metabolic disease

Today I would like to talk about the phenomenon of metabolic disease: symptoms and its causes. This term has been very common - they say about it not too conscientious doctors, when you do not know what happens to a person, he is spoken of different manufacturers anti-obesity agents, advertising their products, instructors say about him numerous fitness centers. Simply put, the term has become a bargaining chip in the struggle for money to consumers.

But what is it really? What really lies at a metabolic disorder? And if a metabolic disorder does exist in reality, is it possible to get rid of him by what - or miracle drugs, orderly rows staring at us from the pharmacy windows? Or the solution of the problem is much deeper? This is what will be discussed below.

  What is metabolism?

The human body continuously flow metabolism three most important constituents of all life on earth - is the fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Their synthesis, and the subsequent destruction of the place of well-defined scheme, which is individual for each particular substance. In these reactions involved huge number of different enzymes. All the cells in our bodies every second leak millions of these same processes.

And violations in metabolism can take place both with the participation of - any one component - proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and with the participation of several. Simply put, doctors are six different types of metabolic disorders:

  • Violation of normal protein synthesis
  • Affected protein breakdown
  • Violation of the normal synthesis of fats
  • Violation of natural fat breakdown

Causes of metabolic disorders

Doctors say that in most cases the cause of certain diseases are just different failure in metabolism. Doctors are four levels at which possible disruption of metabolism:

  • The molecular level.
  • The cellular level.
  • In various tissues and organs.
  • On the scale of the whole organism.

Violation of normal metabolism that occurs in any of the above levels can be both primary and secondary. Although often it has been a violation at the molecular level. And this leads to pathological disorders of many body functions.

Of course, nothing happens without a reason. No exception to this rule and various metabolic disorders. And the reasons for this is also quite a lot - both external factors and internal. Let's try to deal with them in more detail.

Changes in diet often leads to disruption of normal metabolism. And it does not matter, people have become more or less, on the other hand, it is less - it is important to change itself. And not least the fact that it eats people - for example, if a long time in the human diet mainly dairy products, and he abruptly switched to meat menu, a high share of probability that fails normal metabolism.

Quite often the cause of metabolic disorders becomes intakes of various toxic substances. It does not matter what kind of toxin was in the body - the spoiled food, household chemicals, or any other. All of them have a very negative effect on the metabolism.

In some cases, various metabolic disorders occur as a consequence of exposure to viruses and microorganisms. About 10% of all cases of violation of normal metabolism begins after a person suffered or that a respiratory viral infection.

In that case, if a human diet is not balanced, the occurrence of metabolic disorders are not uncommon. That is why it is important to ensure that the food contained a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals, fatty and amino acids. Incidentally, unbalanced content of food carbohydrates, proteins and carbohydrates results in approximately the same result. Simply put, metabolism disorder closely related to nutrition.

In that case, if a person living in environmentally disadvantaged areas, or work in high concentrations of carbon dioxide or oxygen, the chance encounter with impaired metabolic processes even higher. Similarly, people should see a doctor, who will tell you how to reduce these risks.

 metabolism violation

Treatment of metabolic disorders

Despite the fact that at first glance disruption of normal metabolism does not represent much of a threat to the human body, in fact, it is a true bomb. Therefore, in no case is inadmissible to leave the problem unattended. Be prepared for the fact that you have to try to be like - no generic pills that magically normalize metabolism. To achieve this objective requires an integrated approach:

  • Cleaning the body

Comprehensive treatment of the whole body. Do not experiment on your own - see a doctor - the therapist. It certainly will help you choose which suit you best cleaning procedure.

  • Normalization diet

In that case, if the doctor - dietician considers that a human patient the wrong diet, it will help it to normalize. After all, in most cases, the normal balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates, a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals - is the key to proper metabolism.

  • Immunity

From the immune system depends very, very much. Including course of metabolic processes. Therefore, for the normalization of metabolism must be put in order the immune system. To this end, the sick person should seek help from a doctor - immunologist.

  • Physical Culture

It is impossible to normalize the metabolism by any means, if the sick person is not getting enough exercise. However, here I would like to recall that in this case the initiative is inappropriate. Physical activity should be chosen doctor exercise therapy, taking into account the individual characteristics of each patient.

 Metabolic disease

 pain in the right side of the back

As you know, pain in the abdomen is often a sign of a very serious illness. And pain can be localized at different locations - a pain in his right side rear, left, in the umbilicus. It all depends on the reasons causing the most pain. But today we will talk specifically about pain that a person feels sick in the right part of the abdomen. After all the pain in his right side are much more common all the others.

