Weight Loss

Today, the topic is relevant if the weight loss is not for everyone, for most women. And the results of the fight against excess weight, some are very different. What are the secrets to know one, and does not take into account the other?

Why do we get better?

The high pace of life, frequent meals "on the run", the abuse of fast food, sandwiches, chips, and other harmful foods, sedentary work, low physical activity, low intake of water in its purest form, bad habits - all these actions contribute to the accumulation in the body different harmful substances. They provoke failures in the digestive system and disrupt our metabolism. Only cleanse the body of harmful ballast that can achieve effective weight loss.

The elements of an effective weight loss?

Thus, it becomes apparent the three pillars on which to build effective scheme of weight loss: nutrition, exercise, and cleansing of the body.

Where to start?

As mentioned above, first of all displays the body of harmful toxins, and then make sure they do not fall back into the body with food. Of course, this division is conditional - sport, proper nutrition and cleansing of the body can be connected to losing weight immediately, at the very moment when you decide it's time to change your life for the better. The main thing - not to exclude from the scheme none of the factors.

 The drug "Karbopekt"

How to clean the body of toxins?

Substances capable to bind and excrete all the "hazard" are called sorbents. Of the total number submitted to date sorbents can distinguish "Karbopekt" - a natural enterosorbent triple action. The drug not only binds and removes from the body a variety of toxic substances (cholesterol, urea, bilirubin), but also restores the microflora and an adequate functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Natural components of the drug to effectively cleanse the body and prepare it for weight loss.
Take "Karbopekt" to cleanse the body better course: 4 capsules 3 times a day for two weeks. Further requires a two week break, after which, if necessary, the course may be repeated.

What is good nutrition?

To illuminate this question in detail the need, perhaps, a series of separate articles. Now let's say the main thing: it is not fasting, it is not excluded from the diet of a group of substances (and fats, and carbohydrates required by the body for normal functioning, and must be included in the diet). Takeout is from excessively fatty, spicy foods, fast food, sandwiches and other "hazards". Portions better reduce and frequency of meals on the contrary increased. Fractional power - a reliable assistant in parting with excess weight.


Sports: what and how much?

Here it is better to be guided by their own desires. An hour salsa lessons can give much better results than three hours with a barbell in the gym, if you like salsa, and "iron" - no. Go in for fun and be sure to give yourself a break. Daily heavy loads without adequate recovery more harm than help.

The secret - in the complex!

As you can see, only a comprehensive approach to the issue of weight loss can give reliable results. Employing all the necessary arsenal of tools and actions, you not only say goodbye to not petition the guests in the form of extra pounds, but also prevent them from returning.

 Lose weight properly - once and for all

 Removing makeup

In skin care facial cleansing - the first and most important step, because in many respects it determines the effectiveness of all the other's Skin funds. Proper daily cleansing and prepares the skin for the application of moisturizing creams and supply, and helps skin retain youthful and healthy appearance.

It is difficult to find the ideal cleanser, because using them women face a number of challenges:

  • irritation of the skin around the eyes;
  • inefficient removal of make-up;
  • stickiness and an oily film, even after rinsing with water;
  • allergic skin reaction with high sensitivity.

 Face Care

Given these shortcomings, it is possible to deduce the formula of an ideal cleansing agent:

  • gentle cleansing of all skin types;
  • versatility in use - effective make-up removal, toning properties;
  • compatibility with other cosmetic products.

If you are looking for effective but very gentle cleanser, we recommend you try the innovative product from NIVEA - micellar water 3 to 1. Action novelties unique softness and effectiveness. Micellar water perfectly cleanses the skin by removing excess oil and makeup residues, and heals and moisturizes it, due to the content of panthenol. Grape seed oil as part of its formula strengthens cell membranes and is a natural antioxidant.

 Looking for the perfect cleanser

 the benefits of pomegranate


  • Pomegranate to restore health
  • Pomegranate Beauty
  • Pomegranate for certain groups of people

Pomegranate is a sweet and sour berry, which is known not only for its taste, but also useful properties, which are widely used for the treatment of various diseases. Even if a person does not know all aspects of the possible use of a grenade, for sure he is aware, what is useful grenades. This berry considered complex of vitamins and minerals, because it was found 15 amino acids, various minerals (potassium, iron, iodine, silicon, calcium), vitamin 4. Pomegranate can be consumed even in the fasting days.

 Pomegranate Health
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Pomegranate to restore health

In folk medicine widely used pomegranate fruits, including pomegranate juice and seeds, leaves and flowers, peel and roots of the tree.

Let's see what is useful grenades in various diseases and how to use it properly for a quick recovery. For example, if you overcome the common cold, it is advisable to drink pomegranate juice, because this berry is characterized by an abundance of vitamin C and antipyretic properties. We can also gargle decoction of the rind or diluted pomegranate juice, if you are worried about the pain in my throat. Medications based on the flowers of the berry is used in diseases of the nose and throat.

