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Owners problem, combination and oily skin know firsthand how hard it is to rid the skin of excess sebum and give a person a matte finish, removing shine. The real salvation for women today is the matting cream. On the market there are a great wealth of a matte effect, which are designed for different skin types. Let's try to understand what they represent a cream.

Normal skin has no distinct problems, so this means to create the effect of velvety skin and tenderness in the face, leaving no greasy. Cream for daily care are the main purpose of moisturizing and nourishing nutrients. At the same time on the surface of the face is not oily or greasy film shine. Between the means for normal skin and for oily and combination skin, there are many differences, and the most important difference is that the second row means matting function is paramount, and all other tasks go by the wayside.

As a rule, matting topical cream for young skin. Physiology is that in the age of 20-25 years, the skin produces a large amount of fat, with which women struggle in many ways. Often shines on the face of the so-called T-zone (forehead, nose, chin), which are the largest pores which tend to clog and form dark spots, redness and inflammation. Matting cream for oily skin contains special additives that are struggling with a complete list of troubles that have plagued the combination and oily skin.

Matting cream can be used as a prophylactic for the prevention of the appearance of greasy film when the skin has no distinct problems. Among the most powerful properties of matting face cream is worth noting the following: normalization of the sebaceous glands, narrowing the pores, smoothing of skin relief, anti-bacterial effect, eliminating redness.

Matting cream all day lying on the skin as a film, which does not allow to stand sebum. Simultaneously, the tool penetrates deeply into the epidermis and adjusts the correct operation of the sebaceous glands. When choosing a matting agent is not worth saving because cheaper brands do not work effectively, can dry up your skin, rather than restore the lipid balance.

Some women matting associated with the word drying, but this association is not entirely justified, since hydration is essential for skin and give it impossible. Modern high-quality matting cream for oily skin, as a rule, do not contain oil, but be sure to incorporate moisturizing ingredients, otherwise the skin will dry up and be disturbed metabolic processes within cells. In this case, no question of health and beauty in general can not be.

Matting agent is applied to the skin of the face in the morning after waking up and in the evening before going to sleep (would be even better if used separately special day and night cream). The cream is applied to cleansed skin. Day cream should combine the functions of a foundation. Matting agents perfectly serve as a base, as smooths the skin, tightens pores and eliminates redness. Foundation can be applied to just a couple of minutes after the cream matting.

Matting cream often contain a powdery substance - carbomer, which reacts with the fatty particles and forms an emulsion. Thickened fat emulsion does not reach the surface of the skin.

After applying the cream matting should have no sense of oppression and tightness of the skin. If you experience discomfort on the skin, then most likely, the cream does not suit you. In this case, try to select the cream of another brand or to give a complete skin hydration.
We'll tell you about the most popular brands and proven to help you choose the best cream matting.

 matting face cream

Matting cream Clean Line

Clean Line Cream matting has a dual action. On the one hand it helps to eliminate shine. Part of the funds calendula helps to normalize the sebaceous glands, tightens pores, prevents the emergence of a greasy and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.

On the other hand regenerates the epidermal cells. The succession in net line matting cream soothes and restores. It is promoted and vitamins A, C and E. The cream perfectly mattes the skin without slipping and does not clog pores. able for several hours to eliminate shine. Matting cream Clean Line has a light texture and a pleasant smell unobtrusive.

Matting cream Eksfoliak

Matting cream Eksfoliak intensely moisturizes the skin, restores the balance of skin prone to acne, dehydrated and weakened after the aggressive medication or the environment (cold, wind, etc.). The cream not only moisturizes, but also soothes the skin, reduces redness and soothes irritation.

The composition comprises a matting cream Eksfoliak surfactants and wetting agents, which reduce the hydrolipid film and enhance skin barrier function. Among these components the most pronounced effect is: Zinc gluconate, alpha bisabolol, mineral pigments, esters of AHA, vitamin E acetate, vitamin A palmitate

Moisturizing Cream Eksfoliak matting has a pH = 6, has a non-greasy texture, quickly absorbed and gives a feeling of comfort. It means specially indicated for any type of youthful problem skin and for oily and problematic skin in adults.

Matting cream from Nivea

Matting cream gel from Nivea Control Shine contains special pigments, matting, by which means successfully fights with fat shine. Nivea cream matting actively moisturizes the skin all day long.

Nivea cream matting has positive reviews - women say that even in the evening do not notice the oily sheen on your face. Nivea day matting cream contains ingredients that instantly make the skin matte and sea minerals moisturize your skin all day long.

Nivea cream matting gel should be applied in a circular motion after cleansing and toning the face. In addition to the matt effect in matting cream gel Control Shine has another advantage - a reliable protection of the skin from the negative effects of sunlight through special solar filter. Matting gel Nivea cream leaves the skin fresh and healthy.

