treatment of cervical erosion

Women's health is very fragile and often the woman is suffering from various diseases. One of the most common - a cervical erosion. Unfortunately, this disease at least once in his life faced by every second woman of reproductive age. There are many methods of treatment, including treatment of erosion folk remedies. However, despite the fact that the name of the disease is almost everyone's lips, few of the women before the end is, what is the essence of this disease.

Cervical erosion is a good process in the cervical canal. When erosion cervical epithelium lining the vaginal segment of the cervix, ulcerate, when viewed visualized epithelial defect. Symptoms of cervical erosion is not very clear. In that case, if the area of ​​epithelial damage is low, the disease may be asymptomatic. In this case, to identify the disease is possible only by accident, when preventive gynecological examination.

That is why it is so important to visit a gynecologist in a timely manner - because the earlier the disease is diagnosed and treatment is started, the more successful it will be, and the less time it takes. Often discovered during a random routine inspection, erosion at the time begun treatment disappears in just a one - two weeks, without causing the woman's health is absolutely no harm.

In the same case, if the damage is extensive enough to epithelium, the woman often observed symptoms such as:

  • Pain of varying intensity occurring during sexual intercourse. It may be mild discomfort, and can be so severe pain that a normal sexual intercourse is practically impossible.
  • In some cases, a woman may notice slight spotting ichor, regardless of the stage of the menstrual cycle.
  • Women often complain of copious white and even pus.

The causes of cervical erosion

In the vast majority of cases the occurrence of cervical erosion occurs due to prior inflammation of the mucosa of the cervical canal, as well as if a woman has any - or pathological changes and deformation of the mucosa of the uterus and vagina. Prior inflammation disease, in turn, arises by the following factors:

  • Regular irritation belyami allocated from the cervical canal. As a result, peeling can occur and maceration epithelium, which leads to the formation of sufficiently large ulcerative erosion. If you touch them erosion instantly start bleeding slightly. Such erosion doctors call erosions true. In the event that erosion extends beyond the cervical canal, a so-called false erosion which is very difficult to treat and constantly provides multiple relapses.
  • Often the causes of cervical erosion are different infections, sexually transmitted diseases, particularly such as chlamydia, herpes simplex virus and ureaplasmosis.
  • Also, erosion of the cervix can cause impaired mikrobiotsinoz (microflora) of the vagina.
  • If a woman has had surgery - removal of tumors, abortion - could occur and mucosal injury as a consequence, the development of cervical erosion.
  • Also, often cervical erosion is the result of trauma of the mucous membrane barrier and chemical means of contraception. When choosing contraception necessarily consult with the doctor who will help you to choose the most sparing methods.
  • A malfunction of the immune system are also very often lead to the development of cervical erosion. If a woman is suffering from erosion often appear, which are difficult to treat, experienced doctor must send a patient to the doctor - the immunologist.
  • Frequent change of sexual partners also may lead to mucosal damage and the development of cervical erosion.

Complications of cervical erosion and methods of diagnosis

 erosion treatment folk remedies

Despite the fact that, as mentioned above, erosion of the cervix - a benign process, the disease is by no means harmless. In some cases, it can take place completely independently, without any - any medical intervention, but more often than cervical erosion is a trigger for the development of various tumor diseases.

In addition, the presence of a woman's cervical erosion can provoke the occurrence of the following diseases:

  • Erosion is often a real gateway for pathogens herpes simplex virus and chlamydia.
  • Cervical erosion is the most favorable breeding ground for human papilloma virus. This virus can cause a variety of diseases ranging from common warts to serious precancerous conditions.
  • The presence of a woman erosion is not difficult to treat and constantly bleeding, doctors regard as a precancerous condition of the cervical canal.

As a rule, the first cervical erosion is detected by an ordinary gynecological examination with the use of mirrors. If the physician visualizes damage the mucous membrane of the cervix, the woman is assigned an additional diagnostic study with a special optical device, called a colposcope.

During the inspection of a woman using a colposcope, as a rule, the doctor takes a piece of the epithelium to the damaged area of ​​the cervix. This procedure is called a biopsy. However, in some cases, the doctor decides not to carry out a biopsy, and do a smear cytology. However, one type of research, and second have the same goal - identifying possible existing cancer cells.

