Manicure for beginners


  • The standard solution
  • Drawing on nails

Yes, the first time is always hard to start - this applies to any business. And manicures too seems rather complicated procedure, especially when you look at the work of the master - it's all so quickly and smoothly he gets. However, nothing is impossible! You can make yourself at home, and Manicure, even if you've not kept in the hands of scissors. Doubt? And it is in vain! The main thing is to highlight for this absolutely free time, turn off the phone and surrender to this occupation with all care.

The standard solution

  • Use scissors to give shape to the nails - if you have small fingers and full, it will suit oval nails, and if you are the owner of fine, long fingers of a pianist, you can make and square ("rake");
  • After shaping is required to treat the cut edge of the nail file. Here it is better to opt for a glass instrument;
  • Now we have to treat the nail bed - working with the cuticle. The manicure set is such a stick with a slightly pointed tip, it is made from an orange tree and that it pulls back the skin accrued. If the cuticle is dense enough, the first rasparte hands - you will also be easier;
  • Well, now you can apply varnish - gently and slowly, prokrashivaya all areas of the nail. Try to paint did not get on skin or cuticle, and if that happened, then immediately remove the blot with a cotton swab;
  • Wait until the paint has dried, apply a top-fixing agent. Thus, you will achieve shine polish, and will last longer than a manicure.

For starters, I want to clarify one thing: if you are using matt lacquer (enamel), be extremely careful - this coating can not stand the hustle and requires accuracy. After the enamel like a litmus test, showing once defects: uneven strokes, clearing or blurry. For starters, those who are just taking the first steps in this matter, it is best to use a pearlescent, bright colors - not much at such a young promashek seen.

 beautiful manicure for beginners

Drawing on nails

For beginners, a manicure with a pattern in general seems to be something very daunting - that's nothing! See how simple it is:

  • Apply the clearcoat on the nail, wait for the complete drying;
  • Now, white matt lacquered paint stripes on the top of the nail. For starters, it would be quite difficult - you can use the special plates for a French manicure;
  • Now take the black lacquer (enamel), and remove brush with a needle drop. Now white striped inflict arbitrary strokes.

All modern, trendy and even creative manicure ready. By the way, for beginners it is best to use this option, because it is considered to be the easiest to implement. Once you learn a little bit and you will easily make a black and white version, you can try more complicated:

  • Apply polish nails - here you can choose any color, but only a mat;
  • Now, a needle or toothpick we put two or three drops of a different color and begin to paint. Twigs, leaves, flowers, abstraction - anything that you like;
  • Be sure to apply after drying nail fixing.

This manicure for beginners as well will not be too difficult, as a star or snowflake able to draw almost everything. Just keep in mind that a complex pattern can not be applied to each nail - will look too provocatively. This is usually decorated with one or two fingers - that is enough to impress and create a unique image of fashionable and stylish lady.

You can try to decorate your nails with rhinestones - even for beginners it will be easy! Just glue them on the nail in random order - all exclusive manicure ready.

I must say that manicure - this is an interesting process so that it can be carried away in earnest. Many ladies are so often change their nail polish and jewelry, which sometimes do not have time to keep track of everything! But it's good - every time you can show your mood or feelings of others, you can choose the color of a suit or dress, to create a unique image and always surprise others. Show off all your style, taste and the ability to make a manicure - many people do not realize that it's not hard.

 Manicure for Beginners: Tips & Tricks

 how to make your face clean


  • The causes of skin problems
  • Prohibitions in the name of beauty
  • Brewer's yeast, or how to make your face clean in a short time
  • Pure skin and proper nutrition
  • Cosmetics and skin type
  • How to clean your face: exfoliation
  • Mechanical cleansing as a way to combat acne and acne

Clean skin of the face - a real luxury for the modern woman. Stress, poor environment, poor-quality cosmetics, poor diet do their work - on your face pimples, blackheads, spots and "black spots". How to make skin flawless and free from imperfections?

The causes of skin problems

Acne in some way can be considered an indicator of the health of the skin. They occur when your body is an unexpected failure. For example, hormones. Abortion, inflammation of the ovaries or endometriosis can cause the appearance of subcutaneous abscesses and inflammation on the cheeks and nose wings. On the forehead and chin acne "jump" because of problems with the gastrointestinal tract or improper selection's Skin funds. Minor eruptions are familiar to teenagers, as well as smokers and women during the "riot" PMS.

If you have tried a lot of cosmetics and acne does not want to leave your face - it is quite possible that their appearance is associated with metabolic disorders or fast food fad. In any case, since the fight for healthy skin, it is necessary to change the diet, if the regularity of meals and the quality is poor.

