Japanese facial massage


  • Advantages of Japanese massage
  • Shiatsu facial massage: Contraindications
  • Japanese massage: the essence of the procedure
  • Getting massage

Slavic girls undoubtedly the most beautiful, but over the years their smiling leads to mimic (and not only) wrinkles. Whether business Japanese. Porcelain skin representatives of this nationality for many years is silky smooth as if by magic. And if a woman is on top of everything else, and slender, then determine its age after 30 is problematic. Of course, the absence of wrinkles can be justified by the fact that Japanese women are very reserved in the manifestation of emotions, but the secret of young oriental woman lies not in this, believe me. Smooth skin is achieved by many years of facial massage.

Perhaps now many readers will sigh resignedly and visit that daily routines - is a luxury, and that massaging them just once, because they have a lot of work, children need attention, and the husband should not be forgotten. Of course, you're right. But consider: Are all Japanese women childless? Or a housewife? Or are not you married? But they have as many problems as you. But on a daily Japanese facial massage woman somehow find the time. Recall that in Japan the same day to 24 hours, as in Russia, so do not try to hide behind the lack of time.

Understand the purpose of this article - not to shame the readers for his inability to care for themselves. We want to teach you, that every Japanese knows almost from birth. Or you do not want to become the owner of porcelain skin? That's right. Therefore, postpone all affairs aside. We will learn to make Japanese shiatsu facial massage.

Advantages of Japanese massage

In the best traditions of modern marketing will begin our story with promises. That will bring a daily habit to make their own Japanese massage? Given that the whole procedure you will spend on the rules, not the "slack" in a few months you are waiting for these results:

  • Improve circulation;
  • Swelling disappears;
  • Normalizes metabolism;
  • Wrinkles (in addition, massage prevents the emergence of new wrinkles, what is more valuable for older women);
  • Restore the elasticity of the skin;
  • Improve the complexion.

 shiatsu facial massage

Shiatsu facial massage: Contraindications

Add a spoonful of tar. Namely - to tell about contraindications to avoid harm to our readers. After all, many of them begin to massage the person had not yet finished reading the article until the end. So Shiatsu can not be applied:

  • When tumors;
  • In hemophilia (a blood coagulation disorder);
  • When fractures;
  • In all infectious diseases;
  • In severe kidney, heart, liver, lungs;
  • If you feel the pain of unknown origin.

  Japanese massage: the essence of the procedure

To begin with, facial massage in Japanese is completely different from the classical, where the masseur with the force squeezes the back or shoulders of the patient. There will be a minimum of physical impact. But knowledge is taken into account certain points by clicking on which you improve circulation in the body of vital energy. Acupressure does not cure the disease, and does not eliminate the wrinkles with the help of external influence. It mobilizes internal reserves of the organism (immunity) to fight the disease. As for rejuvenation, here the Japanese offer a very eloquent comparison. In his youth, as if the skin is stretched on a frame. Over the years, its elasticity is reduced and it sags. Task shiatsu massage - to regain tone and do not allow the skin to sag in the symbolic frame. If you find 15 free minutes a day and will make regular acupressure, you can restore youth without injections and suspenders.

 Shiatsu massage facial

Getting massage

  1. Rub the face with his hands so that the skin under the arms burned.
  2. Shaking his head, pronounce the sound of "a-aa-aaa." Cheeks thus should shake.
  3. Take his lips as if you're going to kiss. Open your mouth wide. Several times, repeat the procedure.
  4. Massage the forehead with his fingertips. Movement should be spiral-shaped, presses. Do not move the skin!
  5. Find the point protruding cheekbones (in the center of the cheeks), go down to the centimeter below (under it), get the bone hole. Push. If you feel soreness, then you hit the right spot. Several times it stimulate both sides (right and left cheek).
  6. Feel for the lower jaw with your thumbs and start gently apply pressure along the edge of the pads. Do not stretch the skin. Movement should be pressed and not rubbing. Pay special attention to the base of the chin (where is the root of the tongue).
  7. Practising neck muscles. To do this, lift the chin zaprokinte head back and tighten your muscles. Few linger in that position. Relax. Lower your head, pressing his chin to his neck. Repeat this movement 10 times.
  8. Mash in the palms of the ears, press them for 30 seconds to a head.
  9. Gently massage the pads of three fingers of the upper edges of the eye sockets, starting from the inner edge. A little touch of your finger to strengthen the feeling of dull pain at hand.
  10. Find the point strictly between the eyebrows. Press down on her thumb.
  11. Feel for bone pits on either side of the nose (above the nostrils). Gently press down on them a few times.
  12. Say the sound of "a-aa" with a protruding tongue as far as possible.

