apples for the winter


  • The blank pieces of banks
  • Harvesting without boiling
  • Blanching apples
  • Puree apple pomace
  • Various flavors and combinations

Hardly anyone does not love to feast on pies with apples, especially if the winter in the yard and the body lacks vitamins, and just want to fruit spirits.

It can be compared apple aroma bake with any purchase-confectionery-based chemical flavorings and flavor enhancers?

Every hostess is able to please yourself and your loved ones real homemade apple pie all winter, just by applying a certain amount of time and effort during the summer-autumn blanks. Fortunately, the apples in our latitudes - it is not exotic, and they grow in almost all the gardens and home gardens. Even without personally grown fruit mincemeat of apples will be purchased at least tasty and healthy. Simply select the most suitable recipe and get down to business.
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The blank pieces of banks

This method blanks apple pie is simple enough, and fruits are different in that store and look and taste almost fresh apples. This preform is perfect for baking pies and sharlotok, and simply you can eat them without baking it. It will fit almost any variety of apples, but the most optimal solid acidic varieties such as Antonovka. These apples retain their shape and taste and not seethe the puree state.

Apples cut into four parts. Core removed, the stem and the inevitable for domestic apples wormhole. Further quarters are cut into smaller pieces that size, which is usually used to add to baked goods. 1 kg of the pieces here are taken 200 g of sugar. Apples sprinkled with sugar and allowed to stand for about an hour, to a mixture of a little empty juice. Further, all brought to a boil, immediately expanded in sterilized jars and rolls lids.

 harvesting apples in banks
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Harvesting without boiling

To undertake such a process is mostly soft and sweet Summer apples. The fruits are cleared from the core and damage, and then rubbed on a coarse grater or the fray with the help of a food processor attachment, make large chips. And you can simply cut into small pieces, but it will take much more time.

Thus prepared mass is mixed with sugar to taste, that was not too sweet, and fit into the banks, lightly tamping apple mixture, leaving a couple of centimeters from the top. Next full cans are sterilized for half an hour and rolled covers. This winter harvesting also retains the taste and aroma of fresh apples, is that consistency is more like mashed potatoes. You can add it in pies and tarts or simply to cook from her vitamin flavored apple compote, add water and bring to a boil.
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Blanching apples

It is a fun way to prepare apples for the future - blanching, that is, short-term treatment with boiling water, allowing you to save the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals than at full boil. For this pre-peeled and sliced ​​apples are immersed in boiling water for five minutes and then cooled with cold water. Next, the pieces must be spread out to the banks, pour the boiling water and sterilized for about 15 minutes.

Thus processed apples can be stored in the winter, even without seaming lids. The main thing in a cool place. This fruit can be consumed in the blank any form is delicious and easy to eat, and added to various dishes. And if the pre-banks add a little cinnamon, you get a beautiful winter apple dessert with incomparable taste and aroma.

 Dried apples
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Puree apple pomace

I would like to elaborate on the processing of apple pomace remaining after the distillation of the juice. If pre properly prepare apples for processing into juice, it is not necessary to throw out husks, and they will fit perfectly for filling in the pies in the winter. So, before you distill apple juice in any way possible, again, you need to clear them from damage and core. Then the output will and juice and apple sauce, it is suitable for making jelly or jam.

The pomace is added to some water, and the mixture is boiled for a few minutes. It's not even a full boiling and steaming. Adding sugar per 1 kg of puree 600 g of sugar. Further, all boiled in a special bowl for cooking jam for half an hour. Fully it is cooled and the second time just brought to a boil, immediately poured into sterilized jars. This apple mixture should roll covers, as it is very delicate and contains almost no protects against fermentation acids. Use is possible in winter in pies or as a separate dish.
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Various flavors and combinations

We have already considered the main ways to pieces of apples for use in the preparation of cakes and other pastries. Now we should stop in more detail on the different flavor combinations. For example, we all know that emphasizes cinnamon aroma, acidity softens and enhances the flavor of apples. Quite a bit of added cinnamon powder will make any blank apple aroma and exquisite.

