knitting children's clothes

All mothers want their children to be well-groomed, well-dressed. As a gift for the baby, you can buy a new suit, sweater, scarf or hat. And you can tie all of these things with their own hands. This will require quite a bit of skill, talent and materials - yarn, needles or hook, and a few free hours a day.

And, of course, patience and inspiration - without them can not do. After knitting children's clothes it requires time and effort, so it is mainly a matter of housewives and mothers on maternity leave. But how cheerfully seen on kid thing associated with their hands, storing the heat of your hands, kindness, thoughts, positive power supply, which is enough for little boy or little daughter is not for one season.

It is no secret that children's knitted handmade item will be worn for a long time, if you choose the right yarn. For children is better to choose natural yarns - cotton, wool, etc., Because synthetic materials can cause allergies on the delicate skin of your baby. But the main thing to new thing looked beautiful, stylish and original, loved your child, worn with pleasure.

Some needlewoman before you knit something for your baby, look in modern needlework magazines or implement their own ideas. Knitting children's clothes (schemes) and can be found on the worldwide web, because in the Internet there are many sites on needlework, shops where you can buy goods for needlework and sell handmade-stuff. For example, a set of hats and scarves, which you see on the photo.

To create this masterpiece of manual work, reminiscent of the summer sun, the sea and the beach, you need the following materials: yarn (50% acrylic, 50% wool, 250 m / 100 g) - 100 g (for children's hats) and 200 g (for Child sharfika) yellow needles number 3, 5, hook number 3, 5.

The basic pattern: knit 2 facial loop, * 2 purl loops, 4 facial loop *, repeat from * to *, end knit 2 facial loops. In backstitches ranks all loops knit in accordance with the instructions. At the same time in each band of 4 facial loops in each 4th row left crossing performed by removing the two tabs on the extra needle before work provyazyvaniya 2 facial and then another 2 personal - with extra spokes. The front surface of: facial series tally in facial loop in backstitches - purl loops.

 knitting children's clothes spokes


You must dial the spokes of 32 loops (30 + 2 edge loops basic pattern), knit the basic pattern about 44 cm (head circumference). Detail to steam. In the long (top) edge of the cross-streamer vyvyazat chrysanthemum. Due to the elongated pattern with dense loops, you can achieve "fur" effect.

To do this, on the edge of dial 52 facial loops, knit 1 row purl. Then knit as follows: in facial ranks each loop provyazyvaem persons. for back wall without removing it while the left spokes, grab the working yarn extending in the direction of the index finger, and pull through the loop on the left spoke another front loop. Knit front loop remove the left spokes. Watch carefully to all elongated loops have the same length. The even rows knit purl loops, and the spoke must always remain 52 loops. Thus tally of 6 cm. Then every 10 loops diminish the loop while the spokes will not remain 10 stitches.

In the last row provyazyvaem all 10 loops together. We carry out a seam. Pre-stepping to 3 cm to the left and right along the bottom edge, tie the "ears" of children's hats. For this type on the spokes 16 loops of the right seam and provyazyvaem 7 cm front embroidery, subtracting one loop in each third of the front row. Similarly, knit the left "eye". Then, the bottom edge of products tied hook pattern "shells" (3 column with nakida one eyelet, 1 bar without nakida). Sewn straps connected in the form of chains of aerial loops of small length.


Recruited spokes 4 loop knit front stitch, every second row, adding one loop on both sides, until the number of loops will not be sufficient for the five main braid pattern. Then knit the same pattern 1, 2 meters. Further diminish in each row on a second face 1 on both sides of the loop, while the spokes will not remain four loops. The other loops are closed, and the tips decorate scarf tassels. To do this, cut into 12 strands of equal length 24 cm, add them together, flexing half. Scarf stretching to the end so as to form a loop, passed through her fringe ends and firmly tighten.

Here and ready kit for your child, which is especially good for cold autumn weather - rain and slush. These cute scarf and hat will look great on your little girl, raising her up every morning before going to kindergarten. In addition, the child will feel cozy and comfortable, and it is - the best reward for the work of her mother, because knitting children's clothes and crochet requires a high dedication and patience.

But the main thing - the children's wardrobe items knit with love, tenderness and warmth. Then, scarves, hats, coats, mittens and other handmade little things will warm your baby in the winter cold and wind and rain.

 Knitting children's clothes spokes: a set of scarf and hat

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 Weaving fenichek

What looks like a scattering of beads? Perhaps, in the scattering of stars in the night sky. A braid of colorful threads - you it does not look like a rainbow? In the capable hands of masters and beads and thread, and ribbon can turn into a truly starry decoration. Bead for bead, thread the strings, they are cute woven bracelets, and charms kulonchiki that are not just decoration, and a special mark, chip, Fenichka.

Weaving baubles - is a simple and exciting experience, a creative process that requires not only the handmade craftsmanship, but also the sense of beauty, the imagination, and sometimes creative.

What Baubles?

Usually Baubles weave or as an ornament for yourself or as a gift. Now it's not just a fashion accessory among young girls. Baubles and pay tribute to modern designers, using them as a down-ons for clothing. History baubles started in American Indian culture. In the 20th century Baubles adorned themselves hippies and Rastafarians. And today it is the exclusive decoration, and a kind of mascot girl's friendship. Incidentally, peredarivanie fenechek- very popular feature among their fans. It is believed that such a gesture increases the power of the talisman.

Different bracelets and worn in different ways: on the right hand - woven again, on the left - donated. All Baubles lies some symbolism. These ornaments - a kind of reminder about dating and meetings, adventures and trips, gifts and holidays. That is why the attitude to such special favors.

 Weaving fenichek named

What are Baubles?

These bracelets can be made from different materials. Basically Baubles weave thread sewing ribbons, laces and beads. Their weaving is also used different techniques: direct, diagonal, circular and other woven. But, regardless of species, all Baubles must be present exclusive. At the request of skilled workers, and single-colored bracelets are obtained, and any pattern, and with drawings and hieroglyphs, and letters, and even the names.

How to learn?

Baubles weave is not difficult, and master the art may each need only desire. To weave Baubles yourself enough to take advantage of the instructions or recommendations, you will find both in abundance on the internet and in special books and magazines on needlework. As a rule, in these principles and stages of weaving is available painted. A good helper for you to become and detailed step by step instructions in pictures. You can also download the video tutorial or watch these online lessons (some sites offer these materials free of charge). So, get a suitable site, buy a book or magazine and start to this exciting venture.

 fenichek direct netting scheme

Should I start?

Perhaps the most easily performed - Baubles of the tapes. For them, only need to choose the ribbon, cut it to size wrist and decorate with colored buttons or rhinestones. If you still want to master the technique of weaving, the beginners have one piece of advice: first, only simple braid bracelets. Among the most popular beginners simple diagonal weave. Try to tricolor weave bracelet, for example, from the laces. In novice, trudging such Fenichka have every chance to learn the basics of this art and to witness quick results of their labor.

But what about an exclusive?

First, even the most simple handmade Fenichka sure to get exclusive, if you want. And secondly, you can prevent the master more complex technologies, such as braiding fenichek the name? For this bracelet fit direct ways of weaving, and the scheme will need. Schemes baubles direct braiding you can easily find on the Internet. And they simply create the model and its uniquely-exclusive.

Be of good cheer! Adding to the ranks of numerous braiding Baubles, you not only gain a creative hobby, find new friends, but also learn how to make elegant and beautiful trinkets, charged exclusively with positive energy - Baubles.

 Weave fenichek

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