irritability during pregnancy

  • How does it happen?
  • The psychological factor
  • Physiological factors
  • Do not rush things

Whims and mood swings pregnant women - a phenomenon quite ordinary and nobody is surprised. But what is interesting - in some women they do not happen! Naturally, the question arises as to why there is irritability during pregnancy and whether you can deal with it. That's what we'll talk today.

How does it happen?

Pregnant women often changes the mood, there are strange outbursts of anger that plague most near and dear people - the husband. Husband, worrying about his beloved, everything blows patiently, hoping that tomorrow will be better. However, the following day everything repeats itself in a regular sequence. First, screaming and hysterical, and then the tears and guilt. And as if a pregnant woman is not trying to control himself, she had it turns out badly.

And what is most interesting! Most often, a pregnant woman does not change his behavior at work. Sometimes, even on the contrary - it is becoming more balanced and calm. But it is worth it to come home any little thing can bring her out of herself. Some are beginning to blame the second rug in his bad state of health, what that discomfort, change the figure. Psychologists believe that this way the expectant mother is trying to draw attention to themselves and to show his wife how her hard and how great responsibility entrusted to her shoulders in these months. And in most cases this happens on a subconscious level, and the woman herself does not understand why she behaves.

 irritability during pregnancy

The psychological factor

So how do you protect yourself from irritability during pregnancy? And how to deal with it, if the problem to avoid the appearance did not succeed? First, consider the psychological aspect of this problem. Psychologists offer some simple but effective tips.

  • Do not talk!

Firstly, learning about the pregnancy, it is not necessary to share their good news with everyone in a row. Of course, your desire to share the joy with the world quite naturally. But do not rush - it can cause a wave of negativity! Suppose one of your relatives or acquaintances convinced that you are not ready for motherhood. Naturally, they are all sorts of ways to try to dissuade you from this "bad venture." Of course, such "good advice" can not fail to evoke in your indignation and resentment, and thus psychological stress!

But if the situation is the other way around? This also happens very often. Everything is so glad that this topic is becoming the basis for all calls. Caring grandmothers, mothers and girlfriends, trying to prepare you for all the upcoming challenges and problems, give you so much information, much of which you still do not need that peace of mind is very difficult to maintain.

And, unfortunately, this information is not always positive. In most cases, these stories - the usual "horror stories" about the various complications and pathologies which you now absolutely no need in you and cause negative emotions and unnecessary fears. Their pregnant woman is already enough.

Of course, for a long time to hide her pregnancy is unlikely to succeed - sooner or later the belly "will give" your interesting position. But even then it is not necessary to maintain numerous conversations about your pregnancy. And especially do not let the cost scare you. Even with the best intentions!

  • Tips for family expectant mother

Much depends on the loved ones - husband, parents-in-law. On an unconscious level, the expectant mother has always felt concern for her baby, even if the pregnancy is ideal. So do not forget to remind the woman that everything is going fine and nothing happened. After all, a sense of calm and security will prevent a future mother's neurosis and hysteria.

Sometimes there are other situations where a woman wants to be the center of attention, and that the whole world revolves around her. Own pregnancy, it is positioned as a difficult disease flowing, forcing the others to react immediately to the slightest whim. And if not enough, according to them, the amount of attention come into a rage and indignation.

Psychologists say that most often this behavior is inherent conservative, not realize itself in the lives of women with low self-esteem. In this way, they are trying to feel their importance and love of the people around them, at least these nine months. And they do it with a special fervor. And one can hardly blame them for such behavior.

Moreover - the woman subconsciously wants to possible pregnancy was difficult. It is not a masochist - she just wants to bring in others as much as possible sympathy. As a consequence, she begins to truly believe in their own, often far-fetched problems. And considering that a woman's body during pregnancy is completely reconstructed and becomes more sensitive to the emotional background, pregnancy occurs with different complications.

But sometimes you can watch the other, very sad picture - surrounding offer no concessions to the pregnant woman, regardless of her position. And note - this is not surprising, but in most cases it did not behave husbands! They are humbly and steadfastly endure all the fads and whims of future moms. And the above line of behavior inherent in the older generation of women - mostly in-law.

After all, they gave birth during crises and reorganizations, when neither of which help and support, however. And their daughter openly irritated state. Especially if the relationship with the daughter and not so smooth. In this case, the husband should not just quietly endure periodic nervous breakdowns (which are bound to be in this situation), but also to demonstrate sufficient tact to protect his beloved from the "caring" family.

 irritability and pregnancy

Physiological factors

For the nine months of pregnancy a woman is changing not only in appearance. In addition, there are serious physiological and hormonal changes. Which, in turn, directly affect the mood of the expectant mother - she is experiencing the strongest irritation, the causeless joy, if not to cry for no reason, no reason at all starts.

