Lisbon attractions

Want to know the secret of a successful trip to Lisbon? The point is not in the cost of your ticket, the level of comfort of hotel rooms; and even amaze attractions of Lisbon's not the most important thing. The success of your trip in the first place depends on you the most. We need nothing at all - to love the capital of Portugal. Sincerely, naively, without the slightest shade of pretense. So, if you fall in love for the first time and do not see the flaws in his beloved. Then, and only then, the city will reveal their innermost secrets in cafes always find a free table, and the famous port wine will reveal to you all the flavors of this sweet as love itself, the drink, if you - a real sommelier. Lisbon does not give you become sad, cheer up agile yellow trams and colorful walls of old houses, beautifully adorned with mosaic azulejo.

Life in spite of the elements

Spread over seventeen hills in the Tagus estuary in the city due to its geographical position, like a challenge prize, turned out to be the prey of the Phoenicians, the coveted trophy of the ancient Romans, the treasure recovered from the bloody fight the Moors. And Lisbon absorbs all shades of alien culture and architecture, skillfully blend with the overall picture of his appearance. Unfortunately, most of the sites related to the early history of the city was destroyed by a strong earthquake, a tsunami and a fire in the seven hundred and fifty-fifth tysyacha year. And if not the prime minister, the Marquis of Pombal, that hardly did you manage to see at least half of these unique evidence of the rich history of Lisbon. Several areas of the city hardly affected by the disaster, and that they should start with their acquaintance with Lisbon.

 Sights of Lisbon

Up and down diagonally

Endless stairs, viewing platforms, which offer a unique view, cable cars, and of course, the famous Lisbon tram. Canary-yellow, with a glance uplifting. And if you want to see all the sights of Lisbon, then you should buy a ticket to one of the tram routes, and best of all with the ability to buy a ticket to ride on any route throughout the day. But first it's worth to climb one of the observation decks and see the city from above, to see him as he appeared before the eyes of Vasco da Gama. With a height of Lisbon does not overwhelm with its grandeur, it is spread out at your feet, offering to start your journey through the cobbled streets.

Legends Alfama

Alfama District in the past wholly owned by the Moors, the legacy of which remained hunched, but has not lost its beauty at home. The exterior walls entirely decorated azulejo. It seems that you go along the streets of these paintings. Intricate mosaic drawings and paintings, shady cafés, old shops, souvenirs made of ceramics. And what is there overlooking the river! It seems that the horizon dissolves in the blue waters. I want to cut one of the gaps between the buildings and to take home as a souvenir. By the way, with the Tagus is a legend that tells about one of the main attractions of the Alfama district.

Unsuspecting Terzi architect in the early seventeenth century, erected in the area magnificent church, sample of architectural art in Portugal. And they gave the name to the church in accordance with the wishes of the then Pope, if not a miracle. By the River Tagus washed up boat - without oars without rowers, only a pair of black crows perched on the nose of this strange gift of the river. And at the bottom of the boat lay the body of St. Vincent, was brutally tortured by the Arabs. As soon as the boat reached the shore, the crows took off from her and sat on the roof of the Cathedral of Lisbon. After platted crow's nest on the roof, the church authorities took this fact as a sign of the church was built and gave the name of San Vicente de Faure.

Sequel Portuguese

Portuguese with great respect for its history. Almost all the attractions of Lisbon, which appeared after the devastating disasters - an attempt to regain the lost works of architects and architects of the past. In the famous National Pantheon Portugal kept shrines associated with the name of the Holy Great-Egrasii. But the construction of the church took place not as smooth as one would a believer.

Juan Antunish, the great architect of the time, started the construction of the church in the six hundred and eighty-two tysyacha year. As a result of fine pink marble was supposed to be a masterpiece of Portuguese Baroque. But Juan Fifth quickly lost interest in the church and decided instead to build a city of kings, thus perpetuating his name in history. Construction of the church is stopped, then resumed again. And this torment lasted for three centuries. The magnificent Church of St. Egrassii became a kind of long-term construction in Portuguese, completed only in the twentieth century. On top of the church resembles a Greek cross, with all shades of pink shimmering in the sun.

