knitted fashion items

The popularity of various knitwear and original weaving macramé reminds us of the 2012 season. This style is found in the coming year reflected in the models created by designers: knitted dresses, tunics, tops and bathing suits, more like leaky fishing nets.

Such brand as knitted fashions, according to the designers, will always be in fashion. Eventually crocheted wardrobe modified slightly - only the manner of manufacture and unimportant details. For any fashionable girl handmade, which always looks exclusive and unique, it will always be advantageous to look at the creation of any image. Actually so it's time to learn how to knit, unless of course you still do not know how.

It is worth noting that the majority of well-known designers create images of the type knitted by hand, as this Handmaiden season in great demand. Let's find out what is fashionable this season.

 fashion knitwear 2012 scheme

  • So, in 2012, things look knitted deliberate negligence. Major fashion "chips" - a relief knit, tight handling and irregular loops.
  • Massive forms designers to help them achieve frills and draperies, are particularly relevant. Equally popular are both small and large details that often adorn the neck, waist and sleeves. But do not get carried away by them, as the knitted clothes you should add volume where you need it.
  • Smell - another significant piece of clothing. Sometimes the most unusual models occupy a leading position in the winter collections, for example, knitted cardigan. And the models that seem a bit stretched, welcomed a huge number of popular designers.
  • But relative to the length they were not unanimous, so popular are both short and long items. Some fashion houses offered women of fashion model with short sleeves, through which some of them were like vests.
  • Cape sleeveless with armholes became hits in 2012, which looked at the extraordinarily beautiful woman close complexion. Hand embroidered with sequins, beads, ribbons and steklyariusom presented a rich decor models. Betting on the original design of the gate and the neck made many fashion designers.
  • A further aspect of knitted fashion the convex pattern. It is considered to be a fashionable decoration diamonds, knobs and pigtails. Norwegian is also a fashionable ornament.
  • Models hippie could contemplate on the catwalk during a fashion show.
  • World podiums familiarized us with the design of things, sozdannyhy based on natural or artificial fur. A genuine materials such as cotton, cashmere, merino and silk, used by designers for creating masterpieces.
  • Favourites among colors are neutral colors: white, gray and beige, but you can choose to light blue, burgundy or black, if the halcyon tone you do not like.
  • In particular, stand out among the patterns of stripes and floral prints.

 fashion knitwear 2012

Knitwear items do not pass!

They have always been the epitome of comfort, handmade and heat. If you have not learned the art of knitting, then you this year there was a specific excuse to do so. Fashionable are things done in a different style. Knitted cardigans, coats, scarves and sweaters became true hits stylish collections of 2012.

With the first frost, probably each of us wants to live in a nice suburban house, wrap yourself soft things, and sitting in a comfortable chair, a cup of tea or read a favorite book.

This season, buy for yourself some knitted thing is to every girl, which close the concept of fashion, as it is in the ensemble with a variety of accessories can create a beautiful and original way. Especially fashion knitwear 2012, the scheme which you will easily find in fashion magazines, and you can link to. Over the silk tops, turtlenecks, tight dresses will look very well woolen scarves. They will keep your heat under any circumstances, since a sufficient width.

Classic silhouettes and light fabrics perfectly complete image, which already will be interesting to look at the general background. Under a wool sweater, you can try on big shoes and leggings, straight trousers with arrows or a leather jacket.

Fashion handbags, clutches, decorated with artificial stones or sequins bright, neat and sandals is well suited as an accessory to knit cardigans and dresses. These details will add the image of sophistication, especially in ensemble with incredibly warm and comfortable things. Revered most daring fashionistas turn into such a small prank, as a complement classic satin mixed thick mittens with pompons.

 knitted fashion items for season 2012

What models offer designers?

