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Kidney diseases are found in large numbers of people. And, despite the very high level of development of modern medicine, the treatment does not always bring the expected effect. This explains the high popularity of the treatment of kidney disease by means of traditional medicine. Sometimes these recipes have a truly beneficial effect on the human body, bringing all the manifestations of the disease to a possible minimum. However, needless to say, it is absolutely unacceptable to completely abandon physician visits and their assigned treatment - remember that traditional medicines can be a tool in the fight with the disease, but not an alternative.

Inflammation of the renal pelvis

Inflammation of the renal pelvis is by far the most common disease. Usually, the inflammation of the renal pelvis is a direct consequence of such diseases as cystitis - inflammation of the bladder. Pathogenic microflora in ascending paths goes directly into the renal pelvis, where it begins the development of the inflammatory process. A little bit less, but still sometimes the cause of the inflammatory process in the renal pelvis may be a kidney stone.

In this disease, traditional medicine recommends a sick person the following treatments:

  • Baths

Very effective as a general warm baths with the addition of chamomile decoction and local sit - with the addition of broth horsetail. Prepare a broth is simple enough: Take two tablespoons of a raw material (depending on whether you need a broth), pour one liter of water, bring to a boil and cover with a tight lid.

Allow broth to infuse at least two hours, after which strain using gauze fabric. The broth should be added to warm water, the rate - half a liter of broth to 20 liters of water, just before taking a bath. The treatment should continue for as long as necessary, to the sick person felt a significant improvement in their condition.

  • Warm compresses of cabbage leaves

Once the bathroom to take a sick person, he must take the next wrapping wrap - usual cabbage leaves for a moment must be placed in a preheated 300 degree oven, then cool slightly, and put on the kidneys. Top compress should be tightly fixed with a bandage or a - or a cloth. The compress should be left for the night. The course of treatment should be the same as the rate of therapeutic baths.

  • Light diet

Also, in any case, a sick person should not forget the need to respect medical diet. It is necessary in order to maximize unload kidney. After all, during his illness excessive load on the kidneys completely useless.

Try to make the diet so that it was as small as possible protein products. Welcome products, such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Pay special attention to the parsley - it is also extremely useful in diseases of the kidney.

 kidney stones treatment of folk remedies

The weakness of the kidney

Poor performance of the kidneys leads to the fact that renal function is extremely weak. The first and most striking feature of this disease is a change in the composition, color and smell of urine - it is virtually colorless and odorless. It is explained that urine is virtually the same water, and all substances that have excreted from the body, remain in it.

Of course, the violation of the heart can not affect the general condition of the patient man and his well-being. Man complains of intermittent nausea, progressing with the development of the disease, general weakness, dizziness, and increased sweating.

The most common cause of long-term weakness of the kidney is a chronic inflammation of the kidneys, or the use of the sick man of painkillers pharmaceutical products. It is also a particularly high risk of developing kidney damage in people who suffer from diabetes. In addition, the precipitating factor can also be a strong psycho-emotional stress, or as chronic fatigue syndrome, which is also a very negative impact on the work of the entire urinary system, and kidneys in particular.

This state represents to human health is very serious danger, so self in this case is unacceptable. Feeling unwell, a person must as soon as possible, seek medical help from a doctor.

Stones in the kidneys

Another frequently occurring renal disease is kidney stones kidney disease. A lot of people live for years with kidney stones are in, but do not even know about it. However, in a "beautiful" moment of kidney stone may get stuck in the ureter, or simply - simply turn edge. And the person has a very strong renal colic, extremely painful and excruciating.

Renal colic is manifested by the following symptoms:

  • The pronounced weakness.
  • Panic state of fear.
  • The stronger the panic and fear of death in a human patient.

In that case, if the stone is moved independently into the bladder, intestinal colic disappears. However, if the kidney stones are too large in size, require surgery for removal.

Traditional medicine in this case it is recommended to take the following measures:

  • Drinking regime

The amount of water drunk by the sick person should be increased by at least two liters. And doctors do not recommend to use mineral water - it makes more sense to give preference to ordinary pure non-carbonated drinking water. Please note - most of the liquid has to be drained in the interval from 17 to 19 pm - in this period of the urinary system work more productive.

