Women's leather jackets

Leather jackets - a shorter leather jacket with a narrow waist. It received its name due to lightning, which is a bit obliquely. This unusual style gives it a certain similarity with the military uniform of the Civil War in the United States.

Gone are the days when this thing was designed only "for real men." In our time, it is gaining its popularity among the fairer sex, as long passed into the category of clothes "unisex". His tortuous path of the motorcycle to the wardrobe ladies jacket leather jackets women took a little more than half a century. Now, every modern socialite simply must have in its arsenal a couple of his short leather jackets, as this trend is due to its unique long time is very important in the fashion world.

Jackets leather jackets in the 2012 season, like the past, and are very popular. In addition to traditional jewelry, they are topped with embroidered, colored patches and original lacing. In addition, fashion and shortened jackets of ultrathin skin with short sleeves and a variety of collars, which are decorated with nothing. So the choice is limitless!

 Jacket leather jackets women

How to choose a black leather jackets for your body type?

  1. Low slim girl will like fine leather black leather jackets with custom buckle. A jacket with a wide collar visually lengthen and add volume figure.
  2. Girls with non-standard figure, which is characterized by wide hips and narrow top, suit thing that will move the focus from the lower to the upper part of the body. In this case, the jacket will help with long forend, straps on the shoulders and tie the sleeves. These details sharpen focus on themselves and thereby balance the figure.
  3. Girls with a small belly is better to wear black leather jackets, not buttoning. And the extended model will hide this little flaw and find harmony in style.
  4. But the fair sex having an athletic appearance, the image of femininity will add delicate color jacket with quilted inserts, which can make your figure more refined. Take note of this, as this concept is very important!

Today, black leather jackets - an essential attribute of a modern, self-confident woman. It is ideally combined with leather pants and a bandana or air summer dress made of silk. This jacket can be easily attributed to the style of casual - in the ensemble with a skirt and blouse or shirt with jeans and it is suitable for work, giving the image of the office style and for shopping.

The first thing you need to know when choosing a jacket - it is a quality leather she sewed. Traditionally considered a thick skin, although in recent years more and more preference given to a thin and well-tanned material. But note that the strength of the product proves its quality and usability.

 Spring 2012 women's jackets black leather jackets leather

The quality of the material

  1. When creating jackets black leather jackets are usually used cow leather that is thick and very durable material. But be careful when buying, because models can vary greatly in quality.
  2. For the production of shaped jackets with a soft, thin skin of sheep, which is characterized by its low strength. This material is very easy to process.
  3. Pork skin is very often used by the Chinese manufacturer in the manufacture of counterfeit brand-name models. The strength of this material is also at a low level. This jacket will serve you no more than one season.
  4. When sewing expensive models manufacturers mostly use goat skin, as it, in spite of its softness and subtlety, is a very durable material.
  5. Buckskin is also very soft and durable. It is easy to distinguish from the goat in thickness and blue-gray underside.
  6. Horse leather is used for production of the most expensive brands. It is thick and rigid enough, and has incredible strength. Leather jackets, sewn from this material, in his gear used by the US police, as they are able to partially protect them, for example, a fall from a motorcycle.
  7. To create a high-quality jackets designers around the world are very thick, soft and incredibly sturdy bison leather. But the price of such items may not be many can afford.

Priverzhenka fashionable style chosen this amazing piece of clothing. Leather jackets has a leading position is not the first season. Now she has ceased to be a sign of a real man and a symbol of rebellion. Nowadays, it's sexy, beautiful and comfortable.

Today we can see the huge variety of leather jackets: the neutral model for fans of the executive style or more practical options used in the passion for extreme sports. This type of outerwear can be men, women and even children. Consumers are provided with a considerable variety of small parts - starting with lace, fringe and belt and finishing pockets and configuration locks or zippers. As for the color - black is the most popular, although not make much effort to find any model you like colors from brown to green, or even combined.