Increased activity of sebaceous glands - the most common cause of acne. Sebum along with the dust and the remains of make-up clogs the pores and oxidized. The result - the "black spot" and acne. And if you still weakened immune system due to recent cold transferred, you can easily become a victim of demodectic mange. This infectious inflammation of the upper layers of the skin caused by a fungus which is normally present on the face, but does not penetrate the epidermis.

The bacteria Propionibacterium acnes trigger the appearance of acne on the skin placers. They settle in the ducts of the sebaceous glands, there is an active breed and clog them. "Expel" they will not immediately - needs aimed antibacterial care to acne retreated.

Brown spots appear due to prolonged sun exposure, problems with the synthesis of melanin, liver disease and even ... because of the abuse of perfume! If you put perfume standing on the same point, you should be aware that the combination of alcohol and essential oils can cause hyperpigmentation.

 how to make your face clean properly

Prohibitions in the name of beauty

Pimples and acne can not squeeze in any case! No matter how tempted to deal with pustules or comedones, do not try to squeeze it. This can be done only during the mechanical cleaning of the face. Otherwise, the skin will "craters" and scars that are not so easy to get rid of. Cut the bangs if you are concerned about pimples on his forehead - constant contact with the hair just annoying irritated skin. And do not touch the face with dirty hands under any circumstances!

Be sure to wash off makeup before you go to bed. Remains of shadows, mascara, and tonal resources are absorbed into the skin, "enriching" it is not the most useful substances and dyes. In the morning in the mirror you will see the black eyes, greyish skin and a couple of pimples. If you sleep with makeup on his face becomes a habit, you will not only acne, but the early wrinkles.

Regularly changing bed linen, towels, sponges and puffs that apply powder and tonal resources. What for? Because when you go to bed, you put a thick layer on the face night cream, which simply do not have time to soak up your contact with the cushion. You touch a blanket arms, emollient blurred, and in the morning you recorded using hair gel ... Next Cosmetics left on pillowcases and sheets, sooner or later, "perekochuyut" on your face. Do you think your skin like it is not the first freshness cream soak into the pillow? Foam sponges that you use when impose the tone of the face, teeming with microbes and bacteria harmful to your skin. Rinse them with warm water and mild soap 2-3 times a month.

Use only those cosmetic products that are suitable for your skin type. Rare woman while on vacation or at a party, try to resist the opportunity to powder or gel, belonging to the girlfriend. It is better to do without a mask or cream, or cause allergies than provoke an entire placer pimples.

's Skin Care must exactly match the needs of your age. If you are 20 years old and you have oily skin, do not buy the cream for oily epidermis with elastin and hyaluronic acid. Why do you need anti-aging care at such a young age? Find antibacterial and matting agent designed to solve the problems of young skin.

The myth that regular solarium improves skin condition, have come up with the owners of beauty salons. During the first sessions are dried tiny pimples, and then appear podkozhniki and age spots. It turns out one treat, another cripple. If you are unable to completely abandon the tanning procedure to use sunscreen for the face.

Buying powder or lipstick in the store, do not try to smear makeup on the face directly from the tube tester. Do you think that's up to you no one touched it shine? Is it possible to ensure that the girls, "trying on" this color, there was no skin diseases? Preparing for shopping, put in a bag packaging cotton discs. Or ask in stores disposable mini-testers.

Brewer's yeast, or how to make your face clean in a short time

Brewer's yeast can now be purchased at any pharmacy. Jar of dried yeast, packaged in the form of tablets, can help you deal with the imperfections. A nice bonus: the condition of hair and nails also improved. It is advisable to buy brewer's yeast with selenium and magnesium - these micronutrients enhance the action of the main component.

Fermented enzymes from yeast which in fact, is to contain vitamin D, an incredibly useful for the skin. Regular intake of brewer's yeast "tames" the activity of the sebaceous glands and accelerate tissue regeneration, making the skin smooth and matte. Enhances the growth of hair, stronger hair follicles and nail plates.

 how to make your face clean by yourself

Pure skin and proper nutrition

As mentioned above, the state of the epidermis depends on what is on your plate. If you eat burgers and fries, you will not see clear skin as their own ears. Of course, working in the office, not everyone has the opportunity to fully dinner. Yes, and flasks with homemade soup to bring a shame. Of two evils choose the less - not dine in fast food restaurant and in an ordinary cafe or office canteen. Order a salad of fresh vegetables or fish, steamed, not nuggets and carbonated beverage. The fish contains useful for your skin Omega-3 fatty acids, and vegetable salad - vitamin C, known for its antioxidant properties.

