irritation after shaving

Many women experience unpleasant problem - skin irritation after shaving .  Very often it appears in the most sensitive areas - the pubic, groin and armpits .  The problem haunts many women who use the machine regularly with a razor to remove unwanted hair, and this is a normal reaction of the body's natural .  The fact is that while shaving removed a part of the epidermis, causing tissue damage .  To the affected area will be a natural way to increase the flow of blood for the purpose of wound healing .  If the irritation is too strong, it is better to try other methods of getting rid of the hair, for example, shugaring .  But to avoid any irritation after shaving, it is not necessary to part with a razor .  In most cases, it is enough just to learn how to shave and explore some of the nuances, once and for all solve the problem, as well as learn how to soothe irritation effective and proven means and methods .

Simple rules for preventing skin irritation

Many women wonder how to avoid irritation after shaving? The answer is simple - just stick to simple rules designed to prevent problems arising in the process of hair removal:

  1. Begin to shave only after a bath or shower, when the skin is well moisturized and sufficient steam. In that case you will get better results shaving and save yourself from severe irritation after shaving.
  2. Use special shaving foams and gels. They lift the hairs from the skin and improve slip razor blade. In no case do not shave dry and do not use soap - Britta is a lot of stress for the skin and irritation after shaving on the legs and other parts of the body will be provided to you.
  3. Timely change razor or cartridge in the machine. The old dull blade ensures the occurrence of problems. In this case, the savings - your enemy. Why irritation after shaving in this case is inevitable? Because dull blade will not allow you to shave clean skin in the first, and you have to hold on to the same area of ​​skin blade several times, causing severe damage to the epidermis. In this case it is better to wear trousers and do not shave at all.
  4. Razor should belong only to you and used exclusively on an individual basis. The razor like a toothbrush is a personal care product, so it should not be given to anyone, even family members. Otherwise severe irritation after shaving you provided one hundred percent.
  5. Each time, using a razor, rinse it under running water to prevent bacterial growth. That alien bacteria are a major cause of irritation after shaving.
  6. Discard the shaving, if the skin appeared acne and inflammation. While they do not heal, you run the risk of infection to uninfected move skin.
  7. Experts recommend to shave the hair in the direction of their growth. At the same time you will most likely not be able to get a perfect result, but considerably reduce your chances of getting irritated after shaving underarms, legs or groin and pubic area.
  8. Use after shave lotions and special creams. They are largely due to soothe the skin components such as panthenol, aloe and others, as well as remove possible skin irritation after shaving.

If you carefully observe all of these rules, but your skin still appears irritated, not coming down for several days, it is best to resort to the next best for your hair removal method.

 irritation after shaving on the legs

Help with irritation after shaving

Often there are such situations when you like doing, everything that was in your power, but the irritation after shaving still arise. In this case, it is better not postponing the time to get acquainted with the recommendations of the experts on how to relieve irritation after shaving.

In this situation, effective assistance can provide cosmetic preparations based on hormones. For example, it may be hydrocortisone ointment or cream irritation after shave. With this cream is recommended to lubricate the shaved skin immediately after the procedure. In principle, any hormonal agent irritation after shaving has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect and helps to quickly remove redness. Besides hydrocortisone significantly narrows blood vessels, resulting in destruction zone receive less blood, and therefore is significantly less redness. But do not use such tools too often, the maximum permissible scope of use - 2-3.

Frequent use of hormonal methods irritation after shaving contraindicated. This can cause serious complications in the form of pustular injuries, etc. Use of hormonal cream irritation after shaving is allowed only a few days after its first use. With daily use, this means there is getting used to it, and then the irritation after shaving will be your constant companion.

Another effective means may be frequent changes in the shaving razor blades. Machines basically shave their hair too close to the body. If the blade of the machine is not too clear, or dull, there is a risk of injury. When skin injury through a dirty blade into the body get the microorganisms that provoke irritation after shaving. Disposable machine recommended use no more than 2-3 times under the condition of storage in a full span. If you are not able to meet at least one condition, you can safely throw your machine and use a new one.

