WITH HIS BYVSHIMPARNEM We lived 3, 5 year, there were a lot of things, quarreled, were reconciled, but in the end got together unbearable, we decided to leave, at first to communicate, probably when I felt at ease, I wanted to forget, going out with girlfriends, walk the clubs, and as it seemed to find a GUY BETTER were with him in the same company hear that he started to call girl writing sms, I began FOR THOSE noticed frenzied jealousy, though always think I'm not jealous man, but the emphasis IT does not attach .  A year later I met the man before we were familiar, we've twisted romance, well, as something quickly we started to live together with your ex, I did call up niznayu why, but I is not seen ITSELF FOR THOSE begins telling him go out SOON married and that I had everything is fine, in the shower seems to me it is not enough, but even to admit to herself I did not dare !!!!!!!!!! Time has passed and he had a girl, I began to cling to IT, in social .  NETWORKS they began to exhibit their joint photograph, A friend comes to me not fall silent about him from this compresses everything inside, because neither WHO DID NOT KNOW WHAT I hurt so much to hear it, as time passed and here's the news, since this morning I did not fall silent PHONE my former MARRIED !   I'M IN SHOCK !   Why is it always seemed to me, THAT IT WILL ALWAYS LOVE ONLY ONE me, but no, it started off TURNOVER !   He married, lives in another city, I live with my current, relationship does not kleyut, FORMER for three years from the comfort of my head I can not sleep, he always dreams, all thoughts are about him always blame myself that I could not SAVE TE our relationship MUCHEYUS ALREADY plagued yourself how on to be ???? HOW TO LIVE??? I realized that my heart was really cold !   But not in relation to it, force yourself not to think about it, because he is married, but what of hope in the soul sits and get rid of it I can not, even hard to imagine that he could be happy without me, because I suffer so much WITHOUT HIM" !   PROBABLY read this story from his own life, with all my experience, you think time heals !   BUT I do not think so, over the years my love for him is starting to become more and more !   Sometimes I think it's some sort of SICK LOVE, in fact probably NOT LOVE LIFE OF THE FORMER, at night crying into the pillow, SEEM HAPPY cheerful and contented life, so tired, but unable to overcome our love for Him !   And soul creeps AGAIN WHAT TO droplets hope that one day we will be together again, though opportunities and takes many YEARS !   Write your comments, it will be interesting listen, Maybe someone was something in the likeness, I shall be glad to read)))

 Love Sick


So another year has passed my love ....

It started from the moment I saw him at the graduation .  He was from another town .  I came another at prom .  He was drunk and I was too, and despite the fact that we have a whole evening staring at the other arcs, yet none of us dared to come and meet .  After a month passed a wonderful evening .  I broke up with her boyfriend and decided to start a new life ... But here's the problem: I could not decide where to start it .  And then I remembered that pretty guy that the whole evening looking at me .  I got his phone number and decided to write him a sms .  The message I wrote about what I saw him at the graduation .  And he said that we are already familiar .  He was the brother of a witness at the wedding of my sister ... We started to communicate with him .  With him was quite interesting and not boring .  He was funny and cheerful, however, as I .  He admitted that he, too, I was fascinated and went running .  We communicated with him for two months .  Often seen .  Then he went to study, and we have less and less viditsya . Paul, we spoke with him by phone, social networks, etc. . P .  I'm in love with him ... he constantly told him to come at least once to see ... He promised, promised and has not performed .  After half a year I got tired of all the floor .  And I just stopped calling him .  And he is not particularly worried because I did not call myself ... There was summer again .  We happened to see him on the football and started talking again .  But this time we do more and started to meet .  But just a week has passed and we quarreled over little things, I do not even remember .  While we spoke with him I had with him a lot of mutual friends who told me that he had in another city (where he lives) is a girl .  But I did not believe, and Nick did not dare to ask him .  After parting, I like and forget it meets another ... But a cold autumn evening the phone rang and I heard the telephone handset to the pain of his pleasant voice, "Do not you want to meet? "I certainly like a fool ran to him .  We talked all night, walking ... started talking again, but when he hinted to resume relations, I went to answer, because I was hurt again feel everything .  I did not want to "step on the same rake" .  Somehow we celebrated together with his company's May Day celebrations and I realized that I can not forget it . We agreed with him that we will meet again at the graduation, he was going to come with his brother .  When he came out of the car he, his brother and another girl .  He introduced her as my sister .  Well sister, and sister, believed ... A week later, I found out that it was not my sister, and it was the girl who was with him in his city .  I was sobbing, crying .  I told him that I do not want to know him .  He rushed to apologize, though not immediately, after 2 days, and I forgave him, since in this time we have not met, but just friends, but he knew about my feelings .  He said he would think it to be with someone ... In the end, he chose me .  There were 3 months old, it was my first intimate terms .  Then he threw me out of the fact that he had his ex said I insulted her, even though this really was not .  I cried for a long time, he explains, but he was stubborn as a mule did not believe me ... And here has passed half a year, we broke up and I forget it I can not .  That sort of let go, and he bats - called, I sent him .  So again, let go - and he bam - "Let's meet" again sent .  And so he keeps me on a leash for 4 years .  It draws to itself, then it proganyaet like a dog chain .  And I did not have nobody after him, in the literal sense .  And I know 100% that he loves me, but I can not do anything with it .  He does not call to him and does not let go . 

