hardware manicure at home


  • What hardware manicure?
  • What is the instrument?
  • Technique of manicure at home
  • Precaution for hardware manicure
  • Frequently asked questions about hardware manicure

"Be sensible person can be, but think about the beauty of nails ..." These words of the famous poet emphasize the importance of well-groomed hands. No adversity should not weaken a woman so that she forgot about the neatness. After all, the presence of nail polish shows cleanliness, sense of style, femininity. Even if you can not sign up to the master, to make hardware manicure at home - it's just elementary.

It is clear that there is fear of the unknown, but in order to learn the technique, you need to spend quite a bit of time, but the result will exceed all expectations. A variety of modern manicure can enter into a stupor even avid fashionistas say nothing about ordinary housewife. After studying the theory and little practice, you can always remain beautiful and neat. A device for hardware manicure will be your best assistant.

What hardware manicure?

Leading the conversation about this species hand care, we can not turn to the sources. Many artists and ordinary people compare hardware manicure with his European comrades. But this is not entirely correct. European manicure involves the complete lack of support of technological innovations. His instrument - it just sticks orange and walnut.

The concept of the hardware manicure speaks for itself. It uses a special device, which does all the work, only the master controls them. Of course, nail design specialist performed manually, but that's another story.

 hardware manicure at home

What is the instrument?

Apparatus for manicure - a device, something resembling a dental drill. He hums at least as well. It can be either portable or stationary. The latter option is more often used for professional use in salons. In any case, the working tool - a handle. It is important that it be equipped with electronically controlled, otherwise you may cause damage.

The power tool also depends on the purpose of use. There are machines from 40 to 230 watts. Logically, the more capacity, the longer the device can operate uninterruptedly, the greater the speed of rotation. The number of revolutions per minute varies from 3 to 50 000. Just imagine that speed! For home use is better to choose a small turnover, so the chance to hurt yourself will be minimal.

Design machines for hardware manicure is very diverse. Home ergonomic model, take up little space, about some may say that they are exquisite. One should pay attention to the presence of nozzles, or rather, their number and the material from which they are made. The standard set usually has eight nozzles. One of them is made of felt and is used for polishing. For the rest of the material will be perfect sapphire sputtering. Depreciation of such components will be long. In general, when choosing a device for manicure should focus on the sensations, price and ease of use.

Technique of manicure at home

  • First you need to clean the nail plate from the traces of old varnish. Use a wash without acetone;
  • Prepare the cuticle. To do this with the help of wooden sticks or rubber nozzle move aside it towards the side bolsters;
  • Choosing a nozzle with an average hardness. At low speeds remove the rough skin on the sides and rollers;
  • If you have calluses on their hands and rubbing, then remove them with a gentle tip.
  • Remove the cuticle. It would be correct to say that she did not remove the cuticle, but only the top layer of coarse. For this we use a circular nozzle. She looks like the tip of a ballpoint pen;
  • Now proceed to the nail polish. It is very important to exercise maximum accuracy and endurance. After excessive pressure during grinding may form grooves, hollow. So instead aligned and shiny nails can get the opposite effect;
  • Finish the hardware hands manicure treatment disinfectant. This is especially important during the training period as an unexpected wound can lead to severe inflammation;
  • After treatment, grease hands nourishing and moisturizing cream.

Precaution for hardware manicure

  • Before starting the procedure, make sure that the unit is working, all parts are in working order, they are treated. Before you start the machine pay attention to the fact that the nozzles are properly secured;
  • Conduct hardware manicure is only necessary on dry hands;
  • Nozzles must be kept strictly at an angle of 45 degrees. Movements are made from the center to the edges;
  • Use the first small turnover, increasing the speed of rotation gradually. When you master the virtuoso instrument and equipment, the whole process will go away within minutes.

Let the unit rest after 5-7 minutes of work. Even if the instruction states that he is able to work longer. Such care will reduce the load on the engine and increase the lifetime of the device. And also will be able to rest for hands manicure. After tightly squeezed in the hands of the handle causes a strong tension brushes.

 how to make hardware manicure at home

Frequently asked questions about hardware manicure

Hardware manicure - a phenomenon in our country is fairly new, so is a lot of women a variety of issues.

  • Is it safe to do the hardware manicure?

    Yes, it is safe. By following the basic rules, the possibility of injury is reduced to zero.

  • Can I use the device for manicure people with diabetes?

    Provided that the device quality and manicure done by a professional - it is possible. After all, he is not afraid of diabetic manicure and serious injuries, which can lead to fester.

  • Is it possible to steam hands before the procedure?

    No, this is not worth as too soft cuticle is poorly removed. Possible violation of the integrity of the skin. Everything else, the electric appliance, so contact with water or damp surface is not allowed. Softening is performed by special trains.

  • Can I use the machine for a home pedicure?

    In principle, the structure of the nails on the hands and feet is not much different. The principles of the procedure are identical. The difference will be in nozzles because toenails are usually denser. For those who have problems with ingrown nails, the device is ideal for manicure.

  • How fast can you learn to work with the machine at home?

    It all depends on patience and diligence. With due diligence, you will learn a technique to use the device only a few times. Doing a manicure once a week, a month, and you will remember that there are low speed nozzles.

So how do you have time to make hand care at home can be a quick and professional. It should be just the right time to invest in the device, and your nails are always and everywhere will look neat. A learning nail design, you will forget about the parlors. And why are you? After all, now you master myself!

