handicrafts made of salt dough

Mold from clay like all children, without exception. But, unfortunately, plasticine crafts have a very short lifespan. How can that be, if you want to preserve the memory for years to come? In this case, pay attention to the beautiful handicrafts made of salt dough. Surely everyone has heard that from a specially prepared dough out very interesting, and most importantly, long-lasting products.

And now, on the eve of March 8, the modeling of salt dough can be very relevant and in demand. Some mothers mistakenly believe that this kind of children's creativity is calculated solely on the little children of two - three years. However, this misconception is totally wrong. In fact, older children and even teenagers, too, would mold of salt dough.

And the child can create unique gifts of salt dough for mothers, grandmothers or sisters. Although, of course, not without the help of adults. As a rule, joint modeling lessons from salted dough bring a whole lot of fun as a child and an adult, and is an excellent means even more to strengthen the emotional connection and to establish contact with the child.

Before we introduce the reader to the fact what is the technique of modeling of salt dough, I would like to first talk a bit about the history of salty dough. This dough is very plastic, so is ideal for creating different figures of various shapes and a wide variety of compositions from salted dough. If you know how to make the salty dough, it will neither crack nor crumble for many years.

These features salty text were well known to our ancestors. Women of salty dough sculptured figures of birds and animals, the children produced these toys from salt dough. In addition, products made of salt dough in the ancient pagan Russia were used for a variety of rites and ceremonies. These figures also served as symbolic gifts for the wedding, the birth of a child.

Recipe for salt dough passed from mother to daughter, and thus reached the present day. Many people have turned to sculpting real mastery, creating true masterpieces of salt dough. Of course, if you've never sculpted from salty dough, from the first time to create a masterpiece of salty dough unrealistic.
However, quite a few lessons from salt dough modeling, and you and your child can make enough of the wonderful gifts of salt dough.

Interested? If you decide to try to make salt dough figurines, photos may be a thief for you at first, a great source of inspiration. And gradually you learn to come up with the whole composition of the salt dough. However, in order to work brought a real pleasure, and products are durable, it is necessary to know how to cook salty dough.

It is only at first glance it seems that the preparation of salted dough for modeling does not require any special knowledge and skills. However, actually, salt dough composition is critical. If you take an ordinary dough, which are always ready, and just add the salt, working with him will not be comfortable, and children's articles made of salt dough very quickly lose their presentable appearance.

That is why, before you get started, you need to figure out how to make salt dough. Over time, you can even invent a recipe for salt dough handicrafts, changing the number of components in accordance with their needs, but at the beginning of your career you have to learn how to make salt dough, based on the experience of other people.

Salt dough modeling, the recipe the first. As mentioned earlier, the composition of salt dough is very important, so obey all proportion. Before cooking salt dough for sculpting Make sure that you have available are:

  • Wheat flour is preferably higher grade - 500 grams.
  • Table salt, always finely ground - 200 grams.
  • COLD water - 200 grams.

Talking about how to make salt dough, we can not tell you how to mix the salt dough. But kneading plays almost as important as its composition. Pour into a container for kneading the necessary amounts of sodium chloride, after which it zleyte water and stir until completely dissolved in the water. Thereafter, stirring continuously, the water sprinkle in flour. Thoroughly knead the dough until then, until it ceases to stick to hands and will not be steep and elastic. If you cook the dough in advance, rather than directly in front of stucco, keep the dough in a plastic bag to prevent it from drying out.

This recipe for salt dough craft optimal for training with the small children, who can decide to try the finished product by heart. All components are absolutely harmless to the child's body and will not do any harm. But she had the consistency of the dough is very easy to work with.

Salt dough for sculpting and crafts can be prepared as follows. To make it, you will need components such as:

  • Wheat flour - 200 grams.
  • Table salt is strictly finely ground - 200 grams
  • Ordinary adhesive paper wallpaper - two tablespoons.
  • About 200 ml. water.

Incidentally, instead of wallpaper paste, you can use any nourishing hand cream or ordinary children. You also need to consider how to properly mix the salt dough to achieve the best result.