  • Hormonal changes

Probably for a long time it is no secret that any hormonal changes inevitably leads the emotional instability and irritability - that is what happens during pregnancy. And most of such irritation observed in the first trimester of pregnancy and in the weeks before the birth. With this condition is almost impossible to do, so it must be easy to endure.

  • The physical condition of the expectant mother

We can not discount the fact that a pregnant woman is gaining a lot of kilos, it is often back pain, swollen legs, developing hemorrhoids. It is difficult to walk, sit, lie down. Even getting out of bed - the whole problem, not to mention the fact, to fasten shoes or wash the floors. But despite this, and during pregnancy a woman should work, do housework at home, take care of the household. And the poor woman is spinning all day, like a squirrel in a cage. And then another, and wonders why I irritated so often? It is important that the surrounding were fully aware of how difficult it is necessary at this time. Any, even the smallest care for women during pregnancy is simply priceless.

Do not rush things

Most of the men are waiting with great anticipation awaited the advent of the crumbs into the light. And that means - they naively polagayut- return of the former wives of the same affectionate, gentle and balanced as before. Remember that such a "beast," as postpartum depression, no one has repealed. Fearfully? Well, no one promised it would be easy!

 Irritability during pregnancy. I do not get - would kill!

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 fears during pregnancy


  • Unplanned pregnancy
  • Fear of pathologies
  • Fear of labor pain
  • Fear of childbirth partner
  • Fear of change for the worse
  • The fear of being a bad mother
  • Fear of ruin his career
  • Irrational fear
  • To summarize

It is believed that the pregnancy - is the happiest time in every woman's life. Of course, if the pregnancy is desired. On the one hand it is true. But on the other side of pregnancy - a time of fear. Sometimes reaching the panic and frankly toxic life expectant mother.

Perhaps someone this may seem strange, but the fear of pregnancy are very, very often. Let's try to understand what are afraid of future moms and how to cope with these many fears. After all, they can not be ignored in any case - calm pregnant woman above all.

Unplanned pregnancy

If the pregnancy was planned, the woman carefully prepared for it. But in the event that two strips of steel for a woman a surprise, but she decided to give birth to a baby, you will be a lot of reasons for worrying.

After all, a woman could take certain drugs, smoking. Or maybe she celebrated an event and drank little alcohol. Of course, all this is very much concerned about the woman who wants to have a healthy baby. That's toils future mom wondering how its minor flaws affect the child.

To cope with these fears, woman enough to realize one simple truth. If these early pregnancy the fetus is a negative impact, pregnancy spontaneously aborted. And if that did not happen, and the fruit continues to grow, you can be sure that a child is all right. This truth is valid in the first 4-5 weeks of pregnancy.

Fear of pathologies

This fear is more or less familiar to almost every expectant mother. And no wonder, since the development of a new life - the process is very complicated. And the woman realizes that he can not control this process. Moreover - even constant medical supervision and ultrasound studies showing that with crumbs all right, do not worry calm woman.

However, such fears are understandable. In our time, a pregnant woman falls a stream of information - and in most cases very negative. The media, the Internet, stories "compassionate" friends, relatives and girlfriends - not surprising frightened.

With these fears to handle the most difficult, because they are constantly receiving nourishment from the outside. So try not to read the various "smart" books, vividly describing the unborn fetus, do not discuss these issues with friends. Think positive, because your child will be born healthy!

By the way, in most cases, constant supervision by a doctor-gynecologist helps to reduce these fears. And in the case of a real threat pathologies timely visit to a gynecologist allows to recognize the problem and take corrective action.

 fear of pregnancy

Fear of labor pain

There is probably no women who do not have to fear of pain during labor. And there is this fear well before pregnancy - even very young girls associated with childbirth pain, having heard stories of grandmothers and older friends. It is not surprising that there is such a fear, is not it?

Of course, it would be foolish to convince future moms that will not hurt. Avoiding pain is very difficult - almost impossible. However, to reduce the pain to a minimum it is possible. In order to get rid of fear is to enroll in courses of preparation for childbirth. Firstly, you talk about the mechanisms of delivery.

And if a woman knows what is happening to her at some point or another, it is easier to cope with fears. Secondly, the woman to master the technique of proper breathing. By the way, it is very well to cope with the pain. And third, you get a chance to chat with the same future moms - but together, as you know, with any problem is much easier to handle.

By the way - if the fear of labor pain is very strong, we can discuss the options with their doctor medical anesthesia. Of course, this does not mean that it will have to resort to mandatory. But the very awareness that there is such a possibility, gives the expectant mother a lot of energy.

Fear of childbirth partner

It is believed that every woman dreams about the possibility to go to the maternity ward with your loved one. However, it is not so! Too many women are afraid to openly appear before her husband in an unfavorable light - the more so that you can hear a huge number of stories about how after the joint childbirth husband lost its sexual interest in his wife.

