registration of kindergarten with their own hands


  • Play area for nursery
  • We make a group for older kids
  • Festive decoration group
  • How to land on the playground

Making groups of kindergarten - it's part of the educational work. After all, in a Atmosphere and kids will spend time depends on their general emotional state. And educators and preschool Head knows that it is first necessary to carefully select furniture groups. The interior should be not only beautiful and modern, but also to meet all the requirements of sanitary norms.

  • The furniture should be light made of a material which can be easily sanitized with disinfectants;
  • All items must have a secure fit;
  • There are no sharp corners and protruding screws - all of which can cause injury.

In any case, issue a special document that prescribe what material should be made furniture for kindergarten. In addition, take into account the size of the backs of chairs for different age groups, the height of the legs and seat width.

Of course, funding for all pre-school institutions should come from the federal or local budgets. However, the allocated money is not always enough to various little things that play an important role in setting up the room for the kids.

That is why every educator is trying to arrange a group of kindergarten with their own hands and to bring this work to the children. During these lessons the kids learn to make crafts and small applications, to combine colors and materials to recognize. In general, doing interesting and useful work.

Play area for nursery

Contents nursery kindergarten is quite difficult. After all, there are going to very young babies who are just "taken away" from her mother. Therefore, the educator must be to make every effort to kids could escape. The most successful solution in the design of such groups will patterning on the walls.

The image should be large and bright. For example, a train with big eyes, butterflies and caterpillars, bright flowers and grass, the heroes of fairy tales. Apply this image exclusively paints that do not emit toxic substances into the air. After taking care of the health of children is in the first place!

Given that kids are not able to play challenging designers and modern electronic toys, it is necessary for them to come up with other entertainment. Toys can sew their own hands, for example - a big sun, dolls and even mats for playing a fairy tale.

And for the development of fine motor skills of fingers can make special "Checkers." There is no need to buy expensive materials - use ordinary plastic covers from the PET bottles, and inscriptions on them, you can simply paint over the nail polish.

In order to make something a little more volume (for example, a house for dolls or the garage for cars), use the building material drywall. But then, of course, without the help of parents you can not do. And do not forget to issue a news area, which will be published in all the achievements of children and exhibited their crafts. This area is useful not only for teachers, but also for parents who want to keep abreast of events in the group.

In general, the design of a group of kindergarten not be easy. The main thing is to show a little imagination, to involve the parents as much as possible of all the children.

 design of a group in kindergarten with their own hands

We make a group for older kids

Decorating groups for older children - work more interesting and exciting. After all, the guys can already take a direct part in the work. Ask them to make a colorful applique wall, sew their own hands toys from your favorite cartoon or even create a real puppet theater, where conventional mittens, potholder can play the role of any fairy tale character.

Let the pope pupils with their hands erected a sturdy screen and its bright guys pasted paper, draw windows and doors. Moms can make toys for performances. And let the kids will make some additional detail to the tales: the broom for Baba Yaga, the staff for the old man-Borovichka hat for magic gnome.

Babe preschool really liked the idea to establish the kindergarten miniature missile or a small boat, it's a great place for fantasy games! Manufactured products from the same drywall, then every detail is carefully recorded (with the help of mothers and fathers) in the right place. And the finished structure is glued or painted colors drawings created by children.

If the design of a group implies some definite direction, it is necessary to select the appropriate decorations. For example, a group called the "Rocket", "Sun" or "Bell". So Make it the character you want: Organize corner for parents in the form of a suit, hang bunches of paper bells on the walls of the room, "settle" the sun on the ceiling, walls and curtains Group.

 design of a group of kindergarten with their own hands

Festive decoration group

And in anticipation of the holiday clearance area will become even more fun!

  • For the New Year

Let the kids make their own hands snowflakes, lanterns, garlands - in kindergarten without such ornaments can not do. In addition, you can decorate the wall drawings of Santa Claus. And from the old yarn (thread) to make a funny snowman and place in the corners of the group;

  • For the fall of the ball

Painted and carved leaves children can paste up on the wall and hang the curtains on. From the gifts of nature crafts and fabricate herbarium - a group of original design will delight parents and children themselves;

  • On the eve of the spring?

Useful applications and bright artificial branches with flower buds and young leaves. Ask the children to bring home the seeds of onions, parsley and other greens. However, plant them in pots and arrange on a windowsill. You will have a mini-garden! Be sure to spread the duty between children: one has to know when it is his turn to take care of seedlings.

For different age groups (in small gardens is practiced), it is necessary to arrange the room so that was interesting to all - may need zoning. For the children's creativity knows no boundaries. The main thing is to be able to interest the kids, make sure that they gladly welcomed any time of year and found something for everyone.

