irritation after epilation


  • What is it - the irritation?
  • Irritation after depilation: causes
  • Removes hair properly
  • We are struggling with irritation

Despite the fact that now in vogue natural beauty of every woman is trying in every way to embellish your look. And very often smooth shiny hair, thin eyebrows, full lips on the smooth face is the result of long and hard work. Whether business man! He was to look attractive, you need only change the shirt and shave. In fact, many women, choosing a punishment for a loved one, take him to a jewelry store. Of course, it's great. Golden ring will never be superfluous. But if you really want to stop all attempts to disrupt his man routine, there is a more effective punishment.

Make it at least once to experience your agony on the way to a beautiful body. He plucked eyebrows, send to many hours of fitness (it only men think that we are in training aimlessly shifted from place to place), do waxing. A particularly effective method is considered to be the last. Already after the first strip your betrothed begins to swear eternal love to sour in the face, and the third will promise everything, if only to stop the torture. And most importantly - he will never become skeptical mark down on your body or irritation after epilation.

Of course, this does not mean that you have to grow with the very top, using the favor of the beloved. Depilation should be done so as not to be like our ancestors. You same will be much more pleasant to watch a smooth body instead of numerous hairs on the arms, legs, armpits. We do not speak about the intimate zone or face. Here, hair removal - it is aesthetic and hygienic necessity. Many women are afraid of irritation after depilation. So they pulled and then "X hour", not realizing that the more body hair, the more complex (read - the patient) to remove them. And this does not matter. what method do you use in this case, waxing or laser hair removal. What to do?

What is it - the irritation?

Can not accept to fight. Arrange the commas in its sole discretion. Pick a fight? Perfectly. Then let's look at how to eliminate the negative effects after hair removal. To begin with, that skin irritation may have several varieties. Some women failed depilation leads to dryness and tightness of skin. Someone is peeling. Some find on the body and face red spots and points after depilation. In the latter case, the girl is confused with redness ingrown hairs. Do not worry, you would have noticed the hair on the skin that grows in the wrong direction. In this case, the red dots - is only slight irritation after epilation.

Calm down? Now let's define the nature of the problem. Did you know that a slight reddening of the skin after hair removal - is the norm? For someone it takes a few hours. The girls with sensitive skin - on the second day. So do not panic fed immediately after the procedure. Of course, if you "have a place to be" festering pimples, then be expected. Go to the doctor. Such stimulation alone does not pass.

 irritation after depilation

Irritation after depilation: causes

You know your favorite women's issue any trouble? "Why me? "It is understandable. Who would like that of all the friends she only appeared redness after hair removal? All wear short skirts, while the girl herself forced to hide his legs in jeans and endure endless sensations of itching and tightness of the skin. It is not fair. Or natural? Let's face it.

  1. Sometimes the culprit unsuccessful procedure is light sensitive skin. She irritation occurs much more frequently (and not only after depilation) and lasts much longer than normal skin.
  2. In the process of hair removal is not only removed excess vegetation, but also the top layer of skin. This fact can also lead to irritation of the skin.
  3. If you spend the first or second depilation, it is likely that the skin is formed redness. The fact is that your body is not accustomed to such "bullying", reacts to the discomfort only available to him.
  4. Poor quality wax can also cause the formation of red spots after waxing. Therefore, going to the salon, did not hesitate to check out a tube of wax. Pay attention to the expiration date, country of origin (Chinese factories, of course, affect their size and turnover of the products, but usually with their belts coming off a poor-quality product kopek). No less important is the method of storage wax. Even the high-quality product can hurt if one is compromised storage temperature.
  5. Sometimes the redness of the skin after depilation wax occurs due to an allergic reaction. Therefore, if irritation persists, consult an allergist and change the method of hair removal.

  Removes hair properly

You agree that any problem is easier to prevent than to solve. Therefore, to the treacherous redness on the skin did not appear, let's learn how to do hair removal correctly.

  • Remember that any hair removal should only be carried out on the prepared skin - clean, steamed.
  • After waxing disinfect the skin. For this beauticians use different means: hydrogen peroxide, 70% alcohol, thermal water.
  • If you shaved legs, within three days is not worth doing chemical epilation. What threatens disobedience? All the same irritation.
  • If a chemical hair removal is unsuccessful, you should not immediately thereafter to conduct hair removal wax.
  • And now fans of dark skin. After depilation for a few days can not sunbathe. If you decide to achieve the desired effect using tanning, do not rush. This means, too, can not be used immediately after removal of excess vegetation.
  • If you are removing hair razor, do not spend the machine several times in the same place. otherwise required to earn a reddening of the skin.
  • Do not skimp on depilation. Better to sign up to the beautician and is guaranteed to get a smooth skin, you open a Pandora's box called "self-removal of excess vegetation."

 after depilation

We are struggling with irritation

But what if you've already earned redness on the skin? Leaving the problem as it is? Of course. no. From unpleasant consequences need to get rid of hair removal. As you know, humanity has already managed to come up with 1000 and 1 way to deal with such irritation. We will introduce you to the most effective and accessible of them.

