jelly cream

  • Prunes plus sour cream
  • Delicate jelly with chocolate
  • Jelly yogurt

If you are planning to organize a family dinner or decide to get together with my friends, we recommend that instead of the traditional cake and ice cream for dessert apply jelly cream. This gentle and airy dish would be the perfect end to a fun-filled evening in the warm and friendly atmosphere. We will share the secrets of cooking, leaving your court a few simple recipes.

Prunes plus sour cream

This recipe jelly cream is very easy, and you can make a meal in just a few minutes. So why not try?


  • One liter of fresh cream average fat content
  • half cup sugar (however, be guided by your taste)
  • Prunes - at your discretion
  • One pack of instant gelatin

Cooking method:

To begin with prunes rinse under running water, then pour boiling water - then it will be soft and not dry. Now pour the gelatin in a small bowl, pour back the warm water. You can wait for about fifteen or twenty minutes, until it swells. But if time is tight, put the dishes in the microwave, soak three minutes, remove and stir well, then again, send in a microwave for 120 seconds. Now gelatin is ready for use!

Mix in a separate bowl low-fat sour cream and a half cups of sugar. To do this, you can take a special beater, but we recommend that you use a blender or mixer - a mixture of air and get a uniform. Pour into it the dissolved gelatin and stir a few times. Then drain the excess fluid to prune and cut it into small cubes, add sour cream-gelatin mass, mix well with a spoon. Now lay jelly in the form and put it on the very top shelf of the refrigerator. After four or five hours can put the dessert on the table. At the request of several of its leaves garnish with fresh mint.

 recipe jelly cream

Delicate jelly with chocolate

There are countless recipes for jelly. It is made with cream, fruit, with white or red wine. The mass of options! We propose to combine in a delicate cream dessert and sweet dark chocolate - believe me, the taste of a dish amazing! Take the time to prepare this dish, and you will get an unforgettable pleasure. These products will last for six servings.


For the jelly:

  • 400 milliliters of fat sour cream
  • two tablespoons of sugar (you can add more)
  • 30 grams of gelatin
  • one cup of hot water

For the chocolate sauce:

  • two tablespoons of fruit syrup
  • one tile of dark chocolate
  • half a cup of water

Cooking method:

This jelly with cream is not just poured hot chocolate - it consists of two layers, which are mixed in the mouth produce a fabulous taste. So, go directly to its preparation. Pour into a deep bowl half a glass of water, then lay out here is broken into small pieces and put a bowl of chocolate over medium heat. When the sweet product begins to melt, stir the mixture constantly, and once on the surface of bubbles appear, pour two tablespoons of syrup (we used orange) and hold for about one minute. Then remove from heat and set aside. Now pour the instant gelatin with hot water and leave for about fifteen minutes. After it is fully dissolved, stir with a spoon and enter a half servings a little chilled chocolate mixture. Pour it on kremanki. Place the mold in the refrigerator and keep them there until the future of the jelly completely hardens.

For this dessert, we recommend to use sour cream with 25% fat. Beat it with sugar using a halo or a mixer until smooth air. After add the remaining gelatin and mix well. Thick cream mixture imposing spoons, lay in kremanki second layer on top of the chocolate. Send to harden in the fridge.

When the jelly has cooled down completely, you can decorate it with coconut, mint leaves or whipped cream.

 jelly cream recipe

Jelly yogurt

This dish is the perfect dessert for your baby.


  • Packaging of gelatin
  • 100 grams of fat sour cream
  • 200 grams of cottage cheese
  • three tablespoons of sugar
  • 250 grams of yogurt

Cooking method:

Pour gelatin into a bowl and fill it with warm water, let it brew. Then place the dish on low heat and cook the mixture to a simmer, do not forget to stir. Once set aside and allow to cool. Spread cheese into fine crumbs and add the sugar and knead until smooth. Then pour the finished gelatin, sour cream and yogurt. Stir with a spoon and pour into small cups or special kremanki. Jelly solidifies in the refrigerator for about three hours.

Despite the fact that this recipe does not say, but it is very tasty, if you append a dessert of fresh fruit, such as raspberries or blueberries, red and black currants.

The above recipes - is only a small fraction of what can be made from sour cream. Use it in cakes, jellies, creams and other desserts. This product gives every dish a delicate, mellow taste.