Use electric razors - another sure means, to prevent irritation after shaving armpits or irritation after shaving pubic hair. Skin shaver shave more smoothly and thus the risk of irritation is minimal. However, not every woman is able to endure the pain of elektrostankom, especially when shaving intimate areas.

When not under any circumstances you can not solve the problem of how to remove the irritation after shaving, can come to the aid of special creams with a spatula, specially designed to remove unwanted vegetation. Such formulations least reaching traumatize the hair follicles and thus groin irritation after shave, and irritation in the other zones is significantly less pronounced. In creams have one drawback - strong odor, but for the result it can be endured, rather than vainly to struggle with the problem.

 irritation in the groin after shaving

Folk remedies to combat irritation

Folk wisdom and experience of our mothers and grandmothers are never superfluous, always coming to us for help in difficult situations. Irritation after shaving can be removed with home remedies prepared with his own hands from organic products:

  • A decoction of chamomile and mint

The recipe of this tool is simple. It should take 1 tablespoon of chamomile and mint herb pour 500 ml of boiling water, boil for 5-10 minutes, cool and strain. If irritation after shaving on the legs and other areas take tissue fold it in half, soaked in broth and put on the spot where there was irritation.

  • The infusion of birch leaves

Equally simple to make and effective in use than broth peppermint and chamomile. To cook using birch leaves in the amount of 1 teaspoon to pour 70 ml of boiling water and insist for 1, 5-2 hours. The resulting infusion is cooled and filtered. Then take a clean cloth, moisten it in the infusion and put on the spot where there was irritation after shaving.

  • Compress with infusion of chamomile

To prepare a compress take chamomile blossoms (1 teaspoon), pour them a glass of boiling water and insist. Refrigerated infusion is filtered, moistened it in a clean cloth and apply to the location of the problem.

We have offered to your taste a variety of ways to prevent and combat irritation after shaving, and we hope that with our help, you can always look beautiful. Everyone decides for himself individually to avoid irritation after shaving. The main thing that you were always happy with the result.

 Irritation after shave - how to avoid it?

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 essential oils against cellulite

Cellulite is a problem, from which suffer almost all women, and even young girls, and for that it is not necessary to be overweight. I must say that in the summer it is especially noticeable, and even just the beginning of cellulite is quite able to bring a lot of grief for any woman, and as a result, immediately disappears somewhere confidence.

About the external signs of cellulite is not necessary to mention - all women know what they look like. In this situation, it is best to talk about what are the most effective ways to bring yourself in good shape.

I would like to say, that do not look for expensive anti-cellulite gels and creams: they certainly benefit, but only in combination with other agents, and of course, these funds are usually not cheap. And yet, quite simple and not very costly procedures could and should be done at home itself. Only some effort to make all the same necessary.

Speech here goes about essential oils against cellulite, it has long been known for its amazing healing power. After using various essential oils of the people in all ages maintain their health and preserve the natural beauty of women.

It should be noted that the procedures with essential oils against cellulite is very pleasant, although it requires time. But it is worth spending time on their beauty and of itself without too much regret. It is necessary to take care of themselves with love and pleasure, and oils will be in this case for you kind and pleasant assistants.

Anti-cellulite massage with essential oils

 Orange essential oil against cellulite
 The fact that essential oils used in massage cellulite is probably known to all. With this massage optimizes metabolism in tissues and skin, as well as improved blood circulation and lymph flow. The result is the launch of regeneration processes, reduce inflammation and cleansing the cells. Here's a great result give the essential oils cellulite - reviews women try on yourself a massage, very positive.

So what exactly are essential oils anti-cellulite essential oils, which can often be used to fight for beautiful and healthy skin?

The most powerful anti-cellulite properties are such essential oils like juniper, sweet fennel, rosemary, lemon, geranium, but the essential oil of grapefruit cellulite is most effective because it is a real emergency help for obesity.

