Beautiful collected hairstyles for medium hair


  • 10 the easiest hairstyles for medium length hair
  • Advantages of medium length hair
  • Selection stacking depending on the type of face

One of the most luxurious and romantic options for women pilings are collected hair. Whether it be a ponytail or bun, collected hair are a special glamor and glitter. Many women believe that the majority packings are designed for long hair. But in reality, there are many options for women's hairstyles for medium length. The average length of the most optimal and easy to create great as the evening and daytime pilings.

Hairstyles on every woman can look differently. Moreover, they can be tailored to the addition. It collected hairstyles can serve as an excellent complement all kinds of pins and studs.

Evening options to collect hair, usually performed by professionals in hairdressing, while the day laying any woman can do on their own. You just need to have patience and a great desire. Immediately, of course, it may turn out not as good as we would like, but each time will only get better. The main secret of the ability to do packing as night and day, easy. It is necessary to "fill the hand".

At this time, the average length of all kinds have become very relevant pigtails. Hair braids obtained from particularly chic and elegant. Pigtails - element of childhood that every woman adds naivety and playfulness.

Very often in life situations where you need to collect the hair styling very quickly. It is for these occasions is essential to keep in mind a couple of easy ways. For such cases, are ideal options such as a beam, shell, inside the tail and a pine cone (the same beam, only the basis of a spike or a lock), ribbon, bulk bun on top. You can think of a lot of variations on this hairstyle, just decorating their accessories and using their imagination. Beautiful hair can be done with rubber bands and studs. The establishment of such packings must take into account the fact that the hair was not only beautiful, but also stylish.

 tufts of hair on the middle
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10 the easiest hairstyles for medium length hair

These hairstyles are ideal for your morning routine, when a woman is usually not enough time.

  1. We need a nice ring, invisible or barely visible gum and stud. We put on the rim so that the fringe left uncollected. After the rim dressed collect a bun on top and fasten it invisible rubber band. For greater certainty, that the beam will stay, anchoring his beautiful pin. This hairstyle is perfect for everyday life. It looks very simple and at the same time feminine.
  2. Gather hair into one, preferably a tight braid. Next, it is necessary to assemble the braid into a bun at the back so as to produce a kind of "spiral" of braids. This beam anchoring pins on different sides. A suitable option for serious women.
  3. Bang tease and collect invisible so that she was the volume. In order to not lose the amount of bang for the whole day, squirting a small amount of polish. The remaining hair into a tight collect "horse" tail. This installation is suitable for women who prefer to wear classic suits.
  4. On each side take on one of the strands of the middle ear, and fasten them to the back of the head a small rubber band. The hair does not fall on your face and do not interfere in the course of the day.
  5. We put on the rim, and then divide all the hair into 2 parts. Each part is wrapped in a flagellum and are consolidating just below the back of the head pin. The peculiar "bagels" on the head look very cute.
  6. Bangs combed upward, giving it volume. The upper part of the hair is collected in a little bundle on his head and fasten his little band. The remaining strands comb, giving them a little volume.
  7. From the middle of the forehead begin to braid pigtail in the form of spikelets. We would like our pigtail to the middle of the head and stabbed invisible. Braid gives the installation a special glamor.
  8. Gather hair into a shell on his head, hiding her tail into it. Shell should get tight, so as not blossomed on the day. Anchoring it pins along the entire length. Very simple and beautiful styling for medium length.
  9. We begin to weave braid from the middle of the forehead. Collect the remaining hair in a ponytail, which is fixed band. Skip the pigtail through the base of the tail. No one will guess how to collect your tail.
  10. We begin to collect hair from the ends at the back invisible, so that they have become half as long.

 Simple hairstyles for medium hair

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Advantages of medium length hair

The average length of the universal. For such a long easy to maintain, and most importantly, easy to make a great hairstyle. Collected in hair styling are good that open face. Even from the beam using your imagination can come up with a host of other, no less beautiful hairstyles. Haired girl - wealth. Remember the Russian folk tales: there was no beauty that would not have had perfect hair, stunning all around. For women, hair is very important. Save this nature wealth and improve it is possible by means of masks, balms and conditioners.
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Selection stacking depending on the type of face

Hair slightly above or slightly below the shoulders - a universal length of which is preferred by most of the fair sex. You can verify this by looking at the photos of Hollywood stars, co-workers or friends. Properly chosen ideal hairstyle can emphasize the advantages of your face and neck at the same time to adjust all the flaws so that they are less visible. One of the main features of the properly chosen hairstyle - to emphasize your outfit and give it a certain "flavor" and charm.

Selection of hairstyles depends on the shape of your face.   If you are the owner of an oval face contour and the center lines of your clearly defined, you just need to experiment. In your case, any styling will look beautiful, playful, and most importantly, harmoniously. If you have a rectangular face, you will certainly fit hairstyle with graduation length and not very thick bangs. Doing hair or styling, try not combed her hair back, and give them a certain amount of the front. This will help to make less emphasis on the disadvantages of your face. But the girls with a triangular face shape may be advisable to leave the locks on the sides, which, in turn, will pass on the cheek.

This type of hairstyle will accentuate your correct form. Chubby girls better to abandon the parting and make oblique.

Be beautiful and raduyte its beauty around you! Beauty, as we know, save the world.

 Medium hair: Hair

 Beautiful collected hairstyles for long hair


  • Wicker Spit Spit volume of the four strands
  • Original Spit - contrary spike
  • Usual French braid
  • Cascade Xhosa - French Falls
  • Tails on long hair
  • Sheaves on long hair

The most feminine and romantic views of women's hair styling long hair are collected by a variety of hairstyles. Currently, these hairstyles are incredibly popular. They are classic, rigorous, free, with a variety of decorative ornaments. They can look stylish, elegant, romantic and glamorous. They are made every day and the celebrations, with their help you can easily create a unique and memorable way.