Bethlehem and geography?

Under a loud knock tram wheels we got to the next jewel in the crown of Lisbon - Jeronimos Monastery of Jeronimos .  It is located on the outskirts of Lisbon, Santa Maria de Bethlehem .  This monastery became a symbol of the great geographical discoveries of Portugal .  It was founded in the fifteenth century, Henry the Navigator .  It is in its walls Vasco da Gama night stood on his knees, raising his prayer before the journey .  And as the route to India was opened, the monastery were attributed mystical properties .  By royal decree, in gratitude for a successful journey, all proceeds from the sale of Indian spices invested in the additional building of the monastery, the construction of which lasted until the nineteenth century .  And if in the majority of buildings in Europe, being finished for a long time, the change depended on the architectural styles of fashion, then in Lisbon, even centuries of sustained long-term construction in the same architectural style .

 Lisbon attractions

Plea in stone

Drive past the church Basilica de Estrela would be a crime. White marble walls and legend associated with the name of the mysterious Queen Mary First, make this church a symbol of woman's frantic pleas to God. Childless queen asked in his prayers on the usual women's happiness - the birth of a son. And as promised vow to build a church for the glory of God. Mary Prayers were answered, and she bore a son. Immediately after his birth, and the construction of the Basilica de Estrela. But after a few years in Portugal smallpox epidemic broke out, and the only royal son died. The poor mother crazy. But the basilica and is in Lisbon as evidence of what a woman's ability to be a mother for the sake of happiness.

Business and Pleasure

What is good in Lisbon, is the fact that you can combine business with pleasure. Lisbon sightseeing and shopping in small shops, perched comfortably on both sides of the narrow streets. Here you can indulge your passion for shopping, focusing only on the size of the purse. By the way, most of the products in Portugal only for the domestic market. And while they are all very high quality. Export this country EU manufactured products is prohibited, so that all the local products can be bought only in Portugal and elsewhere.

Lisbon is half an hour away from the nearest beach. So tired saturated and sightseeing tours around the city, you can jump in a taxi and comfortable to give up on the shore of the Atlantic, replacing the historic beauty on beach pleasure Costa de Caparica. So waiting for you vacation in the only European capital where there is no hustle and bustle, where the only card for your love will be the incomparable pleasure of a short but bright, travel.

 Lisbon Attractions: Treasure on the "backyard" of Europe

 Hong Kong

Hong Kong ... This city has come a long way from a British colony to the business center of Asia. It is called China's most modern city, state within a state. "Tail", which managed to wag a huge "dog", forcing the Chinese authorities to reconsider his view on the market economy.

Its architects in an effort to reach out to heaven disdain to erect buildings of thirty stories below. It is here that produce the highest quality of counterfeit famous brands: fashion apparel, accessories and equipment. Hong Kong turned out to be able to mix two completely opposite culture with a long history and join in a bizarre cocktail of Chinese and Europeans, thus creating a new nation - the people of Hong Kong.

On the ground, there is no second place like Hong Kong: City, grew up on a relatively small plot of land, suggesting the intervention of a higher power in the process of construction and prosperity. Almost 90% of Hong Kong - the mountains and the weather surprises ranging from typhoons and storms to the sweltering heat at one hundred percent humidity. But a higher power has nothing to do with it. All that is known the world Hong Kong - the sights of antiquity, modern skyscrapers, park complexes, many kilometers of tunnels, canals and bridges, - the creation of human genius, and the result of hard and painstaking work.

One hundred and fifty years ago, the inhabitants of the islands two hundred and sixty, which now houses a special administrative region of China Hong Kong, and could not imagine what has become their "fragrant bay." The former was once a haven filibusters and fishing town with great strides rushed forward and turned into a tourist and business center of China. Most importantly, despite the influence of different cultures, American and European, Hong Kong carefully preserved ancient Chinese roots and cultivated mysticism inherent in all Asians.

