. They produce gels for all skin types that tone and moisturise the skin cells. For dezinkrustatsii there is a special gel - with a high content of magnesium, potassium, polyvinylpyrrolidone and extracts Aloe Vera.

 microcurrent therapy in cosmetology

Microcurrent therapy procedure

Microcurrent therapy is mainly used in the cosmetic and medical purposes. It is successfully used for the treatment of acne, anti-aging, moisturizing, and to restore the faded skin. Microcurrent therapy for the face provides a soft lifting and combats hyperpigmentation.

There are many problems which are able to handle this procedure: facelift, neck area, neck, chest and lifting the buttocks area. Help cope with the muscle tension caused by the psychosomatic disorders, improve the complexion and status atonic skin. Pigmentation and hyperpigmentation of the skin and disappears under the influence of micro-pulses. With the help of micro-lifting, you can easily and painlessly remove bags under the eyes, improve skin tone and elasticity of blood vessels. This procedure helps to strengthen the muscles of the face, pull his path.

Before the procedure, beautician selects the most effective program for your skin type, taking into account your personal cosmetic problems. The procedure consists of several stages: lymphatic drainage, rehabilitation of facial muscles, stimulation of the skin, and finally, the introduction of cosmetic preparation (mikroionoforez). All this complex results in good to tighten the skin, smoothed wrinkles, increased skin elasticity.

The procedure itself is harmless, but when using microcurrent therapy procedures are also contraindications . Do not use micro-influence in heart attack and stroke in history, cardiomyopathy and disorders of the cardiovascular system, you are hypersensitive to the drug, pregnancy or cancer. At the same time there is no age limit to the use of the procedure.

Number of treatments may vary, depending on the condition and skin damage. The first positive results you will notice within 15 minutes after the first procedure. Microcurrent exposure gives visible results, which allows to combine the effect of the treatment and improving your mental attitude! Most good result gives a procedure in conjunction with drainage procedures and collagen masks. In a short time you will change the complexion, smooth wrinkles and the skin becomes more elastic and fit. The effect of lymph drainage has a favorable psychophysiological effect on the entire body, contributing to the overall improvement.

The procedure for the face microcurrent therapy is available in many beauty salons for a modest fee. The impact of electronic impulses is well tolerated by people of all ages and causes no discomfort during the procedure. Effect after the procedure lasts a very long time. The device on the skin gently, and thus eliminates the damage to the skin.

After the procedure, microcurrent therapy reviews clients mostly positive. Notice good effect for all skin types and from various disadvantages.

To maintain the normal state of health after the procedure, it does not require any restrictions or recommendations. Influence of micro-skin can be combined with any cosmetic products and procedures - it does not entail any problems.

Miolifting - the strongest kind of microcurrent therapy

Miolifting procedure called a face lift and neck without surgery. This effect is achieved by subcutaneous muscle training, electrical stimulation due to the muscle fibers, which will eventually stretch the skin folds. Miolifting face is not as effective as surgical lifting, but the effect on the skin is more favorable. After the procedure face miolifting reviews of grateful clients to help you determine the decision: do the procedure or not. Miolifting can be used as primary and secondary treatment.

Facelift at Miolifting by means of micro-and special cosmetics. Microcurrents are excellent conductors for injection under the skin of nutrients. They lead to tone loose and flabby muscles, normalize sebaceous glands and synthesizes the production of collagen and elastin fibers. Procedure gentle on the deeper layers of the skin, blood vessels and muscles, stimulate the excretion products of cellular metabolism.

For Miolifting persons using special cosmetics, oxygenated, collagen and vitamins. Under the influence of micro-soft, nutrients of cosmetics penetrate deeply into the skin, nourishing and moisturizing it. Is required to use during the procedure microcurrent therapy gel, it enhances glide and apparatus contains nutrients. To achieve positive results, it is desirable to carry out a course without making big breaks between sessions. A break of more than three days can undo all the positive effects of the procedures.

Most clients say Miolifting a positive effect on the body. Microcurrent pulses passing through the tissue, increase the concentration of ions in the cells, increase the level of insulin in the blood and endorphins, increase blood flow to the muscles contracted. As a consequence, there is a strengthening of the muscle tissue. Excellent results are achieved by Miolifting in cosmetology at problems with correction and face lift.

During the course Miolifting, it is desirable to give up smoking and alcohol, eat as little caffeine and a little more sleep. On the day of the procedure, beauticians not recommend eating protein foods.

After a few sessions, you will notice a positive result, and regular use helps to rejuvenate the skin for several years. If you are concerned about muscle flabby, oily facial skin, acne, pigmentation, acne scars - miolifting person for you. After application of the procedure miolifting reviews girls pleasing their positivity.

That came to an end our article. We hope that it will be useful to you and help you figure out whether you need microcurrent therapy for you. Be beautiful!

 Microcurrent therapy

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