earrings from beads asterisk


  • Tools and materials
  • Earrings "Sprig"
  • Earrings "Rings"
  • Earrings "Flowers"
  • Earrings "Star"

Beading - a creative activity, raised by many skilled workers to the rank of art. To make bead earrings with their own hands, it is not required a great experience - enough to have a little bit of free time, a little imagination and a great desire to create a unique decoration.

Homemade earrings from beads will look very creative and modern, like a girl and a woman aged.

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Tools and materials

For the manufacture of earrings will need:

  • beads of different sizes and colors, as well as glass beads and beads (for those who have played out a fantasy);
  • coil strong thread or fishing line thickness 0 0 2 mm or 3 mm;
  • a coil of very thin wire;
  • scissors;
  • matches;
  • Special needle for beads or a needle with a small eye;
  • Hooks (sold in specialized stores).

For homemade jewelry beads immediately purchase a good quality that does not fade. To check the wrap several pieces in a soapy wet cotton handkerchief and rub them together. The fabric should not be painted from a good bead.

Schemes of some beaded earrings budding craftswomen are sometimes seen too complicated, but on closer examination they are composed of simple elements or individual elements connected to certain standard techniques.   In addition, you can do blotches bugle or larger beads of any shape suitable color.

 earrings from beads "rings"
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Earrings "Sprig"

Let's start with the easiest to create schemes "Sprig" made a simple stringing techniques. Dials on the line or string of beads 4. We are making the first branch, gaining 4 more things on the line, and then threading the needle back through the first 3. Gaining further 2 beads and one bead or elongated teardrop shape, return needle in the place of the first branches. We are making another offshoot of three beads, and again return the needle to the main chain. Skipping to the top of the line products, and by the two ends of the threads coming out of the first beads, earring fasten the hook.

More experienced masters can still weave the leaves, flowers and berries on each twig. Great earrings will look if the twigs to make longer, to weave a lot of them and to gather in a single beam or a brush. At the ends of shoots brush can be attached beads or rhinestones at the rim.
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Earrings "Rings"

These earrings are also contingency as rings can be woven in different ways and with additional elements. Fig. 2 and 3 shows the weave of beads in two colors with beads and larger diameter.

To perform the earring according to the scheme shown in Fig. 2, first dial a simple chain in a row 10-15 beads, and then hang it on the ring. How to spin a wheel that is shown in detail in the upper fragment of the circuit, where 1 indicates the first bead ring to which successively drag the rest. At the junction of the latest beads to the first tie the knot and thread the line through a pair of beads. The tip of the fishing line gently oplavte using matches, with the formation of tiny ball.

Fig. 3 ring lagging as well as the previous, with the difference that is placed inside a large, beautiful bead. This bead can be an imitation of a transparent or opaque stone, depending on your idea. Each bead ring outer row, you can use a thin wire to attach the bugle as diverging rays. The wire should have a diameter coinciding with a hole in the beads, then the rays will hold well and did not fall off.

 earrings from beads "flowers"
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Earrings "Flowers"

Earrings with beads made with their own hands, look just fine. Try to perform earrings pendants "Flowers", the scheme for which are shown in Fig. 4. In addition to beads, they pick up the beads and bugles of different sizes. The main motive is very simple - it's a chain, which is a flower of beads 8, centered on the bead. Elements of flowers also desirable to connect via beads of slightly smaller diameter. Motives are hung on simple, single chain, the size of which is selected independently. Also, if desired, you can make the rays of flowers at the edge of the glass beads.

If you want to get bigger earrings, pendants whipping the flowers, making the chain slightly longer than the previous one, and the flowers - is secured between a beads. Link multiple pendants of different lengths in the composition in the form of a crescent or a trapezoid. In short, as a prompt wild imagination.
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Earrings "Star"

To perform these earrings you will need to clear beads in two contrasting colors, such as yellow and purple, as well as two pieces of wire length of 7 and 14 cm.

First nanizhite beads of the same color on a short wire and twist the ends gently. Form of the resulting chain of five-pointed star, leaving the ends of the twisted on top of one of the beams. In a longer piece of wire strung beads of different color and the same shape in the form of asterisks. Place the small star within a large and twist the wire ends together. It remains to consolidate these tips on the hook and shackle ready (Fig. 5).

