Jeans flared in 2011

Reviewing selected to the top of the beach season wardrobe, ever know what fashion is really back. After all, at the peak of popularity again, Marine style success enjoyed ethnic and bright floral motifs - last word is that no less loved and our mothers.

It is therefore not surprising that there is a place in the wardrobe of flared jeans: Fashion 2011 promises to revive the tradition of the 70's. Happy summer casual style would be more courageous, freer and more original - no "skin" or "banana". Of course, slender figure-fitting trousers always add sexy girl, but flared jeans are back in fashion - they will be a real boon for those who like to charm men. After all, their freedom to make the silhouette refined and elegant, lets say about impeccable sense of taste and style, about the ability to choose a really symbolic thing, worthy to emphasize the unique beauty of the girl.

Have flared jeans female there is one more very important and convenient feature: it helps to visually enlarge height, visually make the legs longer. Wearing them, even the tiny girl will appear above: her gait becomes careless, and a free and easy step from the hip will drive men crazy.

Remember, casual style choose everything from children and pensioners ending: in the wardrobe of any modern athlete, top manager, show business stars, or the doctor can find those things that he puts in the work. In his spare time, everyone loves to dress up, not only stylish, but also comfortable, so every guy or girl is bound to have a few pairs of jeans. Among them must be flared: they are not just popular, they not only help correct minor figure flaws, but also become a real source of inspiration that allows to create any image. Freedom kleshenyh jeans appreciated by many celebrities, set the tone for the modern fashion: they go to Claudia Schiffer, Zoe Saldana, Katie Holmes. They are trying to keep the most progressive women, which means that we are with you it is time to take over the baton to "return the 70".

Jeans flared again in fashion as they are today?

As we know, there may be two variants - from the knee from the hip: it is safe to say that the coming summer will be popular both types of models. But, of course, to the choice of each of these types of jeans should be approached individually, taking into account all its features. So let's take a look at the ideas that we offer designers and define the trends and nuances relevant to each model.

  • So Jeans flared from the knee in 2011 are obliged to be elegant: their moderation and refinement should choose for your business meetings, official receptions, dinners - in short, for all corporate actions. With their help, you can create an image of a strict business-woman, having an exemplary sense of taste and tracking all tendencies of the world of contemporary fashion. Of course, they come not only to fans of the business style, but any girl that wants to add a touch of elegance to your unique shape.
 flared jeans

Jeans flared from the knee

  • But with women's jeans flared from the hip, you can give free rein to the flight of his imagination: even the most daring, extravagant and vintage models this summer will be met with enthusiasm. Trouser leg can be very wide and even completely cover shoes, and can be quite narrow and normal length - each of us be able to easily choose a trendy option that will please her. Moreover, it is not a business option, and you can safely choose Jeans flared from the hip for women with various ornaments. This can be a model to the original pattern, bright print, appliqué rhinestones - connect imagination and choose a great thing today is easy.
 Jeans flared from the hip

Jeans flared from the hip

Whatever you choose, women's jeans flared from the hip or knee, rest assured, this season you will be in the rhythm of fashion. Free and uninhibited 70s back, of course, without the hippies themselves, but with a stylish new clothes for our wardrobe.

Flared jeans: what to wear with the most popular models?

Of course, even the most fashionable trousers are one of the items of clothing, only a part of helping to form a complete image of a girl with a delicate taste and stressed a great sense of style. Therefore, we should talk not only about themselves flared jeans: what to wear with them, how to choose shoes, accessories to buy for that - all of these questions, we will try to answer.

 what to wear flared jeans

Happy summer wide tops and boleros are accustomed relevant - they look the best of frank and sexy and are the choice of girls who are confident in its irresistibility. Therefore, the combination with the flared obtained particularly successful: courage and looseness of the top free-enriched rigor and elegance of the bottom - in the end wins the entire image.