  1. Relevant be transparent knitted tunics on the cover in black and pastel tones. For a romantic and bohemian style, they are the ideal solution. Soft fur is perfectly combined with them at times of winter, and in the fall you can wear a poncho or coat.
  2. The demand for cozy and warm knitted items like capes and costumes, various sweaters and dresses knitted cozy and warm items such as capes and suits, sweaters and dresses, waistcoats and cardigans, announced the start of a cold winter.
  3. Knitwear 2012 will not allow you to freeze even in the dead of winter, not to mention sexuality and comfort. Socks, leggings and socks will also be relevant.
  4. A short (up to waist) knitted jumper with round neck is going to be a popular trend this year. Under it, you can wear a mini-skirt, pants or plaid shirt. But note that he does not have to bare belly, on the contrary, it requires a high waistline.
  5. For shorter skirts and leggings excellent option is elongated cardigan free cut on a narrow leather girdle. Such «casual» style will appeal as a serious career woman, and students.
  6. As the cold weather knits do not become heavier, but rather kept their lightness, although its function - heat retention - they perform in good faith. Suede shoes, such as shoes, Oxfords or boots, well played up this style.

With regard to the binding - demand a variety of variations. Fashion knitwear, made in the style macramé, boucle, simple knit or crochet in the form of complex patterns can be combined with chiffon, and fur and leather and satin. The thing is, made one of these options may not only be a modest part of «casual» style, but also in harmony with the great glamor, business and intellectual bohemian style of the 70s.

Here, perhaps, the most important aspects of fashionable knitted garments 2012. We hope that now in your arsenal will be sure any instance of knitted fashion!

 Knitted fashion items 2012: women's preferences

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 tutu skirt with his hands

Who of the girls did not dream as a child to become a ballerina and flit across the stage like a moth in a white skirt air? Fashion trend of the season - tulle skirt - enable all the fair sex into the world of childhood and feel like a real ballerina or fairy princess. Skirt-pack of their own hands - a great opportunity to make your life a touch of romance, light and airy.

This skirt is suitable for all occasions, it is suitable for both parties, as well as for everyday life. With this skirt, you can very easily change the images, so without it is unthinkable this season wardrobe of any modern fashionista. Fashionable extravagant thing you can buy, but you can make yourself. Needlewoman certainly be interested in the idea of ​​creating an exclusive model that will be a source of pride and admiring glances.

How to sew a skirt-pack? Skirt is made of this style is quite simple and fast. Nothing complicated about it, and most importantly - for this you do not need a machine or a needle and thread. Skirt of tulle come in different types and styles. Having familiarized with the fashion trends, you can easily make your vending model for one to two hours.

 tutu skirt

Tutu: fashion trends of the new season

  • Models. There are all styles of lush skirts of tulle is not in the designer collections! The existing variety of simple and complex designs will allow each girl to choose for themselves the best option for any occasion.
  • Colors. The color scheme of the fashionable this season, skirts can be very diverse: from classic white, black and red to fuchsia, lime, orange and ivory. Very nice and at the same time looks so unusual skirt with petticoats, painted in certain colors, such as brown and dark orange and others.
  • Length. Fashion houses tutu length of the season varies from very small to the ankle. Therefore, no matter what the length of your skirt was, you'll always look irresistible.

 how to sew a skirt pack

Now that you know almost everything about fashion trends, you can create the skirt of her dreams. Variations manufacturing set. The most simple and accessible to all version - short or medium-layer pack. All you need for a skirt - scissors, elastic garments and about fifty pieces of rectangular soft tulle size of 20x50 cm. To make the pomp possible to produce a multi-tiered and multi-layered skirt. If you, on the contrary, want her to get less lush, use fewer segments. Be creative and experiment with knots that affect will this skirt tutu or "leaving" to the floor model. As decoration, you can use ribbons, artificial flowers and other ornaments. If you want to become the owner of more complex design, its manufacturing information can be found in fashion magazines or other sources.

 Fashionable skirt tutu

From what to wear fashionable skirt pack?

In order not to look ridiculous in the trendy new thing, it is important to choose the right supplement to it. Ideal - a full skirt with a corset. Also acceptable bodysuit, sweatshirt, stretch shirts, fleece jackets and chiffon blouses with no frills.

As for the color solution, it should match your plan. To create an image of "beautiful princess" more suitable for quiet, pastel range. If your goals are to go to shock others, and then select the appropriate color should be - bright and eye-catching.

By experimenting with the creation of images, do not forget about the bright accessories - colored thick tights, ballet shoes and contrasting decorations. Putting themselves at least once a skirt to give it is impossible. After all, no other outfit can not give as much light and airy, like a pack of soft tulle.

 Fashionable skirt tutu

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