Unfortunately, people are regularly confronted with various diseases, sometimes quite serious. One such disease is intestinal obstruction. Many people believe that the acute intestinal obstruction is purely a children's disease. However, in reality this is not so - in adults ileus occurs no less.

Doctors called ileus that the pathological process, against which there is blockage of the intestine by foreign bodies, intestinal paralysis or volvulus. This condition is extremely dangerous to human life. Therefore it requires immediate medical attention, as a rule, in all cases, surgical.

Intestinal obstruction differs in several types. For example, the type of occurrence doctors distinguish between the two forms of the disease:

  1. Dynamic ileus. Dynamic ileus is caused by a spasm or paralysis of the bowel. Its appearance can be triggered by a variety of reasons, including a variety of co-morbidities intestine.
  2. Mechanical acute intestinal obstruction. Mechanical bowel obstruction is so different. In that case, if the vessels are compressed, bowel obstruction called strangulation. In the same case, if the intestine becomes blocked fecal stones or a tumor, intestinal obstruction is called obstructive.

Furthermore, ileus is acute, chronic or recurrent. Also, intestinal obstruction may be congenital or acquired. In congenital obstruction of the child has congenital malformation of the intestine that can be felt both immediately after birth, and much later, already an adult. All depends on the individual situation.

And the acquisition means all those kinds of intestinal obstruction that occur under the influence of other factors, refer to the group acquired. Just set the type and form of intestinal obstruction only by a doctor.

Symptoms of bowel obstruction

As mentioned above, bowel obstruction is a very serious threat to the health and even life. Therefore, it is important to promptly seek medical attention in order to prevent the development of even more complications. You need to know the main symptoms of intestinal obstruction. Of course, these symptoms in different people may be different, celebrated all at once, or only some of them.

However, symptoms of intestinal obstruction still has quite typical:

  • Cramping abdominal pain

Pain may be strong enough not extending over several hours. Very often, these pains did not have a clear localization - one can not say exactly where he had a stomach ache. Strictly speaking, abdominal pain, whatever it was called, deserves close attention and immediate medical examination. After all, there is a huge number of different diseases, sometimes quite serious, for which the typical pain in the abdomen.

  • Constipation and bloating

In that case, if a person has constipation, stool is no more than two days, his stomach distended and increased flatulence, there is a serious reason to get worried. A doctor may suspect the patient human intestinal obstruction.

  • Vomiting and increased intestinal peristalsis

In that case, if a person has developed ileus, he may experience severe nausea. The emergence of exhausting vomiting also very likely, and intestinal motility in certain types of intestinal obstruction can be quite strong.

Of course, many other diseases have the exact same symptoms, but completely useless to risk their own health and take a wait and see attitude. Symptoms may disappear on their own, but can lead to very dire consequences, so sensible as soon as possible to seek help from a doctor.

The causes of intestinal obstruction

Causes the development of intestinal obstruction, and quite a lot. In order to help the sick person, the doctor has to ascertain the reason for the developed bowel obstruction. However, the simple inhabitant should know these factors to be especially attentive to their health in the event that they find themselves at increased risk of developing bowel obstruction.

It is these causes of the disease and will be discussed below:

  Congenital risk factors:

Strictly speaking, the causes of congenital bowel obstruction is not so much. One such reason could be a specific feature such as megacolon. In certain areas like human intestinal long standing rules. As a result, the risk of intestinal obstruction has grown significantly.

In addition, some people found this abnormal development of the intestine, where its rotation is incomplete. These people risk of intestinal obstruction reaches about 70%. In the event that during the ultrasound examination of the child is diagnosed with a similar pathology, parents should very carefully monitor the health of your child.

By the way, very often the reason for the birth of children is a genetic predisposition. Also, special attention should be given those children have relatives that have taken place ileus.

  Acquired factors:

Much more common causes of intestinal obstruction are acquired factors. These factors may be adhesions in the peritoneum. And it is absolutely unimportant, as a result of any of these diseases have formed adhesions.