What do you advise?

 Another year my love ...


To prepare the rolls with ham You will need:

  •   Ham, sliced
  •   Armenian lavash - 1-2 pieces
  •   Cream Cheese - 1 tbsp
  •   Lettuce - 1 sheet
  •   White cabbage
  •   Carrot
  •   Tomato - 1 pc
  •   Chicken breast
  •   Salt and pepper

Boil chicken breasts, cut a few slices of elongated, slightly fry (so delicious).
Cabbage finely chop or grate. On a coarse grater grate the carrots. Actually, I used instead of raw carrots sharp Korean carrot. More calories, but the taste is more like me ostrenkoe.
Cut a few small slices of tomato and a couple of plates of ham.
Pita lubricate the cream cheese. Top with lettuce evenly porvanye. Then, cabbage, carrots, sliced ​​tomatoes, ham and chicken last. Carefully wrap.

The combination - amazing. In general, the roll - the most versatile appetizer with pita bread because it combines everything and stuffing can make any sort. Especially good in prikusku with cheese soup GRS Company  :)

 rolls with ham: P

 Rolls with ham


In our world, hardly could meet the people about whom you could say that they are fully confident in the future. All of us are constantly bombarded anxiety, doubts, fears. First, we are afraid that it is not enrolled at the university, who want, then we are afraid to remain without work, without the second half. We are afraid of being misunderstood, unrecognized, Not Rated podostoinstvuNo probably the most common fear -boyazn convictions. We are afraid of gossip and talk behind my back .. In other words, we're just afraid to live.

And this whole load of problems, complexes, fears people carry with them through life, complicate ourselves exist.

Think for a start, that it scares you and that really bothers you on the path to success? Maybe you are constantly targeting the opinions of others? If so, ask yourself - your life whether you live or whether you are a puppet, which is easily controlled with the help of words and assessments of people? It sounds harsh, but understand people pretty simple to manipulate you until you respond to their cues in your address. In real life, alas, a lot of gossip and envy, which is just waiting for a pretext to gossip. Take it easy, I would even say - with humor.

I, for example, even like it when I hear the neighbors, colleagues and other people with whom I somehow have to cross, showing increased interest in my personal life. I just know that it is not obliged to answer their questions, and I have every right to do as it sees fit. Here I want to meet with a guy - and I meet, even though some of them are trying to inquire what was and how, and then another, and rumors are spreading. Earlier too afraid frustrating when gossip, and then realized - okay. Such people are everywhere, and it is necessary to establish personal life, both want to get married in any way.

I was afraid before to build relationships with men. Probably affects not entirely successful relationship with his father, and painful unrequited first love, she wept at night, knowing that the one I love, never will be mine (he was married to, and besides, 12 years older - agree, a significant difference in the then aged for schoolgirls).

In general, afraid of being alone: ​​she studied in a group where there was one girl, and get acquainted with in the clubs who did not want to have .  But now, fortunately, in my life, have a young man with whom I am not afraid, not afraid of (!) To be myself, not play, do not pretend to be, but to be so what is - somewhere serious thought and where -That - cheerful, happy, reckless .  And the most interesting thing is that it came at a time when I realized that all my fears are groundless! Yes Yes exactly .  I just realized that in fact, afraid of nothing .  What in the world many men and me, so excuse my immodesty, rather interesting, educated girl will be found a man who can appreciate my dignity .  And then I will not care what they say those same colleagues and neighbors .  Believe me, I not fear - and found! And in the end, I myself respect, and that there are other people think about me - now, and things that I do not have to .  As there is no past, these stupid (I only recently realized that they are really stupid) fears .

I was afraid to refuse. And then I realized that to live as normally can not. And I learned. Now easily, quietly and without any constraint I tell people "no" when you do not want to do what is asked. Parasites has become much less, but life - much easier. They do not hesitate to me with requests to address - and I'm not ashamed to deny!

Girls, dear, my advice to you: if you want to change your life, make it better, brighter, more varied - determine what afraid. And then just realize that you are not alone - people with the same problems in the world, millions! And all of them, like me, are well aware and morally support you. You are not alone in their problem - this is important! The decision will come by itself - the main goal just to put in front of him! Good luck to you!

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 Life without fears and complexes