Mediterranean tan

Summer inevitably end, and so it would be desirable to extend it! Some lucky ones succeed, and at the end of August, they sent for a new portion of sunlight abroad.

This is the time - from late August to mid-October is called the velvet season. It is believed that this is the most favorable period for rest in a subtropical climate. They have the countries of the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions, the Maghreb (north and north-west coast of Africa), and the Gulf of Mexico. It is Greece and Tunisia, Azerbaijan and Morocco, and Montenegro, and Florida ... and many other countries. In all these areas it is best to fly it in the velvet season.

During this period, the weather in the subtropics is cloudless, air and water temperature ranges from 22-27 degrees. Although not what the sun does not "fry" in August, during the summer the sea warms up, so that the water temperature remains comfortable for swimming to the end of October, and at some resorts - but even the end of November. Prices for tickets in this period fall, because most people prefer to plan a vacation in the summer. In addition, many tourists recognized that by the fall of the resort staff is more friendly, as guests become smaller, leaving young people and families with children (one is necessary at the institute, the other - to the school).

 Beach vacation

Velvet season is good and gentle sunlight. Solar activity is reduced, but it is enough to give the skin a golden hue. This period is not only perfect for a beach holiday but also for sightseeing tours, because in September and October to get acquainted with the sights of tropical countries is much easier and more enjoyable than exhausting the hot summer months. Moreover, it was the velvet season recommend to relax the elderly or people suffering from heart disease - they are contraindicated for long stay aggressive sunlight.

If you are planning a vacation on velvet season, going to warmer climates, remember Spray oil for intensive tanning from NIVEA SUN Which will provide a rich and smooth tan .   His formula contains Vitamin E and jojoba oil, due to which oil nourishes and moisturizes the skin, leaving it velvety and tender. The oil is available with SFP 6 without protection factor SPF.

 Irresistible tan velvet season

 Skin care

Every year on the ecological map of the Earth there are more polluted areas. By the beginning of the 21st century mankind has realized that the damage done to the environment, can not influence the people themselves - the perpetrators to spoil the ecology and dwindling resources. Land contaminated with nuclear waste and landfills, as well as the mountains of garbage human civilization may become unsuitable for life within a couple of centuries.

Today the town is named Dirty planet found. Benham is a city in China. Because of the fog from the gases and soot, he barely visible on satellite maps. The fact is that all around him are more than 420 of its factories. Also known is the dirtiest river. It is located in the heart of Europe - the Rhine is flowing into Germany. River polluted emissions of chemical waste, which occurred in the 70s of the last century.

It's no mystery that many blank spots of the earth decreases with each passing year. There are brands with equal responsibility and appropriate to the nature and to its customers. When creating's Skin means they use only natural ingredients - extracts and oils of plants grown in the purest areas of the world. In addition, these brands do their best to make up for all spent on the production of natural resources.

One of the regions that have not yet corrupted by civilization, - Morocco is located on the northern coast of Africa. There's a thousand-year tradition of hand-pressed Berber tribes extract argan oil - the most valuable source of polyunsaturated acids and vitamin E. For your one-of-a-kind properties of oil was called "Gold of Morocco".

A few years ago, the company has established with NIVEA Berber farmers trade relations on a code of «Fair Trade» (fair trade). According to him, the farmers that supply the oil, get a decent fee for their hard work, as well as all the necessary resources to restore the natural balance - re-planting trees argon.

Bio argan oil became the basis of the formula cream shower gel Pure & Natural by NIVEA, together with bio-extract of aloe vera. Feel the care of the nature and take a small step to take care of her.

 Cosmetics with care and nature


As soon as people are trying to lose weight do not! Some are "sitting" on a diet kefir, and other refuse from carbohydrates, others eating goji berries for weight loss, the fourth ... a lot of ways, and each person chooses among this variety suitable to him. However, many of the controversial weight loss methods. With their help not only get thin, much harm to health. Can this be said about vegetarianism?

