Men's qualities of character

Men's qualities of character - it is you, my dear woman, not a pound of raisins. Traditionally, it is considered to be unpredictable women. However, this is not exactly a fair opinion. The unpredictability of our men in general can write entire treatises. Take, for example, a family woman. Where she rushes after work? That's right, go home. She there children unfed, my husband is about to appear hungry, all need to please, to bed and prepare everything for tomorrow. Where buried a married man after work, God knows. And such examples - the mass. Go. Solve that today the faithful on how to understand the mind and mood swings it. And if a man offended, here and did not know how to behave. Let's talk about men's grievances in detail.

Men character traits in the offense

So, we have told his blagovernomu quips or have done something wrong, and he has closed the third day of walking frowning. In a word, the man hurt, silent and ignores all our efforts to make peace. It takes a couple of days, and the situation has not changed. This, of course, starts to have an extremely depressing. The head climb all sorts of unpleasant thoughts and mood uncontrollably falls to zero. What to do, because he was as cold as an iceberg, on some of our questions only viciously something Burkan back and disappears somewhere in the evenings. The horror! Ah, what will happen and why we did it! All ... This divorce, divorce, divorce !!!

Stop, stop! Soothing. Divorce is it not conducted. We will understand what is really going on. Male pattern - not for women. And behave representatives of the strong half of humanity, taking offense at something, not as representatives of the weaker sex. This we can roar, her friends or her mother to complain, men, when they feel bad, they go in yourself. They become withdrawn, moody and focused. And remain in this state may be quite long. We, discharge, calm, forgiving the offense (if it is not caused by something radically, change, for example) and we believe that with your beloved to happen the same. But no! He was silent and frowning.

So the day passed, two, three. It's starting to trouble more and more. How so? After all, we quarrel about a long forgotten why he somehow can not? Concern is growing, and we start to make mistakes. What to do if a man offended? Let's see what you can not do in this case.

Men's qualities of character with the offense

When a man closes a long time, the majority of women starting to rush, come to the conclusion that love has passed, he now thinks of another, or divorce. And so they are trying by all means it is open. How do they do that? Begin to stick to their half with questions like: "Do you still love me? And I'm more like me? And why are you? You want me to leave? ". Well, in the same spirit.

The result of this rampant desire to have a heart - a new scandal. And why? And all because if a man is left to himself, he should be left alone. Of course, to make it easy, but necessary. Because that's how a man - or experiencing something or deciding something, they want to be alone with yourself, pulling away from all the problems of the outside world. And stop them, in this case it is not necessary - the property of male psychology, one of the levers of its work mechanism. And if we try to change this job, meet a subconscious resistance. And put it in frustration and anger, which, of course, will lead to a new quarrel with a man. These male traits - unconsciously to fight back all those who try to climb into their soul.

However, such a ploy - to provoke a scandal - many men are consciously. They deliberately hurt a woman to her for a little while left her angry razlyubeznogo alone. Time passes, and faithful he is coming to hurt his wife, hard crouching in front of her and apologizing for his rudeness.

How to be here? How to understand the man, if he first hurt as much as you can imagine, and now looks enamored eyes and fins are struggling? It's pretty simple, and is a clear expression of male traits. Dear husband or sweetheart just stayed by himself, gaining new psychological strength and is now able to love again.

What to do in cases where, after a quarrel between husband and wife, she had recovered from the offense, and he is still silent?

What if a man offended?

My husband is moving away, it does not admit to himself after a quarrel, silent or rude? Do not panic, closed and grumbling after the scandal - one of the male character traits. He climbed into the hole and there trying to collect himself into one. If a man is offended for a long time, - God be with him, let him go! We went to her friend, to arrange a cool shopping, go to the salon, see your favorite TV series, finally! But touch it during this period shall not in any case. And in any case, will not clog your head with all sorts of assumptions that we have fallen out of love, or are going to quit. He just needs a home alone, which will help put everything in place after the stress of the argument.

It should always be on guard, waiting when he finally gets out of his hole. It must meet a joyful smile, not hurt face. And lovely appearance and not dressed in a worn dressing gown. Because sex with a rested and re-filled with love her husband is simply superb!

Of course, women with uschemlёnnoe self-esteem and low self-esteem, to do so is difficult. She was not able to soberly assess the situation, begins to panic and makes one mistake after another, trying to reach her husband. For those ladies who love strong enough, while respecting the freedom of their loved ones easier. They are just beginning to do what they like, giving a discharge situation. And, as a result, the temporary detachment husband perceive much painless.

So what if a man offended? Distracted from his resentment. If we begin to cluck, begging attention and love, the situation will only grow worse. He will hide away from home to seek solitude or comfort. And that could end very badly.