  1. Grapefruit oil cellulite. The high efficiency of the grapefruit essential oil of cellulite is to accelerate lymph flow in use and is derivable from the body of excess fluids. Since the release of excess water from the cells, they immediately begin to eat normally, and the circulation itself is gradually recovering.
  2. Geranium oil cellulite. Action geranium oil is almost the same. Besides, it makes the skin supple.
  3. Lemon oil on cellulite. In general, I must say that it is best to apply citrus essential oils against cellulite: reviews talk about the most frequent use of these essential oils in the eternal struggle against "orange peel". Therefore, speaking of lemon butter and others, it should be emphasized that they are like no other, in beauty salons often include cellulite treatment with essential oils. Because lemon oil, for example, well burns fat: body wraps and anti-cellulite massage, including his, improve metabolism, normalize blood circulation and well smoothes the skin, leaving it smooth and supple. Besides lemon oil helps with various scars on the skin and cellulite.
  4. Rosemary oil cellulite. Rosemary essential oil promotes the active removal of excess fluid from the tissues, and significant improvements in blood flow and stimulate fat metabolism - which is extremely important for the health and beauty of the skin.
  5. Fennel oil cellulite. Essential oil of sweet fennel is just as important, because it activates the excretion of toxins from the skin.
  6. Oil juniper cellulite. Essential oil of juniper, especially if it is out of berries, removes excess water and toxins from the skin and breaks down uric acid, which accumulates in the tissues, and cleanses the blood.
  7. Anise oil cellulite. Essential oils for cellulite, flabby skin return young and elastic and include a wonderful anise oil. It is most often used for skin prone to sagging. After all, it greatly improves lost elasticity, and normalizes the skin hydro-lipid balance.
  8. Vetiver oil from cellulite. With essential oil of vetiver can improve skin elasticity.
  9. Jasmine cellulite. And with the essential oil of jasmine can restore youth wrinkled and sagging skin. In addition, it makes the elastic chest muscles, i.e., even promotes correction muscles.
  10. Orange oil for cellulite. Most often, anti-cellulite massage with essential oils of orange oil is used. How not to sound funny, but it was fine orange oil fights "orange peel" and obesity. Also, the essential oil of orange cellulite can be used in dry, sore and chapped skin.
  11. Ylang-ylang of cellulite. Essential oil Ylang - Ylang rejuvenates the skin, protects it from negative environmental influences. Suitable for moisturizing sensitive skin.
  12. Oil Cypress cellulite. This is an excellent essential oil of cellulite - reviews of it say it works like a vasoconstrictor varicose. It helps against obesity, normalizing water and fat metabolism in the body.
  13. Oil limetta cellulite. With the help of essential oils increase the elasticity limetta thighs, chest and abdomen. It is effective in loose, flaccid skin, and is also good for those who have oily skin, because oil has a drying limetta property.
  14. Oil Mandarin cellulite. Tangerine essential oil - an excellent tool for the prevention of stretch marks. Of course, it acts also as anti-cellulite agent. Often it comes in different blends of essential oils cellulite.
  15. Patchouli oil cellulite. This essential oil makes it more elastic muscles of the thighs, stomach and bust.
  16. Oil petitgreynovoe cellulite. It is also considered one of the finest essential oils against cellulite - reviews about it underline the excellent ability to strengthen the muscles oil petitgreynovogo chest and abdomen after pregnancy for all women is extremely important. Moreover, it prevents the appearance of stretch marks, or striae of the skin.
  17. Oil rosewood cellulite. Like the previous one, it is an excellent preventive measure against stretch marks, and is well suited for the treatment of cellulite with essential oils.

All of these oils in combination with each other produce a stunning effect when properly and, most importantly, regular use.

The use of essential oils for cellulite

We must remember that pure essential oils can not be applied to the body. As base oils is better to use any fatty oils: olive, peach, apricot, and others. The most optimal ratio proportions massage oils: 30 ml of the base from 10 to 15 drops of essential oils. To take a bath with essential oil, it first mixed with sea salt, or foam, and then poured into water to distribute oil bath evenly.