Mix in a bowl suitable salt and flour glue, then, stirring constantly, pour in a thin jet of water. After this, the test must be as it should be stirred up until it does not stick to your hands stop. Also, the dough in any case should not crumble.

The following recipe for making salt dough is ideal for modeling complex compositions with lots of detail. To cook, prepare the following ingredients:

  • Wheat flour - 200 grams.
  • Sunflower or any other vegetable oil - 50 ml.

The dishes need to pour salt and flour and mix thoroughly. Then add the butter and half a glass of water. Knead until the desired density test.

Skilled craftsmen use a special secret of how to cook salty dough. Instead of water they use in a special way cooked pudding. In this case, the dough is a surprisingly malleable.

To prepare the jelly you need to potato starch. Starch (a tablespoon) should be dissolved in 100 ml. of water at room temperature. Leave on for 5 - 10 minutes for swelling, stirring occasionally. At this time, you need to boil a cup of water. Once the water boils, slowly pour it into the prepared solution of starches, do not forget to stir constantly to avoid lumps. Once the pudding thickens, remove the pan from the heat. Cooled pudding use for making salt dough for sculpting crafts. In that case, if the dough is too soft, just add some flour and kneaded to the required density you.

You will soon learn how to make salt dough, work which is best suited for you. However, to obtain the finished product audio information on how to correctly do salted dough is insufficient. Masters share some more secrets and techniques of working with the salty dough.

 salt dough for sculpting

How to paint and dry salt dough?

To get the hack was bright, colorful and realistic as possible, it is necessary to paint. The second secret is to master how to paint salt dough. Some artists prefer to paint a ready-made pastry brush. This method of staining salty dough is good for older kids, who confidently holding a brush in his hand and always get it in the place that you need.

For the more creative younger kids can recommend the following method of coloring. Get gouache or acrylic paint. Note that the paint should have a pasty consistency - if necessary, dilute the paint with water.

Pick up a small piece of dough and roll it into a spherical state. Then make a small indentation in the center of the ball, and place where the paint. Then knead the dough until then, until it acquire a uniform color.

Similarly, prepare the desired color set of the test. A little test should be left unpainted on the case, by any chance the test of any color will not suffice.

For products - gifts on March 8 in handy dough gold and silver colors. To cook it you need gouache gold or silver color. And if you add to it a special gel interspersed with sequins, designed specifically for gouaches, you will get a stunningly beautiful crafts.

In order for you during the modeling did not have to be distracted, it is necessary to prepare in advance workplace. Cover the table with oilcloth or a polyethylene film. Be sure to prepare the board for sculpting. For these purposes, you can purchase a cutting board or a board of suitable size to be wrapped in foil for baking ordinary. It is very convenient because kK finished products you can put in the oven to anneal directly on the working surface, which reduces the risk of damage to the figure. Put the glasses on the table with sunflower and vegetable oil, as well as prepare a clean cloth, brush, paint, pencil, a knife, an awl or needle gypsy. All this is useful to you in the process of creating beautiful handicrafts made of salt dough.

After you have prepared everything necessary, you can start to work. Each master there own art modeling of salt dough. However, there are several conventional techniques, which are discussed below, and poёdёt.

Most importantly, what you need to remember is that even the most sophisticated masterpieces from salt dough consists of very simple elements. That is why it is so important to learn how to do basic shapes - sausages, balls, spheres. It's not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. For example, to make a ball, you need to take a piece of dough required size and circular movements of the hands to form a ball neg. If you squeeze the ball between your hands, you will get a cake, and if you are on one side a little priplyusnite ball, on the other hand gently pull it out, you will have a droplet.

Sausages make it even easier - with the task to handle even the youngest children. To do this, simply roll out a piece of dough between palms. If the sausage you roll out a pencil, lightly pressing it, you'll have a tape. By the way, modeling - a great way to develop fine motor skills in children.

To get the plate, roll out the dough with a rolling pin or a simple bottle. From this plate you can cut with a knife you need items. Please note that you need to cut out the figures as soon as the dough will roll out. Otherwise, the dough will dry up, and on the edges of the figures will form ugly cracks. In order to make the dough does not stick to hands and surfaces must be oiled.