Matting cream from Vichy

Scientists lab Vichy able to prove that the cause of manifestation of brilliance on the face lies not in the hormonal changes within the body. Women of all ages, young and old, suffer from such troubles. The main reason for greasy - it's ultraviolet radiation, which we are daily exposed. Negative solar energy penetrates the pores and activates the display of sebum. This discovery allowed scientists to develop innovative matting agent - moisturizer Normaderm Pro Mat.

The unique formula contains Vichy cream matting matting components, as well as a powerful filter system UVB & UVA. Unique components take effect immediately after applying the cream. Spherical mikrochastichki instantly absorb sebum in contact with skin. Vitami C composition means penetrates deep into the pores, regulate sebum production and fighting the cause of oily sheen. The filter system UVB and UVA protection factor SPF provides 15, which are an excellent barrier against UV rays.

Vichy matting cream gives lasting results. Regular use of tools allows you to make skin less oily and significantly improve its appearance.

Matting cream Bioderma

Wonderful company Bioderma, loved the quality of its products to many Russian women, has launched Sebium cream matting. This tool is designed for combination and oily skin. It has excellent antibacterial effect.

The cream provides a stable matting effect for 7 hours. During this time, normalizes cell renewal, and reduced thickness of the stratum corneum.

The ability of the cream to absorb excess sebum pleases many users, so the cream matting Sebium reviews is inspirational. Women celebrate its pleasant light texture. The cream is easy to apply and instantly absorbed, being a good base for make-up.

Contained in the cream diffusing components enhance leveling greasy. The product contains a unique set of seboreguliruyuschy Flyuidoaktiv®. Moisturizing ingredients Sebium cream matting help to normalize the process of cell renewal. Sebium - this is a great prophylactic against the appearance of inflammatory cells and comedones.

Matting cream from Garnier

The French company is the market Garnier matting Cream Skin Naturals (Clean skin). The cream gives the skin intense hydration and deep cleansing. Non-greasy texture means ensures easy application and rapid absorption.

Garnier matting cream combines the long-lasting hydration and effective elimination of irritation and skin defects. As a result, the skin receives sufficient moisture, and all deficiencies are minimized irregularities are smoothed and the pores close.

The structure Garnier matting cream contains two useful components - the mineral zinc and salicylic acid. The tool is applied to the thoroughly cleansed face using light circular movements the massage lines - thus, the blood begins to circulate more intensely and helps active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin. Particular attention should be paid to the T-zone.

Matting cream bark

Matting cream bark is a homeopathic preparation, which includes a unique Tambukansky mud, saxifrage, sulfokontsentrol, celandine, plantain, chamomile and essential oil of bergamot. Due to the active action of these components oily skin is significantly improved.

Since the problem skin with acne requires intensive care, cream bark included homeopathic preparation that actively combats excessive sebum. Cream matting bark yields positive reviews - women say that hood medical sulfide silt mud has unparalleled medicinal properties. Action is enhanced by drawing autolysate of brewer's yeast, which is rich in amino acids, B vitamins, and unsaturated fatty acids. On top of that it can adjust the acidity of the skin and sebum under the influence of essential oil of bergamot and complex herbal extracts. The cream improves the local microcirculation.

Matting cream Diademine

Balancing Day Cream matting Diademine Mat-Effect is a non-greasy cream with a light texture that is designed specifically for the care of normal and mixed skin. Diademin matting cream contains a complex asset-balance, giving the skin active moisturizing and matte effect. The skin in the T-zone instantly matting, wherein the means moisturizes dry skin during the day and regulates the activity of sebaceous glands. The cream protects against the negative environmental impact.

A method of using Diademin matting cream is quite simple. Every morning, massaging cream is applied to cleansed face and neck. Cream Diademine Mat-Effect is instantly absorbed into the skin and is an excellent base for make-up.

Matting cream "code purity" by Oriflame

Moisturizing cream matting code clean from Oriflame instantly removes shine, struggling with the appearance of enlarged pores and pimples. The tool is quickly absorbed and moisturizes problematic skin, permanently eliminating shine.

Cream Oriflame is designed for daily skin care. It is applied immediately after cleansing and toning the skin. Experts recommend that for maximum effect use matting cream Purity Code coupled with means for washing and toning the same series.

Matting cream Payot

Payot matting cream helps the skin to eliminate toxins, purifies it and neutralizes free radicals. The tool provides the cells protection against free radicals, preventing their destruction, stimulates cell renewal, tightens pores, hydrates, smoothes the surface and restores the barrier function of the skin and prevents moisture loss.

Fat-free cream matting Payot texture contributes to the effective regulation of the sebaceous glands and restore the lipid barrier. Among the active ingredients of the drug is worth special mention vitamin E, sodium hyaluronate, Lubrajel, Cytobiol iris, ceramides and an extract of green coffee. The tool is applied in a conventional manner in the evening to cleansed face.

We hope we have helped you to understand, which requires matting cream, and what is the principle of their effect on the skin. You can choose for yourself whichever matting face cream - reviews of different equipment are stated in our article, as well as various women's forums. Keep your health and let your skin's natural beauty shines!

 Matting cream

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