Frequency of food intake and its amount are important. Scientists have long noticed that people who are prone to overeating evening and night, are more likely to suffer from pimples and blackheads. Due to the fact that after a late dinner, you just go to bed, your stomach has to work at night, and not to relax. At night, lipid exchange is slowed down, food is digested much longer, so the next morning you will find a heartburn, heaviness in the stomach, acne, and increased greasiness of the skin. It is better to eat less but more often. Between-meal snack dietary loaves, fruits and nuts. "Break" daily rate of food is not part of the 3-4 and 5-6.

A perfect breakfast for those who want to make their skin cleaner - porridge. Especially useful oatmeal. It removes toxins and waste products, cleanses the liver and normalizes the gastrointestinal tract. To oatmeal you are sick for a couple of days, adds a spoonful of jam or a handful of dried fruit, in order to diversify the taste.

Cosmetics and skin type

Start operation "Clean face" is necessary to determine its type epidermis. This is important because to achieve perfect skin, you can only apply the correct matched cosmetics. And it is known, it is classified according to this principle.

To find out what your skin - combination or dry, normal or oily, you can turn to the beautician. He will do the necessary tests and tell you the result. Save time and money, you can learn your own skin type. For example, using a paper handkerchief. Thoroughly clean your face and wait a couple of hours. Blot the forehead and cheeks with a napkin. What do you see? On paper, it was pronounced greasy spots - so you have oily epidermis. The spot only on the part of the cloth, which you blotted his forehead and cheeks remained dry? Your skin can be considered combined. Barely visible spots of fat characterized by the normal type, and generally dry without leaving any traces on a napkin.

 how to make your face clean for a long time

How to clean your face: exfoliation

The bacteria that cause acne and blackheads, multiply in the upper layers of the epidermis. However, they "eat" dead skin cells. To get rid of inflammation, it is necessary to destroy the bacteria, depriving them of "food." Use a scrub for this purpose, which can be used 1-2 times a week. Owners of oily skin types may be used daily scrubs with polishing particles of the fine fraction. For everyone else, too frequent use of exfoliant is fraught with aggravation of the skin condition.

If you have acne and inflammation is strictly prohibited to use the scrub with large granules - for example, ground walnut shells and apricot seeds. It injures the surface of acne and carries the infection all over his face. From such peeling will not be any good.

Scrub, treating pimples and blackheads should be a part of anti-inflammatory ingredients. These are: lemon essential oil, tea tree oil, eucalyptus extract, salicylic acid and aloe juice. They dried inflammatory and antibacterial effect.

Apply scrub on cleansed skin. A small amount evenly over the face and massaged gently "drive in" fingertips. After 2-3 minutes, rinse with a massage exfoliant with warm water and pat face with a towel.

Scrub, evens skin tone and eliminates imperfections, you can prepare yourself. Grind in a blender 2 tbsp oatmeal, add 1 tablespoon Calendula tincture and 1 tablespoon Hot water. Mix well and apply on face. This exfoliant not only copes with inflammation, but also perfectly moisturizes the skin.

For oily skin salt scrub suits. 3 tbsp coarse sea salt, mix with 2 tablespoons low-fat sour cream or heavy cream. Treat scrub clean skin and leave part of the face for a few minutes. As soon begin to tingle or pinch, rinse with cool water. After this peeling is required to use nourishing cream.

Mechanical cleansing as a way to combat acne and acne

"Ripe" inflammation and "black" point can be removed at home only during cleaning. The interior also carries out mechanical cleansing - modern beauticians also offer hardware and chemical method. But such results as manual cleaning, they still do not give.

Before squeezing blackheads, wash with warm water and a gel or foam for washing. Prepare a steam bath or an ordinary bowl with boiling water, which will be necessary to steam the face. The hot steam opens the blocked pores - you just need to remove the contents. To steaming it has become even more useful, add a few drops of essential oil of ylang-ylang and rosemary. Close your eyes, so as not to burn the mucous steam and sit on the hips for 15-20 minutes.

Blot the face cloth and wash your hands. Wrap your index fingers with sterile bandages and antibacterial wipes. Squeeze acne may also be using a special cosmetic "loop", holding her prymyam angle to the skin. Once finished, wash with cool water and wipe face tonic porosuzhivayuschim.

Upon reaching the desired purity and freshness of the skin, do not relax. If your epidermis is prone to the appearance of the rash, then after you stop taking care of him well, everything will return to their seats.

 How to make your face clean: Tips and Secrets

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