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The fact that fever is a sign of an ailment known to all, without exception. And why the temperature can rise - also in general known. But sometimes the opposite situation occurs - human body temperature is lowered. And here there is confusion - if a person has a low body temperature, the causes are known not for everyone.

In this article we look at why there is such a situation, and what to do if the body temperature is largely reduced. To understand this, you need to know some history.

Evolution has taken care of that man became warm-blooded creature. Otherwise it would be very difficult to survive in such different climatic conditions. The mechanism of thermoregulation man almost perfect - it allows the body to maintain a constant body temperature, is approximately 36, 6 degrees.

In that case, if there is a deviation of the temperature towards higher values ​​- fever - people almost always notice the change and seek medical help from your doctor, or your own take certain measures to ensure that lower the body temperature to normal values.

But in that case, if a deviation occurs in the direction in downward, a person usually does not pay much attention to it. But, as it turns out, absolutely nothing. Sometimes the reason for the decrease in body temperature are very serious diseases that are real hard threat not only to health, but also sometimes to human life.

In order to make it clear exactly what causes can lead to a decrease in body temperature, you need to have at least a general idea of ​​how the process occurs in the human body thermoregulation. Scientists have isolated several types of thermoregulation:

  1. Chemical thermoregulation of the human body. Chemical thermoregulation characterized enhanced heat production in the body, with a large reduction in ambient temperature. Normally, this process allows a person to survive, even at very low temperatures.
  2. Physical thermoregulation of the human body. For physical thermoregulation characterized by heat retention due to narrowing or vasodilatation and perspiration. This feature allows the human body to adapt to sudden changes in ambient temperature. For example, when entering a warm room from the cold.
  3. Behavioral thermoregulation person. To this thermoregulation is an instinctive movement of a person in search of the optimum temperature. This behavioral response is unconditional, and given to a person from the moment of his birth. This is particularly evident in nursing babies that uncomfortable when the air temperature begins to worry and cry.

Types of violations of thermoregulation

Doctors note that there are violations of any and all kinds of thermoregulation. Consider these disorders in more detail - this information will help to thoroughly understand the breakdown of the processes of thermoregulation. And we start a conversation with violations of chemical thermoregulation:

  • Malfunction of the body's immune system

And more often violation of thermoregulation occurs shortly after the man suffered a - a serious illness, often accompanied by a significant increase in body temperature.

  • Severe intoxication

As you know, very often with intoxication in humans is very strong body temperature rises. However, in some cases, may completely reverse phenomenon - with severe intoxication body temperature drops, sometimes very significantly. By the end of the causes of this phenomenon are not set - someone believes that the reason for it is the kind of toxin, someone thinks that the features of the immune system. So you should just accept this fact.

  • Iron and some other kinds of anemia

Often, a disturbance of the normal process of thermoregulation leads various types of anemia. Most often this phenomenon occurs in the event that a person is suffering from anemia of iron or plastic. Therefore, if you are in this situation, be sure to monitor the temperature of the body, even if your doctor did not tell you about it. Unfortunately, doctors often overlook this aspect in mind.

  • Endocrine

Often, low body temperature is a direct consequence of the disruption of the normal functioning of the endocrine system - problems with the adrenal gland, hypothyroidism and others.

  • Overvoltage and lack of sleep

Often the cause of violations of chemical thermoregulation becomes chronic fatigue syndrome, sleep deprivation and constant stress. Such situations are generally very negative impact on the work of the whole organism, without exception.

  • Gestation

In some situations, the body temperature may be lowered due to the onset of pregnancy. Therefore, if the woman noticed that her lower temperature, she should immediately make sure she is not pregnant.

Violation of physical thermoregulation is that the body heat loss can occur due to heavy sweating pathological, or it is too strong and prolonged vasodilation. This may occur if a person has experienced a lot of stress or diseases such as vegetative - vascular Distanov or hypotension.

Not least among the reasons that lead to a lowering of body temperature, takes a malfunction of behavioral thermoregulation. Typically, this occurs when a person ceases to properly react to changes in body temperature. The most common cause of such disorders of perception of change in ambient temperature or due to mental disorder or due to the impact on the brain drug or alcohol substances.