Outset that vegetarians are different. There is a "pure" vegetarians: they do not eat the whole animal food. They are called vegans. There psevdovegetariantsy, deny themselves just in meat. Some - and lacto ovovegetariantsy - allow themselves yaytsesoderzhaschie and dairy products. In the best position there are some who use products of animal origin, especially fish. But is it possible to lose weight with this type of food?

Everything depends not on whether you eat meat or not, and the type and method of preparation of meat products. If it is a fat steak or fried chicken leg with sandpaper, which surpasses the number of calories - is one thing. But it is quite another when you'll use a piece of boiled beef or chicken breast. You can cook for dinner is not meat, and delicious sweet pancakes. What do you think, do you have a chance to lose weight?

Why is it that vegetarians are no fat people?

Vegetarians - supporters of a healthy lifestyle. That means: do sports, eat moderately, do not eat a lot of sweet and salty. They have a normal metabolism, so many of them do not endanger disease, including obesity.

So, your choice of a method of weight loss stopped at poluvegetarianstve. Remember the basic rules :

  • Eliminate from your diet harmful products.
  • Analyze your diet: eat more tightly in the morning and at lunch and dinner, on the contrary, must be low-calorie. If you want to lose weight quickly, then one meal can be replaced by a cocktail Fito Slim Balance.
  • Avoid alcohol. It stimulates the appetite. In addition, alcohol contains many calories.
  • Move more. Movement "disperse" a metabolism. And it helps to quickly consume fat accumulation.

What products should be in your diet

  • Cereals, whole grain bread.
  • It can be boiled eggs and low-fat dairy products.
  • Fresh fruits and raw or steamed vegetables, berries.
  • Lean fish.
  • Legumes (peas, soybeans, lentils, beans).
  • About 2 liters of liquid in any day.

If you can stick to this diet, you not only lose the hated kilograms, but also improve the condition of their skin, strengthen the immune system.

 Vegetarianism - lifestyle or diet?

 Diet for a perfect figure

Is there any girl in the world, absolutely happy with their body shape and weight? And if these girls there, is the result of their work on themselves or a gift of nature? Slender beauties look at us from the covers of magazines and TV screens, so losing weight - one of the most discussed topics, which is of particular interest in young girls and women.

The types of diets

Mono-diet based on short-term use only one product, are the most common option for ladies who want to lose weight. They require a minimum of time and effort to the preparation of the product, is used in food, and allows you to quickly get rid of the extra kilos. One of the obvious disadvantages of such diets is their monotony, so psychologically they are difficult to tolerate, as well as severe restrictions in the diet - it is a huge stress to the body. Therefore, the duration of the power of this principle should not exceed 10-14 days. Examples of mono-diet: buckwheat, oat, chocolate, coffee, apple, vegetable, chicken.

Low-calorie diet is also a stress to the body, as for normal functioning of the body requires a minimum of 1,200 calories. Usually calorie adherents of this method of losing weight does not exceed 1000 calories, and the number may be as a strictly fixed, and changed the course of the diet. The second option does not allow the body to get used to a certain kallorazhu and "disperse" the metabolic processes. Low-calorie diet may prohibit the use of certain products, or there are no limitations, except for calories. Examples of diets based on the consumption of a small amount of calories: Hollywood, Extra, Japanese, Berlin.

There are diets that involve a limited intake of carbohydrates or fats, and protein food products with reduced amounts of carbohydrates and fats at the same time. Examples of such diets: protein, the US, the Atkins diet, the Kremlin diet Kim Protasov.

Learn more about all the diets you can read online. Also try to read reviews of each specific procedure.

The article named the most effective diet in the fight against excess weight. Please note that every body is strictly individual and popular diet with lots of positive feedback may not fit you exactly. So the weight loss test methods and choose the one that gives the best tip is for your body.

 Choosing a good diet