 Jelly cream

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 Jelly blackcurrant

  • Cooking berries
  • Choose dishes
  • Cook jelly
  • Prepare dessert

Many fruits and berries are so rich in pectin, which are cooked jam or sweet blanks prepared cold way, turns into a jelly. Such a special jelly jam consistency, is very different from the traditional jam or marmalade. This gel layer is becoming excellent for pies and cakes, adding them to a gentle touch of fruit and pleasant acidity. And the usual apple and currant jelly, served at the tea table, successfully replace the most tricky dessert. In addition, it can be prepared in advance, and at the right time just to get to open a jar and enjoy the taste and aroma of a warm summer. Try, for example, make blackcurrant jelly.

What good is this recipe? The fact that the store is Blackcurrant jellies can be at room temperature, and it is convenient if there is no special space for blanks for the winter. In addition, it is preparing a very simple and fast. It is necessary for him to take only the berries and sugar. Per kilogram of currant - half a kilogram of sugar.

Cooking berries

For a successful jelly made from black currants, best to take a slightly unripe fruit. They are simply more of pectin - the same gelling agent. Although ripe berry jelly will not worse (even more delicious), but less "strong." So we sort berries, very green or rotten rejects, as well as separate all accidentally got them twigs and leaves. A painstaking process, but it's worth it.

Then currants must be clean and dry. Now, to meet the exact proportions berries weigh. If you have a good household scales, use them. If the balance is not present, then measure the weight of currant via liter cans. In a jar placed approximately seven hundred grams of berries. And now we just need to pour the berries into a bowl. By the way, utensils for cooking jelly, too, need to find the right.

 delicious blackcurrant jelly

Choose dishes

For the preparation of black currant jelly copper pan is ideal for cooking jam or very wide pan with a thick bottom. Modern tolstodonnye pan for this purpose it. But do not cook the jelly in an enamel pot - it is sure you will burn!

Another important condition - a layer of berries in a bowl or in a pot should not be too thick. That is why for the preparation of black currant jelly and required extensive tableware. It is easy and fast to evaporate excess liquid, and the juice thickens quickly, without having to turn into jam. It is a large area for evaporation and allow you to cook a thick and tasty jelly. In high pot berries seethe until jelly thickens when. Therefore, if a suitable cookware you do not, cook berries parties.

Cook jelly

Laid out in a basin of cold boiled berries fill with water so that it barely covered them. Two glasses of water per kilogram of currants is enough. We put a basin on the fire, bring to a boil over medium heat, and then diminish the heat and cook for fifteen minutes. Do not forget to stir the berries and remove the foam from the surface of the jam (jam yet!).

Half an hour later pour the sugar in the fruit (the amount calculated based on the weight of the berries in a bowl), stir and again giving jam boil. Once this happens, we note the time and cook jelly (jelly now!) Fifteen minutes. While constantly stirring jelly and remove from it the foam. By the end of this time, begins to thicken and jelly stick to the walls of the pelvis. This is normal. If at this point you still jelly seems thick enough, do not worry: cooled down, it will become thicker.

Remove the jelly from the heat and decompose into sterilized dry jars. Close kapron or metal screw caps and storing them. And to keep the jelly mold under the lid can be put circles of paper soaked in vodka or alcohol.

 Jelly recipe blackcurrant

Prepare dessert

Blackcurrant jelly can be prepared in a different way. Only in this case we will not harvesting the winter and delicious fruit dessert.


  • 300 g of fresh berries;
  • 10-15 g of gelatin (1 package);
  • Half a cup of cream;
  • Cup powdered sugar.


Soak the gelatine in half a glass of water and leave it to swell for about fifteen minutes. If we gelatin noodles, then dilute it with water immediately prior to the addition of berries. Put the currants in a saucepan and add half cup of powdered sugar (two tablespoons of powdered paved) and a glass of cold boiled water. We put a saucepan on the fire and give the water to boil. Then we do the minimum fire and boil the jelly for twenty minutes.

After that, remove the berries from the heat and filter through a sieve. Currants deposited in another bowl, and mix with syrup and gelatin heated to the gelatin is completely dissolved. Important! We do not give the syrup to a boil, otherwise the jelly thickens. Hot jelly is poured into cups and leave to freeze for six hours.

Before serving dessert to the table, ready-made mashed berries, cut them in a blender or with a mixer. To add the puree remaining powdered sugar and cream. All mix thoroughly. Frozen jelly we shift from the molds on a plate and season with cream and currant puree. Decorate with fresh berries. The dessert in the form of black currant jelly is ready!

Enjoy the taste of fresh berries and learn to prepare them to desserts. Because, as they say, each vegetable its term. And if they are good in the summer fresh in the winter no one will refuse to treat yourself berry currant jelly. Enjoy your appetite and success in the culinary field!

 Jelly blackcurrant: the taste of summer