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You do not give rest to the jealousy of the beloved? You're in control of his life in fear that he would leave her for another woman? You begin quietly hate the other girls, because they are beautiful, successful and younger, they have every chance to win the attention of your guy? If all the questions you have answered "yes", then this article - for you. Jealousy woman, fearful of losing the dearest person in my life - a sense of oppressive and unpleasant. It exhausts the soul, it does not give a moment's peace and forces always remain on the lookout: what at this moment your man is conceived to change you?

On the other hand, do not be jealous of a man, too, it would be foolish. Lightweight, non-intrusive female jealousy allows partner feel that you are serious about your relationship that you value your loved one. In this case, jealousy keeps in tone feelings, making them brighter and more saturated. But where to find the line between ordinary anxiety and burning zeal, which is able to destroy any, even the strong family?

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Reasonable if your jealousy?

In this article, we are not talking about the well-founded jealousy, when men give themselves a reason to doubt his loyalty. It often happens that a woman obsessed with tormenting suspicions about the integrity of his men, but the real reason for that. So what are the signs that your jealousy goes beyond prudent? We present you the list of the highlights of talking about that time for you to seriously think about their feelings and respect your partner.

  • If you constantly, almost every day, accusing the faithful of his infidelity, it is time to pause and think seriously. Substantiated if your jealousy, or you are looking for an excuse for a scandal where it is not? Any man with time starts to bother unhealthy female jealousy, and to prove his devotion to the daily one who brings forth its suspicions and accusations, it is not so simple. If you notice any of the signs of such an irrational behavior, try to find the strength to change and cease to destroy the family happiness.
  • A woman who follows her husband, can only regret. She is haunted by the thought that her lack of husband shamelessly cheating on her with other women, that any delay in the work, even a five-minute - standing proof of adultery. It constantly monitors the calls and messages on his mobile phone, the list of guests on the social networks. She izmuchivaet office staff, which employs her husband, constant calls to verify its exact location. Even the most loving husband with time tired of the constant struggle for a fraction of personal freedom and a sense of humiliation surveillance wife would nullify all attempts to restore normal relations.
  • If a woman is constantly gathering information about her husband, asking him to colleagues and friends - it is a bad sign. Make no doubt that man is constantly lying to her, she creates a whole "network of spies", which should help to bring her husband to clean water. It was originally prepared to believe the worst case scenario, and the stories about the honesty and integrity husband is skeptical. It is difficult to imagine a more unfavorable environment for a happy family life than the one where the wife or a penny does not trust her own husband.
  • When a woman is jealous of her husband, not only to real women, but the actress, pop star or fashion model on which the spouse can enjoy on TV or on the pages of the magazine and newspapers, it looks ridiculous and absurd. Oddly enough, when the wife rolls her husband hysterics over the fact that he is too long admired the cover of the magazine with photos of glamorous beauty; this makes husband think about the mental balance of his darling.
  • Woman constantly shrinking circle of friends with friends of her husband, who have wives, girlfriends or acquaintances girl takes a rather morbid jealousy of her husband. She herself begins to protect themselves from friends and relatives who may be "rivals" and her husband lure in his cunning network. Nothing but despair and loneliness, this attitude to life will bring.
  • Public scenes and scandals arranged by her husband because of jealousy - a clear sign that your suspicion goes beyond the boundaries of reason. Yelling at him in front of witnesses, did not hesitate in choosing expressions - the best way to be among the divorced, abandoned women. As much as you may be sure of treason or a misconduct of his men never stoop to the level grubiyanki and skandalistki. It is only sure of your husband that he made the wrong choice, deciding to marry you.

If any of the items in this list applies to you, then you should think about their behavior. Would not your excessive zeal to what you so cherished relationships will crack or even worse - completely destroyed? It is still not too late, you should take steps to change their attitude towards the beloved and stop harassing his pointless suspicions.

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How to cope with jealousy

Fight uncontrollable jealousy is very difficult, but if you want to keep the relationship with a beloved man, you have to work on yourself. Anger, resentment, anger and irritation that you experience during bouts of jealousy, not happy do you or your partner. And because it helps to understand the reason for your indefatigable zeal and how to deal with their negative feelings.

  • First of all, stop to treat the man as his property. The fact that he wears on his finger a wedding ring - not a reason to consider her husband a slave. He has every right to continue to communicate with other people, even if they are - women. Relatives, colleagues or neighbors - they have every right to smile at your spouse and rely on mutual friendliness.

    Believe me, becoming your husband, a man not lost a drop of free will, he has a lot of aspirations and desires are not related to you personally. Instead of dissolving in a loved one to be afraid to lose it, try to better strengthen your relationship, but do it without the aggression and totalitarian control. Men do not like to be someone monitors and watches their every move. Feel dependent and understand that no one dares to set foot and step without the approval of his wife - not the best share for any, even the most loving man.

  • It is logical is the fact that often suspect their husbands of infidelity those women that do not mind, "go to the left." If the thought of a possible adultery comes to mind of his own, then, in their opinion, men and even more change left and right. Wrap on others their own thoughts and views on life - a perfectly normal human psychological trait. And if you once again come into a rage at the mere thought of a possible betrayal of her husband, ask yourself honestly: is not whether you're flirting with friends and colleagues Male and not "sew" them immediately? Perhaps the root of evil in you?
  • Many believe that the main cause of uncontrolled jealousy - self-doubt. If a woman feels is not enough smart, beautiful, sexy, and so on, it starts to feel unworthy of the elect, and scared to death, he will understand it and leave it.
  • The fear that there will always be a woman who will surpass it in some parameters, does not revnivitse rest, and she begins a fanatical fight for the right to stay with her beloved muzhchinoy.Zdes should be understood that, in spite of all your faults, real and imaginary, husband I chose you, and he loves you for who you are. There are many ways to raise their self-esteem, but none of them does not imply total control over the behavior of the husband and the regular scandals about his "infidelity".
  • Learn to trust your man, even if you believe in his regular meetings with other women. Firstly, if the infidelity is not proven, then you're wasting Mota nerves themselves and a spouse, because he may be innocent in all the terrible deeds that you ascribe to him. Second, if the betrayal once took place, but you forgive him, you should not torture yourself with eternal suspicions. Just simply - it means, we should start a new life with a new sheet, and learn to trust her husband, otherwise it loses its meaning. In any case, much better to live easily and happily, believing the man you love. Such a woman and change do not want to.
  • If the thought of a possible infidelity spouse take all your time, nerves and exhausting soul, find some thing that will distract you from sad thoughts. Instead of agonizing worry about an unplanned trip spouse or a delay after work, take yourself to something interesting and positive. It makes it much easier than you think. Find a hobby, get his looks, inventing a new recipe - field for the imagination here is boundless. Perhaps you are so addicted that you just do not have time for heavy thoughts and feelings about the "infidels" of her husband.

Women's jealousy - a very common phenomenon, but that it often serves as a reason for the break up even the strongest marriages. Well, can not a man to suffer permanent control over their own freedom, especially if they are not guilty of anything. No matter how much he loves you and how long tolerate unjustified attacks - all patience when something comes to an end. And not to be in the number of women on their own ruined the happiness of your family, try to get rid of the obsessive thoughts and live peacefully and happily.

 Jealousy women: what is the cause and how to fight it

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