cheese soup with meatballs


  • Simple soup with meatballs and cream cheese
  • Soup with meatballs and Gouda
  • The original soup with cheese, pumpkin and meatballs
  • Cheese and mushroom soup with chicken meatballs

Better richness, aromatic borscht can only be a lightweight, incredibly soft cheese soup with meatballs. Agree, the mere mention of this dish is already salivating. At the plate, it would seem, there is nothing remarkable. Cooked in chicken or beef broth and expanded small round products from minced meat, it turns out very nutritious and quite hearty.

At first glance, everything is simple, but even the usual recipe using one or two ingredients - such as spices, vegetables or a piece of Gouda - can be turned into a real masterpiece of culinary art. Do not believe? So, you should definitely cook cheese soup. We are happy to help their readers - beginners and experienced cooks - to master one of the following dishes. So feel free to choose a recipe and not postponing it pigeonholed immediately get to work. You will see that the entire procedure - from the cutting to the removal of aromatic dishes from the stove - take some time and take a minimum of effort. But the result certainly will please you and your loved ones.

 cheese soup with meatballs recipe

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Simple soup with meatballs and cream cheese

The first recipe can surely be attributed to the ordinary dishes, familiar almost every woman. These foods do not require any special experience or skills, or time. The procedure for the preparation is very simple, and the necessary ingredients are readily available commercially, moreover they are reasonably priced. But this soup with meatballs, not only to satisfy hunger, but also lift your spirits. Despite its simplicity, it gives a very delicious and quite original, because, you see, is not always in the first dishes include cheese. However, it is the product gives it a "flavor". So, we offer to evaluate the following recipe. The only way you can make sure that the dish is worthy.


  • 250 grams of juicy, fresh minced (take any of your choice: chicken, beef, pork or other)
  • three packages of cream cheese
  • two small pinch of freshly ground black pepper
  • salt - to taste
  • two small onion bulbs
  • 120 grams of carrots
  • two large potatoes
  • 20 milliliters of oil

To apply:

  • fresh dill - the amount of your choice
  • dumplings with garlic and croutons

Cooking method:

Before embarking enthusiastically in the "battle", take into account several nuances. Of course, experienced cooks probably know this information, but for beginners, it is clearly not redundant. So read and learn. Thus, we note that the soup recipe can be slightly changed to fit your needs. For example, if you prefer a bird, make meatballs of minced chicken, but beef and pork lovers suggested to use any of these two products. In addition, the mass of product can be purchased in the store or made at your own kitchen. In the latter case, the stuffing is a more tender and juicy, more importantly, well-scroll through a meat grinder.

Another important point - the basis of dishes that is broth. You can cook the dish on the water, as meatballs and vegetables zazharki still make it nourishing. However, if you want to make a hearty soup and a rather bold, we advise you to boil a piece of beef or pork. Needless meat use in other dishes, but the broth, add the ingredients mentioned just above, and get a delicious dish first. That it turned out not only delicious, but also attracted the attention of consumers, serve it with chopped greens, that will give your creation an unrivaled aroma and freshness beautiful bright color.

Well, and now I consider myself more a recipe. You will see, the procedure is very simple, start with the stuffing. To save time and effort to take a ready store of products, salt and pepper it, focusing on the taste. Then clean from the husk onion, chop it very small cubes and enter the weight of the meat. Thoroughly knead her hands after the mince. To meatballs have turned more tender and juicy, repeat the procedure twice.

Meanwhile, put the pan on the stove with water or pre-cooked soup. Slightly dampen your hands to make it easier to form the meatballs. Now type a little weight and gently roll it into a ball is not too large, no larger than a walnut. In the same way, and make other products. Put them in a bowl with a seething broth Stir in ¼ tablespoon of salt, mix remaining ingredients and loans.

Peel the onion and chop it fine half rings, then remove the peel carrots and cut it into cubes. Pour the first vegetable in frying pan with hot oil once it brighten and become much softer, add the carrots. Passero products until half. Now clean the potatoes, to cut its average straws and send dishes to the meatballs. This also enter zazharku received, lower the heat and continue to cook. By the way, do not forget to periodically remove the foam formed, otherwise the soup will cloudy.