Mixtures of essential oils for cellulite

 Anti-cellulite essential oils
 There are many effective oil compositions. For example, there is a mixture of essential oils of cellulite: take 10 drops of bergamot oil and 10 drops of grapefruit, 3 - cinnamon oil, 5 - 8, and nutmeg oil - geranium oil. The base oil should be added to one teaspoon per taken the form of essential oil.

Excellent base is derived from sweet almond oil. Since it does not have a sharp odor, but it has a soft texture: it is easy to dissolve other oils. That is why in aromatherapy and cosmetic almond oil is used quite often.

To achieve the desired result, all essential oils should be able to properly mix. First of all, the oil should be mixed in a glass container, first it is necessary to drip into the oil, which need the least amount. Essential oil mixtures have to prepare as much as you will use. Remember, if after the procedure, the mixture is, it soon loses all of its therapeutic qualities.

From essential oils always achieve the greatest effect, if to do with rubbing or massaging. At home, you can do anti-cellulite massage with essential oils, 2 times a day: first apply oil on the problem areas and rub into the skin, and then do a massage with a sponge or gloves.

It is very effective in anti-cellulite massage, such compositions: sweet fennel, and lemon (3 drops) and grapefruit (4 drops); and cypress, geranium oil (3 drops) and juniper (4 drops). The base oil in both cases, is added in an amount of 30 ml.

The massage blends, you can add honey. For example, based on essential oils of orange against cellulite: Mix oils of orange and lavender (2 drops) of lemon and juniper (3 drops), add honey, apply the mixture on your problem areas and vigorously massage the patting problem areas until the They are formed frothy white mass. After that it is necessary to take a shower and apply a suitable cream for the body. This treatment usually lasts about 5-7 minutes.

Wraps with essential oils of cellulite

Essential oils are used for cellulite and wraps, which are also extremely effective means in the fight against cellulite . Such oil compositions are quite a few, so every woman can choose for themselves the most appropriate.

  • Oils of juniper, lemon and lavender should be mixed with 20 ml of base oil and apply on problem areas. Then wrap the foil on top, and cover with a blanket to make you very warm. More can be used warm clothes. About an hour later washed off the oil and applied to the skin nourishing cream favorite.
  • Natural apple vinegar diluted in a 1: 1 ratio with pure water, followed by 20 ml of this solution add peppermint oil, lemon and rosemary.
  • White clay diluted with water to obtain a slurry and add 3 drops of such a strong anti-cellulite essential oils like orange and cinnamon. In both cases it is necessary to do ten procedures, echoing through every day.
  • Wrap with black clay must be carried out on 40 minutes. Clay dilute with water, add chopped seaweed (2 tablespoons) and mix. Then add 5 drops of oil of orange or lemon, stir again and use the mixture as directed.
  • Grind in a coffee grinder bladder wrack and pour 2 tablespoons of the mixture with hot water. Then, after 20 minutes (algae should swell up and cool down), add the egg yolk, lemon oil (10 drops), and add more camphor oil (20 drops).
  • Wrap with cocoa powder and honey: mix the cocoa powder (10 tbsp) honey (3 tablespoons), olive oil (1 tsp), and tangerine oil (10 drops). This mixture is applied to problem areas, wrap with foil and keep the hour.

But this recipe is often used top models and stars. You have to take your shower gel, pour a small amount of it in a separate container and add the essential oils of bergamot and geranium (each 4 drops), mixed, and this mixture of soap all need in this area. Next, we should take a massage mitten loofah or rigid, and start massaging these areas vigorous circular motion, first 20 times - clockwise, then 20 times - against. Then you need to take a shower, rinse thoroughly massage the entire mixture to the skin. Then wipe dry is not necessary. Now mix a little of your body milk with grapefruit oil (4 drops), and apply to slightly damp skin. The effect of such a procedure will please every woman and especially her skin. Be beautiful!

 Essential oils for cellulite

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