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  • What is the resurfacing of the face, and who needs it?
  • Superficial peels: particularly skin resurfacing
  • Deep peels: dangerous or effectively?
  • Can I remove the laser tattoo scars
  • Who should not use the laser
  • How to choose a beauty clinic for rejuvenation

Each representative of the fairer sex at a certain age think about the fact that at least a little further push back the aging process. And whether you can long remain young and beautiful, forget about wrinkles and skin problems? In modern cosmetology There are many procedures to preserve their beauty and freshness without surgery. And one of them - a laser peel.

What is the resurfacing of the face, and who needs it?

With it removes dead layers of the epidermis, the cells are stimulated to produce collagen. After the procedure the skin becomes more supple and youthful, her blood circulation is restored, and the ability to regenerate is increased by 30%. Laser peels, also called resurfacing the skin, improves complexion, removes wrinkles and dilated capillaries, tightens facial contours.

Thus, exfoliating face and body with a laser beam - a kind of stress on the skin cells that gives new strength. The fair sex say that it is an excellent alternative to surgery. Experts recommend doing it even at a young age, starting somewhere from 25-28 years. But in fact, it all depends on the condition of the skin. If you take care of it, always use a sunscreen and cosmetics procedures may not be necessary and up to 30 years.

Leather processing is carried out using erbium and karbondioksidnogo (CO2) machine. The first of these is used in cases where the minimum depth of penetration of the laser. High resolution laser removes layers of the epidermis thickness in microns. The second type is used for deep peeling.

The undoubted advantage is that with the help of laser resurfacing peels can be performed even around the eyes and lips, where the skin is especially sensitive, as well as in the neck. Naturally, removed only superficial facial wrinkles and age.

During the peeling face is used as a hot and cold grinding method. In the process of going cold stratified tissue removal without warm the underlying layers. Hot laser resurfacing allows cells to peel with the heating of the lower layers. It is not only rejuvenates the skin, but also stimulates the metabolism, improve its turgor. The positive effect will be visible after it immediately, but after some time. However, it is much stronger, and you'll get the first results within 2-3 months after grinding.

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Superficial peels: particularly skin resurfacing

Carrying out the procedure does not require general anesthesia, so the observation in the hospital is not necessary. Laser peeling is carried out under local anesthesia. Please note: complete rehabilitation occurs within 7-10 days. All this time the patient spends at home, watching while the doctor. No pain, if done properly, will not.

After the procedure is applied to the skin anesthetic, and then the patient goes home safely. Caring for the treated area does not require special knowledge and skills. Just during the first few days the cream is applied every hour, and in the next few days - once in 2-3 hours. Beauticians usually recommend: a sterile Vaseline Levosin, levomekol, Bepanten and others. And, of course, do not forget about good nutrition. The period of rehabilitation we eat liquid food, vegetables and fruits. We try to lean less on the sweet, fat, flour.

The consequence of the laser peeling is temporary redness of the treated areas, and a small swelling. And itching may occur because the skin will heal. On average, it can last for about 2-5 days, but there are times when the redness lasts up to 2-3 weeks.

The results of laser peels are great and stored up to 5 years. After the procedure on the face, chest, arms remains of wrinkles and age spots. According to cosmetologists, testimonials from patients they hear only positive, because it is the safest method of rejuvenation. Those patients who did peeling at least once, returning to repeat the procedure and advise their friends.

Deep peels: dangerous or effectively?

In addition to surface grinding, which is completely safe and painless, also held in specialized stores and deep peeling. As mentioned earlier, in this procedure the CO 2 laser penetrates much deeper and removes the thicker layers of the skin, so the healing is much slower (average whole process takes 3-4 months). High is also the risk of complications that can occur in the form of a clear distinction between the natural and the treated skin.

In order to carry out deep peels, naturally, requires a good reason. Pre-need to consult a beautician and an expert who is engaged in it. Do not forget to visit a dermatologist to rule out some of the risks.

In this case, a general anesthetic, so the patient is in hospital necessary. On the results of the peeling of deep penetration can be judged only after 4-6 months, not earlier. The effects of such exposure on the skin may occur in the form of redness, minor scars or pigmentation.

Can I remove the laser tattoo scars

As you know, only one rejuvenation does not end with the possibility of miraculous laser resurfacing. Use it to remove tattoos, age spots, stretch marks, post-acne. Also, seek the help of a beautician after acne should be accompanied by the formation of scars on the face and body. If the skin lesions are not very deep, it will be enough 1-2 procedures, if the scars are severe, you will need repeated grinding. If you want to know more about the results of peeling - reviews can be found and read in any medical facility, where they were left by grateful patients.