In diseases of the blood grenades it is quite effective, because it contains an abundance of iron and therefore is able to raise the level of hemoglobin. When anemia is recommended to drink unconcentrated juice with 100 ml in half an hour before meals. Take this medication should be 3 times a day for 2 months. When hypertension are advised to eat pomegranate juice, which helps reduce the pressure slightly. If you ask to get rid of anxiety, restore sleep, relieve nervous stress, regularly drink tea with dried pomegranate membranes.

Some eye problems and help solve the juice from pomegranate seeds. If you begin to notice that the worse you can see in the dark, you should consume daily one glass of juice. Due to the content of anthocyanin in pomegranate, increases production of pigment in the eye, which improves nutrition and hydration eye and stimulates their adaptation to dusk. In addition, regular consumption of juice protect against cataracts.

Hormonal disorders that are characteristic of the female body during menopause, can be cured if you take this fruit pits, because they have oil, stimulating hormonal activity and thus restoring the balance of hormones. Besides bones help to forget about the other manifestations of menopause: headaches, sudden change in blood pressure, irritability.

If you have problems with the gastrointestinal tract and appetite, various parts of the tempting fruit. The uniqueness of pomegranate is that it is used for the treatment and diarrhea, and constipation. To stop the diarrhea should eat three times a day, a pinch of dried and ground bark of garnet after eating. Children can enjoy a freshly squeezed pomegranate juice (pre-diluted with water 1: 1). Get rid of some locks can be, if you eat a few seeds of this fruit because they contain a sufficient amount of fiber. To improve the appetite may pomegranate seeds.

Garnet is considered to be a useful means of some infectious diseases. Medications ingredient is pomegranate extract, can slow the multiplication of microbes paratyphoid fever and tuberculosis, typhoid and cholera, E. coli. Doctors suggest using an ointment from pomegranate peel to get rid of infections, including staphylococcus. Foliage pomegranate is known for its antibacterial properties and, therefore, prepared decoctions and infusions to help in the fight for health.

 Garnet Beauty
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Pomegranate Beauty

Cosmetologists also use pomegranate because aware, what is the use of garnet for solving aesthetic problems such as freckles, age spots, acne, sweating feet, dandruff. If you are worried about dandruff, you need to regularly rinse hair decoction of pomegranate peels. Prepare a broth is very simple: peel with two grenades crushed, pour a liter of boiling water, boil for a few minutes, then cool and drain. In addition, a cosmetic product will give shine to your hair.

Remove freckles, age spots will pomegranate juice, which is known for its bleaching properties. The beneficial effects of juice and has the status of a problem skin thanks to the bactericidal properties. A mask made from crushed toasty pomegranate peel in conjunction with olive oil and eliminates shine, skin rashes. Dried peel is considered an effective remedy for cracks, scratches and even burns. To forget about sweating of the feet, use a decoction of pomegranate peel.

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Pomegranate for certain groups of people

If you decide to improve their health with the help of a grenade, then be guided by the principle of "do no harm" and never increase the dosage proposed. If you begin to notice vision problems, the emergence of seizures and dizziness, high blood pressure, better to change the dosage or suspend your treatment. Do not forget to follow the advice of dentists and concentrated pomegranate juice diluted with water to protect the enamel of your teeth. Please note that the grenade is particularly beneficial effect on the health of those who:

  • smokes. Pomegranate is rich in vitamin C, which is so necessary to smokers. For each cigarette reduces the amount of this vitamin in the human body.
  • learning. This berry is concentrated vitamin B1. This element improves memory, increases resistance to stress of the nervous system, stimulates the brain. These properties of pomegranate are particularly relevant for students, students who often have stressful situations during their studies or examinations.
  • playing sports. Vitamin B6, which is found in the garnet, stimulates the absorption of magnesium. Therefore, if you want to have the relief muscles, the grenades will help you achieve results. The abundance of vitamin B6 helps to avoid cramps, muscle pain, the cause of which is the strain during training.
  • working in the office, or is constantly working at the computer. Vitamin B3, which is rich in pomegranate help preserve vision for those who are constantly tired eyes. In addition, office workers, who often use chips, sandwiches and have a high level of blood cholesterol, can normalize this indicator due to nicotinic acid pomegranate.
  • He sings, singing professionally. Some studies suggest that pomegranate juice has beneficial effects on the voice, making it more powerful, melodic.

Thus, pomegranate - a special berry. It stands out among the rest not only for its unique taste, but also useful properties that pomegranate is an indispensable ingredient in various recipes of traditional medicine and cosmetology. Remember that in this miraculous berry useful in all its components. The main thing - it correctly and to use them effectively.

 Use a grenade to the female body