earrings from beads with their hands


  • Materials and tools for making jewelry
  • Models of Earrings: room for imagination
  • How to make simple and beautiful earrings

In the days of mass production as it is difficult to stand out from the crowd, show your originality! But that's if you do not use your creative flair.

Make your own jewelry set in stylish outfit is not so difficult, and quite capable of almost any woman.

And everything you need to make earrings out of beads with your hands, you can buy in the store for the needle women, including special fittings and small decorative items. The main thing - to know what you want to do, and then at the entrance to the store scatter eyes across a variety of quite compelling beads podvesochek and other amenities. Wallet is empty, and on his return home suddenly find that purchased from the heap of delicious stuff did not combined with each other.

Materials for creative work can be knitted fabric or beads, plastic, hand-made of Cured polymer clay, stone, ceramic, glass, metal beads. If it is good to look at flea markets (the internet or in real life), one can find unique antique and ethnic elements that turn out true works of art. For example, from a vintage necklace, bought for a song on the near collapse, you can make a fashion set: earrings, pendants, bracelets. And this definitely will not be no one else!

 beads for earrings
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Materials and tools for making jewelry

Except the beads for the manufacture of earrings may need beads, other, smaller beads, different chain podvesochki, wire and special fittings:

  • connecting rings;
  • pins (pins that hold the beads);
  • shvenzy (hooks) or "pinks" with metal clips or silicone;
  • "Caps" that hide the mounting location.

Rings come in different diameters and colors. Models pins also differ in the diameter and structure. If these elements are not able to find in the store, you can make them yourself. Rings are cut from a wire, stranded in a spiral on the spoke, and a pin may be used as a straight piece of wire, the ends of which are twisted by pliers rings.

To work with wire require a special tool. The most convenient and versatile tools is to buy a small side cutter and wire cutters, uzkogubtsy, pliers, pliers (preferably 2 pieces) needle file and tweezers. Useful few needles of different diameters, ruler and all-purpose adhesive.

The workplace should be well-lit. To work it's best to light a thick fabric, on which the beads and the beads are not rolled out to the sides too. Everyone would be better if the place creating a masterpiece jewelry will not have access in small children and cats.
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Models of Earrings: room for imagination

Design decoration future depends: the selected beads from the preferred style of clothing and jewelry.   In addition, the ability to cope with not quite female tool may also be important. But the latter - will come with time. First time peeling potatoes, too, was not easy, I guess. Not that hard, but it is the goddess can do to help their gold handles jewelry for themselves, loved ones.

Large stone or glass beads, beautiful in themselves, do not require any additional elements. They can simply be hung on an inconspicuous Pina laconic hook and decoration ready. Ideally, such earrings worth making even suspension, a bracelet or a ring. However, this type of earrings is quite difficult, because the beads themselves differ considerable weight.

Smaller beads of plastic, wood, bone, glass or metal can be strung on a wire ring with memory, alternating beaded, chain links, metal pendants. By the end of the ring fastener attaches graceful, and - voila! - Unusually stylish pair of earrings ready to go out.

It is important not to let metal items sharp edges, cuts and burrs. If you do not treat the sections of the wire needle files and sandpaper can hurt not only the ear, but also my hands when putting on earrings. Also, you need well thought out choice of metal for earrings. Brass and copper can cause severe irritation, oxidize and leave dark marks on the skin. Silver in contact with skin, too, often black. It makes no sense to spend time on the production of earrings, if then they will be uncomfortable to wear.

 earrings with beads
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How to make simple and beautiful earrings

To work need a set of beads, accessories and tools: pliers and cutter.

Operating procedure:

  1. Strung on pins (wire pins) beads and decorative elements in the correct order.
  2. Bend the right angle of the loose pin, crop. It should remain a tail, the length of which is about 7 mm. This tail Round do loop.
  3. We cling to the ring eyelet shvenzy. Earrings are ready.

Fixing beads, briolette

Very impressive look earrings, briolette beads of glass or stone. They can be supplemented by smaller beads, metal decorative elements, or simply hang on to the fastener chain. Fixing these beads requires a bit more practical skill, but the result is well worth the effort.

Nothing complicated, by and large. A simple tool that can be found in DIY stores, a pair of beads, a little accessories, imagination and inspiration. And as a result - an ornament, specifying which no one else has.

 Making earrings made of beads: a masterpiece with his own hands

 black leather bracelet


  • Pigtail
  • For summer trips
  • Bracelet in pastel colors
  • Braided Bracelet
  • Sophisticated bracelet

Beautiful decorations can not only buy in the store, but also to make their own hands. A particularly simple and quick to create bracelets made of leather with their hands.

In order to start making jewelry, you need to find a few of old leather belts and leather jackets. It's a great material that can be cut into thin strips of leather.

Soon you will become easy to create these masterpieces of leather. There are several embodiments of bracelets.
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He looks like a braid. These bracelets are usually obtained in a pair of very beautiful, on both hands, so we recommend to weave several of these. To make jewelry, you can buy a leather blank or make it their own. You need to cut a wide leather strip along the two lines by putting the buttons on the ends, using an awl.

Then you can start braiding. The lower end of the bracelet is necessary to pass the three strands alternately straightening rolled strip for the plane.

 Bracelet with stones
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For summer trips

These bracelets made of leather with their hands from executed pastel lavender flowers. They are very well suited to summer and spring clothes.

This requires:

  • Light green, white, lavender filaments each having a length of 40 cm;
  • A strip of white leather 40 cm long;
  • Several silver chain length around 20 cm;
  • Cap with clasp made of silver;
  • Clay with scissors.

Stages of implementation:

  1. Cut the yarn into 9 parts, each 20 cm, to get at the two strands of each color, and a silver chain. Put them in three in each group, as shown. Scrapie edges of the tapes;
  2. Start weaving itself. To figure came out even, make sure that in the middle of each strand are colored yarn;
  3. Once the end is near, it is necessary to fix the thread ends before circumcision. Then fasten fasteners meet bracelet with glue;
  4. In the event that the bracelet was a bit a bit short, you can extend it with a chain.

 bracelet with studs

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Bracelet in pastel colors

To perform these accessories are very useful skills to work with a sewing machine. This particular embodiment is made in white and pink palette, but you can always let your imagination roam, opted for a different color compositions.

To work is necessary to prepare:

  1. Knife and scissors;
  2. Cut white skin having a size of 3x25 cm;
  3. Pink dense fabric;
  4. Line;
  5. Hooks;
  6. Sewing machine.

It is necessary to cut the skin so as to obtain 9 strips having a width of 0, 33 cm. Then it is necessary to divide the strip into three parts, weaving a braid. When you need to fold the fabric so rosy, as the pattern and sew it to the skin. Finally, fasten the hooks.

 bracelets with clasps
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Braided Bracelet

These bracelets are very different from the above, because when they were not used weaving braids. Obmeryaem his hand, then calculate the length of the strips, they need two. Also, you should stock up on rough string.
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Sophisticated bracelet

This type of accessories has many good elements in the form of woven braids, chains and stones. It is recommended to carefully prepare for the process.

Require the following elements:

  1. Pin, thread, needles;
  2. Knitted fabrics;
  3. Tape measure or ruler;
  4. Scissors;
  5. A thin metal chain;
  6. Cord made of leather;
  7. Two fasteners;
  8. Two beads of wood;
  9. Jewelry pliers.

If you follow the instructions, you will get a good result. Also do not forget about measuring your wrist from the thumb, that is at the widest point. It is better to do it before the start of the process. This will give you the opportunity to make the length of the bracelet as convenient.

 Leather bracelets with their hands