Such a violation is very dangerous not only to human health, but sometimes even to his life. Man simply does not notice a significant drop in temperature of the environment, and can therefore be strongly supercooled. A drop in body temperature to 25 degrees will inevitably entail coma and death.

Furthermore, this can happen in small children during the first two months of life. That is why doctors - pediatricians constantly remind parents of the need to constantly and vigilantly monitor the temperature of the baby's body. Make sure that the skin of the baby was warm and dry - this is a sure sign that the baby feels comfortable. If you freeze a pipsqueak, and parents will not notice this in a timely manner, the body temperature may be significantly reduced.

There are several other reasons that may cause abnormal reduction in body temperature. And among these reasons are often very serious diseases such as various tumors of the brain, it affects those areas that are responsible for the natural process of thermoregulation, critically low body weight, the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

 low body temperature

What to do?

Of course, reduced body temperature is not always easy to spot. However, there are a number of symptoms of which can be suspected that a person's body temperature is lowered:

  • Weakness and malaise man.
  • Pronounced drowsiness, which is very difficult to handle.
  • Increased nervous irritability and nervousness, crying children.
  • Confusion different reactions - both mental and physical.

In that case the decrease in body temperature was confirmed, must quickly take action. The first thing to do - is to identify the cause of lowering body temperature. If the cause is human supercooling is necessary as soon as possible to warm it, and call a doctor.

Thus, low body temperature - what to do? The answer is very simple - in any case, you need as quickly as possible to see a doctor. The doctor will make a thorough inspection, and if necessary will appoint a number of surveys. If necessary, the sick person will be sent for further consultation.

In no event it is impossible to engage in self-diagnosis, and especially self-medicate. Only a doctor can do it quickly and correctly. In some cases, low body temperature is a specific feature of the individual.

In such cases, the person retains the well-being and performance, with their full medical examination the doctors can not identify any violations. Such people do not need medical attention, for their low body temperature is normal.

 Low body temperature - the norm or pathology?

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Unfortunately, there are many wide variety of human diseases. And every year their number is increasing. And one of these diseases is arachnoiditis. The disease is little known to the general public, however, it is found very often. Arachnoiditis - is an inflammatory process that affects the arachnoid brain or spinal cord. However, as the medical practice, it is much more common is cerebral arachnoiditis.

Because of the anatomical structure of the brain and spinal cord development of isolated lesions of the arachnoid is impossible in principle. This is explained by the fact that the stand-alone grid blood vessels in the arachnoid do not exist. And so the inflammatory process in almost all cases, spread to nearby tissues. That is why most doctors do not speak about arachnoiditis, notably meningitis. Although, in essence, the original cause of the disease is just arachnoiditis.

The causes of the disease

There are several main reasons for the development of the disease, most common culprits are a variety of infections, including neuroinfection. In addition, often the cause of the disease are intoxication different nature of origin, as well as serious head - injuries. Insure against them is difficult, almost impossible. However, be aware of them it's worth - it will help reduce the threat on their own experience to know what arachnoiditis. Next, we describe in more detail about these reasons.

Of course, this disease can not pass without leaving a trace - and arachnoid, and surrounding tissues marked thickening and clouding of the sites. Furthermore, arachnoiditis often leads to the development of active adhesive processes. As a result of these processes in the meninges grow spikes consisting of connective tissue. These spikes are very well seen as the proliferation of blood vessels, and their opacity. In particularly advanced cases often formed cysts which may be of different sizes.

All of these lesions may be localized at various sites of the brain. Depending on the localization of this most doctors arachnoiditis divided into several varieties: fiber-chiasmatic, convexital, spinal. All varieties have symptoms of the disease is about the same, but in some ways for the manifestation and may vary. In rare cases an atypical course of the disease.


Of course, arachnoiditis - this is a very serious disease. And so it has no symptoms occur just simply can not. There are a number of different features that can make the doctor suspect the patient is human arachnoiditis:

  • Headache

This symptom to some extent inherent to any and all kinds of diseases arachnoiditis. However, most of the headaches suffer are the people who are sick cerebral form of the disease. As a rule, they feel strong enough pain - diffuse nature. However, although less frequent, but still, there are localized pain.

The main feature of the headache that is caused by arachnoiditis is its gain for any, even the slightest, moving his head. There is even a special test - a sick person to become a doctor offers on tiptoes, and then abruptly shift the weight to the heel. In the event that at the moment when the man touched the floor with his heels, the pain increased, it is possible to suspect that he arachnoiditis.