But even more interesting to domestic harvesting apples for the winter in combination with some other berries and fruits. The classic combination - it's apples and chokeberry. The second gives the final product a beautiful rich red color and a certain tartness on the palate. You can add the juice of mountain ash or simply throw in the preparation of a handful of fresh berries. Lingonberry is also ideal in the preparation of jams, jellies, apple puree and other winter delicacies. A fruit optimally suited pear. Apple and pear jam with Aronia has for hundreds of years, traditionally considered a classic Russian dessert.

Based on the above, we can conclude that the procurement of semi-finished and apple desserts in the winter there is nothing difficult and impossible. And the time it takes quite a bit. Ingredients are so accessible and easy, just it would be foolish not to spend a little effort and a few jars to preserve the aroma and taste of summer sun and apple autumn.

 Methods of harvesting the winter apple pie

 apple pie with cream


  • Ingredients for
  • Cooking method

You will get much more enjoyment from your home drinking tea, if you use the recipe below and bake for tea tasty apple pie with cream.

This apple pie will appeal to all gathered around the table, and the availability of ingredients and simplicity of preparation makes it very attractive for someone who would cook.

If desired, you can replace the apples pears or apricots.

 ingredients for apple pie
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Ingredients for

To prepare the dough you will need:

  • chilled butter - 150 g;
  • meal - 250-300 grams;
  • cream (preferably 25%) - 100 g;
  • baking powder - 1 tsp.

To prepare the filling, you will need:

  • apple (preferably sour varieties) - 4 pcs. (approximately 500-600 g);
  • sour cream - 200 g;
  • sugar - 200 g;
  • chicken egg - 1 pc .;
  • flour - 2 tbsp. spoons;
  • vanilla sugar - 1 tsp..

 simple recipe for apple pie

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Cooking method

Preparation of the test:

  1. In a large bowl with a knife finely chopped chilled butter.
  2. In a bowl sift the flour and butter.
  3. Rub the flour and butter to form fine crumbs. It is better to use a knife, fork or other suitable utensils. If you rub your hands, the butter is softened as a result need more flour that can affect the taste and quality of the pie.
  4. Add sour cream and baking powder and knead the dough.
  5. The resulting dough is wrapped in plastic wrap for 30-40 minutes and put into the refrigerator.

Preparing the filling:

  1. Wash apples, remove them from the core with seeds, then cut into thin slices. To preserve the color, cut apple slices, you can sprinkle with lemon juice.
  2. In a bowl put the sour cream. Add sugar and vanilla sugar and mix till sugar is dissolved.
  3. In a separate bowl with a fork or a corolla lightly beaten egg.
  4. Add the beaten egg to the cream and sugar and mix.
  5. Gradually add the flour while constantly stirring the mixture to avoid the formation of lumps.
  6. Once again mix well the resulting mixture.

The final stage of the preparation of pie with apples and sour cream:

  1. Grease with butter or sunflower oil the baking tin. You can use the split round or rectangular shape.
  2. The dough from the refrigerator, roll to the desired size and shape shift into baking. The dough can also be spread on the bottom and sides of the mold arms, without rolling. Be sure to make the bumpers to the filling does not leak out of the pie. If the dough will stick to the fingers, dip them in flour.
  3. Across the surface of the dough evenly spread out apple slices.
  4. Pour apple mixture of sour cream and sugar. Before placing the mold in the oven to wait a few minutes to evenly distribute the mixture and fill the void between the apple slices.
  5. Preheat oven to 180 ° C.
  6. Place the baking tin in the preheated oven to the desired temperature. Bake a cake with apples should be about 45-50 minutes.
  7. Remove the apple pie out of the oven, wait until cooled slightly, and remove from the mold. Cut into portions. Serve hot or cold.

As you could see, cooking this cake with apples and sour cream does not pose any difficulties not only for the person who has a culinary experience, but also for the beginner who can please yourself, your family and friends with a delicious hot tea cake vprikusku.Priyatnogo your appetite !

 The recipe of apple pie with cream