melt water use


  • To drink or not to drink - that is the question
  • How to prepare melt water
  • How to use the melt water correctly

Scientists have found that a person can not live without liquid for more than ten days at normal temperatures. The hotter it is outside, the less time - it is logical. The daily intake of the water in which we will feel great, is at least one and a half liters. If you start to drink less, the body will occur serious failure: disturbed metabolism, the skin will fade and grow old, there will be kidney stones, etc.

Water - the source of our life. But, unfortunately, that the liquid which flows through our pipes, does not correspond to this statement. The impurities, heavy metals, chlorine, sand - it's just a small list of things that can detect lab. And that's not to mention the bacteria that do manage to reproduce it. Of course, you can boil water, filter, process. But in this case die and useful elements. If we defend it in the banks, as did our mothers and grandmothers in the past, not all hazardous substances evaporate or settle to the bottom.

But there is an interesting method of cleaning - frost. Surprisingly, the melt water has a truly magical properties. Its daily use leads to faster metabolism, rejuvenate and improve overall health. Nutritionists advise for quick weight loss drink melted liquid. By the way, is why many celebrities prefer to cook or buy only such water.

 the use of melt water

To drink or not to drink - that is the question

Why not purchase a drink melted water

  • High probability to buy a fake

Almost all the manufacturers claim that they get the water from the melted snow collected in the mountains. Buying a bottle of refreshing drink, first read the information on the label. There has to be specified how and where their products are made. Can you imagine the harm to health and does not cause unprocessed filtered liquid poured from a water pipe.

  • The lack of useful features

Experts say that the melted snow or ice can be stored for a long time. Think about what is the use of melt water, devoid of useful items? By the way, there are practically no salts and minerals. Therefore, long-term use of the liquid may cause irreparable harm to the body. On some of the producers for some reason forget to report on the label.

Why should I use melted water homemade

Molecules meltwater more uniform. They are smaller in size, therefore, easier to penetrate the cell membrane. The one that flows from the tap does not have such a high rate. In some cases, it does not even sneaks through the membrane. And, then, is not involved in the metabolic processes occurring in the body. As a result - premature aging, various diseases, obesity.

The use of melt water also lies in the fact that it can help to get rid of allergies, to throw off excess weight, reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood. It is recommended to take for ulcers, gastritis and other gastric diseases. However, you must first consult with a specialist.

How to prepare melt water

So, now you know that what is the use of melt water. Do you want to start it treated? Then you need to learn how to cook properly invigorating drink. Of course, you can simply freeze and unfreeze that flows from the tap. However, in this case, chlorine and some impurities still remain in the ice cube. Damage from such a liquid is the same as from the usual.

To start, you should prepare a suitable size containers for freezing and storage of ice melt water. Plastic containers that can withstand constant temperature fluctuations, can be purchased at ordinary supermarkets. Choosing the right amount, expect that one person for two days need six glasses of fluid (ie 1200 mL).

Simple freezing in plastic

You should first filter the water poured from the tap to remove any large impurities. It is unlikely that you will be pleased with these additives in the glass, like rust, stones, sand, etc. To reduce the harm of bleach, put the liquid to stand at least a day in a dark and cool place. During this time the volatile components evaporate.

On the second day, pour clean water in a special dish, place it in the freezer for eight hours. That will not have time to freeze during this time, immediately pour it into the sink. That there were substances and impurities that are harmful to our health.

Place a container for thirty seconds in boiling water. After you pull out the ice, put it in an enamel or porcelain pot. Leave it to melt on the table at room temperature. In no case do not warm on the stove or in the microwave. Heat treatment will cause irreparable harm to the medicinal liquid.

Freeze in a glass container

Some experts say that to store and freeze water in plastic containers - it means to harm their health. When the heating and cooling liquid will absorb the allocated plastic chemicals. Therefore it is better to use a heat-resistant glass.

So, first filter the water. Pour it into the bottle, leaving one-third empty, and put in the freezer. If there are more, it simply burst or bursts in the refrigerator. Defrosting the same way as in the previous case. By the way, the ice maker is better to take the distilled liquid. It takes several purification steps, thus it would contain a minimum amount of harmful impurities and bacteria. And useful, unfortunately, too.

Frozen boiled water

The filtered water should be boiled in an enamel pot. Try off fluid before large bubbles begin to appear on the surface. Then cool it and pour into containers. When defrosting, take care to middle, did not have time to melt.

Please note, prepared in a manner healing liquid should be drunk within the next six hours. After this time, it loses all its useful properties. Of course, the damage from it is smaller than that of ordinary water, which flows out of our taps.

 the benefits and harms of melt water

How to use the melt water correctly

To melt water has benefited, not harm, learn how to eat properly. First, do not overdo it. Do not attempt to use it everywhere (and tea and cooking, and to quench thirst). Daily drink three or four cups of melted liquid. It is recommended to take a kind of water 30-40 minutes for before you sit down at the dinner table.

