Lessons of seduction

We have already talked a lot about the different techniques of seduction of men, but the tips above came from the fairer half of humanity. So all we have learned already received seducing guys can be considered still insufficiently complete. After all, our view on this issue and look guys themselves have differences, which are often quite substantial. Here let us look at what the men are advised, and what lessons they can entice us to teach.

Seduction Man. Men's viewpoint

We will not talk about the art of seduction for one night, because the complex there is nothing special, and the lessons of seduction are not needed. Almost all the men in this case, can not remain indifferent to the fragrant scent of expensive perfume girl in a mini skirt and blouse with a plunging neckline. This young lady is enough to throw the guy a sensual look from beneath her lashes, and - done! Good night with this young man she assured.

Another thing, when we are talking about how to win the heart of the guy and go with him to the registrar. Traditional means of deception in this case, the work is rather weak, and the lessons we need more subtle seduction. Because in order to marry a man, it is not enough simply to seduce, it must be a love. And fell in love not for a month, but for years. About a lifetime will not speak.

Lessons of seduction guy for marriage based on the fact that forcibly fall in love with a man you can not. It can be taught to any meal, can be persuaded to wear a certain style, a haircut is not, as he pleases, and even get a diet. But get the guy to fall in love with a girl - is impossible.

But this does not mean that everything is hopeless, if a young person does not spontaneously fell in love with himself. The most important thing in this matter - to know what his ideal life partner. Forget about the fact that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach; Representatives of the stronger sex is not as primitive and also have spiritual values. How to know about them? The girl should look to the guy and determine how it relates to a particular type of women, how they communicate, how speaks of a bitch, "blue stockings", "gray mouse" and so on. Besides, it would be desirable to learn more about ex-girlfriend Man, about their character, temperament, demeanor.

On the basis of these observations, the girl can get an idea of ​​two women's facial features, existing presentation Man. The first type - the woman who did not like the young man. It includes all the actions, habits, traits of the fairer sex, who just brought it to a white heat. The young lady to take it all into account. For example, if a guy can not stand women who smoke, then a cigarette in his hand girl should be deleted. To begin, at least in its presence. Not digests young man bright make-up - make it unobtrusive, does not like too brave girls - to behave modestly, and so on.

The second type - women who have the qualities that a guy like. There is one point. The girl should find these qualities in yourself and not hard to portray before the time, until decides that the job is done. It found! Since all the lessons of seduction dictated by men clearly show that women pretending they can not stand. Yes, with the help of make-believe, you can be interested in a guy and even win his sympathy. But as soon as the girl revealed the bluff, sympathy instantly transformed into antipathy. And then change something that is no longer possible, a rare guy just deception of this kind. Therefore, if some kind of quality in a girl no, it is not necessary to portray him. Each woman laid a huge potential domestic virtues. And the quality of the missing may well be replaced by another.

Now - about the manner of communication with the guy. It turns out that the assertion that our men like women to win like an impregnable fortress, a mistake! No, there are, of course, young people who like it when she behaves like a Snow Queen, and who get downright pleasure from the fact that it hurts them. Most men such emotional masochism is not affected. Therefore, the girl to behave with their chosen the most friendly.

This does not mean that a young lady can frankly hung on the neck of the young man, languidly staring into his eyes. So a guy could very well decide that it belongs to the category of women of a certain occupation. Just be friendly and willing to carry on a conversation on a topic proposed by the interlocutor. In a word, the girl should make it clear to the young man she is interested them. Men argue that women's interest means a lot to them. And almost half of them falls in love with the fairer sex just because they are friendly. Such behavior of women is perceived by men as an invitation and encouragement to action to win her heart.

 Lessons of seduction guys

The development of relations. Men are advised

How to behave the girl after she began dating with someone imagines her future husband? Men are advised not to try to openly show their feelings and give the guy the initiative in the development of relations. While these relations are friendly nature, she herself could invite a guy on a cup of coffee and offer him options for hanging. But then, after she feels that the quality of the relationship was different, more sensual, active in their development is necessary to give up the man.

Now let the guy he calls, he comes up with a reason for the call, he invents the reason to talk to the girl for hours. Let him make an appointment, and he also will be decided on what to kiss a girl. Understanding the man that love affairs activity showed that he, and the activity was a success, a very beneficial effect on the man's infatuation.