The recipe came to an end - left grate cheese and put it in a pan. Then hold the dish on the stove for about ten minutes, then turn off the heat and let it brew. The dish can be served with garlic croutons rosy or donuts. Recent recommend to prepare yourself, the more that it will take a minimum of time. The recipe is very simple: cut into large cubes of white bread and fry it in a skillet, pre sprinkle a little oil. After the bread, sprinkle seasoning and serve, garnish each serving of soup with greenery.

 Delicious cheese soup with meatballs

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Soup with meatballs and Gouda

The recipe for this dish is considered a diet - this time we will do without zazharki, which makes the dish too bold. Add chopped vegetables in soup raw, they get it is directly in the cooking process. Cooking - a delicate matter, but every woman knows that a special flavor and taste of the dishes impart seasoning. Therefore we recommend to use dried spices and, of course, garlic. How will appetizing soup, judge for yourself.


  • two medium onions
  • two laurel leaf
  • 300 grams of minced beef, pig
  • three potatoes
  • Figure - optional
  • Four peas black pepper
  • 100 grams of carrot
  • Three grams of salt
  • 70 grams of Gouda cheese
  • a small bunch of fresh parsley
  • three cloves of garlic

Cooking method:

In today's world with his employment, the eternal rush and catastrophic lack of time even cooking requires quick, lightning-fast decisions. This is the recipe we offer to our readers. Preparation of this soup will take the strength of a half hour. You do not have to do the stuffing as a product you can buy in the store, even zazharki not need - add raw vegetables. In the end, we get a gentle, easy and really nutritious meal.

First, clean the skin of the potatoes, wash it well and cut in the form of straw. Then pour it into the boiling water. By the way, if desired, can make the finished soup broth, just cook it in advance. Now free from onion peel and chop half rings, and a carrot - thin slices. With a knife, finely chop the parsley or other herbs, are allowed to step back a little from the formula.

Put the chopped vegetables in the broth, then enjoy a meatball. The procedure for their preparation is very simple: salted and peppered minced thoroughly mash hands. Once connect it with onions, cut into pieces, and grind using a grinder. Then type your fingers a little weight and roll it into a ball. These articles lay out the soup, here is throw allspice and laurel. If necessary, add salt water, simmer the flame to a minimum, do not forget to periodically remove excess foam. About five minutes before the end of the cooking grate Gaudi medium strips on a grater and pour into the soup. This also enter garlic, crushed with a special press.

Before serving, pour the dish in portions of the plates and garnish with greens. By the way, the opponents of potatoes can change a recipe: to reduce the calorie content of foods, replace the vegetable barley. For this ideal figure: Take a small handful (40 grams), fill it with water and let it brew. Then rinse well under running water and place in boiling broth with meatballs. Soup will light and nutritious at the same time. With regard to Gouda, then instead you can use any cheese lovers of exotic recommend to try the cheese. In fact, no matter how expensive product you take, as long as the soup was prepared with love. So the approach to cooking with all my heart.

 Delicious cheese soup with meatballs recipe

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The original soup with cheese, pumpkin and meatballs

In his experience, many businessmen, writers, politicians and ordinary people have repeatedly proved that success comes only to those who are not afraid to take risks and gladly embarking on a deliberate adventure. The same principle works in the kitchen: not dare to experiment, the chef would never have created the most delicate dessert tiramisu and a cherry strudel and would not be known to the world. So do not get hung up there - studying one recipe, feel free to put into practice the next. That is what we propose to do right now.

Let cook for a truly original and incredibly fragrant soup. It is unlikely that you ever tasted the first dish gentlest with meatballs, green beans, tomatoes and other vegetables. And the most unusual ingredients in its composition are pumpkin and cheese. Agree, pretty interesting mix, especially for the soup. Believe me, it is spent on its preparation time - the dish turns out extremely appetizing, light and truly vitamins. It satisfies hunger, reminiscent of summer and significantly raises the spirits. If you are interested, take up a prescription and acts under our strict guidance.


