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What comes to mind when you hear the phrase the perfect accommodation? Your dream of his house with French windows and a fireplace or a penthouse huge skyscraper? But in fact it is just a place where your family and you will be comfortable. Comfort, warmth and comfort of your home depends on how well it is decorated and furnished.

But the interior of small-sized one-bedroom apartment must be given special attention. It is necessary to arrange the room so that it successfully combines the functions of a bedroom, study, living room and dining room. In this case, it is very difficult to make a one-room apartment of a cozy and comfortable room at the same time to hide from prying eyes, intimate space used for sleeping.

Zoning living room

Zoning space is the best way to help differentiate the interior of her small apartment. Curtain or partition will help to hide from the eyes of the guests and separate sitting area. However, this should not be used blind walls, which make the room smaller. It is better to consider the idea of ​​separating the living room with modern ideas partitions.

  • Original stained glass will add flavor to the interior design studio, while fulfilling its direct function - zoning.
  • Mirrored walls will make the room visually higher and at the same time, they emphasize the taste and style of the hostess.
  • Sliding screens are ideal for separating sleeping area and living room. Wherein such partitions are made can be either plastic or from dense tissue.

  Demolition of walls

Another example that is often used in interior design studio - a combined living room and kitchen. Demolition of wall between the two spaces allows you to visually enlarge the area of ​​the room and save space, especially with the right selection of furniture. Get free space, you can dispose of as you wish. Most often replaced the wall comes any partition, for example, a bar or a lifting table top, designed to share a single space in the zone. In this kitchen can do much brighter by increasing for through the loggia, if there is such possibility.


Most designers offer ideas on zoning living space by creating podiums. This is a very effective solution, but it is not always acceptable. For example, if you live with a small child, such elevation can be travmaopasnymi and uncomfortable. But if you do not mind, then you can use the podium to save space, organized inside a small locker.

All these options have only one significant drawback - the lack of sound insulation. But if you can easily fall asleep to the sound of the TV or talking in the living room, it does not become an obstacle for arranging the room in such a way. If you are accustomed to the silence, you have to still put the blank walls and divide the room into several small small rooms.

 Interior one-room apartment

Gamma colors for the interior studio

The value of color when decorating is hard to overestimate. You need to know in order to achieve the desired effect, as the highlight color of one area and add color effects which is important not only to share a single room into zones for sleep and work, but also to make them visually more spacious. It is not an easy task, because it is worth considering furnishing as you realize that space is sorely lacking, and the room seems quite small, just tiny. To avoid such problems, listen to the advice of the designers in the selection of colors for decoration.

  • If a house is decorated in one color, it will act negatively and oppressively.
  • If the apartment predominant red color, a lasting effect on human body can lead to reduced efficiency and lead to fatigue. It is therefore not made out in shades of red work area and bedroom.
  • It is best used for processing natural living room and bedroom, light colors. For example, the well will act on human beige, wallpaper, brown carpet on the floor, and as the bright accessories lamps, paintings and flowering plants.
  • The lighter the base color in the rooms, so it will appear larger.

  Lighting and paintings in the interior design studio

The texture and color of the interior elements, light direction and allows correct placement of fixtures using the visual illusion of space. Thus, you can create the desired visual effect, to lower or raise, broaden, narrow, deepen the room. Here are some ideas that will help change the look of your room.

  • Use lighter shades for wall coverings. Everyone knows that they create a sense of freedom and spaciousness. However, remember that too much white oppresses. Moreover, even the interior of the studio should be bright and warm.
  • If your home low ceilings, use the wallpaper with a vertical pattern. This will help to visually increase the height of the ceiling and make the room more freely.
  • Lighting plays an important role in the design of the room. If you want to have in your living room was cozy and freely, using dispersed and diffused light. It is enough a few sconces on the walls or in the ceiling spot lights.
  • Use wallpaper with a small figure as too large elements make room small and cramped.
  • If you want to use the carpet, choose a plain cover or carpets with fine pattern.

 Interior for the studio

Furniture for Interior room apartment

If decorated rooms all became clear, the question of furniture is still relevant. How is it that fit everything you need in one small room, so that when this beautiful design of the walls remained in sight, and it was a place to turn for all the family with a child? In fact, everything is not so bad as it seems. Suffice it to show a little imagination and consider options for the purchase of functional furniture-transformer. Today, this furniture can be found in almost any store. Or maybe you take her example and implement their ideas, make the personal order. But first, let's look at some familiar furniture can be replaced by more economical.

Sleeping area

Now more and more often there are different beds with drawers. It's certainly not a very significant space savings and a wardrobe for dresses you still need, however, there is a difference between a small cabinet or a whole wardrobe? The boxes are a bed, you can easily remove the bedding, part of their clothing and even a spare blanket or pillow. Minus only one - these beds are generally quite high, and if the baby sleeps with you, there is a risk that it will fall and bounce.

Another option is to save space, built-in beds. The special mechanism allows you to completely remove the bed in a recess in the wall. And at the bottom of the bed can be arranged shelf-table top, which is very convenient to work with papers, iron things, or just to keep necessary items.

Dinner Zone

Ideas for decorating the kitchen and the dining area can now be found everywhere. Kitchen sets can significantly save space and without that small room, which means you can safely place the small dining area and even the bar-countertop. By the way, you can make a folding table or mounted on the wall, so that after the meal he just fell down and did not take place.

Children's area

Another difficult task - a children's drawing area in a studio apartment. Since the space is not too much, it should pay special attention to the bedroom-working systems, ideas which can often be seen in the shops. Universal children's area - a bed, a work space, shelves and a wardrobe. Moreover, this construction takes place as much as a simple bed or a sofa. Only the bed in this embodiment is located on the second floor, and under it there is a table and a wardrobe. But if the child is small, it is possible to look for a simpler model transformers that will be safe for the baby and it will last up to school age.

Work area

Conveniently, if the work you have a laptop. It practically does not take place and we can do things even at the table in the kitchen, at least on the bed in the bedroom. But with the desktop computer it is more complicated and it needed a table. Select a place in a small bedroom is not always easy, so we need more original ideas for the design of the workplace.

One option could be drawing table in the window opening. This is the maximum you grab the sill, which can become a great continuation of the table. Only here it is important to work out the design of the windows and curtains, so they do not interfere with work. You can also order a folding table, which has a large portion of the area is constantly dismantled and additional zone expanded as needed. And if the place is still allows, it is better to buy a good computer desk with keyboard tray and mouse.

As you can see, the devil is not so terrible as he is painted. Create a cozy and spacious room can be, even if you only have one bathroom. Important to include fantasy, look for ideas with friends, in magazines, in furniture centers and proceed to realize their dreams. The main thing to believe in yourself, and then you will succeed!

 Interior room apartment

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