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Children's room - it's a whole country to its inhabitants. This should primarily be remembered every parent in the interior of a child's room. According to psychologists, since the age of two the child needs in their own territory, which is essential for its full development. On a personal space where no one and nothing distracts the child, where everything is arranged at his request, it creates a special atmosphere in which takes place the process of establishing his identity. It was here that he eventually begins to realize himself as an individual, begin to explore the world, learn and do work, take the first independent solutions.

Therefore, even if the apartment does not allow to allocate a separate room for the baby, you must give him the use of his own small corner, which will be clearly separated from the common area of ​​the apartment. The interior design of child must meet all the needs of its host or hostess. The basic principles here are the versatility and variability. The basis of the design of these rooms is to create a variety of functional areas: sleeping, playing, school or workplace. The main requirements for the registration of a child's room - a calm tone, safety (eco-friendly materials, no sharp, protruding parts), as well as accessibility for all is in the child's room.

 Interior nursery for girls

Materials for nursery

In the interior of a child's room should focus on the quality of materials used in the decoration of the room:

  1. Flooring

    It must be made of a material capable of withstanding a children running around, jumping, different strokes. Ideal - a wooden floor, which can be in two forms: an expensive parquet or cheaper laminate. Laminate flooring is antistatic and in appearance is not inferior to the parquet. The main thing when choosing this coverage pay attention to quality, it should be vysokoprobny and qualitative laminat.Pri desire in the children's room you can use linoleum, but it also must be natural. Carpet - another variant of floor covering. His nap should not be very high, the best choice - or felt velours carpet. They have many advantages: good to clean, antistatic and does not fade in the sun.

  2. Ceiling

    Do not use in the room ceilings, as they may significantly affect the environment. The ideal option for the interior nursery will plaster, ordinary latex paint or whitewash.

  3. Walls

    Option walls in the nursery are wooden panels, wallpaper or water-based paints. Paints of this type are environmentally friendly, they are odorless and dries very quickly. Another plus - it is a huge scope for creativity. You can leave a Wall monophonic or decorate them with artistic painting. For example, the interior nursery for girls can decorate flowers and butterflies in the room boy - scenes from favorite cartoons.

Wallpaper better choose paper or fiberglass and glue should be on the basis of the casein or starch. Today in the shops you can find many special wallpaper for children's interior design - with images of the heroes of different fairy tales and cartoons.

 modern interior of nursery for two children

Color solution nursery

The color palette of interior design a child's room should prefer bright shades of any color you liked as intense hues tiring, and some of them even are oppressed, or even annoying. For example, purple can negatively affect mood, and the combination of it with brown induces a state of apathy and lethargy in humans. In that case, if the color is very like a child, you can maximize brighten their shades.

Child's should not include conflicting combinations, especially in the case where each of them is intense enough. For example, bright blue, plus an acid-yellow or bright red plus a poisonous green - these pairs can cause emotional instability the child.

Bright yellow over a large area and exciting acts annoyingly, despite the fact that it seems quite cute in miniature. Any bright color acts positively and tonic only in small doses. Pastel range of children's toys can be easily filled and various accessories for the rich tones.

Choosing a color scheme nursery, you must bear in mind the preferences of the child, which usually vary with age. The smallest prefer red, purple and pink. Children nine-twelve choose yellow, orange and green. After twelve favorite color - blue. Such color preferences are common to most children.

When choosing colors should take into account such factors as orientation lit room, the general color scheme of the apartment, furniture color. Using different colors can easily be zoned interior nursery for two children who want to be independent. In this case, carpets, bedspreads, toy boxes, shelves, you can choose two of the combined colors. Thus it is necessary to approve an important rule, which says that you can not take without asking a thing is not their color. Of ownership to have a very nice also for children who live in harmony with each other. Neutral third color can be designated play area, a relaxation area, a sports area.

If properly equip a children's room, carefully consider the choice of materials and interior items, you can prevent a lot of trouble and create a comfortable and supportive environment for the child. This will help him to grow up happy, healthy, successful and self-confident personality.

 Interior children's room - Secrets of comfort

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 Interior hallway

Hallway - a small space in which the inhabitants of the apartment there is a small amount of time, but nevertheless, it plays a very important role. Since the interior of the hall, the corridor of the guests creates the first and strongest impression of the apartment as a whole and, consequently, on its host.

And for the residents themselves at home this space is equally important. Entrance is always happy to reveal them their arms. Stepping over the threshold of his home, everyone feels protected native walls. Everything down to the smallest pieces of furniture is evidence of the strength of family ties, says the strength of a home and the inviolability of family traditions.

In a typical apartment building hallway, most often, is a room with a rectangular or square area of ​​2 - 6 m, no natural light. In addition, in the hallway a few doors usually drawn - entrance, corridor leading to the room, or the kitchen, bathroom, closet or wardrobe.