Laser peels copes with stretch marks (striae). They mostly appear during pregnancy and due to internal ruptures of the skin. Ordinary location extensions - a chest, abdomen, thighs, buttocks. First, they have a red or purple color, and when overgrown by connective tissue, they become white. Those who do the peeling to fight stretch marks, as assured specialists are always pleased with the results. For some procedures (with an interval of 1-2 weeks) laser removes damaged skin, which promotes cell division and enhance the normal epidermis.

After 1-1, 5 months of stretching will be over. However, you should remember that the first few weeks of care for the treated area after peeling is necessary to pay special attention. Grinding procedure is absolutely safe and can be performed at a different skin type (oily, dry, combined) and at any age. You are free to see the results of the laser peeling, because there is always the demonstration photos to catalog every self-respecting cosmetic institution.

Laser peels help to remove tattoos and permanent make-up, and positive results are absolutely guaranteed. The most interesting thing is that this procedure is painless and does not leave scars. For complete removal of the tattoo require from 2 to 5 treatments (every 2-3 weeks). Those patients who had a peeling are always satisfied, because the clean smooth skin - is the best indicator of professionalism of doctors.

Laser skin treatment is carried out and the existing scars. Especially ugly they look on his face. Such defects are also a proliferation of connective tissue that is destroyed by laser, making room for new cells. Grinding amenable to all kinds of scars. Anesthesia is not required, but is sometimes used local anesthetic. Everything depends on the sensitivity of the person who decided on such procedures. You can see for themselves how good the peeling laser, enough to talk on the forums with representatives of the fair sex, who have decided on it.

The number of procedures and duration to be determined by experts and depends on the size and structure of the scar or scar. After a few sessions, minor defects may disappear altogether, while larger and rough become barely noticeable. If you yourself do you like polishing and laser facial peels - can leave feedback on our site.

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Who should not use the laser

But, like any medical procedure, laser resurfacing has its restrictions and limitations. Before you carry out the peeling, the attending physician will introduce the kinds and types, as well as tell you more about the procedure. If you intend to laser peels, necessarily ask whether in your case contraindications. They will neoplasms, diabetes, epilepsy, diseases of the cardiovascular system.

It is not recommended to do laser resurfacing during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. During the peeling contraindication may be the presence of herpes, pustular rash on the face and body, the tendency to form keloid scars and various skin diseases.

Therefore it is necessary to take seriously their health. And if you have everything in order, laser resurfacing offers. Numerous customer testimonials confirm that after the procedure, you can throw a dozen years and a long time to enjoy its appearance.

How to choose a beauty clinic for rejuvenation

Discounts, catchy slogans, advertising - only to such institutions do not go, just to make more money. However, unfortunately, many beauty salons do not meet the norms and standards. Some of them use outdated equipment, recruit ordinary people from the street and not qualified. As a result - infection, burns, trauma, and dissatisfied customers, who will be long-term treatment. Therefore, always pay attention to the following nuances:

  • Availability of documentation

The first thing you ask to see documents confirming the qualification of employees, as well as permission for the provision of services. If you can not provide the necessary papers, then the institution have any violations. And remember, certificates, etc. You should be wet printing. Photocopies are not suitable.

  • Cleanliness

Going into the room, look around. If everything is clean, debris falls out with tanks, dust does not cover the flowers, window sills and furniture, you can be sure that the staff keeps order. The offices should also be removed. No scattered vatok, gloves, napkins, etc.

  • The atmosphere

If you are greeted with a smile, offer coffee, immediately talk about the services, the staff will do everything possible so that the client was satisfied. Otherwise, if you immediately Naham, it is unlikely you will be able to serve properly.

  • Reputation

Always read the reviews in advance of previous clients. Of course, it will not please everyone, but if too many do not speak and write about the clinic, where they resorted to the procedure of rejuvenation, better yet to not go. You can also see the website to see the prices, list of services provided, etc. Almost all self-respecting cosmetic clinics have a page with a portfolio.

  • A contract

How would you not trust the institution, always ask to make the contract, which would indicate the services you provide institutions, as well as the name of a specialist. This will help you if something goes wrong. Otherwise, just do not prove that the master was wrong or clinic use old equipment.

So, if you follow the above rules, you will be able to avoid some unpleasant moments. This will always look young, beautiful, fresh, if you still 20. After all, the beauty of a woman - this is probably the best gift of nature.

 Laser peels: rejuvenation and removal of skin defects

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