How to land on the playground

Making kindergarten includes not only the decoration of groups - must be able to take care of the gardening area. Kids spend enough time outdoors, so the elements of educational games should be present here. Not enough swing and sandbox? Urgently involve parents, especially dads. After all, their kids will be on this site and, therefore, they will help you to realize conceived ideas.

Also drawing a street section in kindergarten establishes cheerful flowerbeds: ladybugs from basins, chairs of painted penechki, figures from the sand. All this can be done by hand, employing children. Some of the mothers know how beautiful drawing? So, it's time to turn the dull walls of the arbor in a fabulous city. And let the children will make the bright flags of colored paper - a decoration of the site will appeal to everyone.

Remember, the design of a group of kindergarten (as well as area for outdoor games) should bring in a good mood, there is nothing more beautiful than the joy on the face of the child participating in this creative "ugliness"!

 Making kindergarten with their hands: Creativity without limits!

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 Winter crafts with their hands for kindergarten


  • How can I make a snowflake with their hands
  • What are the Christmas tree
  • Bear in the north
  • The variety of garlands
  • Christmas decorations
  • New Year card

Do you think that most kids love? Of course, tinkering something with your own hands! And no, even the most delicious candy does not replace the process. And if Mom and connect to creativity, the child will be very happy! After all, for the entire daily routine, we somehow forget that in addition to communication in kindergarten, your child must be, and our attention. And this joint work gives us the opportunity to show attention, to give the child to understand that he is the best, most skilled and most beloved.

Today we talk about what kind of crafts you can make on the eve of the winter holidays. It does not matter, they needed to decorate the nursery or for decorating your own home. The important thing is that your child will be able to express their imagination to the fullest. You'd be surprised how intelligent and smart kids can be, engaged in business which brings them pleasure.

How can I make a snowflake with their hands

These are winter crafts were and remain the main element of children's creativity. Of course, you can resort to the proven techniques and cut snowflakes out of paper napkins. However, there are ways much more interesting.

Volume snowflake

For children 5-7 years old who have already developed fine motor skills, and have the skills to work with a pair of scissors, it will be interesting variant of twisted paper snowflakes. You will need:

  • Basis - sheet of white or colored cardboard;
  • Stencil to inflict drawing on cardboard;
  • Twisted of thick colored paper streamers;
  • Scissors;
  • PVA glue;
  • To decorate the beads, rhinestones, sequins.

On a sheet of cardboard or translate a drawing snowflakes. It would be nice to do it mnogokonechnoy, fluffy. Using scissors cut out of construction paper thin and long strips. As it is usually the snowflake pastel shades, choose the appropriate paper color. For standard four-sheet A suitable strip 5-7 mm in width. Next, tightly twist the strips into tight coils. If desired, they can be given an irregular shape: lightly press the corners to get the diamond, oval, polygon.

Each skein is pasted on cardboard with glue PVA. Fill in all the fields of the future such snowflakes Hanks and give the product to dry. It will take at least two hours. In order to give a more elegant look snowflake, you can paste over the perimeter and the midway of each harness sequins or beads. This technique allows you to make your own hands not only the snowflakes and snowman, Christmas tree, star.

Application of lace

Very young kids may be asked to perform applications. You will need:

  • Sheet cardboard (not white).
  • White delicate lace.
  • Pieces of foam.
  • PVA glue.

Preparations for the crafts you have to do yourself. For this lace cut several identical parts, and also do a sketch on cardboard. Continue to involve children - rest of the work it can perform, and with his own hands. Pasted to cardboard blanks: with a brush to apply the adhesive and pressed tightly against the lace. To make the original edging, you can dip the brush into the glue, then fine foam chips and walk around the perimeter of snowflakes.

 Winter crafts with their hands for kindergarten tips

What are the Christmas tree

Herringbone made with his own hands, bring your child as much joy as timber and real beauty. So, from which it can be an artificial Christmas tree? Yes, from any material at hand! Consider a few options.

Option 1 - Classic

For such artifacts you need large pine cones, a sheet of cardboard, thread and glue.

  • From cardboard make the cone, which is well-fastening tape, staples or glue;
  • To the base of each cone tie the thread;
  • The thread is smeared with glue and fasten all the bumps in the blank of cardboard so that it was completely closed;
  • Set Christmas tree in a flower pot and base decorate tinsel.

All kids love to decorate Christmas beauty with their own hands, then give them such an opportunity! You will need a thin brush and white or bronze paint. Dipped the brush into the desired color and is easy to carry on each knobs. All - tree sparkle festive glitter. And with beads, buttons, clay and foil make other decorations.