Leather jackets in contemporary performance has kept its primeval characteristics: strength, comfort, warmth and a lot of pockets. Being a perfect option for walks and cool evenings, it combines perfectly with biker attributes. From shoes in the ensemble with her look good "ankle boots" or "Cossacks."

 Fashionable women's leather jackets

Helpful hints for buying

  • Leather jackets is best to choose a rigid skin. It is, of course, have some time to break in, but as a result you will be satisfied with the purchase. Such a product will last you a very long time.
  • The thickness of the skin leather jackets depends on where you are going to wear: to ride a bike you need to choose a thick and durable material, but for everyday use - soft and thin.
  • Buy black leather jackets in the shop-proven. At the same time you will have the opportunity to purchase a quality item at a reasonable price, as well as insurance against the imposition of the sellers of the opinion.

Modern black leather jackets - this is not just a jacket, it's a special way of life, which is characterized by freedom and unwillingness to submit to the existing standards. Her chosen by millions of people who are trying to destroy their behavior patterns established. Even the one who stands out shy and timid character, in black leather jackets will behave confidently, knowing that he has a thing that is well established historically.

This fashion trend for both the winter and for the warm season. Female jackets 2012 spring black leather jackets, leather which mostly painted black. For this season the designers have prepared us a model with shiny studs and zippers, which are very relevant to club parties. Some designers have decorated their work with metal spikes, paying particular attention to the shoulders, collar and sleeves. It turned out very boldly and incredibly fashionable. Jackets spring collections can also be decorated with studs and pins.

Now that you know about all the pros and cons of this magnificent fancy stuff, which combines the spirit of freedom and the desire for rebellion. Be firm in your decision and make no mistake in choosing!

 Jacket, leather jackets women: individual style in vogue

 tunics Spring Summer 2012 photo

Light and airy clothes are very popular in the next season. Both of these features will be able to unlock the full tunics Spring-Summer 2012: a photo collection of many design houses confirm it best. Familiar with them, you know, that girl's wardrobe you need to add a couple of interesting models - so let's choose the suitable model.

Select tunic: the color and style

 stylish tunics Spring 2012 photo

  • An excellent choice - a model with a bright print, perhaps abstract or leopard - giving lightness, while it will allocate a girl from the crowd. Of course, this is an option for the brave girls who are not afraid to experiment with look'ami tuned every day to surprise and amaze people from their environment.
  • However, you can select a tunic quieter - natural colors, such as blue, pink or white. These models will emphasize the taste of girls say without words that she is able to buy and wear not only fashionable, but also elegant things.
  • The trend will ethno-tunic decorated with national ornaments and embroidery, stylish and will consider the motives of the different countries and parts of the world, from the East and ending with Africa. These models will be a central element look'ov original, but at the same time romantic girls, customized dress interesting and comfortable.
  • Another trend - bar: tunic with pattern will also be quite popular. Moreover, the success will be to use a model with a pattern of any width and frequency - the main thing that looked harmonious color combinations.

In short, not a problem to find a stylish tunics Spring 2012: photo collection will help determine the pattern length and brim. By the way, the last two indicators should be considered separately.

We determine the length and brim

 choose fashionable tunic Spring 2012

  • A win-win for both the beach and to the city - a long, light and enough free model of flowing fabric. We can say that this is a classic coming season, which will be relevant in any business and the environment.
  • Another trend - a few shorter tunic, knee-length: they fit perfectly into the framework of Casual. If such a model of quiet colors, it is possible to go even at work, looking flawless and feeling free.
  • Most bold variant - a short tunic with garish prints: they will help to create the most spectacular look. Putting such a model, the girl really stand out from the crowd.

We talked about how to choose a fashionable tunic Spring 2012, now let's see, what to wear. By length of the model best suited shorts to medium - skirts, to short - pants, but skinny jeans and leggings remain outside trends. Focus on these simple rules when creating the images, and you will enter the coming season in style, along with his exciting new tunic.

 Tunics Spring-Summer 2012: photos and reviews trends

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