Many women are afraid of all sorts of examinations by a gynecologist and especially surveys. However, in fact, absolutely nothing to fear - almost all the procedures are absolutely painless. But the refusal of inspection and analysis can lead to unpredictable and sometimes tragic consequences.

Methods of treatment of cervical erosion

Methods of treatment of cervical erosion is very diverse. In each case, the doctor selects the most optimal and gentle method of treatment, taking into account all the individual characteristics of the individual woman. When choosing a method of treatment the doctor must take into account such factors as the cause of the disease, the course and degree of cervical lesions. Modern treatment of cervical erosion offers enough choices.

Below are the main methods of treatment of cervical erosion, on each of which will be discussed later in more detail:

  • Laser treatment of cervical erosion.
  • Radiowave treatment of cervical erosion
  • Treatment of cervical erosion nitrogen
  • Conservative treatment of cervical erosion
  1. Treatment of cervical erosion using laser has recently become increasingly common. The reason is quite simple - the laser light more efficiently and safely, the doctor can control both the depth and power of the laser penetration into the epithelium. The doctor directs the laser beam is strictly on the affected area without going over the border and in any case without affecting the healthy tissue of the cervix. Another important advantage of this method of treatment is that the diseased cells of the cervix simply evaporate. Accordingly, the site of cauterization remains scarring tissue. That is why this method of treatment of cervical erosion is the most optimal for nulliparous women.
  2. Treatment of cervical erosion with the help of radio waves - is a relatively new method of treatment, so its efficacy and side effects are not yet fully understood. The principle of this treatment is as follows: on the damaged areas of the epithelium of the cervical canal is made by radio waves impact. Most often used for this unit Surgiton. Supporters of this method of treatment of women emphasize on the fact that such treatment is absolutely painless and it does not remain after the scarring of the epithelium. However, most doctors refer to such a method of treatment rather skeptical, preferring standard options.
  3. Treatment of cervical erosion with nitrogen is called cryosurgery. This method of treatment is that the damaged region of the cervical epithelium is affected by liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen has very low temperature and cause freezing and subsequent death of damaged cells, completely without affecting the healthy epithelium. This method is absolutely bloodless and painless, and moreover, does not cause subsequent scarring.
  4. Conservative treatment involving the application of certain pharmacological agents. These formulations are applied to the damaged notch endocervical epithelium. Medications causing death of damaged cells and stimulate the replacement of them healthy. For this purpose most often used following preparations:
  • Solkovagina. Most often it is used gynecologists for the treatment of cervical ectopic or pseudo. Treatment is carried out only in a medical institution gynecologist who performs the processing of the damaged areas of the cervix with a cotton swab that has been soaked in a solution of the drug.
  • Vagothyl operates on the same principle, moreover, it has a potent antimicrobial activity against a large number of microorganisms. Apply the medication to the damaged epithelium as a doctor in a medical institution.

In any case, whatever you did not choose a method of treatment, before starting you need to go through a number of specific surveys:

  • The results of colposcopy.
  • Research gynecological smear microflora.
  • Diagnostic PCR for the presence of diseases such as MICS and ureaplasma, trichomonas, herpes, human papillomavirus and chlamydia.
  • Cytology sample epithelial erosion.
  • If there are indications - the results of the biopsy.
  • If there are indications - ultrasound of the ovaries and uterus.
  • The results of blood tests for HIV and syphilis, and hepatitis B and C.

Too many women are afraid to treat cervical erosion, fearful stories about all kinds of complications. However, in fact, the effects of treatment of cervical erosion are negligible and do not have on the health of women absolutely no negative impact.

Treatment of cervical erosion folk remedies

 methods of treatment of cervical erosion

The above listed methods of treatment of cervical erosion in a health institution. But do not also lose sight of the treatment of cervical erosion at home using recipes of traditional medicine. There are quite a number of these recipes, and you can choose the one most appropriate. However, in no case can not self-diagnose cervical erosion, and to abandon a visit to a gynecologist.