  • Spastic syndrome

In the event that affects arachnoiditis front parts of the brain, it is called convexital. For this type of diseases characterized by disorders such as musculoskeletal system, and various neural receptors. Human movement becomes clumsy, sometimes it is hard enough even to lift the cup.

Specific gait is also a sick person - it can "swing" from side to side, he can run across different subjects. All this is due to the fact that in a - somewhat affected cerebellum. And the severity of the coordination of movements depends on the extent of the cerebellum.

Of course, all these changes are very afraid of both the sick person and his family. But no need to panic - almost one hundred percent of all of these phenomena are almost without a trace. The main thing - time to seek medical help and get proper treatment.

In addition, people often lose sensitivity - including pain. However, fortunately, the sensitivity is lost only partially - complete loss is extremely rare, only in very severe cases. In this form of the disease there is one very unpleasant feature - it can often lead to seizures - both focal and general nature. So arachnoiditis manifested half of all patients.

  • Reduced vision

In that case, if a person arachnoiditis occurs as a result of any - any injury or as a result of the spread of the inflammatory process with the maxillary sinuses, a sick person may be experiencing problems with the visual apparatus. Man can observe the appearance of blurred, or bright spots before his eyes, then begins a gradual decrease in visual acuity in both eyes.

Fundus examination doctor - ophthalmologist, as a rule, there is a marked optic neuritis. However, if this happened to you or your loved ones, do not panic - after arachnoiditis will be cured, vision gradually begins to recover. Typically, over time it is restored in full, with a few exceptions.

  • Increased intracranial pressure

In almost all cases of arachnoiditis may be a phenomenon of increased intracranial pressure. If this phenomenon occurs, your doctor will likely necessarily exclude the possibility of such diseases as arachnoiditis.

  • Pain in the lumbar - sacral

In the case of arachnoiditis is localized in the spinal cord, a sick person may experience pain in the lumbar region, sacrum, or in the thoracic region - depending on the location. And the pain can be quite intense. It is very important in this situation to eliminate low back pain, sciatica and acute pyelonephritis, which can be masked by arachnoiditis.

 cerebral arachnoiditis

Diagnosis zabolevaeniya

As mentioned above, successful treatment is very important in time and correctly diagnosing arachnoiditis. In order to properly diagnose, the doctor requires data of complex inspection of the sick person, the assessment of clinical manifestations of the disease and the general history. That is why the diagnosis always takes time.

And the first thing doctors have to do - is to completely eliminate the possibility of a sick person with such a serious disease such as brain tumor. Symptoms of these diseases is very similar - it is very important to find the right time and cause an indisposition at sick person. After all, the tactics of treatment of these diseases is completely different, and delay the treatment is unacceptable in any case, nor in the other - otherwise there is a serious risk to human health. Cerebral arachnoiditis, for that matter, and other varieties, is a very insidious disease!

To diagnose the disease using a variety of methods - the feasibility of each determined by a physician. Typically, the foundation are symptoms. For example, if a person is worried about back pain, your doctor may decide on the need for puncture. In the event that actually takes place arachnoiditis, hit the spinal cord, spinal - spinal fluid will flow under some pressure, and laboratory studies show the presence of inflammation.

In that case, if a person complains of pain in the head, most often the doctor prescribes the patient imaging of the brain. This study reveals the possible extension of certain parts of the brain, focal changes, and sometimes even cysts. Reliability tomography is about 99%.

Also for the correct diagnosis is of great importance and how it begins disorder arachnoiditis. As a rule, if a person became ill arachnoiditis, malaise does not begin suddenly. Most often, just before the man suffered these or other infectious diseases, such as sinusitis or purulent otitis.

Then the person has the feeling of nausea, often accompanied by vomiting. Please bear attacks in waves, but as the disease becomes almost constant. And in that case, if not begun treatment of arachnoiditis, the use of any pharmacological agents designed to remove nausea, completely ineffective. About the second day after the onset of nausea joins her headache. Its intensity also increases as the disease progresses.

Treatment of the disease

Once the disease is diagnosed reliably, you need as quickly as possible to begin treatment. The first thing to do - is to establish the cause, trigger the development of diseases such as arachnoiditis. In that case, if this was not the cause of injury, and infection or that need as soon as possible to begin its treatment.