Speaking of familiar clothing items for women's jeans flared from the hip, one can not forget about the shirts, blouses and shirts - a classic, which for decades did not lose its relevance. To Casual style was really attractive and memorable, important harmony: the original and eye-catching clothing items should be combined with everyday. Thus, the "foundation" of the image will be the T-shirt or shirt, and the role of "highlights" will perform flared jeans: Gap and photo collections Denim say that such combinations look elegant and stylish. Today, Claudia Schiffer, January Jones, Diane Kruger and many other lawgiver tastes appear in public in such an outfit.

Freedom Jeans flared from the hip women can effectively complement the business notes officialdom: it is enough to put on a blouse or turtleneck. In this dress at a dinner party or a trendy disco appear world-famous socialites Paris Hilton, the Olsen twins and Kardashian. But Claudia Schiffer prefers vests, as well as combinations of blouses and blazers: office look with them looks more severe, but it is so exquisite and alluring attractive.

We should not forget about the outer clothing - that's what to wear flared jeans is in any case: it becomes the finishing touch of the modern portrait in the style of Casual. You can choose a comfortable jacket from the same denim, defiantly prefer bold leather "black leather jackets" or emphasize classic jacket - a lot of options, and each one will be able to decorate your face.

A variety of models flared jeans are back in fashion, so it is not surprising that they wished to buy each of us, but do not forget that it is necessary to choose the right shoes and accessories. However, this we could not recall, because every girl with a delicate taste knows that when you create a unique image of the need to pay attention to each item of clothing.

So, flared jeans: what to wear them in the summer of 2011, that for stylish shoes to choose on what decorations to stay?

Stylish accessory for the coming season will be a great variety: each of us can give the palm berets, scarves, scarves and even a wide-brimmed hat - they all fit perfectly into the Casual style. Of course, we can not forget about seat - they will perfectly complement the freedom and refinement of models of jeans flared in 2011: outfits photo Rachel Zoe and Miley Cyrus talking about this without words. It is necessary to pay tribute to the big dark glasses, a huge fan of them, incidentally, is Kim Kardashian: while there will be a popular style of Casual, she continues to stay on the wave of success, so each of us is to take them on board.

 Jeans flared what to wear

Also, flared jeans for women are perfectly combined with a variety of handbags: we recommend that you choose a model with a fringe - it is this season favored socialites.

 Jeans flared from the knee

On your slender legs can show off any shoes from elegant shoes with high heels and sneakers finishing with a flat sole. Thinking over what to wear with denim bottoms, remember, in the matter of shoes coming summer season gives us more freedom. The main thing that selected shoes, boots or clogs looked appropriate and harmoniously combined with elements of clothes and accessories, ideally complementing your adorable face.

Kleshenye jeans: what image they decorate?

We offer you not only enrich the wardrobe, but also think about creating a more vivid and memorable images, each element of which is a perfectly matched.

  • For summer holidays relevant to marine style: a combination of flared jeans from the knee 2011 season, white and blue vest, comfortable shoes and a beret is simply stunning. In this dress you'll look like a romantic sailor, waiting for their captain - your subtlety and originality appreciate each.
  • There is one more bold and unusual outfit, which perfectly match flared jeans: Fashion 2011 western style revives. Complementing their plaid shirt tied under the breasts, shoes clogs, wearing a wide belt and a leather jacket, you turn into a militant girlfriend brave cowboy.
  • Today, women's jeans flared from the hip can be a prominent feature of the appearance of a business woman: about us in one voice say Claudia Schiffer and Sandra Bullock. Celebrities do not hesitate to put them on important meetings, emphasizing the image of business women high heels, classic blouse and strict jacket.

Kleshenye jeans are comfortable and fit girl with an apple figure, triangle, eight, rectangle, so their purchase is no exaggeration successful for each of us. Hiding possible minor flaws, or making them alluring and delightful advantages they derive Casual style to a new level of originality - today so want to dress socialites.

In short, in your wardrobe simply must have new jeans flared in 2011: a photo of Claudia Schiffer, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, Diane Kruger in one voice say that it is the most fashionable trend Casual coming summer.

 Jeans flared: return mode 70

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