Finally, another man's advice, allowing the girl finally win the heart of Man. After him there persistent sympathy for the young lady, and he confesses his feelings, in any case can not behave like this:

  1. Consider a young man of his property as soon as he confessed his love;
  2. Brag a guy, like an expensive acquisition, to their friends and acquaintances.

The first model of behavior is usually frustrating for men and pushes them away from women. The second model quickly becomes annoying, it also does not contribute to the depth of feeling. The girl should be the same sweet and friendly and in addition to more guy to understand that he was much closer to her.

Here are here teach us the lessons of seduction men themselves. We take note of them, and our chances of one day wear the wedding dress will increase significantly.

 Lessons of seduction for marriage. Tips Men

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 both fall in love with a Man

How to fall in love with a stranger guy? Weird question. Let yourself fall in love, what to do to do something? But it also happens that a date to meet and wish many young people. And those who really like this does not seek. In short, men are the jamb, but it's not what we need. But both want happiness! What to do? How to fall in love with a guy for a day?

Fall in love with guy can. It is only necessary to know a few secrets and know how to use them. Here we are now, and reveal these secrets. So, we start ...

We fall in love with the guy. Secrets

Before you try to win the love of a guy, take into account that men do not understand the hint and did not notice the little things. In addition, they like eyes, and if they do not like something in the girl, the guy on the special attention it will not pay. Do not delay its opinion on the "gray mouse" or "blue stocking". In order to look young man lingered on the girl, she should look extraordinary, but not provocatively. Do not try to get his attention extravagant behavior - it pushes many young men. Behave better with restraint and at the same time, surely. And meet with a guy, try to interest him some conversation, the theme of which will be quite clear to both of them.

Conversation? Well, that's the first step to solving the problem, how to get a Man to fall in love, is made. Now we do the second step - try to remain a mystery to him. Do not rush to the first hours of the spread currently dating all. Zaintriguem it, giving information in small portions, and as if in passing. We do not tell all their obsessive passions or hobbies until we know how it relates to a particular hobby and occupation. You never know, suddenly he does not like, for example, women-bikers, and enjoy cross stitching ladies. Or vice versa. So first of all - intelligence. Revelation (or lack thereof) will be then.

The third step to conquer the hearts of Man will be giving up a meeting at a time that it will offer. The meeting should be moved, citing urgent business and employment. Yes, it's not easy, because it so want to see again, but - not! Waiting visits will strengthen the interest of the young person and make him think about us all the time. And it would only strengthen the infatuation.

Well, that time has passed and we finally met. Now proceed to the fourth step of performing their tasks. Carefully pry out what he wants to know what makes him nervous and takes the most. If we understand these issues, then we start talking about them. If not - yet keep silent, but then, at home, will try to gather as much information about the interests and hobbies of the young man. And then at the next meeting we will have more to discuss. This is a very important factor in winning the hearts of Man - men like it when a friend shares their interests.

Interests? Half the battle and even more has been done. However, we need to remember - just give yourself fully his enthusiasm can not. Commercials of the beloved one, we can easily turn into a girl-friend. To avoid this, you must have also a world of its own interests, which may look and it. We must constantly evolve to fill backpack knowledge and to work on themselves, to always remain unexplored and attractive.

We should not openly show the young man how much he cares about us. Let it always remains a bit of doubt about our being in love. Let's make it a little porevnovat us from time to time we cancel the meeting, referring to employment and so on. The main thing - to do everything in moderation, and that after a short time to push him and lose.

We will try to make sure that each of our meeting with the young man was unforgettable, unlike the previous one. We pay attention to the guy, but try to be unobtrusive and self. To the best of naughty and did not show the young man too high demands. You should not make him an errand boy. He, perhaps, agree to such a role, but we can lose interest in him. Why kill your own feelings? After all, they bring so much fun!

Here, perhaps, and all the basic tips to conquer the heart of a young man. Yes, this will take time, but what to do! Some of the girls, thinking about how to fall in love with a guy for one day, believe that it is enough to look really sexy and then have sex with him. This is a misconception, though sometimes this trick and works. In most cases, the unavailability is more effective. Therefore, we are chaste at least the first time. It goes only benefit us.

In general terms, how to fall in love Man, we already know. Now let's see what this issue, there are subtleties.

 both fall in love with the guy for 1 day

Specific methods of conquering the hearts of Man

One of the basic principles of love in general is that the fall is not the man himself, and in his way. So do not try to be perfect - can not do it almost anyone - just the perfect sound. Or not ideal, above all, correspond to the image that exists in the mind of Man.