Treatment of cervical erosion is possible only if erosion of small size and not in disrepair . Otherwise, treatment at home, not only will not bring absolutely no benefit, but also can significantly impair the health of the sick woman.
There are several most common ways people's treatment of cervical erosion. Below Buda told about each of these in more detail:

  • treatment of cervical erosion herbs
  • treatment of cervical erosion honey
  • celandine treatment of cervical erosion
  • treatment of cervical erosion onions
  • treatment of cervical erosion propolis
  • mummy treatment of cervical erosion
  • treatment of cervical erosion buckthorn
  • treatment of cervical erosion homeopathy

1. A method of treatment of cervical erosion herbs known to women for centuries. To prepare the broth and infusions are most often used the following herbs:

  • To remove the inflammation of female genital mutilation, and for more rapid scarring of cervical erosion, traditional medicine recommends to use a decoction of St. John's wort. To make it, put in an enamel bowl one tablespoon of dry raw and fill it with 200 ml. boiling water, then simmer for 10 minutes on low heat. Then remove from heat, strain using a gauze fabric, cool. Use the decoction for oral administration, for half a cup once a day, on an empty stomach.
  • Flowers bedstraw also able to promptly bring relief to women suffering from cervical erosion. Prepare the broth, add three tablespoons of dry inflorescences bedstraw in 300 ml of boiling water. Boil the broth for 5 minutes, then cool and strain through gauze cloth. Take half a cup of decoction twice a day with meals. The course of treatment should be at least 10 days.
  • Fresh nettle cervical erosion scars almost before our eyes. For the treatment used the juice of fresh nettle. Take 5 - 6 large sprigs of nettle, wash it under running water. Then carefully chop the leaves and stems, then use gauze squeeze out the juice. This juice is necessary to impregnate ordinary tampon and insert it deep into the vagina, and tightly against the cervix. The tampon should be left for at least two hours. Treatment should continue until complete scarring of cervical erosion.
  • Rhizome Bergenia help women not only get rid of cervical erosion, but also will have a devastating effect on the pathogenic microflora of the vagina. To prepare the broth you will need to take three tablespoons of dried rhizomes of Bergenia, fill them with 200 ml. boiling water, bring to a boil over low heat, boil for 30 minutes. Broth immediately drain and wrap a towel. Use the broth a day later for irrigation. Before syringing broth need to warm up slightly - to about body temperature. Douche necessary once a day, at bedtime. The course of treatment should last about two weeks.
  • It is a good tool for the treatment of cervical erosion is alcoholate Maryino their root. This herb also has a second name - peony. For the preparation of tinctures, you need to fill in 500 ml. five tablespoons of vodka Maryino root. Then thoroughly mix all the ingredients and put the tincture in the fridge. To tincture was ready for use, it should be kept in the refrigerator for at least a month. Then take a tincture of one tablespoon three times a day, just during the meal. Drink infusion must be within 15 days, after which you need to do a five-day break and then repeat the course. Treatment should be carried out as long as no recovery was complete.
  • No less effective in the case of cervical erosion acts and ordinary celandine. For the treatment celandine, you need to take three tablespoons dry celandine herbs, put in an enamel bowl, boil one liter of water and pour it celandine. Insist celandine for about an hour. Then strain the infusion must be using a gauze fabric, divided into 6 equal parts and pour into containers. Before syringing the infusion should be diluted with warm water. The course of treatment should be 21 days.
  • If the methods described above helped you underperforms, you should try a decoction of wormwood. To prepare the broth pour two tablespoons of chopped dry grass, sagebrush liter of water, bring to a boil and simmer for about 10 minutes. Then strain the broth using a gauze cloth and pour into a glass bowl. The broth should be stored only in the refrigerator. Before syringing dilute decoction of wormwood with water at a ratio of 1 to 10, warm up to body temperature and douche before going to bed. The course of treatment should last until the complete recovery.
  • To prepare the following recipes you will need one tablespoon of green tea and two tablespoons of dried calendula flower clusters. Pour all ingredients in a quart container and pour a liter of boiling water. Close the lid and wrap a towel. Insist within days, strain it with gauze. Before syringing dilute with boiled water in a ratio of 1 to 1. douche once a day, at bedtime, and after douching enter deep into the vagina a cotton swab dipped in undiluted broth and leave it on overnight.