  • 1000 milliliters of fresh and warm chicken soup (it is recommended to cook poultry)
  • 140 grams of potatoes (about three pieces)
  • a small piece of pumpkin - not more than 200 grams
  • 200 grams of frozen green beans
  • Two medium-sized carrots
  • three pinches of sea salt
  • White onions - one piece
  • ripe, fresh tomatoes
  • 170 grams of any hard cheese
  • Fifteen milliliters of olive oil
  • green - supply
  • 220 grams of chicken or other minced
  • seasonings

Cooking method:

As you can see, for this dish you will need a rich broth. It is recommended to prepare in advance, for it is better to use fresh homemade chicken. Be sure to remove it with feathers and fat, a good wash, remove the giblets, and then send it in a saucepan with water. Remember a little secret: the broth to get the perfect transparent and tender, cook it on a small burner flame, while sure to regularly dispose of excess foam. The bird itself can be used to prepare other meals.

Back to our soup: chop the peeled potatoes into cubes medium. After Put it in the hot broth and turn the fire to a minimum. Meanwhile, chop the pumpkin middle-sized cubes (only pre-remove peel from it), and the beans, rinse under running water and dry. Once the potatoes boil enough, connect it with the above ingredients. It's time to add a little salt in a pot and spices. Regarding the latter specific recommendations do not exist, because each family preferences. Delicious soup with ground or get fragrant black pepper, basil and oregano give it a special flavor. If you wish, you can spice up the dish of dried garlic.

Go to the next level: Purified carrots and onions cut as finely as possible. Then pour into a hot skillet olive oil when it begins to sizzle, add the vegetables. Passero them with constant stirring, until they will become soft and will not change color. Once manage, the resulting mass lay out a future soup. Now it is the turn of tomato: take on its top a shallow incision and pour over boiling water. Then, pour the tomatoes in cold water and gently remove it with sandpaper. The remaining pulp grate and enter into the dish.

It remains the case for small: at its discretion salt and pepper beef, carefully, diligently knead with his hands, it will help get rid of extra lumps. Better yet, if you miss a lot through a meat grinder, then the meatballs come out softer and more gentle. Lightly moisten the palms with water, then take a small piece of minced meat and careful movements of roll it into a ball. In the same way, create the rest of the items, and then place them in a saucepan with the broth.

When they brighten and gain a little grayish, pour into a bowl pre-grated cheese on a grater. It is better to use a hard type - such as Gouda, Russian - or take the cream product. Reduce flame burners to low and simmer the soup for about eight minutes, then cover it with a lid and let stand for a while. Feeding dish, pour it in portions and sprinkle with herbs.

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Cheese and mushroom soup with chicken meatballs

Finally, let's look at another fairly simple and, most importantly, incredibly delicious recipe. It will be a cheese soup with sweet peppers, vegetables, chicken meatballs, another essential attribute of foods will be mushrooms. Regarding fungi, note that you can use both fresh and frozen. Also, do not be afraid to experiment with varieties: if you can not find honey agaric, pick mushrooms or, say, oyster mushrooms.


  • 75 grams of noodles
  • large bell pepper
  • Two processed cheese
  • 200 grams of honey agaric
  • salt, spices
  • olive oil
  • one carrot
  • 290 grams of minced chicken

Cooking method:

To the soup was more gentle, instead of potatoes will use vermicelli. She, in contrast to the aforementioned vegetable, cooked very quickly, so it is added to the dish at the end. So, ready to start? Then go ahead and, as they say, with the song, because you need to learn culinary skills only in a good mood. First place over medium heat water. While it begins to boil, put the stuffing in a deep bowl, season it with spices and salt. Then knead thoroughly hands and form small meatballs. Purified carrot rub on a grater, and from the Bulgarian pepper, remove core, seeds and cut into cubes. Put the meatballs into the boiling water, in hot olive oil, fry the mushrooms when they darken, enter here as carrots and peppers.

Pour a lot of vegetables in the soup, add the grated cheese. Before you turn off the burner - for about fifteen minutes, pour into a bowl noodles. All of the dishes are cooked very quickly and do not require special skills from the chef. So, even without being a great cook, everyone will be able to cook cheese soup. This requires a high-quality products and a good recipe. Latest on our website a very large number, so let's cook together.

 Learning first dishes: cheese recipes soup with meatballs