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  • Natural monuments and parks
  • Architecture: monuments of antiquity and the present day
  • Where to have fun in Mexico?

Mexico - a country that attracts tourists like a magnet. It is not only the possibility of inexpensive vacation, but also a large number of ancient monuments (as many can boast of today no country in the world!). Attractions in Mexico - it is also many ecological parks, nature reserves, islands with sandy beaches and mysterious caves.
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Natural monuments and parks

Attraction - is not only the ancient pyramids, mysterious ruins of cities and magnificent temples. In the view of many, this country is very desolate, dry climates, but this proposition is not true. In Mexico, the beautiful and varied nature, there are numerous shady parks, unusual caves. For those who want extreme encouraged to visit volcanoes, which are also located on the territory of this unusual, but such an attractive country.

Just five kilometers from Oaxaca is one of the main attractions of Mexico - the largest and thickest tree in the world, called Thule. His age could be called the oldest - he was about two thousand years!

Tula belongs to cypress, its height is more than 40 meters and a total weight exceeding 630 tons. In order to embrace the tree table, you need to thirty people! The tree still gives the dense greenery, and its roots resemble the shape a wide variety of animals.

Alameda Park and Xel-Ha

Today is one of the most famous parks of Mexico - is Alameda. He is known for his sculpture groups and fountains. In the era of the Inquisition in the western part of the park was an ominous Kemadero area at which the execution of heretics. There once burned at the stake many disagree with the tenets of Catholicism, convicted of witchcraft. But today it is the most peaceful and beautiful place, where it is convenient for picnics.

Mexico is rich in ecological parks that can give pleasure to pleasure not only bright vegetation, but also a variety of animals. It is a marine park Xel-Ha, who was once one of the most important seaports. Today, it is an ecological park where you can wander through the mangroves, coves and caves, watch the giant tortoises, visit the large aquarium with dolphins and manatees. In short, it is possible to enjoy all the colors of nature.

Entrance fee for the entire day is $ 70-80. It includes the whole range of entertainment, including equipment for swimming (mask, but you can even leave a memory), a safe in the storage room, and even unlimited access to the restaurants and bars of the park, where you can taste fried cactus. Separately, you must pay only the rubber rings, swimming with dolphins and jumping off cliffs.

Just an hour's drive from Mexico City, you can see a real active volcano Popocatepetl. Its name means "smoking hill." He is the second highest mountain of the country. Nearby there is another volcano, but extinct - Iskatsiuatl.

To get to the park Ista Popo, where the volcano is located, you can directly from Mexico City by bus. It is best to plan a trip here from the beginning of spring or autumn.

 Old trees Thule

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Architecture: monuments of antiquity and the present day

Architecture of Mexico - is an extraordinary mixture of modern buildings and ancient ruined cities of the Maya and palaces - heritage of the conquest of America. When viewed from any one of them will remain in the memory of an unforgettable experience.

The ancient and majestic Teotihuacan is located about 50 kilometers from Mexico City. So far it is unknown what kind of civilization was the author of such grandiose buildings, producing an unforgettable impression. This town became deserted even five centuries before the Aztecs came here, who believed that the buildings belong to the gods.

The ruins of Teotihuacan - the most visited place in Mexico, hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world come here to witness the greatness of this architectural complex. Officially, the passage opens here at eight o'clock in the morning, but many recommend arrive an hour early and give a small bribe, to be able to easily explore the facilities.

House of Leon Trotsky - this is an unusual villa. It is famous for the fact that it was killed here this famous politician in 1940. In this house he lived with his wife Natalia, and his grandson. The villa was turned into a fortress: all windows were put iron shutters and the walls were made double, reinforced with sandbags. There are constantly on duty police officers, but Ramon Mercader succeeded yet to penetrate the environment and Trotsky to inflict a mortal blow to ax to the head.

Today the house turned into a museum, there are stored belongings Trotsky, his library documents. In the courtyard are the graves of Trotsky and his wife Natalia.

Chichen Itza and Chapel Tlalmanalko

In Yucatan you must visit is the real wonder of the world - the pyramid of Chichen Itza. You can get here from Cancun on a comfortable road. Famous among tourists because it has become that is closest to the resort of Cancun. Pyramid is a giant construction embodying the astronomical calendar. Number of stages of construction is 365 - the number of days in a year.

At the top is the Temple of Kukulcan - Feathered Serpent. Near the pyramid is placed and the sacred well, cenote in which priests threw men as sacrifices to the gods. Visit this place can be as little as 166 pesos, it works every day.