There are so many techniques the Japanese massage the person. But the main principle is not the number of points covered. And not even the duration of the procedure, and the regularity of the massage. Will you do it daily? Retain the health and beauty. Spend the fifteen minutes for something else? Save time. But at the same time it will work against you.

 Japanese facial massage

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 stretch marks after giving birth


  • Prevents stretch marks
  • Remove the extensions: Treatments

It is believed that the birth of a baby is decorated with a woman. To see this, just look at the young mother walking with a stroller in the park. Neither the incomparable joy of a woman's face lights up, the figure becomes a pleasant roundness, teenage awkwardness disappears (if the woman - young), smoothness of motion differ. But there are several reasons that can overshadow the joy of becoming a mother. One of them - stretching after childbirth.

Treacherous stripes appear on the body during pregnancy and do not disappear after the birth of the baby. Some women resign themselves to change and buy a swimsuit indoors. The other half of young mothers continue to fight for the lost beauty. We decided to help women in an unequal battle with stretch marks on the skin, and tell a few tricks to get rid of them.

Prevents stretch marks

Worry about preserving the beauty of the skin after childbirth should be the very first weeks of pregnancy. A good preventive maintenance will help to keep not only shape. You'll save time and money, as any procedure requires training (read - costs) and at least a few minutes of free time. And if banknotes on a favorite is not a pity, then eventually every young mother is always difficult.

Even more than that - we are confident that a good half of new parents gladly would have bought a couple of hours to catch up on sleep. And where to find the time for peeling, ointments and massage? Is that in my dreams. So let's try to prevent the appearance of stretch marks after giving birth to dream about something more pleasant!

  1. Good old, proven way - olive oil. Rubbed them every day, and will not stretch. Just do not overdo it, otherwise it will resemble glossy Christmas duck.
  2. Want to wash the skin with olive oil? Good decision. But before you take a dip, add a private one tablespoon pine extract. Just do not make the water too hot. The temperature should not be higher than 38 degrees, otherwise there is a risk of harm to the child.
  3. Wear prenatal bandage.
  4. Every night rub the breast with a slice of lemon or ice cubes. You can use frozen lemon juice, then you are able to merge the two procedures.
  5. Good effect to help achieve a special cream to prevent stretch marks. Only a doctor should prescribe them based on the type and condition of your skin.
  6. Eat right. We understand that during pregnancy increases the appetite and often do not want fresh fruit, and a bad roast potatoes, but keep in mind that stretch marks appear due to a sudden weight gain. So set aside the pan aside and eat an apple.
  7. Avoid congestion will gentle massage and tingling breasts, thighs and buttocks. Entrust this procedure to her husband, and you do not have to make excuses for small bruises on the body.

 how to remove stretch marks after giving birth

Remove the extensions: Treatments

Let us assume that you are not among the lucky ones whose skin after childbirth remains smooth. Dont be upset. The most important thing - this is not the absence or presence of stretch marks, and your baby's health. Appearance can always be put in order. This you will be able to confirm every woman. After all, 20% of beauty - a gift of nature, and 80% - the ability to care for themselves.

And not every girl is using all the secrets to care for themselves, referring to the now fashionable naturalness. And for good reason. As with naturalness in the exterior things in the same way as a spur of the moment. Remember what Impromptu - the most successful? Carefully prepared. That's natural beauty shines only when it pays maximum attention and care. But enough for today lectures. We proceed to the practical exercises. Namely - to find out how to remove stretch marks after giving birth.

  • Peeling

    The procedure of exfoliation of the skin is carried out three months after birth, when your body is sufficiently recovered after pregnancy. Of course, it is best to do the peeling at the beauty salon, but such a luxury not available to all young mothers. Hardly anyone will dare to leave the baby in the care of strangers, even for such an important task as the return of the beauty of his own body.

    And if the trip to the beautician for you is as unattainable dream as karaoke with Alla Pugacheva, do not despair. You can spend treatment of stretch marks using the peel at home. For this fit the usual scrub. Rub it into the damaged areas of the body several times a week, and the surface of the skin will gradually level off.

