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  • The recipe for the classic soup puree of zucchini
  • Recipe soup puree of zucchini with new potatoes
  • Recipe soup puree of zucchini with beans
  • Recipe Cauliflower
  • Recipe with melted cheese

Cream of zucchini - incredibly tasty and healthy dish. Besides, it does not bring any harm to the figure, because in 100 gr. zucchini pulp contains only 27 calories.

But the use of it is huge. Dishes from the most usual zucchini is very useful to use for people with serious gastrointestinal diseases, diabetes, obesity. It can give even small children, as it does not cause allergic reactions. However, no matter how useful this vegetable, contraindications do exist - to eat it can not be the people who have seen a variety of kidney disease.   Prepare the soup of zucchini is very simple. Any prescription under its force even novice mistress.

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The recipe for the classic soup puree of zucchini

Classic squash soup is the most simple ingredients available in every home. For its preparation we need:

  • courgettes - 2 pcs.
  • milk - 0, 5 st.,
  • vegetable broth - 300 ml
  • wheat flour - 1 tbsp. l.,
  • butter - 2 tbsp. l.,
  • the yolk of a raw egg,
  • salt.

Cooking method:

Teen zucchini washed, cut into small cubes. If you have a vegetable seed box is already formed, it is first cleaned, and then remove the seeds. Heat the butter, add to it chopped zucchini and pour in the milk. Cook on low heat for 10-15 minutes. Once the vegetables are soft, everything is ground through a sieve or blender whipped into a homogeneous mash.

Next, prepare the sauce. Fried in butter a tablespoon of flour, salt, cooled and diluted with pre-prepared vegetable broth. Ready sauce is added, carefully mixed and heated again. Then the soup of courgettes need to cool down again, then season it lezone and heat, so that it thickens.

Recipe lezone. Take a raw egg yolks, whisk it with a fork or whisk and add a little hot milk. The resulting mixture was heated on a very low heat, not allowing a boil. Hot filtered through a sieve. The resulting lezone added to the soup.

 Different recipes Pumpkin soup puree
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Recipe soup puree of zucchini with new potatoes


  • zucchini - 1 pcs.
  • carrots - 1 pcs.
  • potatoes - 2 pcs.
  • hard cheese - 100 g,
  • onions - 1 pc.,
  • salt,
  • spices
  • vegetable oil.

Cooking method:

Onions finely chopped carrots grate. In a frying pan with hot oil put the chopped onion, fry a little and add the grated carrots. Put out 1-2 minutes. Put everything in a small saucepan, add diced zucchini and potatoes, cover with boiling water (2 cups) and simmer over low heat. Once the vegetables are soft, pass them into a blender and blend into a homogeneous mass. Then, the resulting dish again pour into a saucepan, add salt and spices. You can also put a little finely chopped parsley. Before serving in squash soup adding croutons and grated cheese.
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Recipe soup puree of zucchini with beans


  • Leeks - 30 g,
  • zucchini - 200 g,
  • wheat flour - 1 tbsp. l. with a slide,
  • butter - 12 g,
  • green beans - 25 grams,
  • milk - 75 ml
  • vegetable broth - 200 ml
  • dried toast,
  • greenery.

Cooking method:

Leeks wash, chop and fry gently. Zucchini cut into small cubes, add to the saucepan and add to them fried onion, pour any vegetable broth, salt the. Boil for 10 minutes, then grind through a sieve or blender whisk until the sauce. Next, prepare the sauce. The butter fry flour, cooled and diluted with milk. Add the sauce, well stirred and heated for 1 minute. Green beans separately boil and add to the soup before serving. On top of soup and sprinkle with dried croutons and finely chopped greens.

 delicious squash soup puree
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Recipe Cauliflower


  • hard cheese - 100 g,
  • zucchini - 1 kg
  • Cauliflower - 1kg
  • carrots - 200 g,
  • egg yolk - 4 pcs.
  • bow - 2 pcs.
  • vegetable oil,
  • croutons.

Cooking method:

Finely chop the onion, carrot rub on a medium grater. Squash peeled and seeds, cut into small cubes. Cauliflower florets to disassemble. Eggs boil and take out the yolks. In a frying pan with hot oil spread chopped onion, lightly fried, add to it grated carrots, simmer for 2-3 minutes. In a pan put the sliced ​​zucchini, cauliflower and fried onions and carrots, pour boiling water and boil for 15-20 minutes. Then cook the vegetables we shift into a blender and blend. Before serving in the soup add the grated egg yolks and cheese, sprinkle with dried croutons. If desired sprinkle the soup with finely chopped greens.
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Recipe with melted cheese


  • onions - 2 pcs.
  • squash - 2 pcs.
  • carrots - 1 pcs.
  • vegetable soup - 500 ml
  • Garlic - 2 cloves,
  • bread crumbs - 2 tablespoons. l.,
  • melted cheese - 1 pc.

Cooking method:

Squash peeled and seeds. Finely chop the onion, carrots, three on a grater. Garlic is passed through the press. All we add the prepared vegetables in a pan and pour the hot vegetable broth. Bring to a boil and leave to languish until tender vegetables.