 Making hardware manicure at home

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 Manicure with water


  • Advice for health and beauty of hands
  • The process of preparing
  • Stages of Water Manicure
  • Rules beautiful manicure

Manicure with water appeared recently, but immediately gained popularity. Not all women are able to work. And come up with a beautiful figure is not everyone can. Here then comes to the aid of water manicure. Drawing done so always get a different, unusual and original. So, let's get down to the study of this simple technique. But first you need to consider some tips to care for your hands.

Advice for health and beauty of hands

If you have the so-called "burrs" that will have to wait until the nail polish with water - you should first treat their pens. Firstly, at least a week, do not use paints. Let the nails and skin around them rest. Second, be sure to lubricate hand moisturizer with herbs. Make sure to present in its composition chamomile, thyme and tea tree oil. Third, buy vitamin and mineral complex, and take it. Often, this nuisance is a consequence of vitamin deficiency. If you make all the procedures correctly, then a week later your hands will be in order.

Note that with the help of a professional manicure tools carried out much easier and more enjoyable. Take the money and buy quality manicure set. It will serve you for years. If you've never done yourself a manicure, you should go to the salon and look at the work of a professional.

Be sure to look at your hands. Not only nails but the whole surface of the brush must be flawless. After all, your hands are primarily at external influences. Do not forget that the skin condition may affect the specificity of the work, the overall health of the body, allergens, household chemicals.

Often ladies too much concerned about their face, but completely forget about their hands. It is not right. In the woman all should be fine, so it's worth the effort to perfect appearance gave you confidence. Hand Care should be complex. Regularly use creams, make masks and massages, spend housework gloves, be careful with household cleaning products.

 manicure on the water

The process of preparing

First you have to prepare the nails for the procedure, because the classic manicure with using decoupling and special accessories has not been canceled. In a small lotochek pour hot water, add a little bit to gel and begin to soar handle. You can drop into the water essential oil, it is advisable to take bergamot or eucalyptus - they are able to reduce inflammation. Just 5-7 minutes, and the skin around the nail to steam, it will be easier to handle. After the "bath" to wipe your hands and begin to manicure:

  • We were equal to the length of the nails, cut the little corners and form them. Remember: if you have a small plump fingers, do marigolds round, but with long fingers and you can experiment - square, pointed nails will look amazing;
  • If resorted to nail scissors, after trimming is required to treat nail file edge - it will save from the separation of the nail plate;
  • Now, take an orange stick shifts the inner lining and the base of the nail. After the "bath" make it pretty easy;
  • Wipe nails degreasing fluid. Everyone can assume that the preparatory stage is passed.

Stages of Water Manicure

Before you do a manicure with water, prepare the necessary things: several colors of nail, toothpick, plastic cup, water, fat hand cream.

  • Paint all nails monotonous varnish. It is best to use a white matte finish, it is good to be combined with any pattern;
  • Now we must do the following: Pour into a glass of water, the amount of the full;
  • Take the first brush of nail polish color and drip drops right in the middle of a cup. Make sure that the brush does not touch the water, but also raise it too high it is not necessary (a distance of 2-3 mm is sufficient);
  • Luck will quickly begin to spread over the surface of the water. Take the next color and drip it into the middle of a first. Try to do this as quickly as possible, otherwise the paint will dry and it will be difficult to portray on it a pattern;
  • If you have only two colors, alternate them until the water is formed of 10-12 layers of varnish. If the colors more - act accordingly. As a result, all the manipulations, on the surface a multilayer colorful spot;
  • Now, take a toothpick and draw a pattern on lacquer in water. This should be done gently, without submerging it in water, but simply stretching the paint on the surface;
  • You can draw any picture, but for the first time will approach something very ordinary, such as a flower. We share our circle of varnish into four parts (petals). We move from the edge to the center. Next share of the ready figure on the smaller ones. At the center of the circle as if set point, a little dipping a toothpick into the water;
  • Around the nail plate to lubricate the skin with fat cream. It is necessary to lay down only figure on the nail. If he imprinted on the skin, it is easily removed by conventional cloth;
  • Drop a finger right in the middle of a flower of our. Make sure that the nail was strictly parallel to the surface of the water;
  • Leaving a fingernail under the water, take a clean toothpick and collect lacquer, which remained on the surface. It is easy to do - plenochka freely contracted to a small lump;
  • We take out the finger from the water, wipe the cream;
  • Each nail, let dry completely, and only then proceed to the next; When you learn how to do a manicure pretty good, you can handle 2-3 nail at a time. So it will go faster.

That's all the wisdom. Initially, you will be hard to fulfill all the way ascribes to this instruction, there needs training and patience. The main thing is not to stop there, try, dream, draw original patterns.

 manicure on the water how to do

Rules beautiful manicure

Here are a few tips to help make a perfect manicure water with water:

  • Do not forget that in the end you should have at least 10 layers of lacquer;
  • The minimum number of colors - the two (the number of layers but still comply);
  • Nail manicure take new, not thickened, does not contain acetone. It is desirable that all paints are from the same manufacturer;
  • You can use the most daring combinations of colors for this kind of manicure, but remember that they are appropriate only for a party;
  • On weekdays, you should not draw attention to the nails, but just to show your taste and ability to look after their own hands;
  • Be sure to completely dry after drawing cover his fixer. Then make a new manicure need water no sooner than one week. Agree, it is very convenient.

The day Give yourself time and enjoy a beauty of its own. Turn on the music, light oil burner and enjoy the holiday. And coming on the job, you can immediately spot his colleagues stylish and trendy manicure. Visits to this beauty salon is not necessarily - just learn to make colorful and unique pattern on your nails yourself!

 Manicure with water at home: simple, fast, flawlessly