Chapel in Tlalmanalko - is an unusual monument of the Baroque era, the so-called chapel for the Indians, located on the territory of the monastery in Tlalamanalko. Its construction dates back to around 1560 a year, the structural features consist in the fact that here combines the features of the European and Indian architecture. This so-called Mexican Baroque, which is still found in the country. There are roughly in Mexico around 8000 sites that have beautiful arabesques and multi-blade stellate arches, courtyards.

 the ruins of Teotihuacan
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Where to have fun in Mexico?

Mexico - a country wide variety of entertainment, the choice depends on what exactly you are looking for. The islands with sandy beaches, numerous parks, Cenote diving and even "Mexican Venice" - all this will give you unforgettable moments of relaxation and a lot of impressions!

Island of Women - a small plot of land near the coast of Cancun, which got its fame thanks to the numerous articles devoted to the goddess of fertility. In the north of the island are sandy, well-publicized beaches, including Playa Norte, in the south - the rocky shore. Part of the island is located on the coral reefs from the age of about 125,000 years. It is a popular place for divers and treasure hunters who want to find the treasures of the Maya, according to the legend sunken in here.

For tourists it has been specially created underwater museum in the waters of the park, where you can explore the underwater statue. Among other attractions is necessary to note the turtle farm, the opportunity to swim in a kayak.

The kingdom of fear and cenote Seven Ora

In order to visit this unusual place, it is necessary for the famous Xochimilco canals to reach by boat. This place is very popular today among fans of horror films. The fact that every tree in the park and buildings are located terrible CPMP with traces of blood, injury, empty eye sockets. The author of this unusual place - Julian Barrera, who, according to legend, the first doll found on the site of the death of the girl.

So, the island gradually appeared a variety of CPMP, which the author has collected about fifty years in the trash. But the legend does not end there. The creator of this terrible "museum" built a hut on an island, where he settled, but once an island just went under the water (it should be noted that in Mexico it is not unusual). After he reappeared on the surface, no shelter, no Barrera was not there. This legend, as well as the exposure itself is terrible in the world attract thousands of tourists each year.

Park your little horror? You might want to look into the bottomless depths of the wells? Not far from Cancun is an unusual place where you can scuba dive. This is the cenote seven mouths, mysterious system of wells, which were considered sacred Maya. They speculated that these reservoirs are living souls of the Toltecs, but today it can only be detected flocks of fish.

Siete Bocas, or seven mouths - a cenote, which can be visited for only 50 pesos. This is a private area, turned into an ecological park. Seven Ora - a system of caves with the deepest wells, which are interconnected. Here you can only get through a very narrow opening, highlights the cave with natural light, in a small amount comes here from the holes on the surface.

La Habichuela and Magico Mundo Marino waterpark

Visit Mexico and not to try the famous local cuisine, which is famous for its spicy dishes? you will miss a lot if you do not visit the famous restaurant La Habichuela, located in a private house in the northern part of the park del Artesano in Cancun. The tables here are arranged directly in the garden, they are surrounded not only vegetation, but also sculptures and ruins, creates a feeling of being in an ancient Maya city.

The restaurant offers national cuisine fish, dessert - sweet liqueurs and sorbet. As the great spectacle of a huge aquarium. But then it is recommended to book a table in advance, the restaurant is very popular and find a free place is incredibly difficult.

In Acapulco, you can visit a modern aquapark Magico Mundo Marino, which offers not only the traditional roller coaster and descents, but also an opportunity to feed the most dangerous predator of local waters - crocodiles and piranhas. For those who have rental equipment for diving, wide and clean beaches are open daily. Entrance fee: children - 25 pesos for adults - 45 pesos.

EkoAlberto - Theme Park

You think you've seen everything they wanted? This is not so. Want a real adventure that you will remember for a lifetime? EkoAlberto Theme Park 20 km from Iksmikilpan offers the real adventure. Here you can try yourself in the role of an illegal immigrant who seeks to cross the border of Mexico and the United States.

Dense thickets of wild forests, steep hills, fences of barbed wire, a difficult test and, of course, stern guards, who will try to stop you! The attraction is located just a kilometer from this border, the situation is observed as close as possible (though in reality you are absolutely not in danger!). "Escape" lasts a few hours, not everyone turns to "cross" the border, but in any case it is an exciting adventure, the cost of which will cost you $ 18!

Mexico - it is an extraordinary country, which is characterized by unprecedented combination of vast desert areas, blooming gardens and the coast. Attractions Mexico will not leave anyone indifferent, you can plan a vacation to your liking, enjoying the beaches and lush green parks, or preferring a trip to the menacing volcanoes and majestic waterfalls.

 Mexican natural complexes and parks