Lunar calendar

The lunar calendar is different?

In the world there are several different kinds of calendars. Calendar defines some time periods in accordance with the movement of celestial bodies like the sun and moon.

The lunar calendar is a special calendar view, which is based on the phases of the Earth's satellite - the Moon. Calendars that focus on phases of the moon, appeared a long time ago, in ancient times.

Many different sources give a large amount of evidence on where it first came up with the Lunar calendar. In one version of the very first in the world calendar, based on lunar phases, it was first invented in the lands of what is now Iraq - in Mesopotamia. The ancient Sumerians as early as the third millennium BC, started to use the Moon as a temporary measure.

But inquiring minds of scientists to this day are not appeased, and continue to look for an answer to the main question: "Who and when was the creator of this wonderful invention as Lunar Calendar? "And build multiple versions and speculation about it. But in a unanimous opinion: The lunar calendar was still first. Phases of the Moon very easy to observe. Therefore, the ancient Chinese, Jews, Babylonians and Greeks used it lunar calendar.

What was the reason for the transition from the Lunar calendar to Sunny?

Once, long ago, people were generally nomadic, not lingering long in one place. Over time, there was a division on the nomads and farmers. The latter were sedentary. In order to properly care for the earth and get a good crop, you need to watch out for the season. It is extremely important for grower solar heat and light. That's when the solar calendar and lunar replaced. Now almost all major calendar is based on the phases of the sun except a Muslim, which is completely based on the moon.

Calendars of ancient Russia

On what is the calendar used by our ancestors, it is composed of many versions and theories. Historians say that it was a lunisolar calendar. It is known that, as the Gentiles, and very superstitious people who live once on this land, we find harmony in all, and most importantly, to live in harmony with nature. For our climate is only one of the Lunar calendar was not exact enough.

The version of the solar calendar, which we are accustomed to use, very easy to use, as it has several clear rules. For example, 24 hours in a day, a new day begins promptly at 00.00.

A feature of modern solar calendar are some unevenness, namely alternating the number of days in each month: one - 30 days, next year - 31 days. February is an exception.

In the lunar calendar, there is no clear, common system. He also changeable as water. Moon has the greatest impact is on the water. From its position depend ebb and flow.

Yet officially adopted the calendar can not be a guarantee that in reality, in the nature of things will be exactly as it is prescribed. As a rule, the new season does not start on the first day strictly. Heat can last until the winter months, the cold and do not necessarily have to end in March. Often in March is colder than, for example, in the month of January.

Nature - fickle and mobile. Its variability are largely reflects exactly Lunar Calendar. The fact that the lunar calendar receded into the background, does not negate the powerful influence of this celestial body to Earth, our nature and our lives. We keenly feel the changing phases of the moon. For a man it is very important to feel a part of nature, a single entity and to change with it, maintaining flexibility.

The human body varies depending on the phases of the moon. Changing the balance and the exchange of water in the body that affects the general well-being. The moon determines not only the physical but also the mental condition of the person.

We begin to change inside, which means that our mind and behavior also rebuilt. Following the laws that are given in the lunar calendar, the person gets the opportunity to become more healthy and successful in everything. Approximately the same as horoscope, lunar calendar will tell you at what point is better to take active steps, and to what extent - just wait. After all, go ahead - not always the best option to achieve the goal. Understanding the rhythms of nature and energy that have such a powerful effect on each person, it makes it possible to "catch" the wave energy and act correctly.

Lunar calendar - basic concepts:

Lunar days (days) - the time of the lunar sunrise to the next sunrise.

Phases of the Moon - the level of the lunar light in the sky, which changes periodically.

The states of the Moon:

The growing (young) Moon - while intended to change;

Waxing (defective or aging) Moon - at rest and decreasing forces.

The main events are the moon:

New Moon - a time when three planets (Earth, Sun and Moon) are in a straight line.

Full Moon - a period in which the moon looks like a huge glowing disk. At this time three planets are almost in a straight line.

Eclipse - a phenomenon in which one planet (celestial body) overshadows another.

 Lunar calendar

 We just have dreams or live in them?

How do we sometimes want to sleep! Just close your eyes and dive into the bliss to unwind from the bustle of the day and gather strength for the next. A dream come to our dreams. Sometimes good and lovely, and sometimes - and even disturbing frightening. What is a dream, modern science has yet to fully explain can not. Maybe it's for the best. Let Slumberland is surrounded by a mysterious veil. There are many people who believe that the dream somehow affects the future and helps to recall important moments from the past. For example, there is a belief that during sleep with us communicate the essence of the underworld, while some are trying to intimidate us, but others seek to convey a warning about future events. Only they did not say directly, but rather hints. Hints of these can be recognized, if we use the dream book.

Who it is unlikely to find out when the first dream interpretation in writing. In different cultures from generation to generation orally transmitted information, what to do in this or in another case had a dream. Until now, in some small nations that are not spoiled by civilization, the custom to apply for deciphering dreams to shamans and elders. Incidentally, experienced people advise that if you had a bad dream, you have to go back to sleep, to see a good sleep. Then the nightmare come true.

We know that Democritus and Aristotle made their dream books, and today has spread Dream Miller As an explanation of dreams it is quite clear and well-systematized. Some people make their own personal dream books, though it takes any one year. The procedure is simple. Every morning should be as detailed as possible to write down everything that had a dream and in the evening to remember everything that happened during the day and compare with the images of sleep. After a while, it accumulates information, and it can be analyzed. It is useful to take into account every detail, including the day of the week, phase of the moon and so on. This dream book will be of value only for the person of its components, but according to psychologists, record keeping dreams good for mental health, and certainly cure insomnia. Of course, do not try to sleep as much as possible. First, do not dream dreams, and real life can suffer.

Be your dream book - it's pretty exciting activity, but few have so much patience and self-discipline. It is much easier and faster to choose Interpretation of Dreams online By logging on to specific resources on the Internet. It is very convenient that you can check your sleep for several well-known dream books, and even choose the most attractive value. We know that the dream-books from different authors do not always coincide, due to differences in cultures and time drawing dream book. For example, in the Middle Ages in Europe, the occult significance was attached to dreams, so full of mystical interpretation of the images, and sometimes not understandable to modern man turns.

 We just have dreams or live in them?

 Several effective ways to cope with the heat

How can you escape on a hot summer day of sweltering heat? We offer five of the most unusual ways to cool off in the very hot days.

"Freeze pulse"

Apply to places where well-detectable pulse, wrapped in a cloth pieces of ice. Compress is recommended to apply for no longer than one minute, alternating it this way: apply for 1 minute, then remove and then back again, and so long until you feel relief.

Breathe deeply

Sit as comfortable as possible and put your hands on your knees. Then, stick out your tongue and roll it so that it is shaped like a straw, with all sides surrounded by the closed lips. Now slowly inhale and exhale through the nose, and the tongue and mouth take the normal position.

Prefer "easy" hairstyle

Make sure that during the summer days are not only the body but also the scalp breathe. Therefore it is better to abandon the use of foams, lacquers and hair gels. Let your hair look natural even in the days of exhausting heat.

Imagine cool

Imagine that you bathe in the cool river or swim in the pool. Such a method will help you not only feel cool, but also to relax and stay calm even in stressful situations.

Add sharpness

Add to your diet red pepper. It includes substances that stimulate perspiration without raising body temperature. Thus, when the fluid evaporates from your body, you tend to feel cool.

 Several effective ways to cope with the heat