Beads for earrings can be taken as a matte and shiny. Experiment with color, various shades and cut beads and bugles. Experienced masters will be able to decorate their products from beads or semiprecious gems. The work will necessarily new interesting and exciting ideas fashion jewelry and gifts made with their own hands.

 Master beaded earrings with their own hands

 pillow toys with their own hands


  • What you need to create a cushion toys?
  • Secrets of the manufacture of machinery
  • Example pillow toys: frog

Someone might say that soft toys - absolutely useless thing and just collect dust in the house. But psychologists disagree and argue that children necessarily need their own stuffed animals, and preferably made of different materials that can be studied in the course of the game.

In our stores there is no shortage of such toys - from the cute teddy bears to the terrible and obscure microbes. But today we do not talk about them, and how to create a soft cushion toys with their own hands. After all, the thing you created, in any case will be unique and will bring a lot of positive things to your child.
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What you need to create a cushion toys?

If you decide to make a funny soft pillows with their hands, which at the same time will also serve as a toy, you will need:

  • Various patches. Large and small, ribbons, lace and different fabrics, oilcloth, felt or leather.
  • Threads of different strengths and colors.
  • Filling for pillows (hollofayber, padding polyester or any other soft material).
  • Buttons or beads (for the manufacture of noses and eyes, if the cushions in the form of animals).
  • Needles, thimbles, scissors.
  • Tailor meter, ruler and chalk - cutting our items.
  • Sewing machine and iron.

Do not refuse help to create a fun baby toys. This activity will be very useful for children, develop their self-discipline. You will help develop his perseverance, and develop fine motor skills. We think, to remind that the creation of pillows will help develop creativity kid, too.

But attracting the child, it is important not to forget about safety. Needles should not be stored without a thread, and it is better if in a box where they are, will be a magnet. Tools, which will operate the child must also be safe, the same scissors with rounded tips. And work on the sewing machine or iron - only under the supervision of an adult, the child is not injured hand.

A suitable pattern can be found in specialty stores, or create your own, show imagination. Another option - it is an old toy and strut pattern copied from it. We are for the manifestation of his own imagination, it's a great chance to realize their vision of the world!

 toys pillows with their hands
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Secrets of the manufacture of machinery

Making fun of pillows with their hands consists of several stages. First, you need to select the material for the manufacture of toys and prepare it for making (wash and steam the fabric). Then you need to cut out parts of sour cream, ask them to fill a pillow and decorate it nicely.

The ideal material for a pattern to be cardboard. Solid curves better adhere to the tissue and may be more useful in the future. The finished pattern must be applied to the wrong side of the fabric and tightly pressed, outline the edge of the chalk or pen. Mel often used when cloth crafts dark. But keep in mind that it can distort the dimensions of the finished parts.

For cutting out parts necessarily need sharp scissors, or can be "jammed" fabric.
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Stitch pillow better with the help of a sewing machine, and it should be done strictly according to the planned lines. Usually these toys are quite large and stapled on the reverse side and then turn. If you decide to make their own hands a little cushion, the joints can be performed from the outside, then they will act more and decorative element.

Before we turn out a finished product, be sure to trim the all seams and make small incisions on them. This will help turn the pillow, and its edge as a finished product will look very neat and beautiful. Threads Sewing select the maximum matching fabric.

 pillow toy with their hands

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Example pillow toys: frog

Want to have fun at home settled frog and pillow-time? Let's make such crafts with their hands. We need a green cloth head and eye, yellow - for the abdomen and green felt (or any other fabric that will not crumble) - for legs. Smiling mouth, we will embroider on the finished pillow red thread floss. Now we have to make only three balls, and the frog is ready!

Details of the eyes and head recruited thread seam "forward needle". Now, we fill them with synthetic padding and tighten thread. Try to evenly distribute the pack, so as not to get any lumps. Tighten the string tighter and fasten it. We should have three balls, two of which are small - one large eyes and - the head, she's torso.

For more balls attach tummy. To do this, take the yellow fabric and sew it as a loopy seam trim. On the ball, which act as the eyes, embroider threads pupils. At the head embroider mouth. At the bottom, on the side where we have a yellow belly, sew foot-stand. Here and ready on our merry frog, which may well serve as a soft and comfortable pillow. And most importantly, you have made it yourself!

 Soft toy - pillow with his hands