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Neither outfit ladies' clothes are not able to give a woman more sexual charge and passionately aggressive energy than able to do leather dress .  If the previous seasons were content with just a hint of leather items in the closet of the fair sex, or relied on leather accessories, then this year - it's time for bold, extraordinary images, which can be easily achieved, dressed in leather dress .  Modern leather outfits has long moved away from the image of "rock diva" or ethno style, so the most demanding aspirations of women in the elegance and beauty will be satisfied .  Women's leather dress - a specific outfit, socks, which should take into account the many nuances that the woman looked at it really appropriate and seductive, it is difficult to assess because the aggressive beauty of the leather, for example, somewhere in the library or at the first meeting with the parents of her husband .

So why in spite of the huge number of "taboo" women's leather dress not only to find its niche in a big fashion, but also received a huge recognition among the fairer sex in the world? Fashion historian claimed that the prototype of the modern dress has become a women's leather clothing peoples of North America, it was a baggy model of simple cut, very comfortable and functional, devoid of special delicacies, ornaments and decor, the skin of such dresses used mostly deer, as it was the most accessible and easy to manufacture. Of course, leather dresses 2011 far ahead of his colorful ancestor and virtually nothing reminiscent of the origins of its appearance.

Contemporary leather dress - an extravagant outfit Relying on the outrageous and brightness, giving women the opportunity to loudly declare their sexuality and seductive, highlighting the silhouette of profitable lines of his body . Trendy, trendy outfit of leather of the season - is an unexpected stylistic solutions and decoration in the form of metal rivets, spikes or even aggressive chase, a combination of different types and leather finishing. Fashion industry offers a wide range of modern women of fashion leather garments, with which you can easily transform from cold, unapproachable image of the "Lady vamp" in erotic, simply dressed in a red leather dress. Do not have any problems if exacting lady wish to feel like a rock star and dress up in flashy dress with metal straps, this dress just encourages experiment and indulge in adventure.

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Leather dresses 2011 - learning to recognize the trend

This particular piece of ladies' clothes like leather dress, requires special attention to itself, and even the understanding as the masters of haute couture in one voice say that this thing is living his own peculiar life. Below are the main trends that determine the design and style solutions that are relevant to the current season. Knowing the general trends shaping the trend, the lady can easily find the outfit that makes her charming.

  • Youth world-famous brand Dsquared released a new line of leather dresses 2011, which was full of mini-models length. Short dresses this show were presented tight dresses, skirts, tanks, and style of dress with tulip skirt - they are all the trend and fall under the category of must-have for young, ambitious and self-confident girls who want to advantageous to emphasize their individuality.
  • Another label that made waves with their leather dress model and with it gained recognition among fashion critics, is the Diesel Black Gold. This manufacturer made a bid to shock, because every dress collection includes elements of rock wave: long metal spikes, massive shiny rivets, chains and sleeved models had on their shoulders likeness cuts. Women's directories used this show and put on their pages leather dress, the photo showed a rebellious rock outfits. Of course, such clothes can be worn exclusively at themed parties, such as music festivals, in other situations, such dresses simply inspire shock and general bewilderment.
  • What many people associate leather outfit? It may be pants, gloves, bags and shoes, but there is a category of ladies who have a leather outfit is stable association with erotic dress, it is for these women produced a special line of models with an erotic slant championship laurels in this product gets red leather dress. These outfits are always shockingly candid, often deeply low-cut mini length, may be supplemented by cuts in short, aimed at creating a sexually playful image.
  • Highly relevant stylistic solution that embodied in shows of famous couturiers, leather dress was open bodice and sleeveless model. These dresses are more likely to include a corset or a rigid framework, which is designed to emphasize and support the chest, pulling the waist. Leaf in these models draped pleats, ruffles and sequins leather, usually a cocktail mini-versions or evening dresses maxi height, ideal for celebrations and the publication. After Roberto Cavalli has created a line of long leather evening dresses, women's fashion magazines were quick to decorate their pages with leather dresses, photo passed unique grace and elegance and restraint and great femininity, which is usually not typical for the skin.
  • More color! This is what calls this season. Who said that the product of the skin to be extremely positive, gloomy tones and shades? Not at all, on the contrary, trend product promises a lot of color and even his hand. Masters of haute couture collection periodically release that abound in red, yellow, blue, green models. From what to wear leather dress made of colored raw materials - a rather complicated question, because diversity is to flatten neutral accessories. But the classic colors do not hand over their positions, because the woman give noble, understated elegance.