Second, do not pour into a glass of liquid is completely defrosted. If you do not have time to throw out of the alloy, pour all. You can not even imagine what kind of damage can cause the remaining substances in the water. Try to make the ice again, but do not forget to put a timer. By the way, the first time to prepare the perfect drink only manage units.

To make things easy, you can grind all the icebreaker. Frozen pieces of ice are added to the melt water - it will prolong its shelf life. Be careful! Eat drink small sips, so as not to catch cold and get sick with angina. In the next 20-30 minutes, drink hot tea, coffee, etc. Otherwise, can crack the enamel on the teeth or gums begin to ache.

To reduce the harm of melt water, insert it into your diet gradually. Start with 100 milliliters a day, so the body has had time to get used to the liquid is completely free of impurities, salts, minerals, and supplements. On the basis of lifestyle and body weight, bring the volume up to a daily rate of 700-1200 ml.

Please note this - is not a cure and not a panacea. In no case do not stop treatment doctor appointments! Use the tool only for the prevention of disease, or for cleaning the body. Pre necessarily consult with the doctor from whom you observe.

 Meltwater: use, harmful and cooking

 the principles of proper nutrition


  • Diversify food
  • Do not forget about protein
  • The benefits of fruits and vegetables
  • Harm sweets
  • Drinking regime

Recently, proper nutrition makes people more and more interest. And this, of course, can not but rejoice, because power depends our health. However, unfortunately, more often banal interest is not going. And all because many people believe that good nutrition - a limitation in the amount of food and tasteless food.

However, in reality it is not so! Proper nutrition can and should be tasty! No one calls you have nothing but porridge and raw vegetables - the menu can be very diverse. That's about right, healthy and tasty food, we'll talk today. And we hope that from now on food will bring you not only joy, but also benefit.

Diversify food

Carefully consider their menu at least for the last week. Well, the results are impressive? As practice shows nutritionists, diet modern man is very meager, with its lion's share is made semi-finished products. So foolish to claim that you eat delicious, if three times a week you have the pasta with meatballs, and three - dumplings.

The diet of any person should be dairy products, fruits, vegetables, nuts, meat, poultry and fish. Do not do without complex carbohydrates - grains, legumes: they must be the major share of the total calories per day. But in practice, accounts for the major share of calories of sugar and fat - this is clearly not the best choice.

Do not focus on the same products, albeit useful - for example, do not eat buckwheat seven days a week, there is still wheat and barley, and rice, and corn. Do you like tomatoes? Great, but do not forget that no less than helpful cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant, beans. Do you like salmon? But trout, mackerel, and even no less worthy of your attention!

If your diet is varied, your body will get enough vitamins, micro and macro elements and minerals - very soon you just forget about the need to take multivitamin complexes. In addition, you will have a happy, because the menu is varied. Monotony quickly bored and eating becomes just a mechanical process.

Do not forget about protein

The most common mistake most people - inadequate intake of protein. But the protein the body needs a lot more than fat, a diet with which the average person simply abounds. Protein is the main building material for the body - almost none of the exchange process does not take place without his participation. In addition, protein is the basis of muscle tissue - it is necessary to remember those people who want to lose weight.

Simple starvation leads to the fact that a muscle atrophy, the first. And if you eat protein, it does not - at first will disappear adipose tissue, which, strictly speaking, is your main goal, is not it? Therefore, for people losing weight protein is necessary as air.

And the menu should include both plant and animal protein - in roughly equal proportions. A large amount of protein contained in the following products:

  • Peas, both fresh and dried. But they should not be abused - for an adult is acceptable to eat a maximum of 100 grams per day
  • All kinds of beans, especially beans. Fresh beans can be eaten in unlimited quantities, but must also be dried by the same limit of 100 grams
  • Lentils. Lentils general storehouse of nutrients, including protein. But all too often it has not - a maximum of two times per week

Animal protein is in any meat, but not any meat can be attributed to a healthy diet. If you want to eat properly, pay attention to:

  • Low-fat varieties of birds. Moreover, it is best to eat the breast, but from the legs it makes sense to give up - there are too many unwanted cholesterol
  • Low-fat varieties of fish. The fish contains not only protein, but also phosphorus, which is essential for normal brain function. This is very important, given that a huge number of people engaged in mental activity is
  • Low-fat meats. Of course, it can do without meat, not all people. But a piece of lean beef is much healthier than fried pork chop, believe me

One can not ignore, and dairy products. Ever wanted to make a reservation - whole milk can absorb not every adult humans. But dairy products are doubly useful - this protein and calcium. Yes, and bowel problems in people who regularly consume dairy products, is not seen. Therefore, be sure to include in your diet the following products:

  • Cottage cheese, preferably homemade. If you follow the figure, it is possible to give preference to low-fat varieties
  • Kefir and yogurt. They are a source of protein, calcium and bifidobacteria, and normalize the digestive process
  • Yogurt. Yoghurt - The product is very useful, but only if it is a natural, no artificial preservatives, flavorings and colorings

If dairy products for you yet still a novelty, enter them into your diet gradually, otherwise the intestine disorder may respond. And then do not get involved too much - in the diet of an adult should not be greater than 0, 5 liters of dairy products per day.

 sound principles of good nutrition

The benefits of fruits and vegetables

Vegetables and fruits - is something without which an adult do not succeed. If they are in the diet is too low to begin health problems - constipation, goiter, beriberi. Vegetables and fruits contain a lot of substances, without which health begins to deteriorate.

Cellulose necessary for normal digestion. And without the normal digestive health in general under the greatest threat. An adult should eat at least three raw vegetables or fruit per day. Of course, the heat-treated fruits are also helpful, but there is also a raw mandatory. And wise to give preference to those vegetables and fruits that are grown in the region you live. Let our apples are not as interesting, such as Polish, but the health benefits are definitely much more.

Exception - the winter season when no other vegetables and fruit, except for the import, no. There is no getting around it - it's better something than nothing. But in the summer, support domestic producers. All the more so are our fruits and vegetables at times less. As they say, a trifle - but nice.

Especially useful for vegetables and fruits of white, yellow and orange - such as carrots, broccoli, cabbage. They contain huge amounts of vitamin C and E and carotene and antioxidants. The latter, by the way, modern man necessary as air, as they are perfectly withdrawn free radicals.

A free radicals are known to have a tendency to accumulate and eventually trigger the development of cancer. Antioxidants, if they enter the body in a sufficient amount, the negative effect is neutralized radicals before they have time to do much harm as the body. In addition, scientists have found that antioxidants are largely slow down the aging process, which can not but be interested in the fair sex.

Vitamin E, in turn, enhances the effect of antioxidants at times. In addition, the constant use of a sufficient amount of vitamin E is the most positive effect on the cardiovascular system, improve vision, reduce the risk of developing cataracts. Yes, and beautiful skin can not be achieved by any tricks, if vitamin C is not ingested in sufficient quantities.

Harm sweets

There can be no question about proper nutrition and if your diet is replete with sweets. Of course, many of the fair sex is very difficult to give up his usual morning muffin or chocolate-deserved after a hard day's work. But if you care about your figure, health and think about nutrition, make it still have.

First and foremost, you need to give up baking, especially RICH - buns, muffins, cakes should no longer be welcome in your home! Firstly, no one needs sugar. And secondly, the only thing that can be left - and then in a small amount - it bran breads: several pieces for breakfast, not more.

Candy, ice cream, milk chocolate - all of this is extremely undesirable goodies in which there is nothing but simple carbohydrates that the body is nothing but calories do not give. But do not think that from now on you are deprived of the sweet - something you still can not afford, even if the proper diet for you is a way to lose weight:

  • Absolutely any dried fruit
  • Sweet Fresh Fruit
  • Marshmallow and pasta
  • bitter chocolate

Although, of course, in this case, remember moderation - one piece of marshmallow will not bring any harm, but a kilo - this is an obvious surplus, which is not the best way affect both the amount of your charming priests, and the condition of the digestive system. Yes, and your pancreas does such a load to anything.

 good principles of proper nutrition

Drinking regime

It is very important to pay attention to not only what you eat, but what you drink. Drinking regime is extremely important and there are a few rules that you must remember. And not just to remember, and to abide scrupulously. If you're not going to do that all the principles of proper nutrition will not bring any good. So:

  • The volume of fluid intake

An adult weighing about 60 kg, should drink about 2 liters of liquid. Moreover, it is meant potable water, not teas and soups. However, there is a very important caveat - that if you suffer from high blood pressure or any kidney disease and bladder, be sure to talk with your doctor. It is possible you will be recommended a volume of water.

  • What to drink

Packaged juices, carbonated sugar water, coffee - all these drinks should be completely ruled out as nothing but harm they bring. Excellent and with health quenches thirst for simple drinking water, unsweetened fruit drinks and fruit drinks homemade juices. However, with natural juices, too, it is not necessary to go to far - they often contain a lot of sugar.

  • Remember calorie

If you have made proper nutrition alternative diet for weight loss, remember - all that is not water - it is the food. And in a glass compote and especially natural juice contains quite a considerable amount of calories. If you comply with these fairly simple rules, your body will thank you - disappear many health problems, is the perfect complexion, and change with the figure will pleasantly surprise you. Of course, the first time you will be very difficult.

Rather, in a "perfect" day you decide to leave the whole idea with proper nutrition. But gather in a fist all his will - very soon this food becomes your way of life and will bring only pleasure.

 The principles of good nutrition. Needless to observe them?