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The biggest flight of fancy in terms of organization gives wedding celebrations. Today, there are a lot of different scenarios and options for any part of this significant event in the life of every girl event. But somehow, many people forget about the courtship of the bride, which is an important step in the wedding ceremony. But if you want to arrange a triumph by all the canons and traditions, this part can not get round.

At its core, the suit - is to get an agreement to marry the bride's parents, after which it was possible to declare all that soon will be the main part of the ceremony. Today, such a procedure is more formal: the groom usually comes to the bride's house for dinner with gifts and the entire family celebrates together the upcoming celebration. But if you feel the creativity, even this part of the wedding ceremony, you can arrange interesting and original that will not only get positive emotions, but also to raise the profile of the groom in front of the bride's parents.

The rite of courtship

Matchmaking bride Russian people for a long time began with humorous echoes groom with their parents, often in verse. As a rule, groom went to the house of his beloved is not alone, and in the company of a godfather, elder brother or uncle. This was due to the fact that the unexpected guest in the old days in such cases is not always a warm welcome, especially if the parents had other plans for his daughter.

Today, cases where the bride's parents do not know about plans for the future newlyweds, are extremely rare, but if your intention is to arrange the present suit, invite as possible all of the above relatives of the groom and his parents. If in the old days, the presence of the latter was not only necessary, but not even desirable, but today their absence will be ironed at least impolite.

Almost all of the traditional matchmaking scenario begins with a conversation the father and the groom, who was allegedly accidentally walked past the house of his beloved and decided to look at the light. Speaking of his father and the groom is usually filled with allusions to each of the parties, of course, well aware of (eg, "your tovarets we find overseas merchants. On the product nelezhaly merchant unmarried"). After the conversation pleases the Father of the groom were allowed into the house and were treated to freshly baked pastries, most cake. Objectionable as receiving a gift pumpkin and, in turn, could send the girl a curse on unmarried life.

If earlier the girl right to the turn of the twenty years, could give the first declared Swat today's parents, of course, know who will come to woo him. This ceremony usually turns more into a family feast. However, it can vary, for example, adding a playful competitions for the bride and groom or their parents.

To the holiday was a success and was more cheerful and bright, except for relatives you can invite close friends.

After the father of the bride welcomes the groom's house, the entire company came for the hand of the bride, happily and noisily enters the house, playing with the song or playing on any instruments (all depends on what the actual talent is available near the groom) .

According to the old custom of the groom give the bride to be a loaf. Today, many are trying to stick to this tradition, although except loaf groom must prepare flowers for the bride and small gifts for her parents. Today, the suit is not always carried out at home, so if you decide to go to a restaurant, likeness loaf cake or just a holiday can be enjoyed there as well.

It groom asking for the marriage of the bride, to be fiery and sincere. But if you do not like solemnity and pomp, you can with your future husband think of it, that would reflect his personality, he was the best of fun and figuratively.

After the end of the ceremony the parents bless the children on a long and happy marriage, and the bride wears the ring after an accomplished engagement.

By tradition, the groom visit the bride's parents should be short enough: once after a speech he usually went home. After this, the bride had to pay a return visit. Today, however, etiquette does not establish clear requirements about how much should last dinner during courtship.

 Bride at Russian matchmaking

Signs and customs

In ancient times, a number of traditions and beliefs determined when, where and how will be the matchmaking of the bride: customs, for example, dictated the impossibility of carrying out this rite on Friday or Wednesday, the 13th day of each month. But the numbers 7 and 9 is considered the best time for matchmaking. This ritual was to take place after sundown, so that evil people could not jinx the bride and groom. And after the departure of the guests in the house connects all sharp objects, mostly tongs and poker, to luck is not left home. This custom can upgrade you, for example, tied to all the cutlery for dinner after a courtship beautiful and original bows.

The bride usually silent during the entire ceremony and several times during the night to change clothes dresses. Of course, you will observe silence does not necessarily, but the change of outfits you can make.

During courtship customs of the bride also demanded a sort of review of its talents. She had to show off their embroidery and related products, etc. Groom and his mother had to ask whether agile future bride, in response to which she picked up a broom and pretended to sweeping the floor. If you decide to arrange matchmaking, this practice can also fit into his script. Show off all their talents, whether playing on glasses filled with water or cross stitching.