  1. Apply to any reddened skin antiseptic ointment (boro plus Malawi, miramistin, aktovegin, solkoseril).
  2. If you have - a supporter of traditional medicine, you help decoctions of celandine, chamomile, calendula. Several times a day, make a lotion with these broths to the affected areas, and redness of the pass.
  3. Old, proven method grandmother - aloe juice. Tear the leaf, wash it, cut lengthwise and attach to the red pulp of the points.
  4. Mix a teaspoon of vegetable oil, 2 drops of eucalyptus oil and 3 drops of tea tree essential oil. Lubricate redness resulting mixture several times a day.
  5. Treat the affected area ordinary baby powder. This will calm the irritation of the skin.

One Swedish scientist commented on the problem of the appearance of skin irritation after waxing once: "The fact is that women are removed vegetation, crouching in cramped bathroom, where wet, slippery and very difficult to keep your balance." Therefore, if redness appears punctually, maybe you should sign up to the beautician and carry out a full chemical hair removal?

 Irritation after hair removal: get rid of the problem

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 problem skin facial treatment


  • Lifestyle changes
  • Cosmetic products
  • Folk remedies for the treatment of problematic skin

A good, well-groomed appearance has always been the best calling card, a certificate of successful and well-being. As we know, the first impression on the people around them - one of the strongest. And even the most good-looking person messy, unlikely to cause positive emotions in people. And very much much more pleasant to look in the mirror and see the reflection of a beautiful neat person, is not it?

But, unfortunately, not always we see in the mirror is exactly what we want to see. Acne, extended terms, boils ... Sound familiar? So, you have oily skin. And this leads to the development of not only aesthetic problems but also psychological: depressed mood, and in severe cases, and depression. And this is understandable. But do not worry, because even if you have problem skin of the face, the treatment is quite capable to reduce all problems to a possible minimum. Therefore, in no case do not be discouraged and do not give up. You should not resign ourselves with the problems of oily skin - they need to actively fight.

Moreover, it is not necessary to delay the start of treatment indefinitely - as with any other disease, the treatment of oily skin should be started as early as possible, before the situation worsened even more. And be prepared for the fact that efforts will have to work - the fight will be fierce. It is not necessary to rely on their strength - in most cases without a visit to a dermatologist do not succeed.

And not only the external treatment will be quite effective. In order to get rid of problems, and not just put them in, you need a comprehensive treatment. We'll have to rethink their lifestyle, diet, daily routine, habits, and more. Well, who promised it would be easy? As they say, beauty demands victims. You are ready? So, this article - just for you.

More recently, even dermatologists thought that the problem skin is a direct consequence of excess in the body of the hormone testosterone. This hormone stimulates the activity of a very active sebaceous glands. However, many modern studies have shown that this theory is not quite true. Of course, his testosterone plays a role. However, this is not the only reason, due to which there may be problems with the skin. There are a number of trigger factors - it created the wrong diet, and adverse environmental conditions, and bad habits. Furthermore, on the skin thereby adversely affect flaw various microcells, minerals and vitamins, including vitamin A, which is responsible for nutrition of the skin.

 faces problem skin

Lifestyle changes

Starting treatment is necessary, first of all, to change their lifestyle. To launch a review of your daily routine. Make sure that the sleep duration was at least 8 hours, and it was at night. Lack of sleep negatively affects the state of the entire body, including the skin.

In addition, one has to spend on the street at least two hours a day. And particularly useful walk immediately after a rain or in the fog - the skin very effectively saturated with moisture. Surprised? Many people mistakenly believe that the problem skin in moisture does not need. But it is not - the moisture it needs not less, and sometimes more. The normal skin type. But in hot weather, try not to walk at a time when the activity of the sun is in full swing.

However, to avoid sunlight completely not worth it. Ultraviolet very positive effect on problem skin - reduces inflammation, acne and retreats. Not for nothing the doctors - dermatologists in the winter for people suffering from various skin diseases, it is recommended to visit a solarium. It takes only five - six minutes per week to the skin to get enough UV.

Review your habits. Avoid drinking alcohol. Alcohol adversely affect the operation of the most various internal organs. First and foremost, the liver and the pancreas. The result of these violations, literally "face" - a skin condition deteriorates significantly. You also need to give up smoking - nicotine is not only worsens the color of the skin, but also stimulates the development of severe acne.

It is not possible to achieve the improvement of problem skin without reviewing their diet. This is not surprising - first, without exception, substances entering the body through food, enter the blood stream. Secondly, what we eat, depends largely on correct operation of the entire digestive tract, particularly the intestine. And the work of the intestine is directly reflected on the skin.

From diet doctors recommend to exclude products such as:

  • Salty, spicy, smoked dishes.
  • Products containing artificial flavors, dyes, food additives.
  • Any sweetness except nuts and dried fruit without any additives.
  • Any fancy pastries, bread, unleavened except in small quantities.
  • Caffeinated and carbonated drinks, strong black tea.