  • Drinking tea

Also, traditional medicine in renal colic patients advises people to consume teas with plantain, rosehip and nettle. And you can use these teas without any restrictions - but not less than one liter per day.

  • Warmer or compresses

During the attack the sick person must comply with bed rest, it is recommended to put on the kidneys, or a warm heating pad or compress well, which should be changed as it cools down.

  • Beet juice

Beet juice is also considered a very good remedy for intestinal colic. Half of fresh beet juice, drink before every meal, but not less than three times a day, can completely dissolve kidney stone. However, remember that the treatment should not last longer than ten days. Many people who have had kidney stones, treatment of folk remedies recognize very, very effective.

 Kidney symptoms of sore treatment

Prevention of kidney disease

Of course, it is much better not to deal with kidney disease. And for this it is necessary to observe the methods of prevention. They are not so difficult - to deal with them under the power of any man - it would wish.

The first thing you need to remember - is that very often the cause of kidney disease are commonplace hypothermia. This should not be forgotten in any case. This largely concerns, of course, that women - not to go for the sake of beauty! Thin tights, short jackets, bare back - as a result of the desperate morning back pain. Lovely girls and women, remember that for such a "victim" in the name of beauty, you can pay too high a price.

The second thing you should pay attention - this is on what you are drinking. Certainly, no one argues with the fact that mineral water is very, very helpful. However, if it unduly abused, can develop kidney stones - it provoke those minerals contained in the water.

Also be very careful with taking different drugs. All drugs have a very heavy burden on the kidney, and significantly complicates their work. Very often people abuse painkillers different from toothache, from the head. Or, if painful menstruation. They mistakenly believe that one - two tablets they do not hurt. And I do not see how the reception of these drugs included in their habit. But in the end very much affected kidney.

And finally, what would like to remind you that if a person has hurt the kidneys, symptoms, treatment may all be different. So many things are highly individual for each person. And so a visit to the doctor, with the appearance of the first symptoms, it is imperative for all patients, without exception, regardless of whether they use traditional medicine or not.

 Kidney stones, treatment of folk remedies

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 Pain in the back

Trying to quickly raise or move something heavy - this is the first cause of back problems. The result usually becomes a pain in the back. If you are trying to raise the thing that can not be, you can take some measures have then to prevent a sharp pain in his back.

How to ease the sharp pain in the back?

There are two types of back pain: acute and chronic. Acute pain occurs suddenly. It comes when you have done something wrong. The pain can be caused due to muscle strain or deformation of the joints of the back. You can feel a lot of pain for a few days, but in any case, as you can provide yourself and help get rid of back pain.

  • Try not to stand on his feet

The back will thank you for it. In acute pain should immediately go to bed. Chances are you and so will want to do it. Another twinge may cause any movement, so you need a few days to forget about the intense physical activity.

  • Do not lie in bed for a long time

If after two days of bed rest pain is still not passed, an extra day will not hurt. But we must try to get out of bed as soon as possible. The longer bed rest, the longer the spin will come in the form of work after it.

  • Apply ice to the sore spot

Flash is better to pay off the pain, apply ice. It will help to reduce muscle strain and reduce swelling. Also, to improve the result, you can do an ice massage.

Apply an ice pack to the affected area and massage for 10 minutes. Repeating this procedure for several days.

  • Ease the pain with heat

After two days of ice massage, switch to heat. Place the towel in a basin with not very hot water and squeeze. Lie on your chest and spread a towel on the sore spot. Put a plastic bag on top and an object to increase the pressure. This will create a moist heat and reduce spasms.

  • Try and cold and heat

If you change the mode of heat and cold, you feel better. Try 20 minutes of the heat, 20 ice. Alternate.

  • Stretch

Do not get out of bed, pull your knees to your chest. Push down on them, and then stretch yourself. Repeat this exercise. Stretching back accelerate patient recovery.

How to relieve chronic pain?

  • Sleep on a flat bed

The bed should not sag during sleep. Use plywood between the mattresses.

  • Take aspirin

Back pain is always accompanied by inflammation around the affected part. It must therefore be taken once daily anti-inflammatory drugs.

  • Do gymnastics

Doing a slow, safe exercises for the back. Only carefully. Do not let the heavy load. Gradually, day by day increase the speed as much as possible. Over time, back pain will not bother you so much.

Be healthy!

 Pain in the back. How to help yourself?

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