 Hong Kong attractions

Wonders of Hong Kong

In fact, Hong Kong is so rich in miracles, that the eyes diverge. And every miracle worthy of special mention. And most importantly, that they are located very compactly, so that arrived in search of new experiences tourists have no problem with that view. Rather, there is a problem, as the time to see as much as possible. We have tried to choose for you the sights of Hong Kong that will help you understand and know the city inside, becoming part of it for a while, to see the way it appears to the locals.

Spice Market

Hong Kong, like any other popular tourist metropolis, suffers from the fact that the opinion that it is composed of, is determined usual tourist routes. Following the instructions of tour guides, you will visit one or another point of interest. But if you want to know the true Hong Kong, you can avoid stereotypes, going to the central market.

This is where you need to start to learn the Hong Kong soaking a subtle, refined aroma of spices, listening to the bizarre speech locals, getting their leisurely lives. Along the way, you can buy these spices, in which the Chinese always knew a lot. Twisted tube in brown vanilla pods, cumin, nutmeg. Here and only here you will be able to buy this "mixture of five flavors" - usyanmyan.

Goldfish Market

This place - exotics in its purest form. If you did not have feelings and emotions at the Central Market, you have a chance to get the missing color on the goldfish. All the same unhurried indigenous Chinese and goldfish for every taste.

Luxury make a huge dog in Hong Kong are very few. But the Chinese are looking at it philosophically and in their apartments bred goldfish. Just imagine: the street Tung Choi placed tanks, cans and plastic bags with a silent prisoners. Come and make a wish, if you can not buy. However, from this breathtaking beauty so that the desires of few people remember!

But goldfish - this is not all that can be seen behind the glass aquariums: rainbow seahorses, jellyfish and even sea turtles are watching silently through the water, as if it is available something about what we humans can only dream of. However, the Chinese twitter speech dilute the silence. Just as Chinese lanterns light color all around the mysterious light. If you are looking for a place with a true Chinese flavor, then you have chosen the right thing, to get acquainted with what is called the real Hong Kong.

 Hong Kong attractions

Knockin 'on Heaven

Now, when the city opened its true face to you, when you let him fleetingly, but his soaked ambience, you can begin to explore the sights of Hong Kong. City, like a huge dragon teeth, cut up the sky silhouettes of skyscrapers. With their height as they say local residents, and to God dokrichatsya easier, and you can see the neighboring islands. So - go ahead, the highest tower, where the whole of Hong Kong, at a glance!

The observation deck on the hundredth floor of the Sky100 is almost 400 meters above the ground. From this height the surrounding skyscrapers seem toys, and a magnificent view of the bay "Victoria" looks like a brilliant canvas seascape, and the Hong Kong similar to the puppet city. Those who have enough adrenaline, can still go to the 18th floor and splash in the pool, which is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most high-rise pool.

Hong Kong provides a unique opportunity to stroll through the skies, and the choice of a skyscraper depends on your preference: International Finance Centre, Central Plaza, headquarters of the Bank of China. Each building has a unique architectural design, not to mention the interiors. At every step, pools with goldfish and stylized waterfalls. All strictly according to the rules of feng shui.

Runs-run path

In everyday life, we often encounter with the wonders of science that look at them with weary indifference jaded spectators. But, having arrived in Hong Kong, you just lose the right to do: rub your eyes - that is, the track for the lazy! You stand, and it goes by you or with you. It is moving walks - part of the city transport system, which in itself is a miracle. Double-deck trams running here and there, escalators and moving walkways, ultra-modern subway train operated by computers. Full feeling that you are in a bright future where all conceived and elaborately in the care of the person.

Regular pavement, nothing special, but Hong Kong and then in front of the entire planet. Many sidewalks are equipped with moving walkways running tapes. No schedule - this type of transportation you will never be late. The main thing is not to get carried away and not to pass by destination. Or subway train in Hong Kong - they may well claim to be the most comfortable. All the services of the client: the TV, and soft seats, and even the appearance of a window. Sometimes the road passes through the underwater tunnel and a suspension bridge. By the way, this is a miracle, you see immediately on arrival in Hong Kong. The road from the airport to central Hong Kong, you have done to one of these wonderful trains.