Generally, before trying to fall in love with some guy, I think, and we love him for yourself. If not, then why all these efforts - seem someone to conform to the image and so on? In order to gratify his own ego? Not worth it. Because sooner or later podvernёtsya young man who would do the same with us. Such is the law of life.

How to determine whether we are in love with the guy, or is it just my imagination? For the state of love is characterized by excitement when a subject sighs, heart palpitations, involuntary redness, heat, incredible confusion. At night, we suffer from insomnia; we dream about this young man, he is constantly in front of our eyes. If all these features available, then forward. Getting him fall in love. No - do not even try.

In order to act with maximum confidence, we must try to be unusual. But it does not outwardly - is intrusive and often pushes - and internally. Unusually talk or get involved in something unusual. No, too far and deliberately show off, posing as "soooo originalku" not worth it. This is usually no one likes. You just need to find what prefer and learn to think on their own, without relying on stereotypes. Even if these reflections and will be somewhat naive, they are still more interesting than someone else's thoughts.

So, we get to know, are interested in a guy, and he appointed us to meet. How to fall in love even more straight guy on the first date? We must create in his opinion, that we have the opportunity to meet with other young people. What we do face a choice. And in general, we have things to do. No other young people and training? We fantasize. For the sake of the conquest of the heart can be a Man. The main thing is that he had a feeling that we can take away.

How to make a guy always thinking about us? A very good method - spirits. Choose their own perfume with a delicate and rare flavor and try to make the smell stayed on clothes Man, on his things, notebook, phone, and so on. Then the smell will accompany him everywhere, constantly reminding us about.

In order to become the most attractive for a guy, we try to forget about its shortcomings, thinking mainly about the merits. Such an attitude is transmitted to other people on a subconscious level, so the young man will also notice in our basic dignity. We are positive, active, confident. Let the energy abounds. Sluggish infantile person does not like male.

Is constantly evolving, we try to be versatile. When in a conversation with a guy longer we listen to him than talking yourself. Do not copy the behavior and habits of the famous beauties. We are trying to find their own style - he remembered the young man more than the style of Angelina Jolie. Practising gait. It should be light and flexible and posture - straight.

How like the guy? We set ourselves some target and go for it. Whole nature like the stronger sex. We read more, but do not try to be clever. There is no need to rub recklessly quotations from books, it is better to develop their own thinking.

Dress moderately sexy and in any case not vulgar. Makeup should also be discreet, modest. And the clothes and make-up change, but not drastically. Then we will be for the young man always familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. Role Playing, try on all sorts of images. But do not overplay remaining recognizable.

We smile more and talk less about yourself, beloved. Let the guy asks himself. Talking to him, looking into his eyes. You can then, as if embarrassed, lower them or move aside. Praise of a young man doing his compliments, making it subtle and sincere. Intention of flattery men feel good and opposed to it.

We develop a sense of humor and are not afraid to speak with irony about himself. It is captivating. We do not think all the time about how we look. It is better to be natural than shackled and campy. We do not talk bad about other people and do not allow the same guy. It's a matter of respect.

Let loving. Typically, men love women belonging to the love of animals, children, other people. Openly express their emotions, but do it honestly, and not theatrical. Putting aside the arrogance. It has no color. Not any boy are lying or others. If something does not want to admit, it is better to remain silent.

Generally, when meeting with a guy better not set goals it is his love. These goals put pressure on the psyche, shackled, limited action and change behavior. Much better would be if we met a young man to make friends with him. I do not think that it will no longer be perceived as a girl. Do not stop. If we are, of course, did not begin to behave in patsanski. A little flirtation, a little weak, talk not only about football and motorbikes, but also about a pretty dress, and everything will be in openwork. This girl can only friendly attitude to the guys, the guys also to girls - ever. And if he made friends with us, then, somewhere in my heart I reached out as a woman.

In general, the whole essence of the ability to fall in love with Man can not identify any specific action. Well, as silly as to believe that by blindly following the advice, it is always possible to win the heart of men. The essence of all the above, first of all to master the skills of the conquest of the guys, these skills are constantly training. By improving them over time, we will be like a growing number of boys, not applying to this effort. So it increases self-esteem, learn to speak compliments guys, study man's psychology, learning to listen and support the initiative of the stronger sex. And we will be able to translate communication with them on quite another level. And it is then that we will definitely have to know how to fall in love with the guy for 1 day!

 How to fall in love with a Man

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