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Strictly speaking, no special wisdom in knitting mittens not. If you can hold in their hands knitting needles, you know what a facial, Wrong and air loop, then tie the gloves you are quite capable. Knitting needles mittens for beginners needlewomen the most suitable experience. And if you're already an experienced skilled worker, you will be able to link not just warm mittens, and quite fashionable and exclusive winter accessory.

You can associate mittens hook. It is possible on two spokes of a transverse knitting of two halves or with a single suture. Can circular knitting on five needles. Knitting mittens five spokes called grandma knitting. In this way a long time and knitted mittens and gloves, and socks, and Sledkov. Let's take a closer look at exactly this manner. How to link mittens five spokes?

Features a circular knitting mittens

Circular knitting on five needles are called tubular. Mitten vyvyazyvayut around and has no seams. All loops for future mittens evenly placed on four spokes. The fifth spoke is free from loops. It turns replaces all other spokes.

The circular knitting wales there, and all facial hinge necessarily provyazyvayutsya for the upper lobes (the thread is at work). Knitting is conducted only on the front of the product. One considered next loop, knit at the four spokes. For convenience, the spokes should be numbered (mentally). On the first and second spokes fit the top of the gloves, and the third and fourth - palm.

When knitting patterns on the five spokes following rules:

  • To save the picture in a circular knitting purl rows (according to figure) knit "vice versa." That is the facial loops purl, purl and facial loops.
  • In schemes patterns where even the ranks of tally "like watching the loop" is used only to record the odd rows, repeating every odd number twice.
  • If the pattern is displaced on both sides of knitting (knitting in rice), all odd rows provyazyvayut scheme for two spokes.

Where to begin?

To begin, select yarn. Mittens can be knit from wool, mohair, feather yarn (at your discretion). You can make them self-colored, multi-colored or melange. Decide from knitting mittens needles: drawings or relief pattern more suitable for your mittens? They may be a jacquard pattern or ornament, striped or openwork, with pigtails, knobs or fringe. The cuffs on mittens are usually knit band. For some mittens you need 40 to 150 grams of yarn, depending on the size and pattern.

Knitting should start by calculating the number of loops. Tie the sample (about 14 loops in width and ten rows in height), stretch it slightly and measure the density of knitting. Sample the best tie for gum, and the main figure.

Measure the circumference of your wrist, width and height of the palm. And then dial your desired number of loops (required four times!) And start the process itself. Knit cuff mitten start with (its elastic knit 1 to 1 or 2 by 2).

 knitting mittens needles for beginners

Knit cuff on a mitten thumb up

Hinges scored two spokes divide into four equal parts. Each part provyazyvayte a separate needle. Knit all sts, close the circle. To do this, tie the end of the thread on the set of loops of thread from the tangle. You will get a square of four spokes to knit the first row. Spoke with which you are shooting in the process of knitting the loop, it is working (free). Continue knitting circle (in one direction), alternately changing spokes.

After you bind the cuff (about 7 cm), go to the main part of the mittens. Distance from the cuff before the thumb knit basic pattern. If the pattern makes the base web is narrower than the collar (look at the sample), then add to each spoke one loop (two from one loop).

Dovyazav mitten to the base of the thumb, leave it to the hole. Hand - the third spoke to the left - on the fourth.

Vyvyazyvayut hole for the thumb

How to make a hole for the thumb on a mitten? For this there are two ways. In the first case, the hole remains open (it's more convenient to try mitten), the second - closed.

The first method. Knitting, where there will be a place for finger, knit the first loop. The rest of the loop except the last one to remove the safety pin. After that, the work (right) spoke dial the same number of stitches as there are on the pin. Knit the last loop.

The second method. Knit the first loop of thread from the tangle. Then everything hinges knit facial loops other thread (preferably a different color). Put them back on the third needle and knit again the main thread. The result is a continuous web with color shtrishki.

Then knit mitten basic pattern before subtraction of loops on the toe (the top of the gloves).

Knit toe mittens

In its upper part mitten tapers. To mitten smoothly and beautifully perched on the arm, you must vyvyazat toe. To this end the loop of knitting must diminish. Depending on how subtraction of loops top gloves can get a rounded or pointed.

Rounded decrease is only suitable for hosiery knitting mittens, because it violates the pattern. But it is also possible to knit mitten pattern, and before subtraction of loops go to hosiery knitting.

For the subtraction of loops in a spiral on each spoke first two loops together provyazyvayte front of the lower lobes. Bates loops in each row, while the spokes will not remain just two loops (total of eight). Then tear off the thread coil and thread it into the needle. Pick up a needle all eight loops, pull together and secure from the inside mittens.

To perform the subtraction rounded all the same, not with the first loop, and with the average.

For a beautiful pointed toe loop subtract follows. The first two loops of each spoke provyazyvayte along the front. The first and third spoke obliquely leftward loops (loops over the back wall), the second and fourth inclined to the right (the front wall).

Once linked toe, mittens almost ready. One can only vyvyazat thumb.

Knit thumb

Thumb mittens knitted in three spokes, so the number of loops for it must be divisible by three.

If the thumb loop you removed the pin, then it needs to be knit in the following manner. With a pin, remove the hinges on a spoke and the loop of the upper row, type new. Add two loops of broaches the side. Knit in a circle until thumbnail. Then begin to diminish the loop rounded manner or in a spiral. Once the spokes will be only six loops, collect them on a thread (as in the case of the toe) and secure from the inside.

In the second method gently pull the thread color. To loop did not escape lightly otparte mitten through the fabric. All open loop to assemble the spokes. If the hole to get too wide, reduce one loop on each spoke. If narrow - add two loops of broaches the side. Then knit the same way as in the first case.

If knitting mittens five spokes you find it difficult, they can bind and two spokes. For example, the gloves of the two halves.

 knitting mittens knitting patterns

Knit mittens on two spokes

For such mittens vyvyazyvayut separate upper and lower, which are then sewn or connected to a hook. From the back side of knit mittens, dial on the spokes of the number of loops across the width of the palm with a small margin. Knit the selected pattern (with or without a pattern) before the end of the little finger. Then begin to diminish the loop on both sides, provyazyvaya two loops together. So you'll have a mitten with a triangular toe. For a rounded toe loop gradually take away, leaving open only a third of their original number. Remove the remaining sts on a safety pin. The first half finished.

Get to the bottom halves of knitting mittens (palms). She knit a little more complicated - there vyvyazyvayut thumb.

Begin to knit the palm as well as the upper half of the mitten. Dovyazav prior thumb loop divide into four parts. Three of the loops, remove the pin, put the rest on the needle so that the thread from the tangle was the acute side spokes. On the second, needle type as many new (air) loops auxiliary thread (preferably a different color). After that, the new loop knit thread from the tangle (she first spoke). Continuing the knitting you get a rectangular protrusion. It detailed the thumb mittens. Linking it to the desired length, assemble the open loop to the pin (or any other thread), and tear off the thread from the tangle.

Then gently pull out the auxiliary knitting yarn, which left at the base of the thumb. The opened loops and loops taken to knit the thumb, pull on the needle. Continue to knit palm thread of the coil, as well as the upper half of the mitten.

Finished knitting, sew cloth thumb knit stitch and the upper open loop pull the thread and fasten to the underside. Then sew the two halves of the mitten. That's all.

So, for a long time do not hesitate to choose the yarn, pattern and model of your future mittens. Take it into the hands of spokes and comprehend rukavichkinu wisdom into practice.

 Knitting needles mittens or Rukavichkina wisdom

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