In addition, there are a number of products which are very useful for the organism as a whole, and for the state of the skin such as:

  • All the fermented milk products which do not contain preservatives and coloring agents.
  • The maximum number of different fruits and vegetables, depending on the season.
  • Such cereals as buckwheat, oats and wheat. All the others - are not recommended.
  • Non-carbonated bottled water, unsweetened fruit drinks and fruit drinks, green tea.

As you can see, this diet is good from either side. And the body cleared, and the skin condition improves at times, and hated extra kilos to disappear without a trace. Of course, if they exist. Of course, such restrictions stand in the food is not so simple. But the main thing - to start. And then you will surely get used.

Cosmetic products

Today, there are a huge number of different cosmetic means that manufacturers promise almost immediate disappearance of all the shortcomings of oily skin. Glitter, peeling, acne - all this to disappear without a trace. Alas, any advertising is prone to embellish reality. Not all facilities such is ideal, what they are positioned.

However, some of them really are very effective. To choose a really good tool for problem skin care, you need to remember a few basic rules:

  • Price policy

Unfortunately, in this case the principle of "cheap and cheerful" does not fire. If you want to buy a good cosmetic preparation, be willing to part with a certain amount of money, and quite impressive. In most cases, cheaper drugs is absolutely not efficacious - in the very best condition of your skin just does not change. At worst, you'll have to fight even with the implications of these cheap products - from peeling, redness, and other things.

Of course, these price tags in cosmetic stores can not disappoint. But we women, people, thinking mostly very positive. Let's try to find the positive moments in this matter. For example, you can give up a few dinners in the cafe. Use obvious - and save money, and to figure some solid pros. Smiled? That's great.

  • Brands

Very often people with the purchase order or other means oriented to the brand name. Is it right, hard to judge. But in the case cosmetological preparations brand has not yet the last value. Do not buy means of little-known firms - their quality is very doubtful. Known as the firm is unlikely to risk his name and to produce low-quality products.

  • Skin Type

Very often, people believe that the problem skin - it's always very oily skin. However, it is not - we must not forget about the so-called combination skin. Therefore, choosing one or the other drug, be sure to consider your skin type - only in this case the effect of the use of funds will be maximized.

  • Consultation with a specialist

Ideally, before the purchase of a cosmetic product should consult a doctor - dermatologist. Do not look for consultation Seller - people work in stores that do not have the necessary education.

 treatment of facial skin

Folk remedies for the treatment of problematic skin

Sometimes, for whatever reasons, women do not resort to cosmetic means. In this case, they have the support of nature itself. There are very effective recipes, which normalize the skin quickly. But tell everything in order:

  • Cleanser

Caring for any type of skin should start with cleansing it. Doctors do not recommend the use of soap - it is not the best way affects the condition of the skin. For these purposes, you can use the following: grind in a coffee grinder three tablespoons of oatmeal, add a tablespoon of glycerin one and mix thoroughly. Put the mixture into a glass container and store it in the refrigerator. Use this tool as a normal soap. Then rinse with a solution of apple cider vinegar - a rate of one tablespoon of vinegar to one cup of water.

  • Potato mask

Potato juice is very beneficial effect on oily skin. It eliminates the inflammation, relieves irritation, eliminates acne, promotes the resorption of boils. Prepared this mask is very simple - you only need one potato tuber, a teaspoon of honey and gauze cloth. Potatoes Wash, peel and grate on a fine grater. Then add honey and mix thoroughly.

A homogeneous mass is very thick coat the gauze. Attach the cloth to the affected area of ​​the skin and leave for 20 - 25 minutes. Then wash skin thoroughly and blot with a towel. Dosohnut skin should naturally. This mask can be done every day - no harm. But nothing will, if you do the mask at least three times a week.

  • The mask of aloe leaves

No less effective and a mask of aloe leaves. For its preparation you need a 4 leaf aloe, a plant not less than five years. Aloe leaves must be placed in the freezer for at least a week. After that, clean the leaves from the film and chop, mince.

Thereafter, melt over low heat for five tablespoons of any of honey. Mix honey with gruel from the leaves of aloe, mix well, transfer to a glass jar and store in a dark and cool place. Before applying this mask should be thoroughly steam the face with a bath with camomile. Apply the mask evenly and let it sit for 10 minutes.

Then wash with cool water and allow the skin to dry naturally. This mask should be done no more than three times a week. And pay special attention to - it means absolutely contraindicated people suffering from allergic reactions to honey and other bee products.

In addition to the means for outdoor applications are also encouraged to use recipes for internal use.

  • Infusion of dandelion

One of the most effective means is the infusion of the drug dandelion. To make it grind one tablespoon of dandelion roots and put it in a thermos. Pour one cup of boiling water, cover and leave to infuse for a day. Then strain using gauze cloth. You need to make such a decoction of two teaspoons before each meal. The duration of treatment - 21 days.

  • A decoction of birch leaves

Put five tablespoons of birch broth into an enamel bowl, pour a liter of water and boil for 15 minutes. The broth is cool, strain using a gauze cloth. Take broth needed a glass in the morning and evening during the month.

As you can see, even if you have problem skin of the face, do not despair. It can and should be treated.

 Problem facial skin - treatment and care

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