For decoration you can use beads, buttons and fabric. However, if you plan to follow the firing of products from salt dough, pay attention to on to beads were made of glass, and fabric were not synthetic. Otherwise you risk getting a product melted.

If simple crafts from salted dough for you already passed stage, you'll want to do something - something more complex.   It is not necessary to be afraid, because all complex crafts made by the same analogy. However, their development will take much longer. And, of course, you will want to keep them. In this case, no firing is necessary.

Masters often asked how dry the salt dough. The best option drying puff pastry is baking in the oven. The ideal temperature for the burning - 100 - 120 degrees. If the temperature is higher, your product may blacken and crack. The firing time should be about 30 minutes.

In that case, if you have an electric oven, set the temperature will have no difficulty. But the owners of gas stoves have complicated, they will have to set the temperature empirically. In order not to spoil the finished product, it is necessary to choose the temperature, burning a piece of unnecessary tests.

Some advise to dry the dough in the microwave. However, to do so as it is not necessary, because the finished product definitely crack. Of course, you can dry the product in the sun or radiators, however, how much dry salt dough in such circumstances, it is very difficult to say. This process can take up two - three days a week. It depends on many factors, including the size of the product.

In order to prevent cracking and burning craft, they can be covered by an ordinary acrylic lacquer. Lacquer dries in a few hours, it is non-toxic and can be used safely for children's creativity.

So, you and your child decide "lepim of salt dough gifts on March 8". First you need to decide what kind of crafts you create. Salt dough allows you not to limit your imagination. First of all, you have to decide with the child for whom you are making a gift.

Children are sure to enjoy Smeshariki from salted dough. Smeshariki - heroes very popular and beloved cartoon children. And, of course, every child will be happy to receive a gift of your own Smeshariki. To make Smeshariki from the salty test, you will need the image of the selected character, in order not to miss small details of appearance.

The basis of toys, you guessed it, a ball, to which you must attach the remaining parts of toys. To joints products have gained a strong, pre-moisten the joints with ordinary water. After Smeshariki will be baked and ready, you need to draw the brush all the little details - the mouth, nose. And finally cover the finished toy varnish.

Girls older who already have pocket money, a perfect gift on March 8 will be the piggy bank of salt dough. For the manufacture of puff pastry piggy banks you have to use a frame of wire products. Form the wire necessary "skeleton" for kopilochku, then roll out the dough on a plate. Plates, in turn, obtyanite frame like skin. Then you can proceed directly to the registration of a piggy bank. You can decorate it with beads or ribbons, paint, or to give it the shape of - or small animals. At the end do not forget to cover the treasury of lacquer.

Photo frames made of salt dough will also be a great gift. Production of such a framework is not difficult. You can, for example, decorate the ordinary, very simple wooden photo frame. For this very subtly salty roll the dough and wrap them wooden base. After that, you can start decorating the framework of various decorative elements - the choice is limited only by your imagination and nothing more.

You can go even further and make a very nice frame unusual shape. For this you need a thick cardboard, stationery sharp knife it your imagination. The frame can take the form of fish or kitten, or perhaps a fairytale castle or a flowerpot. Cut the base of the cardboard roll and then salty dough very thin layer and wrap in a cardboard basis. Then start decoration of the frame.

In addition to the frames, you can make various souvenirs made of salt dough. It is loved by almost all women fridge magnets. Simple magnetic beads you can buy at almost any hardware store. Well, after a matter of technology. You can create absolutely any figure and simply push the magnet in it, and then send in the oven for roasting. Be sure to coat the finished souvenir from salty dough with acrylic lacquer.

Paintings from salt dough can decorate any interior. They appreciate every woman. Of course, creating a picture is more complicated than creating a simple children's crafts from salted dough, but the result is worth the effort. Production of paintings from the salt dough has its own specifics and peculiarities.

The dough for the production of paintings to be a little softer than usual handicrafts. In addition, a very important basis for the picture. Of course, you can use plain paper, but because of the smooth texture you may have difficulty with fastening elements of the picture. The most optimal for the production of paintings from the salty test suitable ordinary burlap. Due to the rough structure of the parts firmly entrenched on the surface. The finished painting be sure to cover all the same acrylic paint.