Conclusion: The woman should devote herself to a man, having their own goals and interests. Otherwise, especially male character during his stay in its own shell experience will be very difficult. At the same time, a woman should be very sensitive to understand when the moment of its release from this shell. Previously, the beloved can not bother - it can backfire.

However, go to the other extreme, completely ignoring his beloved if he was suddenly closed, you can not. Often, the man at this time is especially needed warmth, comfort and affection, but he does not know how to say it. After all, our representatives of the stronger sex hard to open and frank even with very close friends. They can greatly experience some trouble, but rarely talk about it to someone. And it is fraught with depression and stress. A man in such a situation is extremely needed help a loved one who is, of course, his wife. If she did not notice, it is likely that he will go for the consolation to some other woman.

In other words, women need to be sensitive to the representatives of the vulnerable as men. Men in this world to live more complicated. This we can speak out, girlfriend or mother cried when we were bad. And once it becomes easier. He also - not allowed. Therefore, if the favorite is something highly experienced, we must try to understand and help him. After all, our favorite - they are the only ones. They need to be protected.

 Male character

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 why the guy does not call


  • If a guy does not call
  • Why does a guy does not call
  • If a guy does not call for a long time

Here yesterday everything was fine. You walked all night, holding hands, stared into each other's eyes, kissing to oblivion ... And now all is lost! Or maybe, not just kissing, and it came to sex. And you are faced with a problem: what to do if a guy does not call? You do not find a place of waiting, and every time the phone rings, grab it with hope; but again he did not. And you have no idea what to do, and do not know whether to call itself, or write to him, or whether it would look obtrusive.

A familiar story, is not it? In such a situation is almost every girl. Why does a guy does not call after the meeting, even if it did not have sex? And maybe this is the problem? Sometimes a meeting is the first, and there is also a fifth, tenth, twentieth. That's all gone, without explanation, and she is in love, she is waiting, hoping, suffering ... resolves call or write the first guy, and he did not return calls. The result will be a sleepless night, wet with tears pillow and longing, longing, longing ... He's out of love, or he did not like!

And it begins to poor over in his mind every minute of the meeting starts looking for the reasons for his behavior in their own actions, thinking that this is - because of a quarrel or bad sex, sorts out ways to meet ... To see him not, the reasons are, the girl or the growing dissatisfaction and self-esteem plummets, or appears irritated with the whole nature of man. Meanwhile, the options for why a guy stopped calling, maybe a few.

 Why not call a guy

If a guy does not call

When a guy does not call after a few days, do not make hasty conclusions about what you're not nice to him. In fact, a date went well, and he really likes you. But the man - a busy man, and in general they are the kind of people for whom work is first and foremost, and then the personal life. So just write he liked a girl he can not and waits until it has to be freed of the time.

We, the women, it is difficult to understand. We sincerely believe that a loved one - above all else, and strive to meet him at the slightest opportunity. By the way, precisely because of this feature, so we crave sex early in the relationship and can inflate a big row of small problems. However, the strong half of humanity logic is somewhat different, and if a guy did not call a few days doing chores, it is certain that nothing bad happened. After all, he decides to serious questions!

It turns out in this case that the girl would call Man waiting for the next day after the meeting, he wants to make him not a male act. Because the discussion of yesterday's events like this: "Oh, how I was with you yesterday, well, we had a great time, let's certainly meet again," and so on in the same spirit - it is a manifestation of female psychology. It is we, the women, after some significant or even insignificant events immediately hasten to discuss all the details with his girlfriend. Men - others. They do not like to be frank, to talk about their experiences and calls for nothing.

Of course, the girl who loved the young man, thinks otherwise. She needs recognition of its usefulness to the young man, his election and exclusivity. Therefore, if a guy does not call after a date, sex or quarrel lady worries, finds a place for himself and thinks that it is wrong. She frantically pawing at his mind, often imaginary, disadvantages, looks at herself in the mirror, girlfriends and pulls up the phone, thinking about whether to write the first guy. Having decided, at last, and came up with some trifling cause, gaining sms ... And there - either silence or a short and dry answer: "I'm busy. Then let's talk, "Well, he is busy, busy! Not up to it now!

Conclusion: The young man immersed in the work, and he is now really up to you. Even if it comes to sex, you can give him. Therefore, if you care, you should be patient and wait. Call is not going anywhere! Well, if he does not call back, then so be it. You are not a fifteen year old girl to go crazy because each of the male, which does not pay attention to you.

Why does a guy does not call

The answer to the young lady tantalizing question of why a guy does not call, it may be doubts about the necessity of this call. Doubts like these may relate to how much he likes the girl, and besides, if it fits her. The young man just need time to sort out their feelings.