Option 2 - soft

For making will need: cardboard, padding polyester, green felt or velvet, scissors, glue, decorations.

  • Cut a thin padding polyester size sheet of cardboard and glue it. You can use a stapler, in this case it is necessary to close the staples edging;
  • From green fabric cut out triangles. Each triangle is slightly wobbly inside edge to give the amount of the contour, and glue them in the proper order to the soft cardboard;
  • Actually the tree itself is ready. You must give it to dry thoroughly, then you can start decorating. As it uses sequins and rhinestones.

Option 3 - sparkling spruce

Perhaps, the easiest option. Such crafts child can do with little or no outside help. For the tree will need: Cardboard, stapler, tinsel.

  • Because you need to build a cardboard cone with a solid foundation that will not allow fur-tree topple over;
  • Next, you need a long and fluffy tinsel. Interestingly looks green and white film, but any other approach;
  • Drum tinsel tapered so that there were no gaps, which tie in several places stapler. Christmas trees ready for kindergarten.

Bear in the north

Winter crafts is not just snowflakes, fir and snowmen. Let's look at a master class, who will explain how their own hands to make a nice polar bear. It will take a "soft cardboard", made by the previous version (blue cardboard sintepon plus) sintepon white marker or beads.

  • Attached to the cardboard blue or blue sintepon simulating snow;
  • On the patterns of white syntepon cutouts bear and pasted on cardboard blank;
  • With the help of a comb with fine teeth comb out the little animals so that its "fur" slightly razlohmatilas;
  • Use the marker to emerge eyes, ears, nose. For this purpose the beads may be used.

 Winter crafts with their hands for kindergarten interesting

The variety of garlands

From wrappers

Candy wrapper - it's rubbish, which flies in the basket? And in vain! Of them can make a pretty original winter crafts, such as Christmas tree garland. Begin to collect candy wrappers as early as possible and be sure to attract the process of the child. He liked the idea, and the day when you can put it into practice, it will wait with impatience. If you are unable to gather enough wrappers, you can replace them with colored foil.

Thus, we begin. Cook wrappers, foil, thick thread and needle gypsy. Fold the paper in the blanks "accordion." Now take a needle and thread and stringing candy wrappers, trying to move up them to one another as closely as possible. At the same time we develop a wrapper along the other - across. As a result, you'll have a "fluffy" tinsel, garland - a very genuine hack for kindergarten, made their own hands.

From cones

To begin with the top cut off knobs cutters to give them a rounded shape. We treat each blank white gouache (or other you like paint). We take strong thick thread, wetting it in PVA glue to the bases and cones. Once completely dry garland, decorate her Christmas tree.

Christmas decorations

The most famous is the Christmas decorations Christmas ball. And it can also be done by hand. To create crafts will need: a balloon, thread floss different colors, PVA glue. So what should you do?

  • Inflate the balloon to the correct size;
  • Soak the thread in a lot of glue, let them soak;
  • Gently squeeze wound thread on the ball. And the density of winding solely depends on your perseverance;
  • You can sprinkle the whole article shiny hair spray;
  • Post a hand-made article dry. You will need at least eight hours;
  • C using a thin needle to pierce the ball and carefully release the air;
  • If you can unleash it - it would be great. The main thing is that the ball does not burst ahead of time;
  • Remove the remains of stranded loose ball through the skin.

Herringbone, decorated by spheres, will look unusual, and the kids get a lot of fun dressing the beautiful wood toys made with their own hands.

 Winter crafts with their hands for kindergarten recommendations

New Year card

What could be more beautiful than a gift made by a child alone? And my mother and kindergarten teacher will like Christmas card, in which the child has put all his love.

You will need: cardboard, PVA glue, scraps of fabric and a lot of children (and of yours, of course) imagination.

What is represented on this card? Yes, anything! The kid tells himself the idea. Usually, the children choose any options associated with winter: snowmen, forest critters, Christmas trees and Santa Claus. When an image is selected, prepare pieces of tissue desired shape and size, as well as cardboard.

To decorate a nondescript cardboard, it can be pasted foil, colored paper or cloth. It is interesting and unusual looks "tartan". Now it's your baby. Let it will bring together a mosaic of patches. The sea of ​​positive emotions guaranteed! Moreover, such work develops logic and motor skills of the fingers.

How have you managed to make the ideas of self-production of winter craft quite a lot. And here it is necessary to build on the child's age, by his perseverance and desire. Be sure to teach children creativity! This process will bring pleasure to you, and even children's joy would be no limit. But this is the real happiness!

 Winter crafts with their hands: for kindergarten and Housing