The path of wisdom

Enough admiring the achievements of science and technology, take a walk on the "Bar Street", Lan Kwai Fong, where every step of partying and beer of all kinds and price categories, think of the soul, and for a while, leave the bustling Hong Kong. Try to get the grain of the centuries-old wisdom in the Po Lin Monastery. Located Monastery on Lantau Island, near Hong Kong. You can get there by taxi on a suspension bridge and a cable car. However, no harm will be warned that this trip is not for the faint of heart. But if you want to see the sights of Hong Kong aerial view, swinging in the wind cabinet is not a hindrance to you.

To get to the Po Lin Monastery, you have to overcome 268 steps in order to humble his spirit and purify the heart. All strictly according to Buddhist tradition. To know wisdom, you have to be worthy of it. Your path will justify itself, because you'll be able to see the whole of Hong Kong and the 34-meter statue of a sitting Buddha. But if you want to take a picture, it is better to do it down at the foot of the stairs. Otherwise, it does not, the Buddha did not enter any one object it is too huge. But not only because of the Buddha statues tourists come to the monastery. Nature itself is so beautiful that memories of the big city fade, becoming ghostly, like a dream. Full feeling that time stood still here forever.

Next to the statue of the Buddha is the path of wisdom sutra written on wooden pillars in the shape of an infinity sign. It looks a bit mystical, calm down beside her and the sound of the fog carpets the foot of the columns.

 Hong Kong China

Welcome to the whip ...?

Many tourists come every year to Hong Kong just to visit the Taoist Ching Chung Koon monastery. By the way, the residents of Hong Kong are very tolerant of different religious faiths and doctrines. And Taoism - the most mysterious of them. It is owned by the followers of the doctrine secret of prolonging life. Although they themselves say with a smile, that if you follow all the canons of faith, longevity will come by itself. But in the monastery you can see weapons of ancient warriors who fought with the demons, and a whip, strikes which can heal the body and soul. Be prepared for the fact that you will not be allowed in some areas. But here it is necessary to come: here a wonderful garden of bonsai, which clearly feel like Gulliver in a Lilliputian forest.

The attraction of unprecedented fish

What is really needed to visit, once in Hong Kong, so it's Ocean Park, part of nature in the middle of the metropolis. This amusement park and entertainment in Hong Kong is not the only one. He was able to compete with Disneyland. The entertainment here no less, and here you can see a real panda bear.

Surrounded on three sides by the sea, the aquarium is divided into several zones. In the first live endangered species of birds and butterflies. Several cages with pandas, who are so accustomed to the audience that continues to go about their business, oblivious to the noise and camera flashes. The next part is devoted to the extinct species of animals. You will be able to trace the history of vertebrates that lived on the earth 65 million years ago. Realistic models of dinosaurs, reconstruction of prehistoric crocodiles and salamanders. Downright Jurassic Park!

Chinese sturgeon, the representative of the oldest vertebrates on earth was brought to Hong Kong in the run-up to the Olympic Games in China and has become the main attraction of the aquarium. 500-pound individual wallow in a huge pool to the delight of visitors. Neither park in the world can boast such a vast and diverse collection of fish. More than 500 species and about 400 deep-shallow sea creatures swim for the thickness of the glass. Swimming with sharks is arranged in a bowl through which laid a transparent tunnel. The level of adrenaline in the blood begins to rise involuntarily when you coming toothy monster from the movie "Jaws." Do not be afraid and just remember that you are separated from a strong tempered glass, can not everyone.

Hong Kong - an amazing city. It's hard to say, especially as measured as a percentage of what it has more: European charm and quiet wisdom and playful wickedness East. But the main thing - to be able to tune in and see it for what it really is, not tired surprised harmony in which coexist the wonders of modern science and ancient traditions of the mysterious China.

 Hong Kong - a city that connected East and West