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Makeup for brunettes should emphasize the natural appeal of the dark-haired beauty. The right make-up emphasize the play of brown hair contrast with the well-groomed skin, satin sensual lips. Well-chosen cosmetics will help hide flaws and highlight the dignity of your face.

Makeup for brunettes - as it should be?

Ideal make-up for brunettes - rich, if not flashy colors? Who told you that? Somehow, among the fair sex there is a perception that the only thing missing spectacular brunettes - catchy colors in makeup. Therefore, the dark-haired girl believe that they could not be better suited scarlet lipstick and black shadows, forgetting that it is - only evening variant, designed for "the publication." To think that such a day makeup for brunettes is permissible - a fatal mistake.

It is unlikely that your colleagues and superiors will appreciate the image of vamp in the negotiations or during a business lunch. To find out the answer to the question "what kind of make-up is right for me? "Look at the table tsvetotip enjoyed all the makeup artists, choosing makeup for brunettes.

 eye makeup for brunettes

The Snow Queen

The most common among dark-haired beauties tsvetotip with "cold" name "Winter". Brunettes this type have dark or black mop of chestnut hair, brown eyes and dark skin as if lightly touched by a tan. Makeup for brunettes this type requires a bright accent or eyes or lips. For the office, choose a light lip gloss soft pink or light crimson hue.

Visually increase your lip gloss transparent red Shimmer. Bright red is suitable for parties or corporate parties. Not bad matte lipstick will look the same shade. Soft colors (beige, light brown, ivory) give the brunette this type of painful, tired. It is desirable that the tonal foundation and powder attended reflective particles - they give the skin a natural shimmer Darkie.

Trendy recently bronzer with caution: to hold the brush around the face is not necessary, it is not powder or tone. To avoid errors in the application of the "office" makeup shade buy gold or chocolate shade. Beautiful evening eye makeup for brunettes involves the use of a bright eyeliner and mascara coal-black hue. Exquisitely will look fine line stamped sharpened pencil or gel liner along the lash line.

Girl with a "spark"

For "autumn" type are of a girl with brown hair have a reddish tint. Their eyes are usually green or blue, the face can decorate cute freckles. If the latter does not seem to be nice to you, you can hide them under a thick layer of foundation or cream powder. The main thing - to choose the most appropriate shade and carefully shade border colors when applied.

Makeup for green-eyed brunettes based on the game of semitones. That they will approach the multilayer technique drawing shadows, which uses the shade of similar shades. What color mascara fit girl-fall? Daytime option - brown, evening - bright green. Good eye makeup gdlya girl with brown red hair emphasize the rare shade of iris, if you use a shade of ocher, swamp or olive color, you can even with mother of pearl. Lipstick should emphasize copper sparkles in your hair: to cope with this task, or coral red-brick tone.

 beautiful makeup for brunettes

Spring Flower

Makeup for brunettes innocent "spring" type present in a favorable light tender skin with pinkish blush, gray eyes and hair shades of chocolate. Fashionable now «nude» is designed specifically for these fragile and weightless persons. Lipsticks and powdery sand tones underline your aristocracy.

Going to work, put on eye translucent shade of lavender, sky-blue or shimmering white. Turn a makeup for brunettes, similar blossoming spring in the evening does not cost anything - you just have to take advantage of a bright blue or purple eyeliner. If your choice was "Smokey Aes" Take shadows palettes, aged in gray scale, and use multiple colors at once.

The boundaries between them, you can easily shade using cosmetic applicator or cotton swab. To avoid fatal errors when emphasizing the eyebrows, throw a black pencil. On your eyebrows light brown color it will look unnatural. You need a pencil on a darker tone of their natural color.

Summer heat

The color scheme is designed for beauties with raven-black hair and light eyes, allows the use of provocative colors (meaning not only the evening variant). During the day you can use the shadow shades "bronze" and "metallic." Best of all, they will look in a pair with golden or dirty-pink gloss. If you decide to focus on the lips, choose the shade of champagne color. Light pearl refreshing and helps with dark circles. In the evening, the shadows can be replaced by violet or chocolate, complete with a black outline for the eyes. To create the effect of "dramatic" lash lengthening mascara, use two or three layers. You have full lips? Emphasize their lipstick juicy ripe plum shade or bright pink gloss.

Regardless of tsvetotipa, the main rule make up for the dark-haired women is this: you want to hit all the exquisite makeup - play on contrasts! However, at the same time not forget about the sense of proportion is not recommended.

 Makeup for brunettes. The secret of your beauty

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 Makeup for blue eyes evening

Evening make-up should be bright and a little extravagant - this encourages the concept of "evening" .  For owners of the blue eyes - it's a great opportunity to emphasize the depth of his sight and sense of taste .  It feels you can use dark and saturated colors, but pastels and bright colors in the evening make-up blue-eyed beauty did not fit .  Evening make-up should look harmonious and stylish, but certainly not pretentious and "alyapisto" .  We must remember that blue eyes are suitable shade of saturated colors - olive, gray, chocolate and lilac .  But mascara is better to choose the classic black - there is no experiment .  Incidentally, if desired, can be applied and shocking make-up - it will look very elegant and not vulgar .  You want to stand out? Try bronze or orange shade - see for yourself how the combination of these colors and how they are perfect for blue eyes .

 beautiful makeup for blue eyes evening

Features evening makeup

To evening make-up looked perfect in the glow of artificial light, it is necessary to prepare - the skin should look flawless, with no rough and uneven. So first we put a foundation, if necessary, use corrective pencil (hide all the flaws), the final stage we put loose powder. Next to "work" with eyebrows - for evening make-up can be underlined in pencil, black, clear line with a slight bend. Eyebrows should look as if you raised his eyebrows - it will be perfect.

The most important thing in the evening make-up - make expressive eyes, and this can be achieved with the help of pearl shades. If the day make-up artists are advised not to use it pearlescent shadows, then for a romantic dinner or incendiary Caribbean party they will be just right. Pick up the tone of the shadows - it can be combined with your dress, it can be combined with the image and can be itself - a bright accent. The choice of colors is huge and it all depends on your preferences and desires, there is only one "but" - green for blue eyes will not do. Complete image of bright and radiant eye liner can be. Arrows better to draw the liquid pencil, they can be made thicker than usual.

If you can not boast of luxurious eyelashes, the makeup for the evening, you can resort to the eyelash - with their eyes become more expressive. And you can take advantage of bulk ink, but do not forget after its application to divide among themselves the cilia. Do not overdo it - ink lumps or matted eyelashes look disgusting.

Evening make-up means bright lips - apply lipstick in multiple layers, use only persistent brand and then lipstick will not disappear every time you sit down at the table. By the way, you can use a lip pencil - no need to seek explicit contrast between the pencil and lipstick, but to emphasize the beautiful line of sponges should definitely. For evening make-up is required for an element of beauty, brightness and clarity.

To create an image of the fatal beauty of the evening many ladies like to use sequins and rhinestones in make-up. It looks natural and original, but here it is necessary to know one immutable rule - such here "decoration" for persons can use only young girls, but older women will look at least funny.

 Makeup for blue eyes - the evening image for a lady-perfection

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