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Woman in lace dress always looks very romantic, feminine and elegant. That is why the clothes of the lace for the second season in a row does not leave the fashion catwalks. Lace was very fashionable in the last year, it remains relevant in the current season. Now, it is not only fashionable dresses but fishnet mini and maxi skirts, suits, trousers, jackets, tops and even shorts. All of these stylish stuff this spring and summer will be able to decorate as a daily and evening, and a business wardrobe of the modern woman.

Agree, lace clothing looks very elegant and original. Even a small finishing this material is able to transform the most modest attire, and at the same time give a unique charm of its owner. Embroidery and floral prints on canvas and lace color which fades from one color to another - all this gives things a special luxury and refinement.

Fashion at the bright rich colors in this year leaked and lace element. In addition to dresses in pastel shades and seductive in black, in the new collections present a huge variety of great options made from the most beautiful, feminine and noble material of all colors.

 crochet lace trim dress

Trendy colors, finishes and design

As for the colors of clothing with lace, the most popular this season, pink, blue, pearl gray, yellow, apricot and sand, as well as red, black and white.

In the season of spring and summer as the actual weightless lace with fine and rare pattern, and a very dense texture lace fabric with thick large pattern.

The most fashionable trend of the coming season - a combination of clothing lace and jersey. Knitted things with guipure inserts are very comfortable, practical and feminine, moreover, they are in perfect harmony with both glamorous and with a sporty style.

Finishing crochet lace dress - a clear favorite of the season, which is like nothing better to emphasize the individuality and uniqueness of the female image.

 Lace clothing: romantic and feminine

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 fashion clothing spring summer 2012

Although before the warm season is still very far, fashionista already looking forward to the arrival of spring, when you can throw off the warm cozy sheepskin coats and start to try and lightweight seductive outfits. Given this, the modern designers each season delight the ladies fashionable stylish novelties made of weightless fabrics - silk, chiffon, lace and other materials relevant to the warm season. That's the new fashion season is no exception.

Winter is in full swing, and fashion brands have already managed to show us their collections of fashionable clothes, designed for spring-summer 2012. According to the fashion shows world-famous fashion designers, fashionistas coming season will bring many new and interesting.

What fashion clothing spring-summer 2012 will enjoy the greatest popularity? Without women's garments can not imagine the modern fashionista wardrobe? This is what we now know to take a little trip into the world of women's fashion.

 trendy colors in clothes 2012 spring summer

Fashionable items clothing spring-summer 2012 season

It is no secret that women always want to look irresistible, especially in spring and summer. Look fashionable, stylish and modern in a new fashion season you will be such things as:

 trendy clothing collection spring summer 2012

Strict jacket combined with shorts - the most fashionable trend of the coming season. The lite version of the classic trouser suit - ideal for those girls who want to demonstrate to others her beautiful slender legs.

 Fashionable women's clothing spring summer 2012

Mini-coat funny zhaketiki and jackets with sleeves ending at the lower edge of the article, certainly will appeal to many modern women of fashion. These trendy things can give a special charm to the female form, and at the same time enhance the beauty of women's pens.

 fashionable colors and finishes in clothes 2012 spring summer

Coats and jackets, made of lace fabric and decorated with playful or guipure embroidery, delicate fringe or sparkling beads, this season is all the rage. These trendy items presented by many renowned designers in the collections of the upcoming season.

 Fashionable women's clothing collection spring summer 2012

Dresses with smell, skirts with asymmetrical hem line, blouses with a deep neckline and open shoulder - a rather popular styles in the collections of most brands. Gorgeous asymmetrical things allow the fair sex to show their seductive shoulders and draw the attention of the stronger sex to the person.

 fashion clothing spring summer 2012

Pants with stripes - another trendy trend of the upcoming spring. Sports style of the new season made his way not only in everyday life, but also in business clothes.

 fashionable colors and cut of clothes 2012 spring summer

Maxi skirts, flared trousers and long dresses to floor with bat sleeves - these things for the second season in a row do not leave the fashion catwalks. The models are incredibly popular in the 70s of the last century, certainly will appeal to fans of retro style.

 trendy clothing collection for Spring Summer 2012

At the height of fashion light, flowing dresses and tunics made of weightless, often translucent fabrics or lace.

Trendy colors, prints and finishes

Like last spring, trendy clothing collection spring-summer 2012 are dazzling variety of colors, styles, patterns and bright colors. Monochrome colors are no longer relevant in the fashion bright juicy contrasts. In the new season, many designers are experimenting with contrasts, so the current spring and summer promises to be a vibrant and diverse. If you want to be fashionable and stylish, prefer contrasting combinations of clothing.

 fashionable and stylish clothes spring summer 2012

Looking at the girls from the fashion catwalks in these outfits, at first glance it may seem that such things as, for example, pink blouse and turquoise pants, green jacket and an orange skirt and blue top and yellow shorts are absolutely incompatible. However, if you look closely, it does not seem bad taste. The main thing - to choose the right colors, and then all of these colors can be combined perfectly with each other. Juicy colors of spring will bring freshness and brightness to your wardrobe, lift your spirits and help you stand out from the general crowd.

 trendy colors in classic clothes 2012 spring summer

Dark blue, turquoise and green colors, yellow, red, purple and tangerine - that's the most fashionable colors in clothes 2012 spring-summer. It is still in fashion and classic. At the peak of the popularity of white and black business suits, dresses, shirts, skirts and trousers, which are particularly refined and elegant look, combined with bright stylish accessories. This year many designers have included in their collections laconic white dresses, blouses, jackets and pantsuits. All these beautiful and elegant outfits can now be used as an office clothes instead of the usual black.

 fashionable clothes collection - prints spring summer 2012

If we talk about the prints, the most commonly in the spring collections meet floral motifs, the most popular among them - daisies, poppies, roses and irises. Also there is a lot of dresses in pastel shades with discreet prints, stripes and block colors, which can drastically transform a woman's figure.

 fashion clothing for girls spring summer 2012

Contrast piping on clothes - an element of decor is present in almost every designer collection. For example, fashion shows contrast color piping was seen on dresses and skirts Sportmax Rocsanda llincic. Also, many fashion designers as a decoration rather use large sequins, which in appearance very similar to the scales of marine fish. This fashion trend, gradually moved from the fall season in the spring fashion, will not leave indifferent any even the most pampered fashionistas.

Fill up your spring wardrobe fashionable new clothes, you'll always look attractive and stylish.

 Fashionable clothing spring-summer season of 2012. What's New

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