Also ileus cause various tumors in the abdominal cavity or the intestine, both benign and malignant. As the tumors may block the intestinal lumen, whereby, in the event that the tumor is resolved promptly, sooner or later develop ileus.

It is also quite common intestinal obstruction resulting from blockage of the bowel by a foreign body. Most often doctors diagnose this kind of intestinal obstruction in young children who have a habit of dragging in the mouth everything. Often the cause of the disease can be a coin, or detached from toys eyes, swallowed by the baby.

In addition, if a person suffers worm infestation, especially those at an advanced stage, it can also develop bowel obstruction. Parasites can curl up and block a lumen of the rectum. Also, the lumen of the rectum can be sealed stone, if the sick person suffers from cholelithiasis.

Different types of hernias, located on the abdominal wall may also trigger the development of intestinal obstruction. This happens as follows - portion pinched intestine hernia. In that case, if a person is suffering from hernias of the abdominal wall, it must be especially attentive to their health, and at the first sign of intestinal obstruction as soon as possible, seek medical help.

 acute intestinal obstruction

Diagnosis of ileus

To the doctor was able to fully assist the sick person with all necessary assistance, it must accurately diagnose the disease, not to be confused with any intestinal obstruction - any other ailment. For the diagnosis of intestinal obstruction doctor will conduct a series of surveys and analyzes that confirm a diagnosis or to refute it.

  • X-ray examination

This type of study is as follows - in the bowels of the sick person entered a special contrast agent. After this, an X-ray is done on the basis of which the doctor will determine whether a violation of the permeability of the intestine, and if so - in what his site.

  • Blood test

Another essential step in the diagnosis of intestinal obstruction is a laboratory blood of the sick person. On the basis of a blood test the doctor will determine whether there is a human patient intoxication, inflammation, and what is its overall health.

  • Ultrasonography

It is also not the last value in the correct diagnosis of intestinal obstruction plays an ultrasound of the abdominal cavity. Certain types of intestinal necessary, you can install only this way.

Treatment of intestinal obstruction

Once doctors are convinced that they are dealing precisely with intestinal obstruction, will begin immediate treatment of the disease. Depending on how it is with a view ileus have to deal with, the doctor chooses the necessary treatment tactics.

Conservative treatment is as follows. The patient was a man made bilateral novocaine blockade. Then he put a siphon enema. Incidentally, the siphon enema is not only therapeutic but also diagnostic value. In the event that it does not have the desired effect, physicians have resorted to other methods of treatment.

In the same case, if a person begins discharge of gases and feces, doctors believe siphon enema successful. So, doctors are moving to the next stage of treatment - gastric lavage. For this purpose a special probe, whereby a gastric cavity water is added for washing.

Also held general therapy, aimed at supporting the body of the sick person. He entered sodium chloride, glucose solution and some other drugs designed to support the work of the heart muscle. Such drugs should appoint a doctor - a cardiologist. As a rule, conservative treatment is successful only if the ileus has spastic form of origin.

In all other cases the doctors to eliminate intestinal obstruction resorting to surgery. Before the operation the patient human doctors to properly prepare. Held gastric lavage necessary in order to prevent possible vomiting, often occurring as a reaction to drugs used for anesthesia. In addition, if necessary, the doctor normalize unduly high or, conversely, low blood pressure in a human patient.

Describe the process of operation does not make sense, as this information will be clear only surgeons. The only thing I would like to draw readers' attention: of course, any surgical intervention is extremely unpleasant and undesirable. But remember that doctors resorted to it only in extreme cases where other treatment method simply does not exist. It is not necessary to abandon the operation - it will have to do anyway, and time in this situation, alas, plays against a sick person.

So do not waste your time - because the sooner surgery is done, the smaller will be the negative consequences for the health of the sick person. And the operation itself does not pose any threat to the health and life of the sick person - any surgeon can easily cope with its implementation.

After surgery, the sick person must strictly comply with all recommendations of the appointment and the doctor - only in this case the recovery is complete. And acute intestinal obstruction never become your acute problem!

 Intestinal obstruction - the invisible danger!

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