After the "talent review" the parents of the bride and groom came out on the porch and talked bride, even if the groom knew her very well and was familiar with her parents. If the bride to the groom came to the liking he had to drink a glass of honey, presented to the mother of the bride. You can substitute any other honey drink.

Contests for the gala dinner

There are plenty of competitions that will help you diversify a festive lunch or dinner during courtship. Here are some of them.

  1. Zagotovte small pieces of paper with the comic answers the question of what you'll do after marriage. This may be a "waste of money", "wash the floors," "go to the solarium," etc. In addition, the pieces of paper can be written humorous advice about your future family life. Guests take turns to get these little notes from a special box and all together to discuss a reply. Typically, this competition is the sea of ​​laughter and smiles.
  2. Each participant in the evening must remember as many wedding songs. If possible, all guests must fulfill at least a small fragment of each song. Anyone who remembers the most songs wins respectively. You can even prepare in advance some small gifts for the winners.
  3. To lighten the mood, not only the young visitors, but also the parents, you can arrange a competition for them. Suppose, for example, your dad and father of the groom briefly leave the room where the dinner is held. Then you need to ask your questions to mums who have dealt with their love story. For example, you might ask, where and when they met, what day of the week my father made an offer to the mother what her favorite movie, how many guests were at their wedding, etc. Then the pope returned and answer the same questions. The winner is the pair of parents, respectively, which will be more matches in the responses.
  4. For the next competition you need two pairs of gloves and two shirts with lots of buttons. Select from among the guests of two girls and two young men and divide them into pairs, each of which one of the participants wear a shirt without buttoning it, and the second - mittens. The essence of the contest is simple: win that pair, in which the participant in mittens faster zastegnet all the buttons on the shirt of the second participant.

After the accomplishment of courtship begins one of the most important and exciting stages in the life of the future newlyweds - preparing for the wedding. This period is usually filled with many worries and troubles associated with the organization of the celebration. It was after the matchmaking young more closely to know each other, get acquainted with numerous relatives with whom they will have in the future a lot of talk. It is in this period, you can check the seriousness of the intentions of each other on the future life together. Do not be afraid of it, because if all goes well, for many years you will remember about the preparation for the wedding and about herself as the best period in your life.

 Matchmaking bride: Modern traditions and customs

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 how to spend the birthday child at home

Birthday child - this is probably one of the bright, cheerful and sometimes exhausting for parents holidays. A bunch of kids, noise, laughter, running, you have already submitted this atmosphere? On the one hand, it sounds tempting, the other should be well planned and consider a holiday to kids not staged apocalypse in your home, and have been busy, interested and satisfied. And remember, every adult in the soul of a big baby, so do not worry much, and enjoy and enjoy the holiday with your baby.

Since the birth of the child to spend the day at home? Entertainment can be very different. And they depend on the age of your child and on his hobbies. Well, what can arrange a holiday home is not worse than in the cafe or the entertainment center should not cause you doubt. The main thing here - it's a fantasy, well thought-out measures, a good script, suitable decorations, mood, and tasty food.

Began to organize

The first thing to do is figure out how many visitors are expected on the day of birth, and think about the best reconstruction of your home. To the children feel comfortable, providing them with the biggest room and try to maximize its release, let the table at which sit the children, will be small, something like a buffet, but the space for the Games will be enough. Children are very mobile and because they are likely to get bored within an hour after a sit down at the table. So you have to be ready for this moment, to prevent disorder in their slender ranks. About treats for the kids, we'll talk later with them, by the way, can also be linked to various competitions and games, but this is the end.

We make an apartment

Once you understand who will be the main characters of the festival, you need to determine the style and design of the apartment. With regard to design, jewelry do not need to save. After all, appropriate style and color create a unique atmosphere of fun and joy is already at the entrance. And that was not trite boring only with balloons and posters "Happy Birthday", consider the following options.

Firstly, you can decorate your house in any particular style and even arrange a costume party. Think or ask your child's favorite cartoons, movies heroes. If this is the pirates, you can print or draw by invitation with a pirate flag that distribute child at school or kindergarten. Buy black scarves and to tie them to a pirate style to all who came to boys, have a toy fencing.

