Kefir dessert

Very tasty and easy! Dessert that will not let you gain extra killogramm.

300 grams of yogurt
2 tbsp honey with the top
2 ripe bananas to bring down the dough
Fill the molds to put in the freezer for 2.5-3 Cottage cheese casserole with apple-cinnamon scent

160 kcal / 100 g

For the preparation of tasty and easy to prepare cottage cheese with apple-cinnamon scent casseroles you will need:
- 500g of cottage cheese;
- 4 eggs;
- 4st.l. flour;
- 3st.l. sugar;
- A pinch of vanilla;
- 2 apples;
- Cinnamon.


Whisk apples with the sugar, add vanilla or a few drops of vanilla essence. Continuing to whisk eggs, add a little cheese and flour. Beat until until the mixture becomes homogeneous.
An apple dice and sprinkle with cinnamon. Put it in a baking tin and fill with cheese mass. The second cut an apple in half and cut into very thin slices (you can do with the device for cleaning potatoes). Put them on the curd and sprinkle with cinnamon. Baked in the oven to be baked for half an hour at a temperature of 200 degrees exposed.
The finished cottage cheese and apple casserole is best done in the evening and leave overnight sludge. For breakfast, pour it jam or melted chocolate and serve.

 Kefir dessert


Hello! I'm 21, I live with a boy 2 years and we decided to fill our family kid  wink
   But ...
I already had problems ((for women) is not a regular cycle), but foolishly did not visit doctors, and appeared caring person we went to the doctor and began ...  crying
Diagoz - erosion !!! The doctor suggested that nitrogen freezing, said that the harmless, and we agreed. Prolichilas infections that appear on water as well as with a river with tap water, and frozen!
came after some time for a visit and she says that something is wrong, suspicion of cancer  surprise
 , Took the analysis ankologiyu and said come back in an hour once again try to freeze (still 400 UAH.), For her girl had come and I came, and I was just, and that nitrogen is lost ... In short, I do not it come !!!
After a while I went "Kozhva" passed the tests and there .... infection has become even more !!! Treated me with two antibiotics, lechichi-treated cured  yes
 . And then I went to the delay ... again made US  surprise
 Diagnosis - polycystic   and adhesive processes !!! She ran to the doctor in the clinic Mesnil (did not go ahead, poorly spoken), she looked dumbfounded at the result and sent for hospital treatment. They confirmed polycystic not see any added spaichnogo process and chronic inflammation. I lay there for a couple of weeks to no avail because polycystic not treated, and inflammation after two antibiotics, did not dare, pricked only warming shots. In short vypisvli me for what and lozhili  sad
 and prescribed hormones (Diane35) 6 months to restore cycle, and said that during the year should get pregnant!
While drinking pill cycle was accurate, but, in the first month after six months of treatment - DELAY !!!
I first thought I was pregnant, but the tests are negative, went back to the doctor, she sent for an ultrasound.
We reshli to go to a private clinic, where ultrasound showed that everything is fine. A doctor in the same hospital, said that I did not dolechinnaya erosion, inflammation, and that little cutting hormone, and that these people are very beremenneyut and give birth, but the ovulation, for people with this diagnosis, it is a miracle !!! Said staratsya doing tests (in s) and took the analysis ankologiyu, I called a week later to the clinic for the result, she said that everything is fine, except that - an inflammation (of which she has said during the inspection), because of which may and it is impossible to get pregnant, you need to come get tested (600grn). And it was all over !!!!  sad

I do not trust any doctors do not know what to do, everywhere only "extortion" !!!  angry
PSMozhet someone knows something, help!  mail
Thank you in advance!!!  smiley

 I want a baby!



Girls, I suggest an idea for a cool design a personal diary: s

Thank you in advance  :)

 Personal diary


Each of us has a place in the world,

What dalyu us for years, and closer and more expensive

It is easy to breathe, where the purity of the world

Fadeev L.

 Chistye Prudy

Beautifully sung talc, beautifully sung about other Chistye Prudy. Before my acquaintance with Chistye Prudy I imagined really beautiful corner of the historical Moscow. A place that evokes purity of thoughts, inspires, raises questions about the mortal world.

Though I must be honest, and this place really makes you think about the mortal world. His vanity, dirt, humiliation, delusion. The place is just great songs, but in reality brings confusion of thought and longing.

Boulevard. For someone you live Boulevard, you feel like you're breathing in the stench of alcohol and wading fountain smells? What do you think, how do you deal with the thoughts, conversations, odors and mountains of garbage? I know that you are forced to cry stunted flowers, dirty and drunken people sleeping on the benches. You bittersweet look at the young guy who tries to get to his feet, but his attempts are futile. And, every drunken attempt poured a glass of vodka and pickles out of the jar, which is perched near as dear aunt.

Boulevard as you probably sad to watch a picture of squalor and the triumph of human vices. That's the guy dressed in black, and drunk as drayman at the wedding. Urinating near the bushes in the public eye. Urinating and neighs like a horse in the pasture. Enveloping his jet not only scrubs, but also himself. And next on the bench buddies same informal orientation. Neighing and rejoice every sip warm beer.

Boulevard, your fountain. It is beautiful, but the smell of the swamp does not enjoy its beauty. He pursued further in the hope of finding Chistye Prudy. Clean and cool, which will be presented in this hot day freshness and relief.

Chistye Prudy. Ridicule? The irony? Pond. When you were clean? When the hand of man freed you from the burdensome dirt? You are beautiful. But the poverty of debris and drunken bums do not give enjoy your beauty.

Everything is so bad? People really all that bad. Chistye Prudy, a monument to human vices. Satan reigns there. Chistye Prudy, you dirty, not only in form but in content. Apparently trying to justify its native name - filthy ponds.

(Historical note: known from the XVII century as a filthy pond (it dumped waste city area butchers and slaughterhouses). From the pond river flows crustaceans, flows south and empties into the River Moscow at the future Orphanage. At the beginning of the XVIII century it became part of the Moscow estates of Alexander Menshikov, was cleaned and since then was called Pure pond or Clean Ponds)

And only a bright and clear, it's a duck. They are not afraid of people, they pose for photographers, they trust people.

So, all is not lost? So there is hope that the Net ponds, once become deytvitelno clean.

 Chistye Prudy

 Chistye Prudy