Psychologists say that in fact this happens very, very rarely - no more than 5% of all cases. If this information is not calmed you, talk to your husband - you'll see, surely it quickly dispel your doubts and you and laugh at their fears. If this does not help, you can resort to radical option - do not take her husband in the delivery room. Let him be with you only in the prenatal ward, supporting you during labor. And in the delivery room, Let him come only after the crumb will be born. Of course, if the Pope agrees to miss such an event.

Fear of change for the worse

Within this group, several fears, so let us look at these stages:

  • Fear of losing the title of "interesting" women

It is believed that polygamy is typical for men. However, it is not - women are also very, very polygamous, simply do not allow themselves to nothing more. However, the desire to be attractive to all men lives in every woman - someone more, someone less so. It is not surprising that pregnant women are afraid to lose this appeal.

Especially when in front of them there are similar examples - often friends who have married, given birth and lost their appeal. But dear women! In such cases, the loss of attractiveness of blame is not pregnant, and women own laziness. Look around you - surely you will find not one example of a successful handsome young mothers. So everything is in your hands!

  • Fear of loss of sexual attractiveness

Very many pregnant women stop "access to the body" for her husband literally immediately after the tummy, because they believe that they are sexually unattractive. However, it is not so!

The vast majority of men believe pregnant women is very, very attractive and after childbirth remember the days of pregnancy with a share of nostalgia. Way to handle this situation is the same - a talk with her husband, tell him about your concerns. And, of course, do not forget to monitor their appearance. Pregnancy - is not a reason to go with broken fingernails, dirty head and ugly things.

  • Fear for your figure

It would seem that the figure of the future mother during pregnancy should worry the least. But there it was - a woman is a woman, no matter what. That worries about extra weight. A way to cope with the fear of one - to realize that this is a temporary change in the figure. All in your hands, and after giving birth, you can return to his usual form.

And yes, by the way ... Do not forget that during pregnancy you can really gain weight. And all because of the fact that the people are of the opinion if future mom should eat for two. And for some reason the woman eating muffins and terribly tasty chocolate. This is fundamentally the wrong approach - diet should discuss with your gynecologist.

 unpleasant fears during pregnancy

The fear of being a bad mother

Very, very often a pregnant woman is afraid to be a bad mother - and it does not matter, she is waiting for the first baby or already have experience of raising a child. Giving birth for the first time a woman is afraid that will not cope with the child will not be able to properly care for them, to educate properly. Those women who already have children are afraid that they will not deal with two at once. Or even worse - they fear that their love is not enough for two kids as silly as it may sound.

Dear Mom, it's almost impossible, because the ability to be a good mother laid at the genetic level - this is taken care of by nature. Yes, and you can help her - fortunately, today there are a lot of good literature on child care and education.

Fear of ruin his career

Today emancipation has done its job, and women value their career, no less than men. And very often the expectant mother is worried that having a baby will put an end to her career. On the one hand, this is true - still a woman for long term leaves from work.

But on the other - all in your hands. In an extreme case, you can resort to the help of relatives or babysitters, so as not to interrupt the workflow for the long term. And while on maternity leave can be used efficiently - read books, improve your skills. In short, maternity leave can be a great way to increase their specialization. And believe me - this will benefit your career!

Irrational fear

Such unfounded fears found in 90% of all pregnant women. As a rule, they appear as follows:

  • The emergence of nightmares.
  • A heightened sense of anxiety.
  • Panic attacks of varying severity.
  • Emotional instability - tears for no reason.

Doctors believe that this psychological state of pregnant women are directly related to the physiological changes that occur in her body. These changes may be increased load on the cardiovascular system, a change in the usual flow, powerful hormonal changes - the mass of options.

As mentioned above, to avoid such a state just manages to future mums. And the rest of the women will have to deal with these states. Well, or simply accept - that someone more to their liking. But in any case it is necessary to talk with a psychologist who can help you understand yourself.

To summarize

So, the overall picture of fears during pregnancy are more or less clear. Still, let's summarize: for repetition - the mother of learning.

  • Choosing a doctor

It is important to choose a good doctor who will watch over your pregnancy. And the good doctor - it is not only highly educated, but one that you can trust completely.

  • Choosing a maternity hospital

Most women experience fear of the unknown. So you should take care to search your preferred maternity hospital in advance, without postponing the matter finally. Go to this matter carefully - ask friends, read reviews on the Internet, visit the selected hospital. And only then take a decision.

  • Limit reading medical literature

Do not get too much interested in reading medical literature, which describes the pathology of pregnancy and even more health problems of the child. A pregnant woman is extremely impressionable - you can make a real phobia.

  • Attend courses for expectant mothers

Psychologists say that the courses for expectant mothers affect the psychological state of the woman most favorable way. They get useful knowledge, and interact with the same pregnant women.

Being a mother - a huge responsibility. But the greatest happiness that can only be a woman's life. So you should not overshadow the happiness unfounded fears.

 Fears during pregnancy. What where When?

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