And if he is a fan of Shrek, then add all the green, stick around frogs come up with contests on knowledge of the cartoon. And giving prizes (for winning the competition) with the main characters, Donkey from Shrek benefit can be found in any toy store. If your kiddies already 7-8 years, you can experiment a little by buying a can of green paint for the hair. Washed off at once, and it was invented especially for such occasions. Then birthday will become more like a cartoon. By creating the scenery, do not be afraid to include fantasy at full capacity. You can advance to write characters on pieces of paper (Donkey, Fiona or Puss) and when children will pull your character, give them appropriate clothing.

If you throw a birthday party for girls, and it is very well, loves Ariel, decorate the room with toy fish, add the orange and red, girls can advance to buy or make toy beads made of shells or underwater pearls, daughter to buy an orange wig and bright shiny blue-green jersey .

Near the entrance to the apartment can be attached drawing paper and crayons to hang to all the visitors could draw or write a wish happy birthday to remember your child. And finally, do not forget about the music in the background, focusing on the tastes of children. Do not be afraid, try and create. In your beautiful castle or pirate lair of the children will be very comfortable and interesting pictures will turn out bright, and all children will long remember this birthday.

Ponders program

Go directly to the holiday program. Here you can unleash the imagination or remember from your childhood competitions. Surely in memory emerge some interesting points: contests, games, competitions, riddles. You can consult and birthday boy himself, perhaps he (or she) is also just settle you a couple of ideas.

Let's look at a few options:

  • Bear in banks - should be given a certain number of guests cubs jelly and let them throw them a special bank, wins the one who will have more hits.
  • If your child is a fan of Harry Potter, you can make a kind of game of Quidditch. To do this, buy two packets of soap bubbles, one normal, the other with a secret - do not burst bubbles. To be able to catch the bubbles are no longer bursting-snitch is the winner. Each winner relies prize.
  • And the third option called "Researcher": inflate balloons, give their children and note the time. Let them draw the music on the ball of the animals who populated the ball over to your animals, the winner.

 how to conduct a three-year birthday of the baby at home

Holiday dinner

As for the festive dinner, you can not worry much. Rather, all the guests at your holiday terrible sweet tooth, so that for them the main thing that was on the table more candy, cakes, chocolate and cakes. Well, this sweet dilute the kingdom can of fruit salad and milkshake. A pair of fish or chicken salads and hot with a piece of meat will give strength to the games little minx.

And finally, do not forget about dinner a classic Happy Birthday with festive candles on the cake. In the process of the destruction of your culinary delights pay special attention to the birthday, toasts, poems, congratulations gifts will please him and cheer up the whole day.

If the child is very small ...

Of course, with the children a lot easier to come up with the older and fun and prizes, and holiday dishes. Here's how to spend a birthday three year old child at home, and it does not give the guests get bored? Or vice versa does not allow apartment turned into chaos? Indeed, in this age, children are very mobile, active, are already beginning to remember, to recognize, evaluate. But do not worry, you will succeed. You can draw your child's friends parents, and arrange team games, let him have some fun, too.

Here are a couple of ideas of fun for younger kids. You can arrange the baton animals and crawling on his haunches, like dogs or kittens who will crawl, the winner.

You can dance with the music of some fairy tale, or together to learn a poem for the birthday. You can solve puzzles or read the kids a story interesting, thought-out in advance. And in the process of reading arrange role plays.

Sports or puzzle games will also work. For example, who quickly on one leg he reaches a designated place or who will jump higher. Who will bring together a tower of cubes or constructor. In three to four year old children love team games and understand each other very well, even if there are bad talk.

And finally, some very important observations. Thinking about how to spend the day the baby is born at home, and working through the details of the holiday, in advance contact with the parents of your guests, discuss how much time a particular child will be with you, at which time it will be taken. Also ask if you have someone allergic to foods, or any contraindications. After all, this day is you responsible for them.

Whatever the holiday, do not forget that your guests - children. So be prepared for the unexpected, someone could fall down and cry, someone will take offense and stamp his foot. Maybe everything will be "without a hitch". In any event, this festival you arrange for your beloved child, if he pleased, so happy with you.

And as he might not like at such a well-organized, well thought-out and prepared his beloved mother? Do not doubt that this is a happy event for a long time will be discussed in the corridors of the school or on-site kindergarten.

 A few tips on how to spend the birthday child at home