Men, despite the fact that outwardly they may look confident, often actually in the shower are hesitant and vulnerable. So young people with low self-esteem seems to be that they are not worthy of a particular girl, and they begin to avoid it, despite the warm sympathy. If a guy calls a very infrequently or do not do it at all, it may refer to this type of men. Deciding once invited to a meeting a beautiful girl and talked to her, he pondered - as if he needed it? And, concluding that do not need to disappear. Often, such a man as there is a fear of having sex with an attractive woman, because they are very insecure.

Strangely enough, but such a character may have a very manly appearance, looks very attractive young people. For impressive views may be hiding timid and indecisive people anxiously relating to the weaker sex. If a guy calls rarely, it can be that way in nature. A young man of this kind is simply afraid to offend him represents the ideal girl of his impudence. In fact, he liked it, he did it worships, and the goddess is known to the ordinary person is not available.

Well, and, finally, the answer to the question why man can not call or write the first after the meeting, it may be the desire to demonstrate their independence. That's how our society - dependent on another person is considered to be a weakness in him. That and "puffed" our love with the girl's ears guys struggling showing her that they were still uneasy. Including it. It is sad to admit it, but your beau might be just such a person.

If you notice your young man the slightest hint of the presence of the character mentioned above varying features, so it is doubtful that he will be able to call or email first. In this case, it will only be happy if you can take the initiative themselves to contact him.

 if a guy does not call

If a guy does not call for a long time

This version - the saddest. The guy did not return calls and not call because he did not like the girl. In this case, further relationship, of course, impossible. From the point of view of the expectation of a girl tortured his silence is not justified. Especially if the guy does not call after sex or quarrel. Well, because you can also call or write to say a few words! Still, it is - not silly, and would immediately realized that he just called out of courtesy, and would not expect the continuation of the relationship. And honesty, respect for each other has not been canceled. And so quiet, as if vanished into thin air. And how can we behave? Do I need to call the first guy to figure out the relationship to end?

Of course, dial her phone number and firmly say no they will not, like a snap. However, a rare young man decides to such an act. As we have mentioned above, many men just seem strong and confident, but not actually run on relatively simple problems. However, girls are also affected. How often do we do speak directly in the forehead some boyfriend that it unattractive to us? Hardly ... We either try to evade a direct answer if admirer becomes too intrusive, or even forget about it. But man, in all probability, also suffers from expectations.

Do I need to call or write the first guy? In order not to exhaust itself uncertainty and shake the nerves in vain, of course, possible. The more you can do this, if we are talking about the relationship established after several meetings. After all, if he is appointed for more than one date, it turns out you have it attracted something! And now suddenly the young man disappeared. Perhaps to him that something had happened, and you do not know. In this case, the question of what to do if a guy does not call, decided without much effort - Several meetings allowed the right to ask the girl of his fate at least for a friendly rights.

I must say that when a guy does not call after sex, the problem also does not hang in the air. In the end, between a young man and a woman he was intimacy, and now they are in fact not quite strangers! Can I call the first guy to whom you have entrusted your body? Can. Suppose that at least behave politely after sex. Although, of course, for many guys these situations are equivalent trips to the gym, and they genuinely do not understand why women after sex "blows his head."

And what is so terrible could happen to you after such a call? Well, he thought about you, that you are too pushy. So it's not just so, and to clarify the relationship. And you have probably will not care about what he thinks is so rude or indifferent man. The worst, if he just disappears - then you'll have to accept the unknown and learn to live with it.

Sometimes the relationship is interrupted after a quarrel. In this case, the young man probably simply much offended you. You may be frightened, he decided to break with you, but it can be found only in a personal conversation that better plan when after a fight will take a certain time. You both need a little breath, and it will benefit your relationship.

Sometimes, if a guy does not call for a long time, and then all the same has appeared, he just does not want to lose the girl completely. While meeting with a young lady he would not - perhaps he has another, or just not enough time for personal life. But, basically, he likes her, and maybe someday then a young man, and try to develop a relationship. In the meantime, I do not want to lose the girl completely. It sounds, of course, strange and, in this case, the choice is yours already - take such circumstances, or to go further.

In short, the reason why the man did not call and did not answer the calls, can be mass, and not all of them concern the shortcomings of sex, strife or anything like that. This girl should remember one thing: it is - self-worth individual, whose life should not depend on the call, in fact, a stranger. In addition, young people often behave in unpredictable and can consciously resist pause before calling to warm feelings girl. It is a kind of manipulation of men, by which representatives of the stronger sex are trying to fall in love with a particular lady. Should they resist?

Therefore, occupy yourself with something interesting, distracting, and forget for a while about all the calls. In the end, a man born for joy and happiness and not to suffer for days waiting for someone calls after a meeting or an argument. Well, if you still call finally hear ... Something Wicked as he awaited. After all, you too - busy man, and you have no time to expend energy on all sorts of nonsense. Good luck, and let your men on the passive path will be as small as possible!

 Why not call the guy? What went wrong?

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