Evening hairstyle of long hair gathered is usually done by professional hairdressers in beauty salons, and everyday can make yourself any woman who has a desire to look great at all times.
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Wicker Spit Spit volume of the four strands

Gathered in a braid long hair always attract the views of others. Today, these hairstyles again extremely popular and can be done on all occasions.

There are a variety of weaving braids. Casual options you can do at home with their own hands, they are very different - it all depends on the imagination of girls.

Kos four strands looks very stylish, if braid on one side, but can be done straight braid. To do this, collect the hair comb and divide them on the same thickness 4 strands. 2 Hold the left strand left hand and 2 right - right. The rightmost strand throw on top of the second and passed under the third, fourth strand wraps. Then again taken the rightmost strand, and it does all the same way as the first. At the end of a beautiful braid braiding secure clasp.

At first glance, it seems that to make such a hairstyle is very difficult, but if you just potreniruetes be obtained quickly and accurately, even without a mirror. Such thick braid turns and looks at the volume even thin and weak hair.

 tufts of long hair
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Original Spit - contrary spike

It looks very unusual and original, although quite simple in technique.

Suitable for any occasion - for office visits, meetings with friends. For business meetings, you can braid tight braid or bulk, and for friendly meetings can be easy to admit negligence in her hair. It differs from conventional spikelets that drags inwards, not outwards.

The collected hair in a ponytail, divide into two equal parts. The tail can be attached to an elastic band at any height or simply be divided into two strands and begin to spin in the neck. Pull a strand from the left half and attach it to the right side. The separated strand should be laid on top of the bundle of hair, from whom she was separated. Such actions do the same with the right side, then back to the left, and so on until the end. Spit fix a clip or rubber band.

Often such a hairstyle is still called a "fish tail", as she braided tail. Very unusual and fashionable looks made on both sides "fishtail".
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Usual French braid

This hairstyle has different variants of weaving. You can make one or two braids, along the middle of the face or head.

Please separate on top of a small strand of hair and divide it into 3 equal parts. On the right side of the remaining hair, take a small strand and at the right side of the spit, place on top of the central part. Then take a strand from the left side and at the left side of perekin'te through the central strand. Continue further weave strands moving alternately to the left and right side, while adding every time the small bundles of loose hair.

When you receive a 3 equal parts, of which weave a normal braid and secure with a rubber band.

 Easy to assemble hairstyles for long hair
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Cascade Xhosa - French Falls

Zapletal based spikelets or French braids. But first, you must give your hair extra volume and a special structure, causing them special mousse. Then comb your hair, and you can proceed to weaving. Start at the middle of the head.

Separate from the temple a small lock of hair and divide it into 3 parts. Do a few tangles. Then attach the upper beam of a small strand and the lower part of the leave. Instead, separate strand of loose hair, located behind the lower beam of the scapegoat. Then braid braid in the same way until the second temple, adding to the upper half of the strand braids and replacing the lower beam of the loose hair. Thus the upper part of the medium passes first, then under the bottom beams and released.

The base of the spit can be fixed, and the remaining hair will fall down on his shoulders, or make them into a normal braid.

Cascading spit like everyone who loves elaborate hairstyles with long flowing hair.

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Tails on long hair

Tidied up the tail of long hair is one of the most popular hairstyles. Hair can be assembled straight, curly, fine braids or individual curls. Depending on the location and height of the tail hair can look in different ways: tied back ponytail reflect strong character and will give its owner the business image, but shifted to the side is perfect for entertainment.

Romantic tail can be done in 5 minutes on their own. To do this, first collect hair with a thin rubber bands and divide them before the rubber band in 2 parts. Then push the hair should be formed in space and pull the gum to the root of the tail, hiding her hair. The result is a bundle of hair is gently subside. You can give your hairstyle big curls using forceps to pull a few strands of the person and cheat them. It turns out very tender romantic hairstyle that is perfect for a date.

The elegant ponytail suitable for everybody - and business women and girls and even girls. Using a styling gel, hair well-combed smooth gather at the back and fasten a rubber band. Taking a small strand from the edge of the tail, tie her gum that it could not be seen. Then fasten the lock of a pin or invisible.

It looks nice tail, collected from the curly hair. The individual strands kill the beautiful pins and locks a person leave as is. This hairstyle looks solemn and suitable for social events and for a romantic date.

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Sheaves on long hair

One of the most simple and elegant hairstyles for long hair is a beam. Its creation requires no special skills, and it can be done in any circumstances, even on the road. The beam goes well with any style of clothing, so it can be used as an everyday hairstyle, and on special occasions. The main thing - the right to choose your perfect beam.

The beam is always in fashion, and thanks to the variety of species allows its owner to always be different and unique. The beam can be tight, loose, slightly careless, high or low.

In order to make a bundle, gather the hair at the back or top of the head, twist into a bundle and secure the pins to form a knot. To give the hair volume, you can use the foam roller or a chignon. Neutral beam can be decorated with long beautiful hair clips or various decorative ornaments.

Today there is a huge amount collected hairstyles, with which you can create a certain style for every day and always be different.   You only need the desire to be beautiful and to learn how to do everyday hairstyle hands. All of the above hairstyle, you can do it yourself without much effort, but you can come up with something of their own, to experiment. And, of course, do not forget about hair care, as collected hairstyles always look better on a well-groomed and healthy hair.

 Modern everyday hairstyles for long hair