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Women's leather dress - essential elements of decor

We should say about the trend decor elements that are most often used by designers to make the product of the original notes. The rich field for experimentation provides the material - leather, its different finishes by itself can dramatically affect the perception of dress, often the skin ennoble patterned imprint such as crocodile. Very often you can find a model whose skin draped textiles, alternating with fabric inserts or decorated with lace ruffles - this eclectic dresses that seemed to combine the incompatible.

But the most traditional in terms of the decor remains the style of rock wave, because it is considered to be affordable and easy to implement, but it does not detract from the showiness and brightness: rivets, small crystals and decorative stones, chains, or fringe, like bikers - the main attributes of dresses This design registration. Style Icon - Victoria Beckham, occasionally flaunting the red carpet, showing off its charms in such leather outfits. Very effectively looks lace, corsets and improvised trains at evening maxi dresses, such accents in the dress in seconds erect a woman to the status of "lady-vamp."

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From what to wear leather dress to look stylish?

Due to a large identity leather garments there is an implicit set of rules that determine what wear leather dress it to be stylish, beautiful and emphasized alone charms fashionista. First of all, modeling, it is important to observe moderation, fear of congestion, because the skin - a material which itself draws on the views.

If a woman has got a leather dress, buy a small, but high-quality clutch - its sacred duty, it is a lightweight accessory will subtly blend in and complement the colorful dress. Experts recommend to experiment with the material, how to choose the clutches of textile and leather itself. It is important that it was not made in the same style, which sewed a dress, for example, if the dress is decorated with crystals and decorative stones, the clutch is better to buy a monotone, noble colors, in this case we can safely guarantee that the clothes chosen by all the rules.

If there is a question of a leather dress, what to wear with it and how to do it, then there will be no fashion critic, who would have protested against dazzling studs or platform. This tandem is perfect harmony, grace heel adds some rough skin and emphasizes the harmony of the female figure, and sexual note, on which the whole way, not worth mentioning. Leather dresses buy now quite easily, and high heels is even easier, so you can experiment and pick up the dress shoes, different in color.

Image of 'lady vamp "or plaque of vintage can be easily achieved by combining a dress with a little hat, say, in the style of the 50s. This version is aimed at the most bold and bright individualistok are not afraid of question, admiring glances, to which they themselves condemn. But remember, moderation, it is better to abandon the idea to buy a massive, wide-brimmed hat, as the loss of integrity of the image, there will be a focus, which should focus attention.

If fashionista acquired leather dress, what to wear it does not know the model without arms or open bodice can be supplemented with non-intrusive, monotonous bolero. It is important to dress and bolero were performed in the same color key to blouse had no prints, patterns, embroidery patches or, in short, all those elements that would have broken the integrity of the image.

As for accessories, there is the fair sex could easily combine the dress and ornaments on their subjective discretion, the main thing to remember is that important not careful selection of the form or type of product - the main well-chosen color decorations. For sleeveless dress or a corset is perfect, for example, a string of pearls. If you do not use any chains, you can manage massive earrings in oriental style, casually collected hair in a bun. To complete the image, you can use the bracelet, preferably wide, but it should be a quality product, emphasizing the femininity and elegance of ladies, clad in skin. Actually, such an authentic, original outfit does not require special, fancy accessories, loudly declares itself and its owner without any assistants.

Fashion - lady capricious and changeable, so absolutely any woman who does not even think about such extravagant plumage, like a dress from the skin, may one day stand before a difficult choice: to be or not to be? Fangled trends unanimously repeat: be, have, and be again, because sometimes I need a feeling of attractiveness, and sometimes is desired to get used to the role of the femme fatale, to sexuality which is not able to resist any man. If so, you should immediately make room in the wardrobe for this unique outfit, which even the most insecure woman will be able to feel the spirit of rebellion and bright individuality of his nature.

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