Before removing from heat, add the soup in bread crumbs and chopped processed cheese. Beat in a blender into a homogeneous mash. Serve the soup hot, sprinkled with finely chopped greens.

 Methods for preparation of squash soup puree

 Fortress Bourtange - "Star" citadel


  • Park Madurodam in The Hague
  • Students and the historic town of Delft
  • Wax Museum in Asterdame
  • Flower Fair - one of the main attractions of the Netherlands

Netherlands - one of the most beautiful and unusual in Europe. Official name Netherlands - Netherlands.

The country has an unusually picturesque landscape, famous for its many fairs and festivals of flowers.

The most popular among tourists are the cities of The Hague, Amsterdam, Delft, Rotterdam. The capital city Amsterdam is famous for its elegant original architecture. In the city you can see the unique sliding bridges, monuments, visit various exhibitions and museums.

 Escher Museum
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Park Madurodam in The Hague

One of the most attractive Dutch attractions is Madurodam park, which is located in The Hague. Madurodam - unusual, magical place that attracts both adults and children. Children especially because this park can be compared to the puppet city. Madurodam is a miniature copy of the Netherlands, where all points of the house, square, passersby on the street, transport, - reduced by 25 times. Construction of the park - the finest handmade. Visiting it, the tourist to get acquainted with the culture and history of the country will see a lot of parks, cultural centers, churches, and all this in a miniature form.

Figures reduced by about 25 times. Weekends and holidays hundreds of Dutch with their children visiting the park. A visitor to the tourist at the weekend will be hard to squeeze back through the people and see all the beauty of the park. Still, if you are going to come to The Hague, this extraordinary place you must visit. It should be noted that at the ticket office you can buy Russian-language booklet, where there is a detailed description of how to better take in the sights, what path to follow.

In Madurodam the visitor can see how the little men move along the streets, hold the wedding ceremony at the church. In this fabulous city rail trains, and ships on the river. Some figures begin to walk when a special visitor will drop a coin box. For example the central amusement park equipped with such a system.

The visitor puts a coin in 10 cents, truck pulls up to it, then pulls back again and already with a gift in the form of candy. The picturesque nature of small-town amazes: coniferous and deciduous trees, shrubs, flower beds are made with maximum accuracy. In the program brochure can find a plan of the park, the better to choose a place where to start inspection. Madurodam give an unforgettable impression, especially young visitors. Many tourists call it the main attraction of the Netherlands.

 Museum of the human body Corpus
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Students and the historic town of Delft

A popular student cities in the Netherlands is Delft. This city is famous for its wide production of ceramics. In Delft made dishes, souvenirs, various statues, porcelain dolls and stuff. In this city you can visit the large shopping area, museums, including the Museum Printsenhofa and arms museum. Delft carries a lot of historical events. You can see the statue of the legendary heroes of William the Silent, Pete Hein, painter Jan Vermeer and famous scientist Antonie van Leeuwenhoek baths.

Streets truly picturesque, along which you can see a lot of green space. In summer, the river often swim water taxis. It is these taxis are a feature throughout the Netherlands. Take a ride on them can be a good look at the appearance of the city and get information on all corners of Delft. The town is a landmark of the Netherlands.
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Wax Museum in Asterdame

Among the modern attractions of the Netherlands is also worth noting the famous Madame Tussauds. With the recent times and it was opened in Amsterdam. In the museum the visitor will have the opportunity to see and examine in detail the exact replicas of famous actors, singers, politicians. They are shown in full size and are made of wax. By itself, the museum is small, compared to London, but there are about 150 models of dolls.

The wax figures are made with incredible accuracy. Masters did their best to bring their images to the reality. Tourists from all over the Netherlands come to look at these mysterious creatures. Moreover, in addition to well-known personalities of our time in the museum presents historical personalities. Tourists who intend to visit the Netherlands, you should definitely see the waxworks museum Madame Tussauds.

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Flower Fair - one of the main attractions of the Netherlands

Holland is famous for the fact that on its territory a large number of flowers increases. They are available in different countries. The variety of colors in the Netherlands affects, among them you can meet and different varieties of tulips, roses and hyacinths. Another unforgettable sight - the festival of colors. It can be seen in the major cities of Holland. The event is usually held in early April. Tourists call it the most cheerful and colorful parade. Beginning at 9 am. In the streets of the cities of the Netherlands are many people dressed in festive costumes, festival participants demonstrate sculptures of flowers, the size of which can reach several meters.

In the area of ​​passing cars, carriages, decorated with flowers. The festival lasts until the evening, participants with design work are quite a distance - about 50 km. It is interesting to know that help florists ordinary passers-by. Everyone who wants to participate in the creation of sculptures, come and offer their help. Florists be happy. Prepare floral arrangements starting 3 days before the festival. This time is quite enough to have time to finish the job. Artists make the sculpture in the form of cartoon characters, animals, various fantastic characters. Flower Parade in the Netherlands is the most ambitious in the world.

Attractions in Holland is truly a lot. The country is famous for its unique, unique architecture and historical buildings. Perhaps the main attraction of the Netherlands - is flowers and festivals devoted to flowers. Tourists will certainly will be satisfied, get a lot of impressions by visiting this magical land.

 Holland: places to visit