  • Massage

    A very effective way of getting rid of fresh stretch marks. And, admittedly, quite nice. And do not look nervous at the pram. The kid does not hurt. Call masseur home at the time the child usually sleeps. Especially that the treatment will not last for months. You will need a total of 6 to 10 sessions of manual or vacuum massage.

  • Fresh stretch marks can be reduced (note that we have not written: to get rid of completely) with the help of special creams such as "Mederma" or "Contractubex"

    But remember that treatment should be regular. If you buy both the cream and put it on the shelf in the bathroom, thinking about the medicine once a week, no good there will not be.

  • Another method - mummy

    How to assure the many young mothers to try to get rid of stretch marks in this manner, an ointment from a mummy creates miracles.

You will need:

  1. 4 grams mummy;
  2. 1 tube baby cream;
  3. 1 teaspoon of boiled water.

Dissolve the mummy in water and mix with a children's cream. Put the medicine into a jar and store in the refrigerator. Do not forget to smear cream trouble spots once a day.

  • This home remedy ends and begins the treatment of stretch marks in salons under the guidance of professional beauticians

    Needless to say that the methods of data necessary to resort when all four of the above influences were tried and powerless? So dial the number tested beautician and sign up for seaweed wraps. This procedure is not only quite effective but also extremely rewarding. Algae moisturize the skin, saturate it with minerals, excrete toxins, and promote weight loss. So stop skeptical considered impartial mass and trust miraculous properties of the former inhabitants of the sea.

  • Again call beautician

    At this time we need to microdermabrasion. It is the older sister of peeling that you unsuccessfully tried to carry out in close bathroom. Only tiny abrasive particles are removed from the skin by means of vacuum. Microdermabrasion helps remove the top layer of the skin and stimulate the rapid growth of new cells. And if beautician forget to warn you in a hurry to announce the full list of contraindications.

    Firstly, it is impossible to carry out the procedure of exfoliation too frequently. Secondly, it is impossible to sunbathe after a microdermabrasion or in the solarium, or as a normal sun. But nursing mothers, this method is even shown, so feel free to express milk and run in a beauty salon.

  • Another newfangled way that offer women Estheticians

    It mesotherapy. Here, the affected skin cut away all sorts of drugs that stimulate the growth of skin cells. During the procedure, can be used as drugs embryonic and various hydrogels animal origin. And even though the composition of all the medicines radically different, but the mission alone. All drugs are aimed at one issue: how to remove stretch marks after giving birth a maximum of 10 sessions.

Whether it copes with the task mesotherapy or not - the answer here will be strictly individual. The result of the procedure depends on the size of stretch marks, skin condition of the patient, her age and professional beautician. And even though we all are accustomed to sin in the last factor is not necessary to dismiss his own inheritance. If all women of your family's fifth generation to have stretch marks, it is necessary to believe that you deal with them will not be easy.

  • Laser treatment

    It helps to treat stretch marks Fractional photothermolysis. Simply put, the skin is polished with a laser. This method is very contradictory because one patient it is completely regenerates the skin, while others can not reduce the width of the stretch even a millimeter. Therefore, before ordering the procedure of laser therapy to the entire body, ask for a trial removal of a small piece of skin.

  • Abdominoplasty - one of the varieties of plastic surgery

    Here, the surgeon simply cuts affected skin. The advantages lie in the fact that instead of the set of extensions of varying lengths and widths you get one invisible (according to doctors) scar. Disadvantages lie in the complicated postoperative period (Think about it: you've just experienced a difficult birth, and then themselves doom your body to a new, even more severe stress), the possibility of adverse effects (such as "gone" in the direction of the navel), and relatively limited procedure (the doctor can remove only those extensions that are located below the navel).

Often all of these methods are powerless in the fight against stretch marks, and the woman has to live with the acquired fault. How to be in this case? Wave the hand? Assigned to groups of bad aging mothers, giving them food and education of children? No and no again! You are beautiful. From head to the tips of nails, including all of its extensions.

Maybe someone stripes on the body and may seem ugly, but not your husband, who was waiting for the appearance of the long-awaited child, and whose every appearance of stretch marks on the body once meant approaching the magic moment of the birth of an heir. So do not rush to mute the bedroom light, or hiding under the sheets. Be yourself. Especially unique and the most beloved.

 Stretch marks after childbirth: a thousand and one method of disposal

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