However, be sure to remember that all of the following information is given only in order for you to have a basic understanding of the reasons which can lead to pain. In no case is inadmissible to use the information for self-diagnosis of the disease, and even more so for its treatment. Such actions can jeopardize not only the health of the sick person, but also his life.

Diagnosis of abdominal pain - the process is rather complicated even for experienced doctors, not to mention about people who have no medical training. Abdominal pain - an insidious thing, which may be masked under several serious diseases, which without special methods of investigation is practically impossible to diagnose. Especially if the pain in his right side.

Pain in the upper abdomen on the right side

And we begin to understand the problem with pain, which are located on the right side of the abdomen. So, the pain in his right side:

  • It hurts the liver?

No matter, which leads to an increase of the liver, it is in these cases starts strongly enough match. Doctors call this phenomenon hepatitis, regardless of what led to this - inflammation or infection. B of pain in his right side is very typical of this condition.

Most people faced with hepatitis A, which is caused by food or drinking water of poor quality. Much less, but there are also lo cases of hepatitis C - as a rule, most of it occurs in the so-called "risk groups" - drug addicts, homosexuals. Also, sometimes there is a hepatitis C, which is most often infected through contaminated medical instruments and blood, he often provokes pain in his right side.

In addition, damage to the liver can cause the impact of various chemicals, including drugs. However, one of the most dangerous to the liver was and remains the alcohol. He caused the death of a huge number of people who abuse alcohol.

The pain caused by diseases of the liver, as a rule, is a dull aching in nature, and the sick person feels it constantly, rather than cramps. The patient feels the pain deep inside the abdomen, rather than on its surface. As mentioned above, the pain in his right side.

  • It hurts the gallbladder?

Painful episodes associated with gallbladder disease, very peculiar. They usually grow slowly. The first symptoms - the severity of abdominal pain, the appearance of gas - you can experience an hour after eaten anything fried or spicy. But severe pain you may feel in just a few hours.

The intensity of the pain is increasing rapidly, the pain itself is extremely sharp. At its peak, the person performs a cold sweat, nausea, and even that does not reduce vomiting. Body temperature under such attacks usually not increased. Exceptions are cases of inflammation of the gallbladder - in such cases, the body temperature rises to 40 degrees, a person will experience intense chills. Sami pain localized in the right upper abdomen, but in some cases may give under the right scapula.

As a rule, the majority of such cases in the gall bladder during the examination the doctor finds the stone. In that case stones are small, they may slip into the ducts. And the sick person begins intestinal colic. In some cases, these stones pass on their own, and in some cases - the doctors have to resort to surgery.

  • It hurts a pancreas?

In some cases, abdominal pain on the right side may be caused by an attack of acute pancreatitis - inflammation of the pancreas, speaking easier. The pain of such an attack is extremely severe, as in the pathology of the gallbladder and bile ducts. However, it is still different - firstly sends a spine, and secondly - in the supine position, it largely increases. A facilitated condition of the sick person in a sitting position, leaning forward slightly. When walking pain in the right side also have greatly increased.

In addition, during an episode of acute pancreatitis is usually a sick person begins to sweat profusely, it starts to feel sick, there is vomiting, he complains of severe chills, even though the body temperature does not rise. In order to confirm the diagnosis, the doctor is required to appoint certain laboratory tests, the purpose of which is to identify enzymes that are typical for the affected pancreas.

  • Hurt the kidneys?

It is widely believed that the kidney patient man must experience pain in the lumbar region. But in fact this is not true. In some cases, kidney stones may cause pain in the right abdomen. So pain in the right side can be associated with the kidneys.

In the case of abdominal pain caused by kidney stones indeed, they have a very specific character - undulated, reaching its maximum at the peak wavelength. And the pain is rarely limits its localization only the right part of the abdomen - is also possible to back pain and even groin.

  • Pain on the right - is the appendix?

The main rule, which must be very well understood by all people without exception - from child to old man - is that any abdominal pain, and not necessarily right, can be nothing other than acute appendicitis. Even doctors initially almost all cases require that the sick person appendicitis until proven otherwise significantly. The exception, of course, are only those people who have already removed the appendix.

Despite the fact that the pain of appendicitis can be located anywhere, most often it is felt either in the navel or in the lower right abdomen. And, as a rule, appendicitis sick person can accurately show where exactly was wrong with him. Doctors generally prefer not to risk it, and remove the appendix in the case, even if not exactly sure of the diagnosis. This is no accident - in fact trifling operation saves the life to the sick person in every hundred percent. So if you feel pain in his right side under the ribs or in the navel - immediately consult a surgeon.

Of course, the pain in his right side, and can be caused by many other factors, so be sure to seek medical help. Sit at home and wait until everything goes their own - is not only foolish, but dangerous for life.

 The pain in his right side. Causes

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