Hallways were in the houses back in the old days. Not only in the northern and southern countries. For example, in the heat of the Italian capital began patrician villa cool hall, which had a mosaic tile floor. In France, the word "lobby" understood as the space between the entrance to the house and interior, both in public buildings and in homes. That the French were the first to decorate the lobby with flowers, mirrors and beautiful furniture for storing clothes.

In our country, the change of the interior hallways was influenced by different social disasters. Cenis in village huts and lobbies in wealthy homes transformed first into a huge, long communal corridors, and in the development of socialism in cubicles small apartments. Currently, the hallways once again reborn. In the newly constructed buildings are more spacious and roomy. With the advent of dressing rooms no longer need to store things in the hallways. Decorative hallways performed at the proper level.

Furniture for anteroom

Furniture in the interior of the hall should be part of the living space, but it should not impede the movement of the apartment. For the furniture in this room presented one important requirement: it must be made of materials that are ready for contact with water, sand, mud, brought into the house all the incoming people.

Obligatory attribute of each hall is open hanger. It may be a familiar bar with hooks, which is made up of the broad slats and attached to the wall or wall panel design-hanger made of bright plastic or perforated aluminum.

Obuvnitsa also an element of basic necessities in the interior hallway. It may be a low open stand for shoes with one or two shelves, and it can be a low cabinet with folding, hinged or sliding doors. For large families are more comfortable obuvnitsy-slim, which is a specialized shallow cabinet with hinged doors. They may have several tiers, reaching the height of the cabinet.

The additional furniture in the interior of the hall depends on the area of ​​free space. It will not hurt here locker, where guests will be convenient to put the bag, umbrella or gloves, and the owners - to put the keys, leave a note, etc. For convenience, you can supplement the hallway ottoman, sofa or stool. Additions to the original style of the premises will be the housekeeper, zontnitsa and magazine racks.

When designing the interior of the hall in the apartment, photos of ready-made options to help determine the choice. After all, they can clearly see and estimate its entrance hall a particular model of the interior furniture.

Floors in the hall

For flooring in the hallway special requirements. It must withstand the puddles, traces dirty shoes, hard sole outdoor shoes. The floors here must be resistant to wear and all kinds of pressure. Of the various options for flooring hallway more suitable tile, laminate and cork with a special coating.

Tile is very practical, it is resistant to all external influences and easy to clean. But it is not to everyone's liking, many have unpleasant associations with the hospital.

Laminate is ideal in the hallway when as a cover for the whole house selected flooring. With laminate accurately simulates drawing parquet floor of the hall will be in harmony with the rest of the floor.

Stopper with a special coating is characterized by high strength and moisture resistance. The appearance of the floor should please lovers of comfort.

 Interior hallway in the apartment Photo

Lighting the anteroom

One of the features Lighting interior hallway corridor is the lack of natural light. And so here, at any time of day can not do without lighting fixtures.

The hall should be enough light, as even small for a temporary stay in a dark hallway can create a negative overall impression of the apartment. Correct, soft and friendly light, on the contrary, all incoming relaxes and adjusts to open communication with the apartment.

The interior of the hall is advisable to use two independent but complementary types of lighting: general lighting and functional lighting - for specific purposes.

Lighting the anteroom may adjust the shape and dimensions of the room. The narrow, elongated in the length of the hall can be corrected by receiving intense illumination of the walls. For this purpose distributed powerful lamps, whose light beams are directed to the walls.

High altitude areas will correct wall or ceiling lights with adjustable angle rotation. Lighting should be directed to the wall to keep the ceiling in the shade, because visually it will decline.

Geometrically complex areas, which are in shape of a polygon, it is better to cover by means of light zoning.

The interior of the hall, which is often visited, can be used as additional lighting principle of "the second light" that pervades the room through the glass doors.

Mirror in the hallway

Obligatory attribute of each hallway is a mirror. The best option would be if its size allows you to see yourself in full view. In this sense, mirrored cabinet doors are extremely comfortable. However, there are other options in the shape of the mirror interior hallway.

The round shape is the most neutral. Such a mirror did not look tired, it looks great in pale green, cream, blue, gold and silver shades. The frame is more appropriate plastic.

Oval mirror gives the interior hallway ease emphasizes elegance of antique furniture in dark colors and mod polylines. The ideal situation would be the frame of copper or steel.

Mosaic Mirror suitable for lovers of eclecticism. With such a mirror hall will be fabulous, unreal.

Following the advice on the selection of furniture, floor covering and lighting of the hall, as well as guided by their own tastes and preferences, you can create the right interior of this small but very important area of ​​any premises.

 Create the right interior hallway

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