Depending on whether the infection in a human patient, the physician will select an antibacterial preparation in the dosage that is needed for every individual patient. Antibacterial drug will not only eliminate the root cause of the disease - an infection, but also relieve inflammation of the brain membranes.

In addition to antibacterial drugs to the sick person in almost all cases are assigned different antihistamines. They are necessary in order to remove the swelling, which will inevitably arise as a result of the defeat of the meninges. In severe cases, the sick person will be assigned to intravenous injections of various drugs that act on the body a little bit faster.

In the case arachnoiditis accompanied by convulsive syndrome, doctors appoint appropriate antiepileptic drugs. Furthermore, to alleviate the condition of the sick person, doctors may assign symptomatically. This treatment has a very noticeable result.

In some severe cases, the above measures may be ineffective - symptoms continues to grow, increased intracranial pressure, convulsive symptom is enhanced vision greatly reduced. Delay in such cases, in any case inadmissible - under threat not only health, but also the lives of the sick person. In such cases, doctors decide on the need for surgical intervention.

After the acute stage of the disease cropped, doctors are beginning to pathogenetic therapy. This treatment is very long lasting - it can take about three months. The purpose of this treatment is the normalization of intracranial pressure, stimulation of the cerebral circulation and the overall improvement of the body.

 arachnoiditis of the brain

Further outlook for the sick person

Since arachnoiditis - a very dangerous disease, pass without trace, he is unlikely to. However, for the life of the forecast is very favorable - if the disease is diagnosed promptly and treatment is begun right, threats to human life virtually none. The only exception - it arachnoiditis, which is complicated by hydrocephalus brain. In this case, alas, to save the man is not always possible.

Most often a sick man who had endured arachnoiditis - of course, after a course of full rehabilitation, restores almost full. Sometimes, however, in the event that health is not restored in full, a special medical commission can decide whether to admit the sick person disabled group III.

In very rare cases, a person who has had a complicated form of arachnoiditis may periodic occurrence of seizures. In this case, the sick person will be forced to rest of his life to take special anticonvulsants. Of course, in this case the person will also receive a disability group, mostly II. This occurs in about 10% of all cases when a person suffered a cerebral arachnoiditis, especially complicated.

Approximately 2% of all cases of the disease is a complication of arachnoiditis gives as strong decline of view. Sometimes a person can lose it completely. Of course, in this case, the person is no longer able to work effectively, so it necessarily will receive a disability I group. The reason for this will arachnoiditis.

Precautions after illness

In addition, the first year after a person has suffered arachnoiditis, it must comply with certain precautions, even if the state of health does not suffer. For example, in the case if a person during his illness had problems with the coordination of movements, or the seizures in the first year it is to refuse to work in dangerous conditions. These conditions include the work of the open fire, and high enough to transport and about the dangerous mechanisms - a certificate that the person suffered arachnoiditis, give the right to light work.

Everyone, without exception, patients undergoing arachnoiditis, is to try and refuse to work in noisy environments too, in conditions significantly different from the usual atmospheric pressure - such as aircraft or mine. All these factors can be triggers - lead to a re-emergence of arachnoiditis.

In addition, you must be afraid of a variety of infections, at least the first year of the disease. Otherwise, the very high risk of recurrent disease arachnoiditis. Of course, this is not so easy, however, this measure will help to avoid many problems. By the way, the repeated experience more serious disease, and the risk of complications in this case in the example above.

The best way to avoid those or other infections to date - a general strengthening of the immune system. This can be done by yourself, but it makes more sense to see a doctor - immunologist, who carefully evaluate the condition of the person. If you want to be a number of studies - including blood tests.

Based on these data the doctor will select a special therapy that can help greatly improve the immune system, enhance the resistance to various infections. This measure is very useful for anyone, let alone for had undergone such a serious disease, such as arachnoiditis, - even more so.

In conclusion, I would like to remind once again - of course, arachnoiditis is an unpleasant disease that permanently unsettle the sick person and his family. However, that is no reason to be upset - timely appeal for medical help, careful observance of all doctor's appointments, and its recommendations will help to cure such diseases as cerebral arachnoiditis.

 Arachnoiditis of the brain and spinal cord. Caution - Danger!